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new hand screenprinted stickers now in my new etsy shop:


I just recently got these new t-shirts listed in my Etsy shop. My new styles include: my Nirvana print on a grey running jersey, Dr. Know t-shirts and the cat from Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Only God Can Judge Me” album cover. These are my last runs with both the yellow and gun metal metallic inks and I’m very pleased with how these prints came out.

Started a record label with my good friend, my band is putting out our first tape and we got some good shows coming up, and I start my new job at a screen printing shop. Everything seems to be lookin up somewhat. stay punk.

Today is the day! Just in time for the holidays Gold Tooth is open for business!

Our company offers one of a kind, exclusive pieces; all hand printed and designed by owners Felix Morales and Levi Fisher; with flat rate international shipping on everything in the store! 

Our launch line up consists of three T-shirt designs and three patch designs, all of which have been hand distressed to make sure each item sent out is one of a kind! 

Check out our store for items inspired by the weird, macabre, and odd!


June 17, 2017


by K2S

Formed in the mid-80s, graffiti great Defer told Neighborhood Love that K2S (Kill 2 Succeed), one of LA’s first established crews and a descendant of the LA Bomb Squad, was “well versed in the traditional gang graffiti styles” and has been instrumental in giving LA graffiti its distinctive look and style. On Enterprise St. in the shadow of Interstate 10 in downtown LA, “Seeds of Redemption” was painted for the back wall of Homeboy Industries’ screen printing shop. This absolutely brilliant K2S production brought together the likes of Heaven, Cale, Quik, Luke, ayver117, and graffiti legend Prime. @heaven_k2s @primek2s @cale.k2s @ayver117 @quik_k2s_nvc @deferk2s-blog  @homeboyindustries-blog  @official_neighborhood_love


support small business this holiday season!

lowwbones is a one-woman-show, screen printing original designs on shirts and patches by hand.
at the helm is me, rhys, owner/operator/designer/printer/troubleshooter/hustler/head-witch-in-charge.  printmaking keeps me buff and happy.

strange girls never die patches and shirts (and a bunch of other designs) are available in my etsy shop:

<3<3<3 strange girls forever and ever and ever <3<3<3

anonymous asked:

hi sorry, how does one start selling shirts with their art printed? i would like to, but i have no idea how and how much money i'll need to start ?

there are a couple ways to start - if you have the resources, you can screen print your own shirts, that’s probably the cheapest way and good if you’re only making a few. you can also look for screen printing shops in your area to print them for you. there are some online manufacturers that you can explore that screen print, sublimation print, or do other kinds of printing, so just research and see what you’d like!

i started printing a very small amount at the beginning, sold it on my online shop and at a convention. i made a profit, so i slowly made a few more shirts in each run, etc. if you want to go for it, then i say put the time in and do it! it’s a lot of fun, and if nothing else a really cool life experience ~



Screen printed RAMEN KITTY and BUNNY CLAW MACHINE shirts are available now in my Etsy shop.

Crew neck, 80% cotton, 20% polyester.Please check the measurements before purchase, the unisex size runs a lose fit.

Sizes : S - 36’ / M - 40’ / L - 44’

Small (½ chest: 52cm, body length: 69cm, sleeve length:67cm)
Medium: (½ chest:56 , body length: 72cm, sleeve length:68.5cm)
Large: (½ chest: 60cm, body length: 75cm, sleeve length:70cm)


anonymous asked:

hope you don't mind the ask, I love the quality of your shirts- where are they printed?

i get my sublimation shirts printed at artscow right now, which is an online manufacturer. their shirts are quite nice and lightweight cause they’re 90% cotton and 10% spandex! however, ordering through them can be quite a pain because their stuff is really expensive ~ i usually have to wait until they have a big sale to order. also it takes about a month for them to be printed and sent to you, so it takes forever v__v i’m thinking about finding my own manufacturer for future prints!

as for screen printed shirts, i get them made at a local screen print shop in my city. they end up being quite a bit cheaper than sublimation prints and it takes much less time for me to get them. i can only print on specific parts of the shirt tho, so there’s limits to both!!!

Alex G on writing music for yourself and loving the process

There’s an undeniable charm that comes from seeing an angsty college band play a show in the soggy, rundown quarters of a musty basement. Moldy walls hug the pseudo-tortured souls inside as cigarette smoke slips in from under the door frame.

When I finally arrived at Area 15 in Charlotte, the building seemed like less of a venue and more of an abandoned screen printing shop. In fact, the street level is a small business incubator housing miscellaneous companies from real estate agents to fitness consultants. The actual show is in the basement of course, down the stairs past some abandoned rooms filled with discarded furniture. But that’s what you would expect of an Alex G and Elvis Depressedly tour.

