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so i haven’t seen anything on tumblr about this yet but since it’s kind of a big deal, uh. concordia university in montreal received a bomb threat today from a group called c4 – the conseil des citoyens conservateurs du canada, or, roughly translated, the council of conservative citizens of canada (to be completely honest that’s using an internet translator so please correct me if i’m off). according to the message from the president of concordia, the threat was directed at muslim students.

so a) everyone in downtown montreal please stay safe as the downtown campus is huge, and b) what the fuck.

everyone who thinks canada is some kind of haven against racism or hate crimes or major threats can sit the fuck down. this is just weeks after a white supremacist killed several muslims in quebec city. this is some scary fucked up disgustingly racist shit.


The limits of violence: why Toffee won’t be defeated through force alone.

In this analysis, I’ll talk about the fight against Toffee in “Starcrushed,” compare it to “Storm the Castle” and “Into the Wand,” and discuss the implications of this comparison. This will be the first of two analyses I have planned for the season two finale. The second analysis will discuss the finale’s contrast between Moon and Star and include a breakdown of the narrative structure of both episodes. (The number of analyses may change based on whether or not I notice anything new between now and then.)

Since “Starcrushed” is still fresh in all our minds, let’s first go all the way back to the season one finale, “Storm the Castle.”

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Crime AUs!

please, please, please read the tags on each work! some fics might have disturbing/triggering content! be safe! 

1. Has Me By My Heart by LoadedGunn (29k)

[+] Harry steals hearts, Niall steals everything else, and Louis should probably be less cool about knives being thrown at his head.

2. no pressure, no diamonds by karamelised (42k/chaptered)

[+] Louis is a thief, Harry a grifter. They are thrown together for a huge diamond heist in Paris, where their past soon catches up to them.

3. your mind was twisted (your heart was no different) by styles_allure (26k/chaptered)

[+] the au where Louis is a notorious serial killer, who kills for the money. Harry has just inherited billions, and he is soft and gentle.

(additional warnings: major character death, violence)

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It was so simple.

Kacchan FEAR Izuku Mind. 
It just clicked now. 

Uraraka pointed in the extra that Kacchan acted like he was afraid of Izuku. 

Is because Izuku Mind.

In the chapter one, Kacchan destroyed Izuku dream journal, that seems like a really mean act… but those journals have the strong and weaks points of every hero Izuku nows.

Izuku can point out any weak point of anyone with little to no time (hero killer arc)
When they where childrens, Izuku cared and asked if Kacchan was Okay, Kacchan realised that Izuku knows he can get hurt, maybe that angry face was not only because Izuku question made him angry, MAYBE THAT FALL REALLY HURT HIM AND HE WAS LIKE “NO, LOL, IT DON’T HURT AT ALL (IT HURTS)”

Kacchan is paranoid because he is who Izuku knows the most, he was really upset after their first battle because Izuku only used his power in the end, the whole fight it was IZUKU (without the quirk) and he still managed to survive and connects hits. 

Kacchan don’t like Izuku plans, that’s why he was at 100% in the battle with uraraka, that’s why he punched izuku in the test with all might (THAT is the only moment where Kacchan hurt Izuku without a battle context and on screen, all the violence about kacchan bulling is off screen most of the time) 

Kacchan is like Kirishima, you are strong, I’m strong, we kick ass, a Natural warrior, plans? YEAH, I’M PLANNING IN KICKING YOUR ASS.

And now he is acting more like Izuku because he is starting to accept Izuku slowly, and because his idea of a ultimate hero is… changing. 

Remember Kacchan as a kid? “The number one coolest hero always wins in the end” 

All might is not what he used to be, with the death of the simbol, Kacchan main idea of hero was shaken too, and not only that… Izuku saved him again. 

Saved by Kirishima hand… But Izuku was the one who asked kirishima to call Kacchan, he was the one with the plan.

Kirishima was right, after that, Izuku hand finally rearched Kacchan for first time, but not in a literal sense. 

Kacchan don’t longer fear (that much) Izuku. 


ultimatestormf  asked:

i once saw someone say that kevin was abusive towards gwen,what do you think?

I think I want an honest list of what evidence there is for Kevin (who can be thoughtless but never acts to tear Gwen down and is only a threat to her during one of his ‘episodes’, which he does his level best to avoid and even then goes out of his way to prevent himself from being a threat to her) being abusive. I’ve heard this shit too and I just don’t get it. Even if you were required, by law, under penalty of painful death, to call one of them abusive, why would you go for Kevin rather than the one who scoffed at boundary setting, and has 3 times on screen used major physical violence as a punishment for thoughtless comments and a difference in moral stance? And even then I say she’s throwing up red flags rather than straight calling her abusive.

Personally, I think their relationship isn’t really healthy for several reasons, but Kevin at least actively seeks to avoid being abusive.

An idea for a Summer Vacation OW event

It opens with Uprising footage, recall footage, so many things flashing on the screen of chaos and violence.

Then suddenly it changes to snow for a few seconds and goes to black.


Then, a familiar voice.

“Ah…a moment of silence!”

