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unique french crap #6

- when we vote, we have to show our elector card to someone, walk to a long table with a lot of little piles of pieces of paper with the name of each candidate written on it and an envelop. then we get into a little cabine, close the curtains, put the piece of paper with our favourite candidate inside of the envelop, get to a second long table with a big glass box and put the envelop inside through a little hole on the top and when it falls inside someone says “a voté”.

- there is a part of paris called châtelet les halles (after the subway station names), it’s a whole bunch of shops and it became a joke because it’s like the best escape room you’ll ever see. you WILL get lost.

- we are often on strike or organizing national walks to protest against stuff. the rest of the world seems to think it’s amazing but really your feet hurt and you yell slogans and you have no idea where we’re going and you’ve lost your friend.

- our former justice minister, rachida dati, had a kid a few years ago. not only she came back to work 5 days later, but she gave birth as a single mother and we had no idea who the dad was. she sued a guy for child support when the girl was 3 and won only last year.

- not gonna talk for very long about nicolas sarkozy bc big poo poo but he got himself a raise of 172%, got a divorce, married a popular italian singer/model known for her nude photos and got bad fame after rudely telling off a citizen.

- since we are so awkward and private, we tend to look away from beggars, people having fights, parents hitting their kids. the average french will never react to anything other than in their head.

- from paris you can be in dublin, barcelona, berlin, porto, copenhagen, palermo or budapest in less than 2h20 (plane) and in london in 2h30 (eurostar).

- we don’t ever tip because people are paid enough. we never have several jobs at the same time, i don’t even know if it would be legal.

- we kiss a lot of people on the cheeks : friends, family, coworkers, friends of friends (literally sometimes people you have never met and will never see again). we shake hands with the boss, clients and professionals.

- this bit from astérix et obélix contre cléopâtre.

Wondy I

This is a Wonder Woman doll, Diana Prince & Hidden Sword. I was very excited to buy this doll. I really like the muscular female sculpt they used for these dolls. I myself am not a fan of super heroes at all, I haven’t even seen the Wonder Woman movie. But I still enjoy the dolls produced! She has decent articulation in her arms and legs. Although this doll is Hasbro the joints remind me of Mattel’s joints. I really wish she had wrist joints!! She can do a lot of action poses and stands alone on her shoes. Her feet are high heeled, and quite big. I don’t know where I’ll find shoes that fit her. Her dress is a cheap polyester but the pattern is nice and it’s put together well. It has a special pocket to insert the sword into. She holds the sword easily. I have some Body Comparison shots and casual pictures coming soon.

Courtney Love in The People vs. Larry Flynt is still one of the best female acting performances ever, imo. It’s not really how people have argued that “but she wasn’t really acting!” She was. She was just drawing on her own experiences. And it’s fascinating to watch.

One of the few performances I’ve seen that is truly hypnotizing.

He fought it as best he could, but a man can’t change what he is. He can convince anyone he’s someone else, but never himself.
—  The Usual Suspects

Thor 3: Ragnarok - 1987 Trailer (Nerdist Presents)