Shoutout to the Fallout fandom for being so friendly, supportive and drama-free!

Even though I’ve loved the franchise for a long time, in the last 6 months it’s really become my mainstay, and I couldn’t have been happier about my fandom of choice. I’ve met people through it that I now consider some of my best friends :)

So thanks to all you synth lovers, ghoul lovers, BOS lovers, oldschool fallout lovers, companion lovers, all-you-can-eaters, filthy sinners, screenshotters, giffers, headcanonners, anonymous requesters, cosplayers, artists and fic writers!


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So me and my friends used your selfies to get a dude to send us free pizza. Just sending this to thank you. So thank you 😘😘


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FWIW, I wasn't trying to excoriate you. I think I read the post you were referring to very differently than you did, and also I think that now I'm losing track of what's being talked about in all the back and forth. As best as I can tell, I thought that post was saying that feminist critique can be shallow and tumblr-y and assholish but doesn't have to be, and some of it is basically just trying to examine what's in a work and look at cultural assumptions etc. (cont'd)

(cont’d) And I thought it seemed like you might be saying that feminist criticism was worthless because it didn’t have specific social changes like enacting a law as a goal (it seemed to dovetail with other stuff you’ve said about criticism in general, feminist or not, being worthless), but wasn’t sure? (cont’d)

(cont’d) And I think you read the post as defending stuff that gets into nasty personal attacks in a gaslighty way as “it’s not personal, it’s just literary critique”?

Anyway, sorry for any distress I caused, I honestly didn’t mean to. At this point I don’t feel I have enough context to know whether your interpretation of the post or mine is closer to what the person means to defend. FWIW, I actually do think “I worry for anyone who liked 50 Shades” is pretty useless as criticism, but also think “Some of the implications in 50 Shades strike me as troubling and here’s why” may have something insightful to say.

I’m honestly getting tired of saying this over and over and over again, and getting the impression that most people are just not getting it no matter how I try to explain it, but I’m gonna try one last time (and then stop because this is fucking exhausting and I have actual shit to do, like write, that saying the same shit over and over is eating into my time to do):

Very frequently, people talk about “feminist critique” (and other feminist projects) and really minimize everything they are actually saying. They say things like “people think there oughta be a law,” eyerolling and totally dismissing any concerns that their critics have. They describe in great detail how their detractors are being silly and blowing things out of proportion.

To this end, they present a version of what they are doing that sounds totally innocuous: “Hey! You can enjoy something and also take issue with some of it! That’s all we ever said!

Meanwhile, minority writers are terrified to write because they might get something wrong – sometimes including writing about their own group in ways that “feminist critiquers” have labeled “a bad trope.”

Meanwhile, fans are harassed and even get death threats, because the things they enjoy “promote or condone” serious sounding stuff like “pedophilia” or “misogyny.”

Meanwhile, people say things like “don’t donate to ao3, and through that means pressure them to change their policy” (and then turn around and say they are “not for censorship,” even though the exact thing they are trying to make happen involves making certain unacceptable works disappear.)

Whatever the screenshotter means personally, she(?) is minimizing the way the rhetorical device she defends is actually used, and the upshot of defending it. 

Because of this, I tried in my original post, in a very intellectual, wonky, and not-emotionally-driven sort of way/voice, to point out that that rhetorical device doesn’t actually accomplish much (and is therefore a bad thing to choose to do, if your goal is something “feminist,” where “feminism” implies some sort of goal related to changing the world in some way.) I chose those words to avoid sounding yelly and condemning… and apparently it made what I meant to say incomprehensible.


Think about it this way: There are plenty of pro-LGBT Christians and churches in the world. These people are not homophobic. Some of these people are even LGBT! 

But someone who points out a homophobic legacy, and says “I wish I could share your optimism, but I can’t” is not being paranoid or evil. They are expressing a concern that a particular pattern hasn’t yet been stamped out, and may be impossible to stamp out.

Let me tell you a bit of a story. When I was in grad school, several of the professors I admired were “feminist philosophers.” This was interesting and a little scary to me, because as a kinky person, when I googled feminism and BDSM I found a lot of creepy shit that said things like we shouldn’t even be welcome in NOW meetings, we were fans of and therefore somehow endorsed Nazis, etc. I wanted to find something positive in the social change, but I didn’t know how I could if a large part of the point was that I was some kind of kryptonite to other women.

