i kinda see this going three ways and i wanna write it down so i have documentation if i’m right

1) that scene is their last scene ever and it’s barely, if at all, mentioned again (gag)

2) they actually do continue the story in the final two episodes, rehashing old shit only for ian to go back home but he promises mickey he won’t rat him out to the cops and lets him be a fugitive (gag)

3) they continue the story line in the final two episodes, they rehash old shit, and continue on being a fugitive couple off screen for the remainder of the show only to be brought back for the series finale (gagaggagagagagagagagag)

none of these are good but it’s the only way i see it happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”


Juliette Lewis was delighted when she learned that she had to kiss Robert De Niro in thriller Cape Fear, but her teenage crush turned into an obsession shortly before their intimate scene.

The then 18-year-old Lewis admits the kissing scene was so special because De Niro was so professional and caring.

She recalls, “I was like, ‘Should I use mouthwash? No, because then he’d know that I care.’ I wanted to be, 'Oh, it’s cool, he’s going to kiss me, whatever. Hadn’t even thought about it.’ But I was a wreck.

"I walked on the set and I smelled this minty fresh aroma coming from Mr De Niro and it dawned on me that that’s professionalism. It was a lovely experience. Whenever I get down I can always say to myself, 'I’ve kissed De Niro.’”


“.. If you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.”

Tsukishima Kei ,for my birthday girl Nad ♡


doctor who + magpie electricals [the idiot’s lantern] references