Everyone’s already gone about writing their analyses between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye, that much I noticed.  But something else was nagging me about the whole thing until I just got it while doing some homework.

Not only does Dark and Anti contrast the actual versions of themselves (Mark and Jack), but when speaking purely in terms of visual and auditory representation, they more accurately contrast each other.

Let’s go with timing first and talk about Anti.

Holy shit, I didn’t realize that I actually got a screenshot without glitches until I put it up o.o

This man is the embodiment of chaos.  He’s clearly shown in frame, and there’s no way that you’d miss him if you’re watching.  He moves so much that it’s almost impossible to get him to blend into the background.  Even so, just because he wants the attention doesn’t mean he’s putting it all out there.  The fucker speaks in Zalgo text and jump cuts, with about fifty billion filters on his voice just so no one can really catch what the heck he’s talking about.  Heck, you have to paste together the jump cuts in this section alone to get a coherent conversation from this video.  So in a way, he’s constantly moving and yet he’s almost impossible to focus on.  He’s talking to us, but his attention can just go ANYWHERE.

He thrives on the buildup than the payoff.  He spent an entire month just dropping clues to his appearance, which garnered more attention than this clip would ever do.  Anti thrives not on the full appearance but on the clues that are left behind.  He prefers to be on the back of your mind, not the full center of attention, because he lasts oh so much longer there.  If he was a type of music, he’d be dubstep: nothing but buildup to a loud payoff.  And that analogy is totally not because he wears gauges in his ears.

With that known, let’s look at Dark.

He speaks bluntly, straight from start to finish, with maybe one or two filters on him.  Visually, he practically blends into the background, with only the grayscale keeping him in focus.  Actually, that’s another thing.  Dark keeps to his name by staying mostly in gray colors and backdrops.  Only his afterimages have some form of color on him.  He stays still and collected during his conversations right until he starts to lose his cool.  Then the filter effects go nuts, the camera straight out flips, and THEN we get the jump cuts to a calmer figure.  He has coherency to his character, so no need to paste together jump cuts to find out his full conversation.

Judging from his dialogue, he prefers to be front and center in your mind rather than linger in the back of it.  He wants to shower you in attention, almost to a violent degree, yet never actually does much to PHYSICALLY harm us (unless we just accept that we’re the dog).  This is especially true when you look back and realize that whenever we’re alone with him, he never fully turns away from us.  Mark does…a lot, actually…but never Dark.  No, he’s constantly facing us.  He wants us to remember him.  He’s Jumin Han, a few minutes into the second bad ending is that even relevant anymore?.

Visually speaking, these two characters are utterly fascinating, especially since they came from fanart that doesn’t seem to have a full coherent personality on them.