I identify Alex Giannascoli quickly by his iconic shoulder-length black hair and slouched shoulders. He is sitting in the back of the venue, behind some merch strewn out on a lawn table. Although he is next to his bandmate Sam Accione and chatting occasionally with fans who approach him, the 21-year-old songwriter seems distant from everyone in the room.

I’m nervous initially when I introduce myself to Giannascoli, but his warm, inviting smile quickly puts me at ease in the first few seconds and we fall into a comfortable conversation. I can see soon that he’s just a normal college kid, slightly surprised by his own success, but mostly just taking life as it comes to him.

Giannascoli began uploading his songs online under the name Alex G when he was 17. His raw, emotional lyrics eventually caught the attention of Mathew Lee Cothran – frontman of the band Elvis Depressedly occasionally recording under solo project Coma Cinema. Cothran already had an established internet presence at the time and was signed to indie label Orchid Tapes, so getting the word out about an incredibly talented new artist was in his field. Giannascoli credits Cothran with his renown.

“Mat definitely helped me the most, you know Mat,” he motions to another room where I assume Cothran is waiting. I nod and his eyes brighten as he talks to me about his mentor. “He posted about me on his band’s website and that got me a lot of recognition.”

Mathew Lee Cothran

Over the next few years, Giannascoli released music on his bandcamp at a steady rate, gaining increasing recognition for his work as more people were exposed to it. DSU, his first full 12” vinyl was released this summer through Orchid Tapes and made reviews on Pitchfork, CMJ, and The Rolling Stone.

I ask Giannascoli if he’s ever felt like giving up on music, but he’s confused with the question. I rephrase it asking him if he’s ever lost faith in his ability to produce something good. He immediately rejects the idea.

“I never let myself think of it as a career,” states the song-writer. “I make music for me because I really enjoy it. I would just record songs every time I felt like I needed to personally. I never had any intention other than making noise I like, in order to avoid disappointment.” He thinks about it for another moment. “It’s kind of like having a girlfriend or boyfriend. If you love them, you don’t want to think about marrying them because if it didn’t work out, you would be so disappointed.”

Giannascoli first started playing guitar when he was 15 in a band with his friends called Skin Cells. I ask him about the first show they played in his high school’s library, put on by its own radio station The Screaming Females.

“We were pretty bad, but it was our first show,” recalls Giannascoli. He looks over at Accione who was in Skin Cells with him to trigger his memory. “I remember I couldn’t get my guitar in tune. I had just learned guitar and I switched with one of my friends right before we played. But it went alright I guess, for a first show.”

Sam Accione

Giannascoli’s success with his last album keeps faith in the DIY, bedroom recording music scene. Just as he looked up to Cothran, many emerging song-writers look up to him now. I ask Giannascoli if he has advice for young artists.

“Make some good music, send it to a lot of blogs, play a lot of shows.” He considers it more. “You have to do it because you love the process, if you do it for any other reasons, you’ll get discouraged.”

Giannascoli performs a short set later mainly playing songs off DSU. The small crowd screams the lyrics to Animal along with Giannascoli. He ends his set with Message, the final songoff of his album Rules, closing with the somber lyrics But I’m just stuck here by your window / Oh look how you have changed.

Giannascoli said if he DJ’d for his college radio, his DJ name would be “Spicy Boy” and he would play Jessica Lea Mayfield, Lucinda Williams, The Knife, and Aphex Twin on his first show.

All of his music can be downloaded off


I walk through the insanity of this beautiful world that surrounds me and I fall madly in love with it, as if I have just arrived in a foreign place I’ve never travelled to. I’m in awe of its grandeur and the wondrous complexity it exudes, yet I’m still slightly terrified that I don’t know which direction I am headed. Other times I don’t even understand why I wake up in the morning or have a clue as to what the fuck I’m actually doing out here.

I started writing this the day I left the gloriously filth filled streets of London Town to journey back towards the fatherland so that I can finish a tour that started back on October 1st. Sitting now in the warmth of my living room next to trembling flames in the fireplace I’m overjoyed at the experiences I have gathered throughout the fall of 2014, but I am certainly glad to be home. Three months isn’t a very long time to be on tour but when you’re on the home stretch it feels like a century. Three minutes ago it seems I was sitting in a hotel near a venue in Warsaw Poland for the start of the European leg. Three minutes/three months/three years. What’s the difference really? A nap and a coffee. Tomorrow I’ll be in someplace dark, someplace cold and it’s a good thing I brought my long johns.

2014 has been an incredible year. Revelator book two came out, the Neuromancer before that, I made an acoustic album to drop at Christmas and spent most of our days on the road being treated really well by the lads in Combichrist. What a lovely bunch they are. Sincere, talented, hilarious and…. sometimes drunk. But very rarely, that I can assure you. They have dragged us all over the United States and Europe to play in front of their audience, most of whom were quite open minded and didn’t object to watching a band that wasn’t an industrial/neon art project screaming in their faces, playing garbage cans, and wearing black tactical gear with LED lights.

