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I now realize why Victor said “I thought you might need my help a little longer” when Yuuri said “Let’s end this”

Maybe all of this has been said before, but I just had an “AHA” moment, so I wanted to put it into words.

I’ll be honest, this line confused me a bit:

But I realized something.

It was most likely Yuuri’s dream to stand on the same stage as Victor as someone capable/with the same level of skill/treated with the same amount of respect, based on this:

Let’s be clear, Yuuri wanted to compete against Victor when they would be on the same level.

So at first, I was confused when Victor said:

But you know what? I think Victor thought that Yuuri had wanted to be treated like an equal (or maybe even achieve Victor’s level of success now that Victor was out of the playing field). That could be why he wonders why Yuuri is giving up on his own career to keep Victor’s going.

Victor was okay with not competing and with helping Yuuri because he thought that way Yuuri could achieve his dream of being put on a pedestal the way Victor had been, but he didn’t realize that Yuuri didn’t want to do it without Victor. 

In short: They both wanted to give up their own careers so that the other could shine, not realizing (at this point) that they didn’t want to shine without each other’s presence in the competition. That it was meaningless without the other.


One of my favorite underrated scenes.

Reluctant at first, Speedwagon looks at Smokey and sees himself in him from the days of his robust youth. He spies the indignation and spirit behind the boy’s eyes and understands his feelings.

Adamant and earnest. Unyielding.

He’s always been a good judge of character and he can sense his intentions are not only noble, but sincere. He really wants to support everyone, especially JoJo to repay the favor. Speedwagon himself was once spared and allowed redemption from an incorrigible act.

There are many parallels to their stories; Speedwagon once having lived in the gutters of Ogre street as a mugger and violent thug, and Smokey, a petty pickpocket that scavenged the streets of New York.

Both had their lives changed upon meeting the Joestar’s. Both turned it around and went on to accomplish great things with Smokey becoming mayor, and Speedwagon a rich tycoon.

He recognizes and acknowledges Smokey’s loyalty to JoJo and the Joestar family and respects that enough to entrust him with such valuable knowledge because he feels that he’s proved to be a good friend as Speedwagon himself is.

He appreciates what he’s done and figures since he’s already involved, to shed some light on the confounding situation is the least he could do for the young man.

A little something I observed. I think it’s just a tad heartwarming.

@epsilon-naught So I was watching Shore Leave recently and it started out normally enough

But then

Concerned Spock is concerned.

So of course the yeoman is ever helpful and massages the kink.

Spock, Jim? Why Spock, hmmm? We all know your Vulcan first officer would never put his hands on anyone in a casual touch unless he was highly familiar with them. Something you’d like to share with the class, perhaps?

The dawning realization of “oh fuck” on Jim’s face because Spock is very decidedly not massaging the kink in his back

Now he’s thoroughly embarrassed. But the true icing on the cake is

Yeah Jim, those late night “chess” games are really fucking with your sleep schedule. ;)

The Crystal Gems and the Cool Kids

So, everyone knows the parallels, right?

Garnet and Buck Dewey…Pearl and Sour Cream…Amethyst and Jenny.

However, forgive me if someone else has already mentioned this, but…there’s another parallel between a Crystal Gem and a Beach City teen.


Steven and Lars.

Curly hair…upturned nose…same head shape…similar wardrobe…

They even have similar laughs, which can be heard in Joking Victim and Shirt Club.

They both even do the starry-eyes thing!

Not to mention Steven and Lars are almost complete opposites, personality wise.

Let’s look at Lars first.

Lars is cynical, sardonic, hateful, short-tempered, and just overall a very bitter person.

He cares very deeply about how others perceive him, which causes him to act, as Sadie has put it, “one way in private and different way in public.”

Though Lars can be very rude and selfish, he can also be very sweet and thoughtful, as shown in Lars and the Cool Kids, Island Adventure, and the ending of The New Lars. Sadie even said it herself in Joking Victim!

“Look, I like Lars. He-he’s a nice guy…once you get to know him!”

Pictured above: the sweeter side of Lars.

Now, onto Steven.

Steven is hopeful, polite, loving, easy-going, and just overall a very happy person.

He cares about living up to the expectations of his mother, Rose Quartz, which causes him to make risky decisions based off of the question “What would mom do?”

Though Steven can be very sweet and gentle, he can also be very hateful and vicious. This side of him is shown most clearly in Shirt Club, Message Received, and Beach City Drift.

Don’t believe me on Shirt Club? Watch the T-shirt assassination scene again and then come back to me.

Pictured above: The more hostile side of Steven.

The biggest thing that Lars and Steven have in common is that they both have a huge desire to impress the ones they look up to most.

With Lars, it’s the Cool Kids.

With Steven, it’s the Crystal Gems.

