so the story behind this is that some months ago we walked around with two friends and found a suitcase on the street with a man’s whole life in it. he was a cinematographer and traveled a lot, what i can tell because he precisely collected all of the tickets, newspapers, maps, even some receipts from these journeys. we felt this collection has a huge value and handed it out between the 3 of us. i attended on a printmaking workshop this week and found out that i should process this story and his story on some way so i made this screenprinted series, which will be a book with only 3 existing copies (and some bonus prints if i want to exhibit it or something). It contains my favourite pieces from my part of the collection and some drawings. I wanted to visualise his eventful life and make a conclusive portrait about him, also interweave his life story with the event when we found that suitcase. The books will contain 2 handwritten pages and an original drawing too.


It’s been about a week since Jon and I returned from Chicago, and I wanted to thank everyone for such an outstanding turnout! CAKE was loads of fun, and it was a pleasure meeting so many people! <3

 For those still interested in this screen print, you can now purchase it online through my Storenvy shop. There’s only ten copies left, so grab them while you still can! There’s also ten, signed copies left of my devil guy if anyone’s interested.

Finally, I’m pleased to say all of my sketchbook zines are sold out. I’m now selling the pdf’s online for only $2. You can grab a copy on Gumroad.

If there’s any other prints you want, feel free to check out my INPRNT. Also, don’t be afraid if you have any q’s: 





Opening tonight!

The “Clue” inspired art show at Gallery1988. Here’s my contribution to the show:

“Not Just a Game Anymore”
Two-color hand-pulled screenprint on natural cover stock.Print size: 12″ x 18″ Limited edition of 75.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $45 each.
First in the edition (#1) hand embellished, mounted to wood and sealed with resin, $400.

Contact Gallery 1988 for purchase inquiries: gallery1988west (at) gmail.com.

More details and info in the blog.