feeling fancy (this is not my typical studio look), sorting through limited edition screen prints for Robert Fontaine Gallery

Fading Fortune
screenprint on somerset satin 300gsm
signed, dated and numbered
edition of 35
20 x 18 inches

For more information, send a message to gallery@robertfontainegallery.com :). Thank you!


Use New Art — Paul Blow

Is a British Illustrator with a witty sense of humour and
an incredible ability to capture the essence of any story, what a dream combination. With a Media Communica- tions degree from the Maidstone College of Art and a Masters in Narrative Illustration from Brighton University he is always two steps ahead of us conceptually, never failing to deliver entertaining and thought provoking images. Employing a bold and distinctive palette with considered compositions a Paul Blow image is always an eye catcher and conversation starter.

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While walking through the Disguise exhibition, I started thinking about some of the other masks in the Museum’s collection.  I’m particularly drawn to the Kwakwaka'wakw Baleen Whale Mask featured in Connecting Cultures, collected by Stewart Culin in 1908 from the Pacific Northwest. Not only is this mask beautiful, it is also very large and was worn along a dancer’s back while the dancer manipulated cords to move the flippers, tail, and jaw.  Another favorite, the Kwakwaka'wakw Thunderbird Transformation Mask, created by the Namgis clan was traditionally worn on the forehead with the dancer’s face covered or showing to indicate the duality of man and bird. The dancer could open and close the mask with cord riggings to create a spectacular effect. I think I’m partial to these objects because their provenance is so well documented in the Museum Archives.

The Museum asked Culin to start documenting his collecting expeditions, so he began collecting things like photographs, restaurant menus, correspondence and invitations, and wrote detailed notes regarding his travels. His assistant compiled all the information in bound expedition reports and each report’s title page was illustrated by Museum Artist, Herbert B. Tschudy, who often accompanied Culin on collecting trips. The stories that unfold when the records housed in the Archives connect us to the Museum’s object collection are endlessly fascinating and educational.

During the spring and summer of 1908, Culin traveled to “California and Vancouver Island” to collect objects that documented the cultures of the native peoples there. The 1908 diary-style expedition report is filled with photographs and postcards documenting his travels. The two Kwakwaka'wakw masks were purchased from “Dr. Newcombe” on July 13th in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. “Dr. Newcombe” showed Culin his recent acquisitions of books, reproductions of old Spanish maps, and some “ethnological material.” Culin noted, “He took me back, upon my inquiring, to a loft in a wooden building in the rear of his house, and there showed me two large wooden masks, a carved chest, some masks from the West Coast, and several other objects desirable for our collection.”

The Library also has a related source on moving masks of the Pacific Northwest, Movable masks and figures of the North Pacific coast Indian, which features 18th colored serigraph plates of illustrations depicting specimens collected from the Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, Haida and Bella Coola tribes. Two images in particular resemble the Kwakwaka'wakw masks collected by Culin in 1908. 

For more resources on masks of the Pacific Northwest and other cultures, take a look at the Library’s online catalog.

Posted by Jennifer Neal
Photos by Brooke Baldeschwiler 


Mondo are releasing the first round of prints they premiered at San Diego Comic Con.

  • ‘The Incal’ (Variant Edition) by Florian Bertmer: 24" x 18" screenprint in a hand numbered limited edition of 125 for $65
  • 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ by JC Richard: 36" x 21" screenprint in a hand numbered limited edition of 275 for $45
  • 'The Punisher’ by Becky Cloonan: 18" x 24" screenprint in a hand numbered limited edition of 200 for $45
  • 'The Punisher’ by Declan Shalvey: 18" x 24" screenprint in a hand numbered limited edition of 200 for $45

On sale at a random time Thursday July 28. Follow Mondo on Twitter @mondonews for the on sale announcement.


So pleased to announce this officially licensed poster I illustrated for Amélie!

This poster is produced in collaboration with UGC France, and has been approved by none other than Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou.

As a little bonus for you guys, I’ve included some making-of stuff: my initial thumbnails, a process gif, and some crops of the details at print size.

These are 18″x 24″ limited edition screen prints, and they go on sale tomorrow at 3pm (GMT) from Black Dragon press.

“The Morrígan”, the “phantom queen” of Irish myth. A sovereignty goddess associated with fate, prophecy and a harbinger of death in battle. As battle crow she circles the fray and haunts the monoliths erected in the wake of those who have fallen.

Like many pre-Christian, Irish figures from mythology the Morrígan is often an ambiguous figure, sometimes comprising a threefold nature that changes over time and location. I have chosen to depict her here in singular form.

“The Morrígan” will be available as a limited edition screenprint from Indonesian art collective Villains. Printing by Monolith Press. It is part of the upcoming “Goddess” artist series which goes live on 1st August on www.worldsend.com for Asia & Australia customers. American & European customers should check out posters&toys.com for better shipping rates.

Many Thanks to Villains and Arik Roper for the invitation 🙏🏻