screenshotting weird shit

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Types of “Dark Aesthetic” Bloggers on Tumblr
  • Art/History hoes that post a bunch of detailed close-ups of baroque art and quotes from Dante’s Inferno or similar literature.
  • Esoteric bloggers obsessed with the occult, symbolic art, pseudoscience, astrology, secret orders, and the like. Usually posts very unique, insightful, and interesting content.
  • Nostalgia bloggers obsessed with old Hollywood and silent films, old encyclopedia scans, early 20th century photography, etc.
  • Nostalgia bloggers sharing retro BDSM and fetish magazine scans
  • Legit horror movie bloggers sharing poster art and b-movie stills from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Much of it is original content or properly sourced content.
  • Serious witches. Lots of original photos and text posts meticulously documenting their rituals. Tons and tons of crystals. So many crystals.
  • Non-serious witches. Caught up in the witch aesthetic but too lazy to really practice the craft. Lots of selfies. (This is me!)
  • Other pagan revivalists talking about their “spiritual” journey mixed in with Buddha quotes and Instagram photos of whatever tea blends they just made
  • Fashion bloggers posting compilation photos of goth/alternative clothing items with hotlinks to purchase them
  • Fashion bloggers that literally just post highly-stylized runway “Goth” clothing and nothing else
  • Tradgoth nostalgists posting nonstop about Siouxie and the Banshees/Bauhaus/Depeche Mode/Nick Cave/Whatever
  • “Real” tradgoths who can’t stand the “poseurs” mentioned above
  • Cybergoths who haven’t gotten the memo that it’s not 1999 anymore
  • Metal blogs, grunge blogs, alternative blogs, etc posting pictures and gifs of bands other dark aesthetic bloggers obsess over
  • Leftover emo kids from 2009 posting depressing quotes and text graphics about hating themselves and wanting to die
  • Edgelords posting extreme downscale photo edits with almost no color variation mixed with Nazi propaganda and shitty black metal
  • Crust punx posting about the ills of the world, veganism, nature, Crass, bands that sound a lot like Crass, weed, white people dreads, etc
  • Stoner metal enthusiasts posting about ‘60s cult films and Electric Wizard nonstop. Also lots of bong rip selfies.
  • Urbex photographers sharing low-light images of all the drafty grain sheds they’ve ever smoked weed in
  • Photo scavengers posting screenshots weird/creepy shit they found in Google Search or on Craigslist
  • Extraterrestrial freaks and conspiracy theorists rambling about something being “out there” like Dale Gribble on crystal meth
  • Cursed image/deep web hoes. Tons of gore porn and/or paranormal shit. Somehow haven’t been deleted by Tumblr staff yet.
  • Orb Hoes. Literally. Orb hoes. They’re obsessed with orbs.
  • Girls who reblog nothing but urbex and orb pictures mixed in with stylistic text graphics of Nicole Dollenganger lyrics made in MS Paint
  • Weebs that still shop at Hot Topic and post lots of blurry Naruto and Invader Zim gifs; kind of stuck in 2005. Probably J-rock fans.
  • Edgy teenagers/20-somethings reblogging photos of girls in ripped fishnets with bruised knees mixed in with Marilyn Manson pictures
  • Edgy teenagers stealing other peoples’ photography and adding a blog promo in the caption, ie “▼DARK BLOG▼”
  • Edgy teenagers/20-somethings posting grayscale horror movie gifs they “edited” and Alice in Wonderland graphics they “found” on Weheartit
  • Edgy teenagers obsessed with serial killers and the Columbine shooters, actually in love with Dylan Klebold or some shit.
  • Legit true crime bloggers that post original content; usually can’t stand the edgy teenage true crime kids mentioned above.
  • Halloween-centric “spoopy” blogs with silly/cartoonish content. Not really that dark but they’re still popular with dark aesthetic bloggers.
  • Goth “celebrities” with popular YouTube channels using Tumblr for self-promotion
  • Goth webcam girls/other sex workers using Tumblr for self-promotion
  • Casual goths that post some dark aesthetic content but not exclusively. Lots of memes and occasional shitposting
  • “Pastel goth” blogs that aren’t dark at all but keep posting their shit in the “dark aesthetic” tag

I think I covered everybody.

facebook pages like Asbestos Memes and Bodybuilders Against Tipping are obviously made and moderated by people on tumblr for the sole purpose of posting weird shit, screenshotting it, and then posting that back to tumblr. i really hope this trend follows through to its logical conclusion and in three years we’ll all be on facebook again and sharing screenshots of tumblr posts of screenshots of facebook pages