Again, if somebody’s already pointed this out in a more popular post, then feel free to ignore me. But, I thought this was a very interesting parallel, and I wanted to talk about it.

shallura analysis :: 1x10 “collection and extraction”

Previous analysis: episode one, episode two, episode three, episode four, [no episode five], episode six, episode seven, episode eight, episode nine

Behold the most shallura heavy episode in the series, and the one that made most of us start shipping these cuties. Since there’s so much interaction and so much to go over, it kind of goes without saying that this analysis gonna be pretty long - so I’m putting most of it under a read more. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

The team is currently trying to access Sendak’s memories, something that deeply disrupted Shiro’s emotional state in the previous episode - similarly to Allura having to let go of her father - yet was the most dedicated to using Sendak’s memories. Allura mirrors this dedication, while simultaneously continuing the break against her father and what he would have approved of, shown in this exchange with Coran.

Allura: Somewhere inside Sendak’s memories we should be able to find the inside information that gives us the key to take down Zarkon.
Coran: I don’t think your father would approve of searching through an enemy’s memories.
Allura: I know, but we have to do everything we can to defeat Zarkon.

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keith and allura + growing stronger by letting go of the past

since i have yet to find another post that goes into detail about just how much keith’s arc in ‘the blade of marmora’ and allura’s arc in ‘crystal venom’ parallel one another, i went ahead and did the thing myself !! i find it both curious and kinda enchanting how alike keith and allura are in so many respects. realizing these similarities while re-watching the show was far too riveting not to share my thoughts, so here they are ^^

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A quick screencap analysis of that Lotor teaser:

If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it {here}. Obviously we didn’t get to see Lotor’s actual face, but we did see some interesting details so I’m going to grab some screencaps and put together some thoughts.

First up, Lotor is in the arena, and it’s the same arena Shiro fought in:

Screencap from 1x03 for comparison:

Now we have these two dudes in the audience, commenting on what’s going on:

Right: “Who’s this little fellow?”

Left: “I don’t know, I’ve never seen him before.”

These guys look like officers (note the yellow-eye motif on their armour; I have a whole meta about the yellow eyes and the possibility of a Galra Hive Mind {here} if you’re interested). They’ve never seen Lotor in the arena before, which tells us a few things:

  • Lotor gatecrashing the games to fight in the arena is not a common occurrence
  • Assuming they might otherwise recognise Prince Lotor if he wasn’t wearing this armour, it’s possible his armour is some kind of disguise
  • Is Lotor disguising himself to fight in the arena like the Black Knight in A Knights Tale? It’s a classic trope fam royalty in disguise you get me
  • The other Galra describe him as “little”, and it reminds me of something I was discussing with @radioactivesupersonic about the fact that Lotor (who’s possibly part-Altean) would be viewed as small, weedy, or weak by Galra standards

Moving on to the shots of Lotor himself:

There’s a glowing sword next to him, stuck into the earth of the arena floor. It looks magical. Can Lotor do magic? What kind of sword is that? Why is it glowing? SO MANY QUESTIONS. From the fact that it’s stuck in the ground (and we saw two shapes/bodies in that first wide shot of the arena) I’m gonna say this is the end of a battle that Lotor won.

Now the helmet comes off:

White hair. Pointy ears. Small by Galra standards. It sure seems like we’re getting half-Altean Lotor (please be Haggar and Zarkon’s gross narcissistic lovechild please I beg of you). Also: we’ve seen white hair mainly on characters who can do magic, so again - can Lotor do magic? Is that what’s going on with his glowing sword?

Finally, the front shot:

Ignore Kalternecker lol. I’m including this because it gives us a front shot of Lotor’s armour, specifically the motif on the front. It’s different to the symbol on the front of Weblum Galra’s armour:

So this is not the same person. However, there are some similarities between the armour styles and colours that suggest they might come from the same unit or group. Possibly?

A few closing ideas:

  • I love the idea of a unit of Alteans/part-Alteans who work with the Galra and all wear this style of armour
  • It would explain why Weblum Galra was collecting scaultrite
  • Some deeply shady nonsense went down in the war I’m convinced some Alteans sided with the Galra to survive (a bit like Planet Pollux in the original series)
  • I equally love the idea of Lotor being a “little fellow” by Galra standards
  • Also please consider Prince Lotor disguising himself as a lowly gladiator in order to get into fights in the arena and then loving it when the crowd goes wild

Now, it’s possible this character isn’t Lotor and this is some kind of bait-and-switch, but even if it’s not him the analysis still stands. If it’s not Lotor, then we have another part-Altean white-haired gladiator roaming around, and I really wanna see who that is.

And that’s me done. More speculative than analytical, but it’s not much to go on!

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Kolivance is obviously canon I mean it's hitting you in the face the first episode. The blade could choose any lion to ride in and they chose blue? Not red, the fastest which is piloted by one of their own members? It's obvious Koli wanted to ride with his boo and wouldn't take no for an answer

Hi there nonnie! Mod Blob here taking over this reply!

