‘Structural Perfection’ by Ammo, inspired by 'Alien’, a new print release from Cult Classic Prints.

36" x 24" screenprint, in a signed and numbered 7 colour Regular edition on Metallic Blue 'Blueprint’ Specialist Paper in a limited edition of 90 for £45, and a signed and numbered 8 colour Variant edition on Metallic Green 'Botanic’ Specialist Paper in a limited edition of 50 for £48.

Go here to buy.


One of two prints I’ll have available for purchase in around 3 weeks. Black ink on White paper. size is about 19x25" (a little smaller than). Price will be $30+ shipping. I’ll use the profits to print a small comic i’m working on so if you’re interested save up some cash and let me know you want one at
the.art.of.z(@) gmail.com

New #poster for @blink182
18x24 S&N’d Ed of 100
More info http://bodega.brianewing.com

So stoked to FINALLY show this off!!! I was commissioned by #blink182 and @mrtsurt to be a part of the current tour. I had been trying for a while now to do a poster for this band so I’m doing the happy dance over here.

I’m also happy because I’m starting to feel the need to move forward with a style that I have been exploring for the past couple of years. So it’s nice to not be drawing a skull for once and to show people I can actually draw things - like people with no skin!!!

I enjoyed doing this. I hope you enjoy looking at it. Hopefully I’ll get hired to do more. #nudgenudgewinkwink

If you look closely at the #collage you’ll see a million references to the band. And myself of course.

I also restocked some sold out #patches and #enamelpin things. You can check them out in the bodega.

ORDERS shipping Friday!

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I can’t decide whether I’m more honored to have been able to work on a poster for Watership Down (maybe my favorite creative work of all time?), to have it released by Black Dragon Press (who have been responsible some of the most beautiful posters out there), or to have my design drop alongside Jes Seamans’ poster (which is totally stunning, like everything else she touches).
These go on sale this week through Black Dragon Press: http://blackdragonpress.co.uk


So pleased to announce this officially licensed poster I illustrated for Amélie!

This poster is produced in collaboration with UGC France, and has been approved by none other than Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou.

As a little bonus for you guys, I’ve included some making-of stuff: my initial thumbnails, a process gif, and some crops of the details at print size.

These are 18″x 24″ limited edition screen prints, and they go on sale tomorrow at 3pm (GMT) from Black Dragon press.

“The Morrígan”, the “phantom queen” of Irish myth. A sovereignty goddess associated with fate, prophecy and a harbinger of death in battle. As battle crow she circles the fray and haunts the monoliths erected in the wake of those who have fallen.

Like many pre-Christian, Irish figures from mythology the Morrígan is often an ambiguous figure, sometimes comprising a threefold nature that changes over time and location. I have chosen to depict her here in singular form.

“The Morrígan” will be available as a limited edition screenprint from Indonesian art collective Villains. Printing by Monolith Press. It is part of the upcoming “Goddess” artist series which goes live on 1st August on www.worldsend.com for Asia & Australia customers. American & European customers should check out posters&toys.com for better shipping rates.

Many Thanks to Villains and Arik Roper for the invitation 🙏🏻

Purple variant of “The Black Rabbit of Inlé”. Both versions are now up for sale through Black Dragon Press: http://blackdragonpress.bigcartel.com
• • •
“It seemed to Hazel that he would not be needing his body any more, so he left it lying on the edge of the ditch, but stopped for a moment to watch his rabbits and to try to get used to the extraordinary feeling that strength and speed were flowing inexhaustibly out of him into their sleek young bodies and healthy senses.” Watership Down begins when the primroses are over, and ends with the first primroses beginning to bloom.