As a free and independent artist, could I ask for anything more? Music, travel, adventure, and the roar of an audience? It doesn’t get much better. I have you all to thank for that. In all sincerity I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t buy my music, merchandise or come to the shows wearing vinyl boots and garter belts. I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t request to see me at your local venue or festival, I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t show up screaming the lyrics in my fucking face.

I feel lucky that I have been given the chance to breathe oxygen from the atmosphere and share these experiences with other bright human beings, forming lasting relationships that will go on until the end of time. To Andy, Joe, Z-mar, Eric13, Brent, Elliot, Chris, Steve, Howie, maxi, fischi, Jessica, Jan, Benny, Ian and Kenneth Fletcher…. Thank you for making my time out here mean something special and for showing me that there are people in this world that I can count on.

Now let’s get down to business. 

2015 is going to be a very busy year. 

First I’d like to announce that I am opening my own screen printing shop. I know it’s frustrating waiting so long for the t-shirts and booty shorts you order to arrive. I’m going to try and streamline this process. Order-Print-Ship. I’ve rented a warehouse and will be spending the first part of January setting it all up. Thanks again for your patience. 

Second… I am going to be playing a few acoustic shows at the end of January/Beginning of February down the west coast. More details on that soon.

Third… We are going to head out on “The Punishment Tour US” in April. Dates, tickets, support bands will be announced very soon. This will probably be my last tour for a while as William Control. I have already begun working on the next Aiden record. 

Lastly… Yes you heard that right. There will be an Aiden record and most likely a tour. Aiden has been on hiatus for a while now but it’s time for me to answer your requests. 

Aiden was my life for a long time. We spent years on the road playing shows and releasing records, making friends and creating lasting memories. Towards the end it was clear that punk rock wasn’t going to pay the bills, which is why both Angel and Jake left the band initially. Nick stayed on for a while but after his whole t-shirt printing debacle and inadvertently scamming some of you out of money he’s decided that he couldn’t continue playing bass for Aiden. He states “I didn’t want to play without jake or angel rocking by our side." 

I want you all to know that going forward I have a very reliable merch girl that will get whatever you order, to you, in a reasonable amount of time. If you paid nick some cash and still haven’t received anything, please contact him. Either his twitter or his instagram is the best method, as he does not have a phone to call. I’m sorry that he did this but it in no way reflects on the business of Aiden moving forward. 

So the question begs an answer. As the only original member, would you still like to see Aiden come to your town and play these songs you love so much? I have a lot of love for this little punk band that gave me so many incredible experiences and would be honored to come play these songs for you one last time. It’s something to think about over the next few months. We can address that question again soon. 

For now I need to go sign this lease and get it notarized. There are submit shorts to produce and packages to ship out. 

2015 here we come.

All my love
William Control

In September  of  2013, Lyons , Colorado, the small town in which I live, was devastated by a flood. My house was untouched by water, many others in my neighborhood were not as fortunate, some lost everything. The bulk of the infrastructure in Lyons was wiped out, and the town had no sewer, water, gas or electric for two months. So most people left, stayed where else they could for those two months.

I make my living by screen-printing. My shop (which I run with my wife; it is our only source of income) is also in Lyons, so we were put in a bit of a fix. There was no reason for us to relocate after the flood, everything we had was here in town, ie, no jobs elsewhere to report to freshly showered, and no kids to get off to school. We had to figure out how we were going to get by.

Our living situation was the easy part, we have more than enough camping gear that we were fine at our house. Work was another story, we were going to have to figure out a way to clear out the jobs we had booked, or we would lose them, and the money that we had sitting on the shop floor in the form of unprinted raw goods would go a long way;  really it would get us out of this jam. It was somewhat of a given that we wouldn’t be booking any new work for a while.

So once we were able to travel freely in and out of Lyons (Lyons is in a valley that was temporarily isolated by the flood, and then for a while longer, was evacuated by the man, so if you left, you couldn’t get back in), we bought a generator powerful enough to run a makeshift drying system. Water was the trickier part, we need a wash tank to make and reclaim screens. So we bought the water tote pictured above and placed in on a stack of pallets and that was enough to (barely) gravity feed our power washer. It was enough that we were able to get our work done, put the money in the bank, and come out the other side of this whole mess. It was a shitty year, but so many people who I consider friends had it much worse.

This blog is mostly about my cars and the adventures we have in them. Finding this pic, which I took after I bought the water tote and mounted it on my roof for transport, made me think of another aspect of the cars we own. They go through experiences with us like a loyal dog. So even though the best memories I have of my car  will probably involve fishing or romping around in the desert, there will always be these other memories, the hard times, as well as the random shit we went through.