The black fades into a nice blue. A fruity drink on a nice table comes into view and a well manicured hand takes a hold of it.

It’s Symmetra. Reading a magazine and lounging pool side in a lovely hat and cute one piece, blue, black, grey with other colors for accent swimsuit. Junkrat is in the back ground, about to canonball into the pool. She takes a sip as he jumps in, water splashing onto an invisible shield she set up for herself. She finishes and says, “Perfection.”

And she gets an awesome legendary vacation dress that’s royal blue and empire waist-ed, and it’s flowy and gorgeous, and her other skins are pretty dresses because the queen needs hot looks for the season. She can also get a highlight intro of her pool side and pulling her shades down and raising an eyebrow. (I JUST REALLY LOVE SYMM OKAY?!)

Zarya also gets awesome dresses or a sweet swimsuit to show off her goddess body. And a highlight intro of her with sunflowers~

Widow gets cute clothes, a drink, a line about a good cup of coffee, and a FREAKING BREAK.

I would also love normal clothes Pharah to be a thing, but maybe for like, a highlight intro where she’s hanging out, but does some kind of badass flip into the Raptora. Or heck, a highlight intro of her doing laps in a pool, being a BOSS.

Soldier76 gets a Hawaiian shirt, socks with the Velcro sandals, cargo shorts, a super soaker, and he still wears his visor. Dad76, reporting for pool duty.

Junkrat gets pool trunks, water balloon bombs, and for the funnies, flippers. Or even BETTER. He gets one of those old timey mens onepiece suits, a pool ring (or even a life vest), with swim goggles and a snorkel.

Winston can have cute trunks, floaties, and a line about a nice drink and some time off.

Sombra can get cute stuff too, but mostly lines about how she has no idea what to do with her time off other than more hacking and getting a dessert.

Reaper has no idea how to take a break either, so he can have a line about DEATH NEVER RESTS. cuz y’know…gotta be edgy 24/7. It’s a hard job.

Roadhog can get that skin of that spray from the Olympics event. BECAUSE.

and a pool floatie shaped like the Pachimari~

Hanzo can get some kind of nice outfit or something like an Onsen robe, because DUDE NEEDS TO RELAX.

Orisa can get a cute skin or recolor that’s bright like flowers.

Mei can be like, maybe not somewhere hot or oooh, time for some shaved ice!

Bastion and Zenyatta can have cool recolors too and funny things like, Bastion can look like a Yellow Submarine.

Zeny can have water balloon orbs, but that’s just silly.

Everyone else can get recolors or voice lines and sprays.

Because I’m hella bitter that some of my favs don’t get certain things XD

Thank you for reading, Spence has too much time and imagination on her hands ™.


the quick and the dead (1995) | dir. by sam raimi

this movie is like the comic book version of a western:

  • it has a kickass female lead character out for revenge
  • it has a hot priest looking for redemption for his past sins
  • it has leonardo dicaprio when he was young and cute and charming
  • oh yeah and the priest is played by a bb russell crowe
  • it has gene hackman as an all-time great villain
  • it’s full of tropes and clichés but doesn’t take itself too seriously
  • actually it’s full of zooms and pans and gimmicky comic-y camera stuff
  • not good: there is off-screen sexual violence against a minor char
  • good: the rapist GETS SHOT IN THE BALLS bc of it. by a woman.
  • westworld, if you want to do it, that’s how you do it

seriously, go watch it.

Reasons to like Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Max himself is actually mad, as in mentally unwell, and he’s still the most competent man in the film
  • The story hinges around escaped lady-slaves/wives but there is absolutely no on-screen sexual violence. 
  •  Both Max and Furiosa are disabled and they kick arse
  • The true heroes are a gang of biker-ladies who are good with plants
  • The violence is stylised but never trivialised. None of this “it’s an action movie so someone can get shot in the shoulder and not even blink”. If someone gets shot, it hurts. Without spoiling anything, the heroes go through a hell of a lot in this movie. 
  • The villain has a vault with books and a piano because he knows what’s valuable in a post-apocalyptic society
  • Most of the effects are physical: they really did those stunts, they just composited them together. Those crazy vehicles are functional. A thousand people spent months tearing around the desert, throwing themselves off armoured cars for our amusement.
  • There is a guy chained to enormous speakers on a truck whose job within the gang is solely to play sick guitar riffs with a double-necked guitar that is also a flamethrower. (And that rig was a real, functioning sound-system)
  • The music is incredible. There’s a scene where a recently-blinded chap drives full-tilt into a swamp, firing machine guns accompanied by Verdi’s Dies Irae, and it’s perfect
  • Everybody has bits of metal and crap stuck to their faces and nobody gives a shit 
  • The costumes are insane and brilliant, and to be honest I’d wear a lot of them
  • The design for every detail is perfect. There’s loads of weird, crazy, gross background details that are never explained or even acknowledged as unusual

See. This. Movie. Give them your money. Make the film industry make more movies like this.

