screencaped by yours truly

home decor (remastered edition)


if you click the link below you’ll find #292 rp icons of Lee Dong Wook in Goblin as Grim Reaper. All of the following icons were created by me !!! all of these were cropped, screencapped, resized and edited by yours truly. 

Please do not put these in your own hunts or even put a border in it without any permission, thank you. please LIKE/REBLOG if found useful :)

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My brother Jacob, otherwise known as Jakabu128 on youtube, really likes the Cars movies. Even “Cars 2”, no matter what anyone has to say about it.
In fact, while he respects why people generally hate the sequel, he genuinely finds it hilarious how they just get SO upset over it, on top of the very notion that it exists. The whole family’s perfectly accepted it; he’s just so fuckin’ CHEEKY about it that it’s boiled down to where we can all stomach the second movie and can taste the true joys of the franchise as a whole. I can relate, I’m the exact same way with the Donkey Kong Country cartoon.

Especially with “Cars 2”’s rep in mind, he’s made Mater the butt of a lot of jokes. Like, this one time where he was taking an animation class in highschool, he has go do a power point presentation on the basic fundamentals of everything they were taught so far, (which isn’t saying much, they didn’t go over much of anything,) so he pretty much did the bare minimum he needed to do to get the grade, and passes it with flying colors, right?

…‘Cept he plastered each and every slide with this ONE stock art render of Mater everywhere, and uses that as his only method of customization. He starts off with just one Mater in the corner on a white background with nothing else, everything’s fine so far. Then for the next slide he flips that render, moves it to the other side of the screen, and makes him bigger, and the class starts to notice something isn’t right. Then later he starts putting two maters in the same page, and now the token hooligan students in the back of the room are trying to compress their laughter.
Jake’s ONE motivation: that’s what they did with the DVD covers. They only use this ONE render of him on both sides of the cover, and even when the movie gets another release, or when it hit Blu-Ray, they STILL recycle that same render, flip the image or occasionally move his eyes around, and by the end of the powerpoint, he just clumps all these horribly compressed Mater Jpegs everywhere and the whole class is roaring and the teacher’s trying to shut everyone up!

But it doesn’t stop there, after that the kids kept interrupting class by going “mmmMmMMMMAter mMMMmMMMMATER MmMmmmmmMmmMmMMMMMAAAter” for the whole year, and it spiraled to where the teacher would automatically delete students’ power point assignments if they referenced Mater in any way. There was a time he deleted a stream of presentations filenamed “mater”, just to find ONE that was named something normal for once, only to immediately trash it the moment he saw Mater’s fuckin face stretched over the whole screen!

So among all the presents around the tree, here’s this one unsigned present with its only decoration a hasty sharpie drawing of Mater using a screencap as a frame of reference. By yours truly. Let’s wait till tomorrow to find out what’s inside!!