screen printing


Get bent. Show this video to your most anal screen printing instructors. Super tight printing like you didn’t know was possible


After a lot of blood, sweat, caffeine, and tears, my senior art show piece is complete (FINALLY). I had a critique last night with my school’s art faculty and I was overwhelmed by the positive responses they gave. They even asked for me to put all six of these pieces in a gallery invitational and I died ;A;

Here’s a preview shot of some of the bun pieces–I’ll post the final product when my show takes place!!


Two screenprinted posters I made about two of my favorite albums/title tracks by my absolute favorite band, The Mountain Goats. It was cool to consider the imagery that occurs to me when I listen to this wildly evocatve music, but I’m sure that different imagery occurs to other folks.

Window facing
An ill-kept front yard
Plums on the tree
Heavy with nectar

Transfiguration’s going to come for me at last
And I will burn hotter than the sun


Words cannot describe how happy I was today receiving my shirt form the absolutely lovely @sundayschoolkid , I recorded my estactic breakdown on snapchat. From the cute art from the bag and the surprise pin and sticker I found with my relateable, yet amazing shirt. This was so personal and thoughtful it made me immensely happy !! Thank you Grace , you’re a real sweetheart !!