screenprint shirt

My teacher suggested I screenprint some tee shirts of that LEGALIZE IT post about african giant land snails. It’s a really specific joke that only like… snail enthusiasts would understand and i don’t know who’d buy it but I really want to print them now. Idk when I’d get a chance to though.

It would literally just be a drawing of a snail and the words “legalize it” and it would be great.


Official hand done, screen-printed shirts are now available for only $25!! PM your Paypal email and address you’re willing to share, and I will create an invoice for you!

The money received from the shirts will go to animating the first issue of The Adventures of Redwing! I’m very excited to be putting this together and am looking forward to creating more for my very wonderful readers!!

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I’m offering my screenprinted T-shirts and bags for sale online! I’ll be taking orders for the next two weeks, and I’ll start sending them out near end of the month.

Shipping is not included in the listed prices. Paypal and Venmo accepted.

Sizes are unisex. I’m low on smalls, but still have quite a few larges and mediums.

If you’re interested, send me an email (hsieh09 at gmail dot com) with the following:

  1. the design, size, and color you’d like
  2. if you’re in the US or international

and we’ll discuss from there.

Thank you all for your interest!