First of all, you should know that all of us mods screamed over this ask in our chat and we all agreed we love you.

Like. This ask is us.  This is us in a nutshell.  Amazing.

Moving on! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to talk about S3EP1 for a while now and I finally have it!!!!! I’ve got the screencaps ready! I hope you guys are in for a long post because goose do I have stuff to say…

I introduce you to a guide on how to read too much into less than 5 minutes of an episode, written by me

In EP1 we are shown that each member of Team Voltron is basically doing their own thing.  Keith (with Coran’s aid) is looking for Shiro among the remains of their previous battle with Zarkon, Allura is getting ready for diplomatic meetings, Pidge is on her own looking for her family.  Out of all of them, only Hunk and Lance are the ones fighting to liberate yet another alien civilization that fell under the claws of the galran domination.

Both Yellow and Blue are big lions, bigger than Red and Green, and out of the two options we are shown that Kolivan and more BoM members are riding on the back of Blue.

(I’ll put the rest of my reply under a read more so it won’t be tiring to scroll past this post on mobile)

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star crossed rivals

this post is not only about princess allura and prince lotor being foils, but also keith and acxa being set up as rivals season 3

for related tweets, check out these threads !!   

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do you have an analysis of allura's face in the space mall episode when everyone decides to go to the mall and shiro decides to go to the hangar?

I’m happy to do one now! So, here we go

Allura is already kind of bummed out, because everyone else is going to the mall to get sparkly things without her, but hey, that’s okay. She’ll get to spend some alone time with Shiro! That’s not too bad. That’s great, actually… Until, wait a minute, he’s going to go bond with his Lion.

So, first, Allura watches him leave.

And then pouts, because not only does she have nothing to do, now she doesn’t get to spend time with her boyfriend anymore.

‘he ditched me for a lion.’

it’s ok sweetie he loves you. @smolsarcasticraspberry also has a meta on this moment, as well as a rather flirty shiro near the end of the episode over here. i highly suggest checking it out.

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Hey, remember me, the guy that asked that really stupid question? Well, I am back with a hopefully "Smart" Question. Am I the only one that thinks that Starfire is the most powerful titan and not raven. I mean Starfire trained with the strongest beings in the entire Universe.

It’s definitely debatable.

Since both their powersets rely on their emotional states, they tend to fluctuate, so it can be hard to get a good sense of their true strength.

Without a doubt Raven is ridiculously powerful.  The trick is that she has to be actively in control of herself to really unleash a good beatdown.  When she’s out of control, when her temper’s triggered or her demon side gets let loose, she’s ferocious, no doubts there, but more like an undirected whirlwind.  She can cause a lot of damage but it’s not really going to be intentional and it’s easy for her to get tunnel-visioned and distracted in that state.

Like, compare the last bit of her fight against Terra with her epic smackdown of Slade in “The Prophecy.”

Sure she’s telekinetically moving and manipulating a lot of stuff, faster and easier and heavier than she usually can, but she’s also single-mindedly throwing herself at Terra and blinded by her rage.  So she ignores Terra’s countermeasures until it’s too late.

Whereas against Slade…

…you can see she’s super focused and very deliberate about what she’s doing.  She’s using about the normal level of physical effort but she’s inflicting more damage, making quicker and stronger attacks.

A lot of Raven’s most powerful feats (banishing Trigon and restoring the world, stopping time) are one-time deals.  She won’t normally be able to unlock them.  So this moment in “The Prophecy” right here is about as strong as she gets, again, because she’s fully focused and not just blindly lashing out.

Starfire on the other hand is definitely the most physically strong of the Titans, though that does depend on her emotional state as well.  When she’s full of confidence she hits hard.

Really hard.

Unlike Raven, Starfire is equal parts distance and “hands on” fighter.  Raven has a little bit of close-quarters combat skills but she doesn’t tend to use them unless her enemy has gotten really close.  Starfire doesn’t appear to have any formal close-quarters training (none that resemble Earth martial arts anyway) but she is quite the brawler.

Aaaand they are all down, one hit, no resistance.

Distracting Starfire is also trickier.  She doesn’t really have a crazy berserker mode that’s all rampage and no thought.  The closest she got was her first appearance in “Go!”

But pretty much everything she did, even though she was snarling and furious, was calculated and intended.

She had some trouble with the quicker and more agile Robin but was still holding up pretty well and giving him a lot of trouble and only really started losing focus when the boys ganged up on her and she was already tired.

Starfire has one other advantage over Raven and that’s her durability.  She can take harder hits than Raven and won’t be put down by blows or attacks that would probably knock Raven out.

