» Interview: Sebastian Stan on Captain America: The First Avenger
The role of James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes is critical in the history of Captain America, he’s Cap’s best friend, and later in the run took over the...

I just realized not everybody was following the CATFA press tour in 2011, so many of you may have never read this interview, which is a fave of mine because 1) it’s when I first realized Seb’s personality is Bucky’s personality and 2) it’s one of the first times he mentioned this story which involves him being immobile for one day because he was running around shooting HYDRA minions like a boss and got overly excited, fell through a wall and carried on with his life because hey, adrenaline!

Also included the quasi-mandatory Seb teasing Chris part because lots of his CATFA interviews included something like that
» Boardwalk Empire: Season 1 Episode 6: Family Limitation – TV Review

Stephen Graham: It’s tough to judge what Stephen Graham does as Al Capone here. On the one hand, he shows a remarkably subtle acting skill. When Jimmy is showered with praise, we get the briefest glimpse of Capone’s half-smile, but it’s all we need to know that he’s jealous. As he tells Jimmy that his son is deaf, tears threaten to make an appearance, but he keeps it together. That’s very good acting. Still, we know that Capone went on to become one of the most feared and successful gangsters of all time. In this show, he is depicted as little more than a dumb oaf of a criminal; there’s no hint at the man he will become. True, it’s supposed to be a younger Capone, but this guy can barely manage his own kitchen, let alone a major criminal organization.