screencap like mad

Now this just hurts me physically >.<


If the boys’ volleyball uniform is like the girls’ volleyball uniform

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I don’t have an excuse for uploading this. I just want your eyes to hurt.

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(recolored anime screencap)


This woman tho. important person in resistance. looking amazing. damn.

thortv  asked:

I've seen your pictures around for a long time. I just didn't know who you were until today. How did you make this? It's the best one I've ever seen.

Oh man! Thanks! Uhhh it took me like 4 months working everyday after work since opening day of Avengers to the con I wore it at. I really didn’t know what I was doing so I had to learn a lot of stuff. Basically I made a muscle suit for myself first. Then I pretty much just studied the screencaps and promo pics like mad, then patterned everything to be as accurate as possible to fit on my proportions.

The pants and tunic are leather, and I found that weird corduroy or pintucked leather his has on his pants and the sides of his tunic on ebay. The cape was 5 panels. 2 for lining, which got glued to the mantle I made out of wonderflex. And 2 for each side that flowed overtop the mantle, and one ‘swag’ curtain panel in the middle. Just search ‘swag curtain pattern’ and that’s what I used. The whole cape is attached to a harness which clips in to a belt that gets hidden.

The armor and boots and arm guards were wonderflex with leather and foam details on top. Basically all the armor was done using a heat n bond leather to foam method because I hate sanding and painting. I pretty much just sectioned off all the different shapes of the breastplate and made them all separate, kinda like a puzzle, then layered and put them together instead of carving it.

So I just tooled and etched the leather then dry brushed over it to get the look. I remade the breastplate 3 times before I was happy with it though sooooo =_=

I couldn’t explain it all in one message. so here are some pics… they kinda suck in quality cuz I had a classic blackberry phone at the time lol

basically this whole costume was held together by patient accurate patterning, heat n bond, and snaps. oh! and I didn’t make Mjolnir, I had that commissioned.

ok, everyone is yelling about Fury Road and I agree, but I would also like to yell particularly about the following:

after one viewing, there are two specific moments of hero things that remain very clear in my mind: 1) when Angharad put herself in front of Furiosa and stared Joe down while Capable held her steady; and 2) when Max gives blood to Furiosa. In a movie that is literally a wild non-stop explosion-riddled car chase, the most intense acts of heroism are entirely nonviolent.

My current sexual orientation: John looking all disheveled and angry.