Her biggest problem during combat is that she tends to be nicer than she should be, pausing to offer her enemies a chance to surrender, trying to make the battle honorable and fair, being compassionate and checking to see if she’s done untoward damage, etc.  So she can be distracted if you fight dirty or target non-combatants.  Or, you know, Robin.

Both girls tend to hold back a lot, Raven because getting too hot could unleash Rage, Starfire because, well… humans is breakable.  If you remove those mental blocks, Starfire would have the advantage because she can get angrier and only grow stronger and more powerful whereas Raven getting angrier means she gets more unstable.  Again, she needs to be fully focused and in control to really make her powers the most effective.

Raven’s got good defensive capabilities true, but they also require focus and concentration.  Her shields are pretty easy to break for someone determined enough.

I dunno, there are a lot of X factors that could swing the battle one way or another and to some extent I almost feel like we have an Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object kind of dilemma, with both girls equally capable of being either.

All other things being equal though, pitting the two of them at their peak, I think I’d give the edge to Starfire since she can take harder hits and it takes more effort to put her down.

Be a real close fight though.

Analyzing that scene in YOI Episode 7

Hear me out, guys:

Theory: I don’t think that was their first kiss. It was just their first onscreen kiss.

In the scene where Yuuri was crying, Victor asked him if he should kiss him, quite casually too (props to Victor for ACTUALLY ASKING FOR CONSENT and not just swooping in, you’re cool man).

We’ve seen that technique to stop crying successfully twice in Junjou Romantica, a BL anime, as seen here. Indeed, both those times were the first kisses of the couples in JR, so why would I think this was not Victor and Yuuri’s first kiss?

Because of how Yuuri reacted. He said no, and then:

He’s not even surprised at the fact that Victor just proposed a kiss. There is no disgust in his response; in fact, he goes on to explain why that isn’t a comforting move right now. That could possibly mean that Victor has asked to kiss Yuuri before. (I wonder why…)

Now some of you might say “well, wasn’t Yuuri surprised when Victor kissed him after the performance?” and yes he was. But I think that was because they kissed in front of the whole world, literally. The Grand Prix is probably viewed by millions around the globe. Yuuri, a very private person with some level of anxiety, is not our top choice for someone who indulges in PDA. So no matter what proclamations he makes about Victor, he’s not one to kiss the guy in public. The fact that they did kiss in public was the surprise, in my opinion, because, after the initial shock, Yuuri has a peaceful look, and he doesn’t even question the kiss. He just says:

And returns Victor’s loving, understanding gaze with one of his own.

We have seen Yuuri get flustered at lesser things (such as being asked to be Victor’s lover), If it was their first kiss, he would be more shocked, and for a longer time, than he was. The boy didn’t even blush, goddamnit.

Edit: In case you needed more proof, I just want to add that when Yuuri said “no” when Victor asked if he should kiss him, he didn’t just say no. The Japanese word he used is “chigau” (違う). This isn’t an outright “no” of rejection or anything because the word means  “that’s different” or “that’s not right”. That could be interpreted as “this is different right now, and what you’re doing isn’t what I want you to do right now”. Yuuri isn’t surprised or disgusted, and hasn’t refused the kiss itself; rather, he just doesn’t want it at this time. It’s his way of telling Victor that he is missing the point (and then he goes on to explain what the point is, as shown in the screencaps above).

Another Edit: Here’s some proof from Episode 6 I found to further strengthen this theory.


Parallels: shocked blue boys in episode 1 and episode 94

They’re the same pose and very similar expression, but Yami’s leaning towards surprise, the colours warmer and darker with royal purple undertones, and a black background, while Kaiba is leaning towards horror, and the colours are cooler and brighter with icy undertones and a futuristic light effect in the background. 

And that really tells you everything about these two: long connection, similar attitudes; Yami’s warmer, darker, royalty, and is surrounded by death and darkness; Kaiba’s colder but more flamboyant, doesn’t deal well with a lack of control, surrounds himself with cold light and gleaming futurism.

So, while Kim’s scene with Paige put me through the wringer, her scene with Jimmy’s the one that really broke my heart. Let’s unpack it and compound the suffering!

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But you know what breaks my heart about YOI Ep 8

I feel like we’re already getting a gilmpse into Viktor’s character here, as I explain below.

Yuuri and Victor stand here together, watching JJ perform

Then the announcers say JJ is going to do a quadruple lutz, and there’s something special about this one:

And this is towards the end of the program. 

Then when the program ends, Yuuri turns, expecting to see Victor, and 

Viktor isn’t there.

In a span of maybe about 30 seconds, he has vanished. 


Maybe, just maybe, Viktor is having an emotional/ vulnerable/ painful moment because of how the reporters made that comparison, threw his name in it so casually, made him seem like another data point that JJ could beat.

Maybe, for the first time in a while, Viktor was made to feel so small and insignificant.