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I just saw your Fitzsimmons movie night Notting Hill drabble. Can I request a continuation where Jemma tells Daisy actually there first kiss was in the lab? Please? Thank you!

A contiunation from this drabble:

“Anna, how long are you planing to stay here in Britain?”

Julia Roberts looked back at the reporter, a smile grew on her glowing face. “Indefinitely,” she replied.

Notting Hill’s ending montage begun to play and Daisy’s gaze switched between Jemma and Fitz (who were still cuddling on the couch; Jemma resting against Fitz’s chest and their legs tangled together) and the joyous couple on screen—surprised to find more than one similarity between the two couples. The couple beside her seemed memorized by the happy ending montage, and Daisy swore she saw secret smiles on their’ faces, as if they were both in on a secret she knew nothing about…

A wedding played out on screen, and Jemma suck deeper into Fitz’s arms.

Huge Grant’s interlaced fingers with a pregnant Julia Roberts’, and Fitz’s fingers involuntary twitched on the side of Jemma’s stomach.

Daisy could hardly contain herself while she waited for the movie credits to roll. Once they did, she shot up from her casual (but sneaky) position that gave her perfect viewing of both her friends and the movie screen. She pointed out from the common area. “Ok. Get out Fitz!”

Slowly, Jemma moved out of Fitz’s arms. Once again, their quizzical looks mirrored each other’s. “Daisy? What—”

“You can’t kick me out!” Fitz sat up and protested. “This is a shared space.”  

“Hm-ho,” Daisy retorted and wiggled her pointed index finger. “Do I look like I care? Get out,” she repeated. “I need to talk to Jemma. Girl talk time.”

Fitz begrudgingly dragged his legs down from the couch to the floor. “Jemma doesn’t girl talk…What even is girl talk? Have you two ever had girl talk?” He looked between the two women for answers, receiving none.

“Ah, Fitz…” Daisy gloated. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

His brow furrow at the comment and then smoothed. “Alright. Whatever. But just so you know,” he pushed himself up from the couch. “She’s gonna tell me everything you say anyway.”

“OoOo,” Daisy’s eyes twinkled at him. “I’d planned on it.”

Fitz’s brow pitched again before turning back to give Jemma a quick kiss. A tiny squeal came from Daisy as she watched their kiss, causing Fitz’s to blush and be unable to turn back at her before leaving.

Jemma, in turn, starred at Daisy in utter confusion. “What the hell was that about?”

“Shhh!” Daisy waved at her, watching Fitz walk down the hall through the window. “Not yet.”

“Daisy.” She insisted. “Come on…”

When Daisy finally did redirect her attention to Jemma, she bounced crossed-legged on the couch, a knowing smile brightening her face.

“Are you pregnant?!?”

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delete this caption. tag someone that love. save this. send it to someone you love. don’t be afraid. to share hope is to be brave.

I was thinking about you when I wrote this. you are loved.

Hiddleswift, Antis and Kaylors.

I have just attempted to go through the hiddleswift tag. For some reason that defies logic. Only to be inundated with antis, stunters and Kaylors.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I wonder at the cause for such blogs though. To be so caustic and vitriol. To assume the worst in all things. Life is far too short and too difficult for such things.

As a nurse of eight years, I have some suggestions on what you can become passionate about instead of attempting to disillusion others and forcibly out people.

1) Fight to end Alzheimer’s. A memory that will always stay with me was having a patient come up to me unable to remember her words and crying because she knew that her disease process was escalating and she was helpless to stop it.

2) Donate to cancer research and encourage education and screenings. Picture it. A couple married 51 years. The woman dying of cancer. The man in order to remain functional, and as a displacement activity, did their yard work that day. When he came to her deathbed, he told me had lost his wedding ring that day and tore through four bags of mulch to attempt to find it. He and I stood at her bedside and cried.

3) Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. Devastating. You’re body slowly falls apart and your intellect remains. I had a tall, robust, and successful patient diagnosed with Huntington’s in his early 50′s and was completely bedridden within 5 years and rail thin.

4) Donate and help with the Louisiana Floods. People have lost everything.

5) Donate time and money to a locale no kill animal shelter.

Find a good person inside you somewhere and hold onto them.

academla schedule giveaway!

(I tried doing a graphic and failed so we’re just going to go with a good ol text post) I posted this photo of my schedule and then this screenshot of my lock screen, and a couple people asked how I made my schedule and if I could make one for them! My college didn’t give me a schedule like I got in high school, so I just went ahead and put one together in Google Docs.

Anyway, I thought I would do a sort of “giveaway” except everyone who reblogs gets a schedule (until I say otherwise). Having a nice, clean, aesthetically pleasing schedule can be really helpful during school, and this way at least you won’t have to worry about forgetting where you’re supposed to be. Let’s spread the back to school cheer! Rules below the cut.

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