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etsyfindoftheday | 2.25.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: kids’ tee and onesie styles by thebeeandthefox

thebeeandthefox is going to be my go-to for adorable baby and mama gear if i ever decide to have a little nugget of my own — the simple font screen prints are slightly retro and 100% rad. these pieces are just $25, too.



Inspired by his love of the outdoors, artist and Head Screen Printer Jonny Alexander’s work incorporates Nature, landscapes, and its objects/processes, creating large open landscapes to cross sectional terrestrial islands sometimes floating in space, surrounded by oceans, or inhabiting surreal terrains.  Devoid of humans and human interactions, his visual narratives do, however, reflect his own “existential quandaries” or spotlight the human consequences to the environment as in a 2016 mural he created with the Pangeaseed: SeaWalls Murals in New Zealand.  We’re super excited to chat with Jonny about his art school experiences, his love of the outdoors, as well as his work ethic and tenacious attitude, all in this session of Art School. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist

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I just recently got these new t-shirts listed in my Etsy shop. My new styles include: my Nirvana print on a grey running jersey, Dr. Know t-shirts and the cat from Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Only God Can Judge Me” album cover. These are my last runs with both the yellow and gun metal metallic inks and I’m very pleased with how these prints came out.

Does anybody know anything about t-shirt prints?

I’ve always wanted some cool Ghibli t-shirts, but I’ve never been happy with the thousands and thousands of designs that are out there, hehe. So about a year ago I figured I would simply draw my own vector graphic and get my own design printed. So, I got one printed via Shirtinator, and although the result isn’t absolutely awful, it’s definitely not the quality I am after. The design looks dull and just not the quality of t-shirts you would get from retailers.

So does anybody know what method is best for printing designs onto t-shirts? Or do you know of any good websites? Maybe I need to adjust my design/colours for t-shirt prints?

I can’t use screen printing because my design has about 20 colours and also is used for large batches, and I will only be ordering 2 for myself.

That’s what the design looked like on the site, nice and bright and professional looking. But obviously the reality/result wasn’t as such.

[Femslash February]: Flowers

i feel like i’m just going to accept the fact that i’m going to be perpetually a day behind on these things. 

also this took forever to write im off my game today xD

Day 9: Flowers (Alyanette)

Words: 2200

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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One of the first things Alya learned about Marinette was that she doodled flowers when she was bored. 

They started off as small, blossoming roses in the corners of her notebooks that weren’t any larger than the tip of her pinky. If you left her to it for long enough, she’d wrap vines, leaves, ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, birds, clouds, and more flowers all around the margins of her book. Sometimes, she’d sneak her colored felt pens and highlighters to school and add in whorls of colors and outlandish patterns until her entire notebook page was covered with fields and gardens and windowsills dripping in plants. She’d always take a picture of it on her phone – to turn it into an embroidery, or a screen print for a t-shirt, or a design for a book cover – and pout pitifully for Alya to send her copies of her notes. 

It blended seamlessly into the normality that was Marinette – the color pink, pigtails, the smell of bread, pinpricks on fingertips, different nail polish everyday, humming music under her breath, and doodling flowers in class. 

One day, Alya’s hand was right next to Marinette’s notebook, and Marinette continued the doodle from the edge of the page onto the back of Alya’s hand. Alya raised a brow when she started, but shrugged when Marinette asked if it bothered her. As far as idiosyncracies went, Marinette’s were all rather harmless. Besides, it was rather nice to take notes with one hand and feel the light brush of Marinette’s pen sketching away against her other. 

It always took three washes in the shower to get all the pen out, and her mother kept worrying her with folk knowledge about skin cancer and ink poisoning, but Alya didn’t like showing up to school the next day with the sketches still on her arm. It almost felt like her duty to give Marinette a blank canvas everyday, to encourage her darling little habits that were secretly the highlight of Alya’s day. 

“Why flowers?” she asked Marinette as she added yellows and oranges to the sunflowers she was drawing along the vein inside of her wrist. 

Marinette tapped the end of her pen against Alya’s nose. “Pretty flowers for a pretty lady.”

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I don’t know what it is about being fat that makes retailers assume I desperately want Disney characters all over my clothing, but I really really don’t. I am an adult woman!

It’s one of the most consistent “fun” details on plus sized clothing and I still find it baffling.

Trends come and go. Hemlines rise and fall. Straight size consumers are offered a variety of prints, cuts and silhouettes at reasonable prices. Even plus sizes are seeing some trendy detailing (always fucking late, but fine).

But whether you’re picking through a sale rack at Lane Bryant or breezing through the plus size section at target on your way to the shoes, you WILL pull out the sleeve of a normal looking T-shirt and it WILL have Mickey screen printed on it. I guarantee it!

Tigger lurks among the matronly faux-wrap blouses. Minnie lays claim to otherwise inoffensive cropped sweatshirts. Why? WHY?!

Is Disney waging a secret fat-posi campaign by only licensing their characters to plus sized retailers? Are Plus size stores the only dumbasses willing to pay top dollar for children’s characters (that NOBODY asked for)? It a goddamn irritating mystery.

Describing Noah Shaw :
Shoes: gray Chucks
charcoal tweed
slim cut, untucked, thin and pinstriped dress shirt. Super skinny tie, knotted loose around his open collar, exposing the shadow of a screen-printed t-shirt beneath it.
Days unshaven: somewhere between three and five
Eyes: blue and infinite
a beautiful, beautiful mess


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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.1.16

theme thursday: cacti finds

screen-printed ladies’ cactus tee in bloom pink by doopsdesigns

LOVE the alternative color palette for this fun screen-printed cactus tee! doopsdesigns sells different varieties of these cacti-adorned items — other tees and tanks, plus accessories and home items as well.

Today is the day! Just in time for the holidays Gold Tooth is open for business!

Our company offers one of a kind, exclusive pieces; all hand printed and designed by owners Felix Morales and Levi Fisher; with flat rate international shipping on everything in the store! 

Our launch line up consists of three T-shirt designs and three patch designs, all of which have been hand distressed to make sure each item sent out is one of a kind! 

Check out our store for items inspired by the weird, macabre, and odd!


Hey guys, my new handmade fashion website is live!!!
I handpaint and screen print t-shirts and make accessories with my own illustrative designs!

Please share and check it out if you could, it would be most grateful! More to come if you keep a check on the social media, new things being added and made all the time! 🤞🏿✊🏿🙏🏿☺️