screencap challenge

I realized belatedly that this looks like a Progression of Fucks Given by Elim Garak, from ”ZERO FUCKS GIVEN to “FAR TOO MANY FUCKS FOR THIS LIZARD’S COMFORT” to “SISKO WOULD YOU STOP PUNCHING ME FOR LIKE ONE MINUTE”

…every time I look at it, the watermelon outfit gets a little worse.


Anyone remember these two sly goofballs? >v< Finally, a new anime screencap re-draw, and this time it´s Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club! I literary named my file blep, because thats what this pose is, it´s just blep xD Once again, original on top and my re-draw on the bottom! This time I tried making the drawing a bit more my own by colouring the lineart as well! Hope you like it <3

anonymous asked:

Hey Ursula would you like to draw Olly and Trish as Jack and Sally? Or Trish in a child version? :3 PS: I REALLY LOVE YOUR STYLE AND YOUR OC'S

Well, since it’s almost Halloween… U u U okaaay <3 Thank you so much!

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Olly, Trish and Ruca in Cry baby since Ruca is inspire by Wanda. It will be funny seeing Olly as Crybaby too.

UH YESSSSS ! * o * I redrew some screen caps from the opening of Crybaby here is goblinqueenbluebie ‘s Trish as Allison and Olly as Crybaby  then, My characters Roxy and Ruca as Pepper and Wanda <3 short hair Olly is weeeeird