screencap like mad


I’m stalling on my own work, so to be more productive, I started perusing the Rizzoli pilot script I found online. 

It’s not *that* different from the Rizzoli & Isles pilot that we all eventually watched (and fell in love with). Edited for crispness and less locations, certainly. The banter between Jane and Maura is in the script, but it’s written as “learning to be better at girl friendships. I suspect that bringing Sasha Alexander and having her play off Angie turned this from regular lady cop drama and into crime’s perfect pair. 

Can’t post the detailed annotations now, maybe in a later post, but I squealed like a fangirl when I read a scene in the early pages where Detective Rizzoli changes her clothes from the "Scare Youself  a Little Everyday” tank to the suit she wore at the crime scene. Inside the Crown Vic. With a trucker guy leers down at her through the window. And she smiles. 

Of course, now we understand why Maura doesn’t like her doing that. Jane taking off her pants is a private moment reserved only for a certain ME. Hehe. 


Now that would be a nice gift. (And this would have been the simpler situation. But television, as in real life, things can get complicated. )

I think only Zooey Deschanel can pull this off: Quirky and hot in a non-lecherous way, even if it says “No XXX-change." 

I hope Paul/Justin Long sticks around though. I know that sounds like a long shot, but he’s such a good foil against Jess/Zooey Deschanel. But then again, seems like the show is building up Nick for the endgame. Oh well.