App and Video update

This is just a quick application building update. I’ve now decided to just create in the Adobe Photoshop because I believe I won’t have enough time to transfer the material over to Adobe Flash and Photoshop is much more user friendly than Adobe Flash. I have created the opening news page:


As you know, I’ve taken inspiration from The Huffington Post apps, but also Sky News and Odeon Cinema app for their buttons. This is much more user friendly outlook for a news-filled app. The application will open with a Screen 22 logo, which will lead straight onto this page. 

The logo at the left hand screen is a button to the user’s profile page for the application that will hold their social network information (links to Facebook and Twitter for sharing articles) and credit card information (for purchasing cinema tickets). That button will be on every page, so the user will have constant access to it.  

The video has been edited, it’s a 4 minute discussion with the Screen 22 team taking a irreverent look at the weekly movie news. That was shot on Panasonic AG-HVX200 at 720p/50. The footage was edited on Final Cut Pro 6. The audio needs to be cleaned up but it’s almost finished.