So I decided to take one of these professors’ classes. And what I found was really interesting and weird… everyone in the room seemed to already be a feminist, and assent right away to things I was questioning and wanted to understand why people believed.

But, more than that:

Everyone else in the room, on that first day, talked about how “feminism has a PR problem.” They lamented that young women seemed to find the idea distasteful or toxic, and repeated over and over things like the famed slogan “feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” How could aaaaaaaaaaaanyone take issue with that? Especially young women, who reaped the rewards of The Movement?

And I just sat there squirming in my seat, unsure if it was wise or even safe to take on a whole room of say, nine other people, all of whom just couldn’t imagine that their beloved way of thinking could actually have hurt anyone. Because it’s totally innocuous! It just says “women are people!” Nothing else!

If the problem is really that and nothing else, then the analysis that says “we have a PR problem” makes sense. We’re doing nothing wrong, but somehow people think we are!

But the other way to get “a PR problem” is to do things that people find distasteful or threatening, and to not acknowledge or fix them, and have weird faith that if you just find the right communications directors, everyone will be cool with you. And then be baffled when it doesn’t work.

And that’s how I felt in that room (and what I wanted to say.)

And… that is the way I feel, and more than that, that is the thing I see, when people say “but feminist critique is just about getting you to look at things you love a teensy weensy bit differently! Nothing we are doing is threatening at all!”

I am deeply, deeply leery of rhetoric like this. I am skeptical that it comes from nice people, but even when it does come from nice people, I worry that those nice people are compartmentalizing on purpose, so they don’t have to look people in the eye who are saying “that project has some dangers. Please acknowledge this.”


2 years ago TODAY, the music video that would forever render our ovaries useless was filmed.  He worked SO hard, and it will always be one of the most beautiful things he’s EVER done. So proud of this beautiful, SEXY, boy. 

(Credit to all the ScreenShotters and Gif-Makers!)

En seriøs guide til at blive en kendt, dansk "dagbogsblogger"

Citér filosoffer, som alle alligevel har arbejdet med i oldtidskundskab og folk vil føle, at du lærer dem meningen med livet.

Postindimellem et selfie, hvor du anstrenger dig maximalt.Læg et black n white filter henover, da dette vil få dig til at fremstå som et melankolsk og mystisk menneske. Tip: formår du ikke at anstrenge dig, eller er dit selfiegame simpelthen bare weak, kan du altid vælge at facepalme dig selv på billedet og se aesthetic as fuck ud. Bonus er, at folk vil spamme din inbox for at fortælle dig, at du altså ER smuk.

Next step er så at screenshotte de kommentarer, der vælter ind på dit anstrengte selfie for så at poste dem bare for at takke. Dette vil igen vise, at du en person, som folk begærer og synes om, og du kan nu roligt sikre dig en håndfuld 13-årige følgere, der da også bare synes du er toppen af poppen.

Hvis du en dag er vildt uinspireret, er det altid en mulighed at oversætte de engelsk textposts med mange tusind notes til dansk og udgive dem for værende dine egne. Her er det vigtigt at undgå: 1) google translate 2) Tumblr-politiet aka. enhver kedsommelig sjæl herinde. Opdager de dig i dette, kommer du til at høre for det.

Husk endelig at skrive, hver gang du runder et nyt antal hundrede følgere. Post evt. et screenshot for at dokumentere det. Tilføj  evt. en kommentar om, at du er super-ovenud-lykkelig over, at folk vil følge med, at du måske ligefrem elsker dem eller noget andet sukkersødt pladder, der vil styrke den falske fællesskabsfølelse.

Du er generelt nødt til at gøre dig fuldstændig identitetsløs og falde i et med flokken. Kast dig over ting som planter, poesi, Strunge, kaffe, smøger og endelig musik som fx Arctic Monkeys (også selvom du kun kender “Do I wanna know?”, men sssch, ingen behøver at vide det. Og nåja, hav et sæt Calvin Klein-undertøj.

Tig om asks, reblog de der 50 asks et par gange om dagen.

Vær opmærksom på, hvilke tendenser der er LIGE NU OG HER. En  diskussion, der aldrig dør af, er, hvorvidt strækmærker er smukke eller ej. Her vil jeg sige, den er mest safe at hoppe på team “strækmærker-er-smukke”. Er du en dreng, er du sikret endnu en håndfuld følgere.

