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There’s a moment between a glance, and a kiss, where the world stops, for the briefest of times. And the only thing between us is the anticipation of your lips on mine. A moment, so intense, it hangs in the air as it pulls us closer. A moment, so perfect, that when it comes to an end, we realize; it’s only the beginning.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: okay so in It (2017) why does Richie pull Eddie towards him at a time of crisis?? When It pops up from the movie screen, Richie instantly grabs Eddie and pulls him close to him?? THEN when the losers club is in pennywise’s house and It is coming over to them. Eddie has a broken arm. What is Richie doing? Comforting Eddie and making him look at him as Penny stalks over to them about to kill them. Not like ‘hey, bro we about to die. the fucking clown which is my number one fear is coming over and going to kill us’ nO he is holding Eddies face in his hands and making him look at him in a way of comforting his hurt friend. Even when his #1 fear has come to life and is going to kill him, he’d rather comfort his best buddy Eddie like how far gone do u gotta be-


The social media world is heavily populated by trolls — you know, those people who write nasty, mean comments online. Sometimes it can be tempting to respond back, but what if there’s a better alternative? Like sending them a cake…. with their words written on it.

New York City baker Kat Thek does just that. She’s the founder of Troll Cakes, a bakery and detective agency.

The process is simple. First, customers go to the Troll Cakes site to submit the comment and address of the troll in question. Thek will then bake a cake, write the comment on it using frosting or fondant letters, wrap it up in festive confetti, and send it to the perpetrator.

“When you open it up, [the box] looks like 100 percent good news,” Thek laughs. “And then you see a screen grab of your comment, and it says, ‘Congratulations! Your Internet comment has been made into a Troll Cake.’ ”

This Baker Makes Internet Trolls Eat Their Words — Literally

Photos: Courtesy of Troll Cakes

Tweets with benign screen grabs of other tweets that are shit posts are not hacks. A tweet coming from an iPhone is very unlikely to be a hack. Celebrities tweets typically go through several levels of approval checks from their social media managers before they’re posted and, if they don’t, their social media managers get multiple notifications if/when they tweet. If this were a hack, there is no WAY with the current sensitive state of affairs it would be left up so long.

This is not a hack. Repeat after me: NOT. A HACK.

From a press conference in an episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow… 3 people with film cameras (was supposed to be NASA back during Apollo 13 days), all Nikons w the labels off. Each has it’s own flash that’s very different. This guy however is right in front so he has the best shot.

And he’s got his hands in front of the lens… and is looking THROUGH the flash to take the shot. Because he’s clearly used a camera before. Method acting my friend, learn how to hold a camera when acting like using one. Just like fake typing in tv and movies, we camera people see when you hold it wrong. :D


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know, i you have Amazon Prime, you should watch the heck out of an animated series called Danger & Eggs. Its so inclusive! There are casual characters of all races, religions, and even genders. Take for example Milo from the episode Finding Cheryl;TheTrio. They didn’t even mention it or make it a big deal, but Milo used they/them pronouns. Thats a huge deal! And even adding on to that, ilo is a non binary person of color! Like??? Thats so big! And guess what else? The Mayor od their town? A strong, smart, black woman. There even a person of color in a hijab in one episode!! Like just take these screen grabs from an episode:

LOOK AT ALL THE QUEER CHARACTERS. And no, this isn’t even at a pride parade. Look, there’s a trans person, a pan person, someone in a hijab, someone in a rainbow shirt?? THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. Another example is in the episode Morning Routine;The Lost & Found. Phillip is reading off what the rule is when someone doesn’t claim their item from the lost and found. He basically says, if someone doesn’t claim their item, the person in charge of the lost and found could Dispose of it however “he/she/they” deem fit. He used THEY. Guys you need to get people to watch this show, its inclusive, and it doesn’t make all of the queer characters like a plot point?? They’re just there! You have to spread this around, this show hasn’t been renewed for a second season!! We need representation like this in the media! Its and amazon prime original show and its amazing! And on top of all that, it teaches super important lessons to people!! But it needs more people to watch it. It starts Aidy Bryant (from snl) and Eric Knobel. Please please please spread this around! Everyone needs to watch it!! Its free if you just sign up for amazon prime and go watch it!!