screen romance

for all the posts i make about The Straights™ please remember that on-screen romances for people of color, particularly for women, are severely lacking and underrepresented. people of color deserve to have just as many epic love stories told, deserve to have stories that confirm how worthy they are of being admired and loved and swept away too, whether it’s between two straight ppl or not

For your phone, Solas will always be close. He wants you to stay close. 

Also its like he holding my finger. I love it!! 

Anyways I really like doing these close up of Solas. I hope more will come.

  • people at school: you know your music is loud and your listening to ugly people screaming right? *shoots disgust look at me*
  • Friends 1&2: oh no *looking back and forth*
  • *10 years later*
  • Me to my children: and that's how your mother got suspended from school