There’s Hand-Printed Witchcraft and Dark Wonderment at Poison Apple Printshop

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Anyone can find creative inspiration from witchcraft according to artist Adrienne Rozzi (@poisonappleprintshop). “Every magickal practitioner is free to tailor their craft to fit their unique magickal path,” she says, adding that working “magick” in a spell or ritual is different than slight-of-hand tricks and stage magic. To help others in their discovery of “dark wonderment,” the 28-year-old opened a one-woman print shop in Pennsylvania, where she conjures up original artwork of serpents, crucibles and tarot suits. “Being part of a creative community is a true gift,” says Adrienne, whose connection with like-minded artists motivates her long hours in the studio. “Every once in a while I will run into someone I don’t know who is wearing one of my patches. In the end, I usually introduce myself and make a new friend.”


friends, pals, i designed a shirt!! 

you can get this baby in two colors (my two favorite colors surprise surprise), they’re made with a discharge screen-printing process so the design won’t crack over time, and shipping within the U.S. is free!

you can preorder it HERE, or pick one up at SPX in September at the Out Of Step Arts table, where I’ll be! 

Ramen friends vs Squiddie pirates 


Here’s a quick faq: 

  1. This design and ‘my littie universe’ designs are only on pre-orders at the moment. They will be released next week. 
  2. Gift set is for pre-orders only. 
  3. I make one batch of every design, and don’t restock once they sell out. 
  4. I might bring some designs back for special occasions but it’s not yet planned. 
  5. The kitty ramen patch is a part of this design. It will not be sold alone. 

Thanks you guys for your liking and support! Let me know if you have other questions:)

shop HERE


Launching today!

So IAM8BIT and Insomniac Games approached me to create a poster to celebrate the Ratchet & Clank series of games. I’d played the first two games so I was pretty stoked but I had a loooooot of catching up to do.

There’s such a great roster of characters and locations and enemies that I couldn’t settle on just one so this was the solution!

The poster launches today at 10am PST at the IAM8BIT STORE.

Happy Thursday!

EDIT: the second poster shooooould be animating to show the glow ink but if it’s not displaying, I apologize.


This was the final screen-print for the screen-printing tutorial. It was supposed to look more devil-like for Halloween, but it ended up-.. turning less like that (if you get what I mean). Although, I must say that I did enjoy the process of creating them, the actual screen-printing was brilliant fun, it’s clear to see that I’ll be going back to that department.

I did accumulate some ‘duds’ though, but I quickly figured out how to prevent that and get on with more prints. So here you go! Devil with a fiddle!