“If you wanna live, never come near my cute little sister ever again”

Give me protective big bro matsus nooowwwwwww

Also, I didn’t know what color to make her hoodie so I made it mint but someone mentioned orange to “complete the rainbow” and now i regret my decision haha


Last among the original new properties was Moana, a Mulan-style musical jaunt from Disney, inspired by a studio trip to the South Pacific. It’s titular character is a Polynesian princess who defies her father’s wishes by setting out on a boat to find a new island for her tribe. Moana teams up with the demigod Maui, a cute pig called Pua and a cranky rooster called Hei Hei to take on a wicked island spirit. 

Lasseter screened a clip showing “the ocean as a character”. A young Moana chased after a shell that was spinning in the surf. The ocean drew back and allowed her to walk into a tunnel of water, revealing fish and a giant turtle. The ocean teased and tickled Moana, changing her hair style with a splash, before sending her back to land on a coconut husk. It was a cute scene, visually remarkable thanks to Disney’s work on animating fluid dynamics, but the prospect of the film as a whole felt a bit wet. 

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I loved the s7 sneak peek mostly because Jay

also I finally found out that I don’t have unlimited layers lol I’m never shading something this complex again

psst here’s a bonus sketch version bc I’m actually rly proud of it


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