Tumblr-trends gælder også ord. Ord, der er in lige nu, er: fuckboy, nudes, sex, analsex, byen, oralsex, morgensex, pik, bolle, søvnunderskud, fuck, snapchat, sex.

Glem alt om grammatik. skriv i stedet sårn her og uden komma og skriv og mellem alt og brug ord som omg og ahahahha og husk smiley som xD ;s /: og self :)

Vær en dreng.

Fodr dine followers dagligt. Kom med det vildeste sladder og fortæl ting så tåkrummende pinlige til hele Tumblr, som du ikke engang ville fortælle din bedste veninde på et fælles toiletbesøg efter en passende mængde alkohol.

Skriv om den M, T eller C, du aldrig fik. Folk vil med garanti kunne identificere sig med din ulykkelige teenageforelskelse.

Afsæt en time hver dag til at tilbede dagbogsnoter aka. the Queen of Tumblr. Hold øje med, om hun er aktiv og skriv det så ud til alle, at hun er tilbage - gerne med en urimelig lang række udråbstegn efter. (antallet af disse har intet at gøre med, hvor stor en freak du er - tværtimod)

The community is in a good place right now!

I’m really happy to see it, honestly! It’s nice to be able to come on here and see a lot of optimism and joy.

So here’s a shout out to every single one of you. The artists, the gif makers, the editors, the viners, the rebloggers, the likers, the lurkers, the animators, the informers, the screenshotters, those who dont have tumblr but check the tag, the positivity bringers, those who are struggling, the comedians, the shitposters, the ones on hiatus, the ones who are active, the ones who have left us and the ones who are still here.

You’re all absolutely amazing people and it’s an honour to be in the same community as you all.

Have an amazing day/night!


Anonymous said: What are your favorite screenshots of 2015?

-Here’s the second part of the answer to that question. These are all the 3:4 ratio shots that i really liked.

Number one is from Bioshock Infinite. I’m very fond of this screenshot. In fact, if i was making a coffee table book full of pictures about Columbia (I’m ready 2k. Let’s make it happen!), I’d probably put this as the front cover (if you’re curious, I’d use something like this as the back cover). I think this shot represents a few of the most important things about the city. The grand neoclassical architecture, the overwhelming and always vigilant statues, and of course, being high up in the sky. The way Comstock house is obscured by the clouds adds mystery to the picture and you cant help but feeling a bit of wonder and awe at the imposing building shooting up towards the heavens. You wouldn’t normally see this exact scene during gameplay though. This area is actually a few buildings and things put together in the distance, made to look like Emporia. If you look very carefully when Songbird flips your airship over, you can see some of this stuff right before it crashes. To get this, I just exited the airship the moment before he attacks it, paused time, and flew in much closer than you’re normally allowed.

Second up is from Batman Arkham Knight. It almost always evokes strong feelings (for the player and the person they’re playing as) when a main characters’ decisions negatively affects another character they care for, so i wanted to try and capture that in a screenshot. The overturned wheelchair is a strong image by itself, but by placing Batman in the center of the picture and more importantly, the clock, it visually represents that everything revolves around him and his choices. I used the in-game color filter to make the image red, to add more tension and dread.

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I found you by accident and I'm so happy to find someone else who loves Samson.

Oh boy do I - I’m a sucker for fuck-ups and I’m glad you found me! The Trash Ship is always looking for new crew members.

I hope you don’t mind me answering you publicly, but I figure it’d be a good opportunity to also set up a list of Samson-friendly blogs that I know of, if you’re looking for more people to follow. 

These blogs are a mix of content-creators (artists, writers, fan-mix makers, gif-makers, modelers, photo editors, screenshotters), cheerleaders, hype men, and super fans. 

Some of these blogs are NSFW: Samson content sort of lends itself to being NSFW, so consider yourself warned. 

Some of these blogs ship him with different characters: Cullen, Calpernia, Dagna, their own OC’s like Hawke or the Inquisitor, and some are just generally Samson-friendly.

Some of these blogs have him in specific AUs: “Wolf of Skyhold” or “Commander Samson”, and some have him in the default world as “Master of Poor Decision-making Skills”.

These are just people I follow, and I’m sure there are people I’m forgetting (because there are a lot of you sweet little beans). 

Feel free to like or reblog and include any blogs that we might be missing!

Spread the greasy Sam love (and then maybe fall in love with Calpernia, because she’s amazing).

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