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I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


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So, an idea popped into mind while rewatching “Double Tommy”.

In this scene, while Tommy is tied down on a bed underneath one of Kamikazi’s machines, Dr. Kamikazi is thinking about what to mutate him into since there was a clone of Tommy (Agent 17, whom Kamikazi had surgically transformed prior to the beginning of this ep) running around and Kamikazi didn’t want the real Tommy to interfere with his newest plot to capture Robotboy.

We see that he brought up a few choices, having trouble deciding which was better but then decided to combine them into this monstrosity:

Now this got me thinking of a possible alternative series of events. 

What if…Dr. Kamikazi had actually transformed Tommy into that beast then released him since he would have no use for him and it would be a great form of revenge on Tommy? The poor (now grotesquely mutated) child would have no choice but to return home like that to try to get Robotboy to help him. Along the way, his mutated animal DNA would try to dominate his human one and animal sounds would only came out whenever he attempted to speak. Muddled and competing instincts would also keep trying to divert him from reaching his destination. However, Tommy fights as hard as he can to keep his human-side from being taken over.

Tommy eventually arrives back in The Bay Area and tracks down Robotboy and Agent 17 in the park. He attempts to get Ro’s attention to tell his lil buddy that he’s with a fake who’s part of a trap by Kamikazi. However his voice just comes out as a roar, making Ro believe that he was a clone sent by Kamikazi. He Superactivates to fight him and protect “Tommy”.

Horrified and afraid, Tommy runs off, not wanting to battle his best friend since he knows that he wouldn’t win and because he couldn’t hurt him, anyways. Ro chases after him and corners him in an alley, aiming his blasters at him. Tommy tries again to tell Ro that he’s the real Tommy and that he needs help, crying as he does. Unfortunately, his voice just comes out as a gargle of animal noises and Ro believes that this clone was crying out of fear, knowing he’s about to get killed. Tommy makes one last desperate effort to speak again, even if he believes it’s impossible by now.

To his surprise and immense relief, a weak but audible “Ro” croaks out from his deformed vocal cords. It was deep and not at all like his regular, little 10-year old boy voice, but it catches Robotboy’s attention, causing him to tilt his head in curiosity. Tommy realizes this was his chance an speaks again, this time getting out a coarse, “Tommy…best…friend…no…hurt…help…please.”

It was then when Robotboy notices a very familiar looking watch this mutated creature was wearing on his right wrist and his eyes widen in stunned horror as he comprehends the terrifying truth. This amalgam of genetically altered animals really is his little human pal…or was. Robotboy quickly puts away his weapons and takes a few cautious steps towards Tommy, reaching out a sympathetic hand as oil streams from his eyes as he fully takes in what was going on. Ro was greatly appalled that he had just almost killed his best friend again and that he had been hanging out with a fake this whole time while the real Tommy had been subjected to unimaginable pain and torture at the hands of their greatest foe ever. If Ro had a stomach, he would feel pretty sick to it. A newfound hatred for that despicable mad scientist flooded Ro’s body.

“Tommy” then arrives on scene and demands to know why Robotboy hadn’t disposed of that ugly clone yet. He coldly orders him to get on with it so they can go home. Hearing the imposter insult his friend, Ro’s concern morphs into wrath. He whirls around to aim his blaster at Agent 17, who is shocked by this. Through his crumbling façade, he asks Ro what the heck he thinks he was doing and that he was aiming at the wrong target. Robotboy just narrows his eyes, which were glowing red at this point, indicating how P.O’d he was and that he knew Agent 17 was a fake now.

However, before the robot could shoot Agent 17, Tommy steps forward and places a clawed hand upon his shoulder. Ro looks at him and sees him shaking his head, understanding what he was telling him. Obliging his buddy’s wish, Robotboy puts away his weapon, much to the Agent 17’s relief. However, he isn’t out of the woods yet as now both the real Tommy and Ro are glaring down at him. Robotboy then grabs Agent 17 and flies into the air. He uses his telescopic vision to pinpoint where Kaziland was before winding back his arm. He then pitches Agent 17 on a direct course back to where he had come from, not caring at all how he would end up once he got there. He’d deal with Kamikazi later. Right now he had something-someone-more important to take care of.

Robotboy lands back on the ground, deactivating back to Activated mode. With drooping ears, he turns around to face his mutated friend, holding out his small hand as more tears flows from his optical sensors. Tommy, who is also crying, gently grasps it and crouches down so that he is somewhat eye-level with his robotic bestie. He pleads for help again.

Robotboy nods empathetically and strokes Tommy’s muzzle saying, “No worry. We go see Moshimo, now. He fix you. Robotboy want Tommy back.”

The two then share a tender hug before Robotboy Superactivates again and carries Tommy to Moshimo’s secret laboratory, desperately hoping his father will be able to save his best friend.



(HAPPY BIRTHDAY izumisays!!! )


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