screen print cards


I’m at it again, this time making a 42 card deck of shields to help you fight the battle that is life. This is a deck with a lot of personal symbols and references I’ve gathered over time and hold pretty dear to my heart and I hope you enjoy them too. 

With Your Shield or On It comes with 42 cards and a guide of suggested meanings with plenty of room to jot down your own interpretations of the cards. 

I have regular sets in the shop as well as a misprint bundle

I love printing by hand but sometimes things don’t go your way, and they they don’t go your way even more, and more, and usually you don’t notice until you are 90% finished. This is why I made the misprint bundle.

The misprint bundle comes with a screen printed version of the deck with minor imperfections. There some overly thin lines, missing lines as seen in the last photo, as well as some of the cards being backwards. To make it extra special there’s a special mini print that is gold on black, a two sided block printed coin for further yes/no divination, a chip of quartz or moonstone, as well as a block of balsam fir or juniper incense. I love buying misprints when I see them out and about so I decided to package these in a bundle with other special items to make it a little more rare, a little more special.