screen violence

I know we’d probably never get it, but I’d absolutely love a scene where we see a guy tied to a chair and hear whistling/singing in the background (which would honestly be scary as hell) and then the camera pans over to Joker sharpening a knife and maybe a line of dialogue before the scene cuts. That would be a cool introduction in my opinion.

There’s only implied violence there, but it gives the audience a look at Joker’s brutality without risking the R-rating issue…

Reasons to like Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Max himself is actually mad, as in mentally unwell, and he’s still the most competent man in the film
  • The story hinges around escaped lady-slaves/wives but there is absolutely no on-screen sexual violence. 
  •  Both Max and Furiosa are disabled and they kick arse
  • The true heroes are a gang of biker-ladies who are good with plants
  • The violence is stylised but never trivialised. None of this “it’s an action movie so someone can get shot in the shoulder and not even blink”. If someone gets shot, it hurts. Without spoiling anything, the heroes go through a hell of a lot in this movie. 
  • The villain has a vault with books and a piano because he knows what’s valuable in a post-apocalyptic society
  • Most of the effects are physical: they really did those stunts, they just composited them together. Those crazy vehicles are functional. A thousand people spent months tearing around the desert, throwing themselves off armoured cars for our amusement.
  • There is a guy chained to enormous speakers on a truck whose job within the gang is solely to play sick guitar riffs with a double-necked guitar that is also a flamethrower. (And that rig was a real, functioning sound-system)
  • The music is incredible. There’s a scene where a recently-blinded chap drives full-tilt into a swamp, firing machine guns accompanied by Verdi’s Dies Irae, and it’s perfect
  • Everybody has bits of metal and crap stuck to their faces and nobody gives a shit 
  • The costumes are insane and brilliant, and to be honest I’d wear a lot of them
  • The design for every detail is perfect. There’s loads of weird, crazy, gross background details that are never explained or even acknowledged as unusual

See. This. Movie. Give them your money. Make the film industry make more movies like this.