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What's your wine of choice? 😊

haha I have to admit I know nothing about wine, I’ll just buy whatever is on sale

I can’t stand red wine, but I like white and beyond that…honestly it’s all much the same to me? Occasionally I’ll have some that’s slightly icky or some that’s really nice but not often enough that I could actually tell you my tastes :P

also, on a related note, I absolutely loathe champagne

Here are the Sun/Moon game options, you can’t turn off the menu help but you can turn off some other things:

Battle Style: if you change this to “set” the game will not ask you if you want to switch Pokémon during a battle

Button Mode: you can switch this to L=A so the L button will function as the A button. Handy if you want to play one-handed

Party/Box: if set to “automatic”, the game will not ask you if you want to put the Pokémon you just caught into your party or box, it will just put it automatically into a box


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”


“Chemistry is an incalculable thing. You find two people that you really like and respond to, that fit the spirit of the people who are going to be on-screen, and you place them together and hope for the best.”

“These two people have to connect. That’s where I lean very heavily on these two actors. There’s a scene where Mildred has been released from jail. She goes home. Richard’s not there. He sneaks out that night and sneaks into her room. It’s all done in one shot.”

“I remember sitting behind the camera watching this and thinking, ‘There’s no flinching. There is no hint of hesitation in their skin or eyes. They are face to face, cheek to cheek. Lips to lips, in this very delicate, intimate scene.’ That’s the definition of chemistry. I can’t take any credit for that other than I just set the table.”

–  “Loving” writer/director Jeff Nichols on the beautiful chemistry created on-screen by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga as Richard and Mildred Loving


“In the archive footage of this couple, there is this energy between them that is so beautiful and so alive. Joel and I wanted to re-create that out of a respect for the pair, but also because it looked like fun because they actually giggle, and just look like [they have] such a really lovely relationship.”

–  Ruth Negga on how she and Joel Edgerton strove to portray Mildred and Richard Loving in “Loving”