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“Invalid” Regular Edition: 24" x 36" screen print on Pearlescent White paper, timed release with a maximum run size of 100. Available until Sunday, January 1st or until the maximum edition run size has been met.

“Valid” Variant Edition: 24" x 36" screen print on Pearlescent White paper, edition of 50.

Available here.

💣💣💣 HERE ONE DAY // GONE THE NEXT patches from @toughtimespress x @fuckyoubaker pretty much sums up 2016. 💀These gnarly 5.6" tall, screen printed & embroidered patches are ready for ironing on. Grab them from the link in @toughtimespress’s bio and catch the rest of their recent patch releases. 💪⌛️

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I can’t decide whether I’m more honored to have been able to work on a poster for Watership Down (maybe my favorite creative work of all time?), to have it released by Black Dragon Press (who have been responsible some of the most beautiful posters out there), or to have my design drop alongside Jes Seamans’ poster (which is totally stunning, like everything else she touches).
These go on sale this week through Black Dragon Press: http://blackdragonpress.co.uk


The Killing Joke by Matt Ferguson / Behance / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram / Store 

18" x 24" screen prints, numbered regular edition of 325 with glow in the dark inks and variant edition of 100.

Available at New York Comic Con, October 6th - 9th, 2016 from Bottleneck Gallery‘s booth #2171.


So pleased to announce this officially licensed poster I illustrated for Amélie!

This poster is produced in collaboration with UGC France, and has been approved by none other than Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou.

As a little bonus for you guys, I’ve included some making-of stuff: my initial thumbnails, a process gif, and some crops of the details at print size.

These are 18″x 24″ limited edition screen prints, and they go on sale tomorrow at 3pm (GMT) from Black Dragon press.

Introducing our Tabernacle Gift Wrap:

Our gift wrap is hand screen printed using eco friendly water based inks and made in England. For more info, to see the rest of the collection and to buy click HERE

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“The Morrígan”, the “phantom queen” of Irish myth. A sovereignty goddess associated with fate, prophecy and a harbinger of death in battle. As battle crow she circles the fray and haunts the monoliths erected in the wake of those who have fallen.

Like many pre-Christian, Irish figures from mythology the Morrígan is often an ambiguous figure, sometimes comprising a threefold nature that changes over time and location. I have chosen to depict her here in singular form.

“The Morrígan” will be available as a limited edition screenprint from Indonesian art collective Villains. Printing by Monolith Press. It is part of the upcoming “Goddess” artist series which goes live on 1st August on www.worldsend.com for Asia & Australia customers. American & European customers should check out posters&toys.com for better shipping rates.

Many Thanks to Villains and Arik Roper for the invitation 🙏🏻


Olly Moss’ Magically Creative Harry Potter Prints

I’ve been a big fan of Olly Moss’ for quite some time, and his run of Star Wars prints he put out for the original trilogy are still some of my absolute favorite Star Wars prints I’ve seen to date-I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and go wild over Star Wars screenprints. Another epic series that I nerd out over, albeit not as much as Star Wars, is Harry Potter. This is where Olly Moss comes in with his prints for the Harry Potter series. These prints are fantastic. Moss was tasked with redesigning the covers for the rereleased German audio books of the series, and he really did an excellent job with them. The central feature in all of the prints is Hogwarts, but each print for the corresponding book also focuses on an element of the story that’s exclusive to that book. According to Pottermore-JK Rowling’s site which continues to satiate Harry Potter fans with exclusive writings, news, and features-“the covers are a series of reimagined holiday posters from the golden age of British railways with Hogwarts at centre stage.”

Via Pottermore:

The posters have a nostalgic feel to them; the colour palette is that of 1950s seaside towns, steam trains and long summer holidays. ‘I was just a big fan of 1950s design,’ Moss explains, ‘and it just seemed like a natural fit. I really liked the idea of Harry getting on a train and going somewhere exciting every year. There is something very British about that. That period of design – and obviously Harry Potter – is steeped in that imagery and I wanted to bring those two things together.’

The set will be 16x24 giclee prints, and will be on sale for only a limited time, until Monday, October 25th 3pm BST. Every order will be fulfilled, as long as you purchase prints before 3pm BST on the 25th. I need to Wingardium Leviosa these prints into my collection, so should you.

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