I received something exciting in the mail yesterday! It was a copy of the summer issue of Anthology Magazine with my illustration in it! Always super exciting to see one of my illustrations in print:) Thanks to creative director Meg Mateo Ilasco for hiring me and for sending this my way!


My #AlltheBrightPlaces script outline/notes/brainstorms! (Notice my red Sharpie!) ✂️✏️🎬 Which quotes/lines would you miss most? 🌸🐤#allthebrightplacesmovie #finch #violetmarkey #theodorefinch #movie #script #screenplay #jenniferniven #ya #bookquote

(First of all, if anyone official asks me to take this down I will take it down. Fingers crossed that won’t happen, however, since this is just a rubbish-quality snap.)

I posted several months ago about having obtained select pages from the Jupiter Ascending script, and I decided that some of you were likely to be interested in seeing a glimpse of it.

I don’t really need to provide context for this scene since it’s translated very faithfully to the screen, but I felt it worth sharing so we can appreciate how beautifully the Wachowskis write. Scripts are often written using rather prosaic and blunt language, but I can only describe the Wachowskis’ scripts as novelistic - you can read the script to Jupiter Ascending and quickly conjure up the scenes in your imagination because the prose is so vivid and beautiful.

I’ve repeatedly seen people decry the Wachowskis as terrible scriptwriters, which is a gross falsehood - they write beautifully, and I’d love to see the Jupiter Ascending script released in full so we can all enjoy it and see what was cut. 

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Shooting screenplays for “You’re Next” and “The Guest”

People keep asking me to put these online. At first I assumed they were just being polite, but now I think maybe they’re screenwriting students who have to write a paper and are trying to passive-aggressively irk their professors. Although I support that, I wanted to wait until the films were fully released everywhere. They are now, so here you go.

I was going to write a lengthy explanation of my creative process with each of these, clarify how and why they may differ from the finished films, and also go on a lengthy, ill-conceived rant about how I consider a majority of the scripts I’m submitted to be unreadable. But I think the changes speak for themselves, and if you have any questions upon reading, you can always find me on social media or lurking under a bridge somewhere. Otherwise, I appreciate your appreciation of my marvelous words.

The Guest screenplay (PDF) is here:


You’re Next screenplay (PDF) is here: 


Simon Barrett