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maryfoxfirebird  asked:

I'm looking to make the Supergirl outfit from the CW show. Any suggestions on where to find the best textured or textured like fabric? Thanks in advance :)

The fabric: “It’s called Eurojersey: It has a four-way-stretch quality, which is good for action. The S is “grown” on the fabric with an ink that’s layered on to give it dimension.”

Grabbed that quote from an interview with Colleen Atwood, the costume designer. Eurojersey is produced by Sensitive Fabrics and you can see where these fabrics are sold on their website.  

However, when looking at the site I don’t see any of their sample fabrics with the right texture:

If I were to guess, it looks like a pattern that has been printed on the fabric with a raised ink. This could be achieved at home by screen printing onto your fabric. Alternatively it could be a pattern that was added with dye sub printing and isn’t raised at all. You could probably re-create this pattern with Photoshop or another image program and get it printed through a fabric printing service. In place of the Eurojersey, you can use a four-way stetch spandex/lycra or a spandex jersey fabric. 

And in some cases, like the image below, it looks like it could be a nylon mesh over top of a base fabric. It could be an alternative way to tackle the texture:

Hope this helps!
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Recently I have been experimenting with the freestyle machine embroidery technique on the Willow pattern and Spode design. I have used blue thread on white fabric to echo my blue and white theme. I am really happy with the outcomes as I have tried to include as much detail as possible and left the threads trailing to show the surface qualities of using textiles.

I could develop this further as textiles by emphasising the blue and white quality and using an appliqué or screen printing onto the fabric. Another way in which I can evolve this technique is to turn them into ceramic transfers. This could create an interesting textile and ceramic combination. 


Printmaker, Designer & Artist:

Beata Wielgos-Dunikowska

“Extract Printing I Black Textile”


“Extract Printing method of applying a design to dyed fabric by printing a colour-destroying agent, such as chlorine or hydrosulfite, to bleach out a white or light pattern on the darker coloured ground.”


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: for the DIY lover | 12.11.15

featured: horned owl embroidery kit by kirikipress

in this fun crafting kit, your gift recipient will get a screen-printed owl that they get to sew, stuff, and embroider. kirikipress has all kinds of animals and objects to choose from, but i’m partial to this pretty woodsy owl. also … the raccoon!!

Look at these screen wipes!! O_O my wonderful agents at Pickled Ink illustration agency got my botanical design printed onto fabric! now i can clean my computer screen with my own illustration, ha! slightly narcissistic but coooool non the less ;)



Tristram Mason’s Layering, Texturing and Repeating

Tristram Mason is a Finnish/British illustrator currently based in London, specialised in digital and hand made collages. He mixes different techniques and subjects ranging from abstract themes and patterns to figurative compositions with a vintage flair.

Tristram about his work:

Aesthetically, my work is often the outcome from photocopy experimentation which I develop by screen printing on fabric or textured paper and/or sewing over with thread. I love playing within repetition and layering imagery to the point of distortion.

imperfect prints May Give Away 

Prints, that originated from my drawings and screen printed by me. They all are somewhat imperfect due to patchy screen print paint or insufficient padding to the edge of the fabric, so i wouldn’t want to sell them on etsy (in case anyone might be niggling), but actually they still are perfectly alright and it wouldn’t make any sense throwing them away. So here is to all my animal rights companions :3
Besides my patches and the t-shirt, there is a copy of the Vegan Comp! CD, released by Gox Records.

Important: Give away ends on Sunday the 24th May 2015. Like and/or reblog if you want to participate. This Give away isn’t about promotion of my tumblr, so following me isn’t a necessity - because what is the point of getting people to follow you, when what you post/share on a regular basis doesn’t appeal to them?!
On the 24th, i’m going to randomly pick someone who shall receive these items. Please note, that you will need a open ask-/message-box for me to contact you for this purpose.
Please only participate if you really have use for the prints and not merely, because you are collecting give-away items. Multiple re-blogs don’t count. If you re-blog multiple times, you obviously don’t give a shit about the intention of this give away and you are disqualified.
If your tumblr is a space for racism, sexism or speciesism, you are disqualified.

And last but not least, if my patches appeal to you and you wanted to support me beyond this give-away. You can always check out my etsy:


how to make a screen print at home :

1. draw something you really like!

2. stretch an embroidery hoop with screen printing fabric

3. lay the screen on top of the sketch and carefully trace the sketch onto the screen with a pencil

4. use waterproof glue like mod podge to fill in all the areas that you do NOT want ink to go thru, also be sure to glue around the edge of the hoop to keep all the edges clean when you print and to help keep the screen in place

5. get some appropriate ink for the surface you are printing on and print it! HINT: you can use an expired credit card for a squeegee or an old electronic hotel room key works great too

PS don’t let your cat help no matter how much they want to


After months of long days and late nights, the clothing label my wife and I have been working on is almost ready to launch!

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