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Quick update - screenprinted some tees with my wolf eating the moon design! $20 each, some $15 misprints available. They’re pretty rough around the edges but I’m super proud of them. Since this is the first run, the supply is super limited so act fast if you want to snag one!

Grab one for yourself here:


Star Wars Prints from Kevin Tong

Just in time for Rogue One (omg, guys, we get to watch a new Star War movie!!), Mondo is releasing two new beautiful prints by Kevin Tong. Entitled “Cloud City Duel” and “Death Star II Duel” respectively, these awesome prints are both 24″ x 36″ screenprints, and each will cost $60. Prints will be available today, December 15th, and Mondo will be putting them up at a random time. Kevin Tong continues to amaze with these prints, and I’m sure all the Star Wars nerds like me are salivating over these. There’s not a chance in hell this prints will last long, so get ‘em while the getting is good.  Check out Mondo to cop yours.

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Posted by Dan Donnarumma

Drawlloween Day 14. Bat.

Beatrix is a demon-bat girl who screen-prints all her own T-shirts. With her own screen-printing studio, she’s proudly entered the entrepreneurial world with her own start-up clothing branding, Eye Don’t Care and usually gets her friend Benny to photograph her awesome products. And she’ll always give free shirts to her homie, Raven when she make them.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I just got contacted by teepublic asking me if I wanted to start uploading designs to there website. I thought it kinda seemed sketchy but I've been following you for a while and I know that you have clothing made by them, so I was just wondering if you think it's worth my time and what kind of experience you have with them.

so im going to give a long answer to this because ive had a lot of people asking me this recently.

teepublic is a really good place to sell designs! im kind of anal about the quality of the stuff i sell, and they were one of the best i ordered from when i was checking out places to put tees. since screenprinting really isnt a good option for me right now, they were kind of the best option for me. in my opinion, the print quality was definitely superior to society6 and redbubble (i ordered the same design from all 3 places when i was testing places to sell).

i have heard a few of my friends say that neon colors dont always come out as bright as they wanted on teepublic, and a few of them will swear by either neatoshop or inksterinc as far as print quality goes.

the tee quality of their shirts is also really good. i mean i doubt it’ll blow your mind as the best shirt youve ever seen, but the fit is really good, theyre comfortable, and non of them have started fraying or coming apart at the seams (which is more than i can say for several of my threadless tees).

the one thing i think teepublic has distinctly over all the other sites is there web interface is AWESOME. you upload one high-res png and all of your product views get generated automatically for you (society6 does this too I think actually), so no uploading art, then a tee thumbnail, then uploading an art thumbnail ect ect. they also recently started offering art prints as one more thing you can sell, so thats cool.

SO anyway if you want like tons of merch, maybe go society6 or rebubble for variety, if you just want to sell tees maybe try teepublic, inksterinc, or neatoshop.

hope that helps everyone!


Hi Guys I started my first kickstarter here!

I am hoping to start re-printing the designs I made from the 2011 runway collaboration, so they are readily accessible. If funding goes well I would like to print other artist’s work, and more designs I have been sitting on for a couple years now.  This would be a huge awesome way for me to express my personal artistic style in a tangible format. 

Thank you for looking :D