Ok, I have seen the marvelous colour changing dress on mobile and on my desktop and on multiple people’s blogs, so that rules out colour context. It was the first thing I saw on Tumblr when I peeked at the computer tonight, and I’m still seeing it now I’ve been looking at the screen for a couple of hours, so that rules out eyestrain.

And it’s still very clearly a poorly lit white dress with gold/mustard/yellowy brown trimming.

You lot are bonkers and I strongly suspect that anyone saying it’s blue & black is just trolling.

I could see the white being seen as pale blue due to the lighting, but black? Nope.

Despite how much people complain about the time Gravity Falls tried to have a lesbian couple on screen and got censored

It’s amazing

how much

Disney has actually allowed them to air

Like do you see

Other cartoon shows

With this much subtext?

And this show airs in China and Russia

Where there are laws against openly gay media.

Nice work, Gravity Falls.

ps. note half of this is Blubs/Durland, the ship is real!

"Love is real and it’s in your face!"


Juliette Lewis was delighted when she learned that she had to kiss Robert De Niro in thriller Cape Fear, but her teenage crush turned into an obsession shortly before their intimate scene.

The then 18-year-old Lewis admits the kissing scene was so special because De Niro was so professional and caring.

She recalls, “I was like, ‘Should I use mouthwash? No, because then he’d know that I care.’ I wanted to be, ‘Oh, it’s cool, he’s going to kiss me, whatever. Hadn’t even thought about it.’ But I was a wreck.

"I walked on the set and I smelled this minty fresh aroma coming from Mr De Niro and it dawned on me that that’s professionalism. It was a lovely experience. Whenever I get down I can always say to myself, ‘I’ve kissed De Niro.’"