screencaps challenge

I realized belatedly that this looks like a Progression of Fucks Given by Elim Garak, from ”ZERO FUCKS GIVEN to “FAR TOO MANY FUCKS FOR THIS LIZARD’S COMFORT” to “SISKO WOULD YOU STOP PUNCHING ME FOR LIKE ONE MINUTE”

…every time I look at it, the watermelon outfit gets a little worse.


Anyone remember these two sly goofballs? >v< Finally, a new anime screencap re-draw, and this time it´s Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club! I literary named my file blep, because thats what this pose is, it´s just blep xD Once again, original on top and my re-draw on the bottom! This time I tried making the drawing a bit more my own by colouring the lineart as well! Hope you like it <3


Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 30: Screencap Redraw

i’m sad now because this is the last one!! T.T these last 30 days have been an amazing challenge for me to do. my time management as well as the endurance of my aching hand was truly tested, as well as my imagination. i can’t wait to do another 30 day drawing challenge!

anyways, it took a really long time to choose the right screencap to redraw. i wanted to choose one that not only had great composition and color, but was also from an episode that has great significance to me. so i chose a cap from the Zippleback Experience, which is definitely one of my favorite episodes in the whole show. it was fun to find out how different my drawing style is compared to the CGI models of the show. also, i end up drawing dark shadows no matter how hard i try. gotta work on that.

thank you all for following the RTTE challenge and a special thanks to those who also participated!


This one was surprisingly quick! I am sorry for forgetting who it was, but someone asked me to redraw a screencap with Haruka kissing Usagi (aka Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon) from the new Sailor moon Crystal series, so I decided to give it a go! ^^ I always enjoy being able to work with glow effects ~

Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 12: Favorite Epic Moment

finally, a day where i can catch up on this challenge!! i’m so behind. but today is the day i will go as far as i can before going to the super bowl party my college is hosting

anyways my favorite epic moment would have to be this: the moment where Dagur proved them all wrong and sacrificed himself to save the riders. i was like on the verge of tears while i was looking for screencap references because GOT DAMN IT SUCH PAIN



SUPERJAIL 20 DAY CHALLENGE DAYS 1, 5, 8, AND 9: favorite character, favorite background, favorite non-splatter scene, favorite episode. 

aaAAA this is both my 300th post AND my first screencap redraw from Superjail!! ! ! ! !  ! I love the pilot so much. It’s by far my favorite (other than the Budding episode, but e h)

also, idk if you could tell, but I suck at backgrounds and hands.