I’ve seen this gif a million times, and I just figured out the context

He’s rolling his eyes because the casting director asked him about Tallulah Bankhead, an actress with whom he had just done a play. Throughout the play’s run, Ms. Bankhead aggressively and repeatedly tried to get Brando to sleep with her, even though he found her repulsive. In a letter to his parents, he wrote “Next time she swims in the ocean, I hope whales shit on her.”

(Source: I just read his memoir)


Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday test took place at Pinewood Studio in London, September 18, 1951, under Thorold Dickinson’s direction. “We did some scenes out of the script,” he said, but “Paramount also wanted to see what Audrey was actually like —not acting a part, so I did an interview with her. We loaded a thousand feet of film into a camera and every foot of it went on this conversation. She talked about her experiences in the war, the Allied raid on Arnhem, and hiding out in a cellar. A deeply moving thing.”  — From Audrey Hepburn by Barry Paris