Baby We’ll Be Fine (All We Gotta Do Is Be Brave And Kind)

By aloequeera

Chapters: 27/27

Words: 146,000

Language: English

Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Hate to Love, not really - Freeform, the hate is one sided and easily overcome, Angst and Fluff and Smut, AU, Recreational Drug Use, Alcohol, Homophobia, Homophobic Slurs, Blood, descriptions of injuries, Panic Attacks, Happy Ending, off-screen violence, Off-Screen Parental Abuse, Off-screen Physical Abuse

Summary: Louis hates Harry. Harry hates being hated. First aid kits and kittens make it better.

They’re both way too fucked up for any all-encompassing friendship, and when you put them together, it’s fucked up squared.
Louis is too acerbic to not hurt people, and Harry is too passive aggressive to stand up for himself.
Louis is too nosy and controlling, Harry is too secretive and distrustful.
Louis is too brash and loud, Harry is too contained and reserved.
Louis is too openly bitchy, Harry is too convincingly fake.

It’s not surprising Louis spent two years hating the kid.

I read this fic quite a while ago but I remember it being heartbreaking yet so, so beautiful. I would 100% recommend. Its extremely well written and if you’re looking for a dark, angsty fic then go get reading this one now.

If you are writing a lesson plan about the Holocaust and you are considering using The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as an in-class film, don’t. Instead, consider using Louis Malle’s Au Revoir Les Enfants, which, while it also deals with questions of gentile children’s confrontations with the Holocaust, it does so with a basis in the first-hand experience of the writer-director who actually was a Catholic School student in Vichy France who witnessed hidden Jews in his class taken away by the Gestapo. 

One could imagine that Louis Malle crafted the film out of forty years of guilt and regret. And while its portrayal of boyhood in a time of war is occasionally warm and even funny, the sting of its inevitably bitter conclusion is only enhanced for it. 

The film is non-violent enough to be watched by children around the 10-year old range while not pulling its punches. There are no depictions of corpses, death camps or murders. But it is uncompromising in its portrayal of questions about bystanders, collaborators and resistance that The Boy in the Stripe Pyjamas manages to ignore in its insistence on the ignorance of gentile youth and its misdirected and lazy “it could happen to you” scare tactics.  Instead it deals seriously with questions of anti-semitism, willful ignorance, guilt and allowing war to rob one of their human decency. And while it has no real on-screen violence, the movie manages to build genuine terror and suspense while contrasting between the Catholic Headmaster who hid three Jews in his school, and the Pro-Nazi Vichy Collaborationists who showed more zeal in their genocidal anti-semitism than the Wehrmacht soldiers stationed in the town. 

The film was recently rereleased in Europe. Not a moment too soon, in my opinion here. 

anonymous asked:

what if a woman is dominating a man in bdsm?

((TW: rape, kink, BDSM, violence against women))

The majority of BDSM is framed around female submission, even male submission is highly feminised,

“In preparation for her documentary The Price of Pleasure, Chung Sun studied 50 of the 275 most popular pornographic films as noted by best-selling and most-rented list reported by Adult Video News. In the films, men being spanked constituted less than 3% of the total spankings that occurred onscreen. In fact,

“most of the targets of physical aggression were women, who usually responded with expressions of pleasure (encouragement, sexual moans, etc) or with no change at all in facial expression or interruption of action.” (quoted from Big Porn, Inc, page 172-173)

So we know that male recipients of aggression constituted less than 3% of the on-screen spankings tallied in the study. The fact that the vast majority of recipients of violence on screen in the most rented videos tells us something about BDSM. It tells us that BDSM is an instrument of violence, and the target of that violence is women.”

“In the context of life as a man in the dominator class, a small percentage of men may wish to “try on” what they perceive to be a feminized role during sexual interactions. They may find themselves turned on by imagining what it might be like to be sexually terrorized. They may get a boner from temporarily adopting the submissive—aka feminine—role. These submissive roles are often explicitly feminized, and submissive men are often referenced as “sissies”– a word used to humiliate men by implying that they bear some resemblance to their much-despised counterpart: woman.

But radical feminists know that “trying on” a submissive role is the action of a supremely privileged individual, who, as a part of his Sunday-Funday-f’k-fest, wants to “spice it up” by having his nipples tweaked. But he can always put away his ball gag and join the world of men and masculinity. We women, however, cannot escape the day-to-day sexual terrorism that he vacations in, because it is our lives.

The existence of male submissives in BDSM practice does nothing to excuse, nullify, or disprove the fact that BDSM is violence against women. We know that liberated sexuality does not follow the patriarchal model of dominance and submission, and that BDSM is the normalization of domestic violence. - (bolding mine)

Great, the man gets a break from dominating and the women is…fulfilling male fantasy! Totally brilliant. 

Male submissives generally make up the minority. BUT! Even so! What they are doing is not healthy or good for them! Any sexual relationship entirely based on power dynamics leads to exploitation and pain. BDSM is harmful to everyone involved and should not be normalised. Being aroused by another’s pain is not ok! Submission is not an innate thing, it is something a person learns and often in BDSM is groomed into; I feel sickened by people online calling themselves “naturally submissive”.  

TLDR: I would urge any person, female/male/other to get out of BDSM relationships as soon as possible and to know that my ask box is always open for support and encouragement.