Last but certainly not least …

Artist and designer Nick Scott completes our line up at The London Illustration Fair this year! 

Nick Scott has been making artwork for a wide variety of clients over the past decade. Working heavily with bands, he has also worked with international brands in both digital and print media. 

To see the full line up please visit our website here!

Tickets for the fair are available now with a reduced price for entry on Friday. Please use the promotional code ‘cosmic’ to receive your discount. Click here to get your tickets!

The London Illustration Fair 2015
10th - 12th July
Hoxton Arches
E2 8HD


Sup, folks. I’m starting a printmaking blog as a means to post in-progress shots of my work from here on out. I’ll also be posting/reblogging anything print-related if I come across it ( i.e. videos of print demos, articles, notes, etc.). I’m *hoping* this will help me keep better track of my work’s progression and will separate my art from my other social media going-ons and keep things a little less cluttered. I’ve tried doing this before in the past only to get sidetracked so fingers crossed this works out. Feel free to stalk and/or follow this blog if any of you are interested in seeing my work. Cheers.

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We are so excited to announce you can now order your prints framed through our website! We’ve teamed up with @adjframes to produce three stunning options for any of the #fracturedgems prints. We will be sharing some of the lovely options during the week, link in profile. 🙌🏼 #customframing #bostonmade #giftideas #screenprint #limitededition #homedecor #affordableart


Peter Blake. Illustrations to Through the Looking-Glass. 1970.

‘But isn’t it old!’ Tweedledum cried, ‘and to show you I’m not proud, you may shake hands with me!’, 'and the two knights sat and looked at each other without speaking’, 'It isn’t manners for us to begin, you know’, said the Rose, 'For instance now, now there’s the King’s messenger’, Just at this moment, somehow or other, they began to run, So Alice picked him up very gently, 'Well, this is grand!’ said Alice (top to bottom).

Finally got round to grabbing my screen printed poster from The Windows Project. In a nut shell the windows of Age UK in Ipswich were taken over by wonderful creative types to put on interactive installations, exhibit paintings, art of all colour and discipline, and loads more! For one event Sarah Nkugwa led a screen printing workshop ( inviting members of the public to write a message about the community or something important to them. I chose to write “All you need to create is space”. It summarised the event around me; looking at the space we were in and creating something new with it. It is also a phrase that has become naturally associated with this blog to and the concept of Adapt Form. so you can expect to see these words / this poster popping up from time to time! i have plans for it but you’ll just have to wait and see! 

Now… in the spirit of creating space… i should probably tidy my room…


Hi everyone! It’s time for another sale!

It’s been a hectic few weeks, prepping for cons and local art shows, and I’ve finally had some time to update Storenvy with new buttons and prints.

But the thing I’m most excited by are the Thor screenprinted shirts! I’ve been working with a local San Luis Obispo company so I can manage quality and size (the print size will be a whopping 13x19, on 100% cotton), and I’m accepting per-orders now

Shirt pre-orders are eligible for the 30% off sale, AND I’ll also throw in an order of mix n’ match buttons! When you order the shirt, write in which 6 buttons you’d like to receive in the “Notes” section. 

I would love your support so I can get more shirts done in the future!

Finally, use the code FOURTH to get 30% off my entire Storenvy inventory, from now until 11:59 pm, Monday, July 6.