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How to make a very homemade t shirt screen printing press


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.1.16

theme thursday: cacti finds

screen-printed ladies’ cactus tee in bloom pink by doopsdesigns

LOVE the alternative color palette for this fun screen-printed cactus tee! doopsdesigns sells different varieties of these cacti-adorned items — other tees and tanks, plus accessories and home items as well.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.17.15

DAY FIVE: favors + gifts
featured: the perfect pairs customizable sets by blackbirdtees

so. rad. pick up your perfect pair of custom screen-printed tees or accessories from blackbirdtees today!! <3

Drawlloween Day 14. Bat.

Beatrix is a demon-bat girl who screen-prints all her own T-shirts. With her own screen-printing studio, she’s proudly entered the entrepreneurial world with her own start-up clothing branding, Eye Don’t Care and usually gets her friend Benny to photograph her awesome products. And she’ll always give free shirts to her homie, Raven when she make them.

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Good morning all, 

Its already time for me to go back to work. I got a few things done on my time off, but I still didn’t get a single shirt screen printed. I attempted to expose one of my new screens yesterday, but the design didn’t come out. I still haven’t figured out what exactly happened since there was a lot of new variables this time ie the screen, different hose, and exposure light. I’ll have to try again tonight or tomorrow after work. 

My tie dye colors and materials came in yesterday around noon. I went ahead and prepped 3 shirts to be tie dyed soon. I got 11 really beautiful colors to mess with. I made sure to get a black so I can try some black backed spiral tie dye designs. I’ll be posting pictures of that soon as I make something to show. 

Anyway, just excuse me. I wanted to ramble a little bit this morning. I hope everyone is have a good week so far. Cheers!