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Reader who is a Talon agent and she gives Team Talon candy because Halloween is coming , and Team Talon want to thanks her by a surprise party ? Thank you:)

I wrote this one as well yesterday and then it got deleted by accident. Ugh.

You frown as you search up and down the halls of the Talon base, wondering why it was that you couldn’t seem to find anyone. It had been about two hours since you’d last seen anyone, and already you’d checked half the base.

The hangar, the trainee lockers, the practice room, the common area…all of it had been as empty as the halls. Even the control center had been empty, the room dark except for the faint flickering of screens that were on sleep. You would have thought to go maybe try to find Reaper but honestly, you were too scared to find him.

Continuing down the halls, you reached down into your pumpkin head basket that held little wrapped candies. It was almost Halloween and you’d bought candy in bulk in order to share with your base. Though Talon wasn’t one to really celebrate holidays, you couldn’t help wanting to share a bit of holiday cheer with everyone.

Yet now…where were they all?

Popping the candy into your mouth, you headed for the kitchen. Surely there would at least be a cook in there. There was always a cook up and preparing food for the 250 or so Talon members at this base.

Having to go through the dining room to get there, you paused as you neared it. There was a sign on the door that read ‘Enter if You Dare’.

Surprised, you frowned. Well, you were sure as hell going to dare! You needed to find people, for gods sake! where could everyone have GONE?

Stepping inside, it took you a moment as the lights suddenly came on and a loud roar filled the room. Words wouldn’t come to your lips as you stared at the scene before you. The room had hundreds…maybe even 250 worth of Talon members in there, grinning ear from ear while cheering …at her?

Carved pumpkins lined the walls, bats and cobwebs on the walls. Four 15 foot tables were covered in food and punch, and everyone seemed to be dressed up in some costume or other. It kind of stunned you, honestly. You hadn’t thought Talon was capable of celebrating…well, anything.

“Surprise!” called one of the members, one of your closest friends. He hurried over, wearing a terrible Dracula costume and carrying a cup of punch in one hand as he grinned. “Did we get you?”

“Um…yes. I…I don’t understand. You guys are having a party?” you asked and hesitated. “Without me?”

“No no!” said one of the other members, dressed as a little fairy. She hurried over, hugging your shoulders. “The party is FOR you!”

For a moment you’d thought you’d heard wrong. “For me?” you asked uncertainly as you looked between them.

“Yes! It was so nice of you to hand out candy, and everyone just kind of started getting in the Halloween spirit…we managed to get permission from head quarters to take a break for a few hours and they agreed!” gushed the fairy Talon member, beaming enthusiastically at you both.

The other member looked at you sheepishly. “So….since a lot of it was your help just getting into the spirit….everyone decided to dedicate it to you,” he said lightly.

You couldn’t believe your team would do something so…uncharacteristically nice! A smile rose on your face and you couldn’t help hugging them both tightly. “Thank you guys so much!” you gasped, and grinned as someone turned on some spooky tunes.

“I’ll beat you to the dance floor!” you challenged, and ran off with the two in tow. Talon ended up having a pretty sweet Halloween this year.

Mess o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.

Request? No

Part 2: Mouth o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

The apartment is dark, lights dimmed so you can set the mood for what you expect to be an emotional performance. Your laptop is plugged into the television and the screen is flickering, splashing colors across your face from a product commercial. Harry is across the world, about to premiere a song from his upcoming album on a popular talk show. Despite how excited you are to hear the music, you’re still nervous for him, as you always are. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’ll smash whatever he performs, but he always seems to get in his own way.

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It’s Hard Enough - Cooper!Reader X Jughead Jones

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Hi love! Could I please request a fluffy Riverdale imagine where the reader is Betty’s little sister by a year who receives the same pressure from their mom, but hides it well from her sister and everyone else, when she is actually completely overwhelmed and stressed out to the point where she’s having an anxiety attack and Jughead or Veronica helps her?

Just because I love him, I chose a Jughead x Reader prompt. But, anon, if you want one with Veronica please message me!!! And maybe…if you want a Part Two (?)

It’s hard enough being a Freshman at Riverdale High, but you had an amazing older sister who put your mother’s standard too high. Betty is an amazing sister and you love her, it’s just that everyone loves her. After Polly went away and Jason went missing, things started to go further down hill for you. Your mother put unneeded pressure on both you and Betty, but Betty handled so much better. She broke free from your mother’s poisonous ways and started doing things for herself. This left you alone with the overbearing woman and no where to go. You managed to hide the damage your mother was inflicting upon you quite well. So well in fact that your sister and her friends thought you were just fine. The first day back to school, that changed.

“That’s really great Archie!” Betty said, shooting the redhead the most adorable heart eyes. You nodded in agreement as you listened to Archie's’ music demo. You were about to speak up when everyone at the lunch table turned their heads. “Can I sit?”

You turned and saw a very pretty Sophomore standing near the table. “Veronica! Yeah, sit!” Betty said, giving her a sweet smile. Kevin moved over, allowing you to make room for the girl to sit next to you. “What song is that? It’s really good but I haven’t heard it before.”

“It’s Archie’s demo.” You said, and the girl looked at you in confusion. Betty laughed, “Sorry, Veronica, this is my little sister Y/N. Y/N this is Veronica, she just moved here from New York.” Veronica gave you a kind smile and a hello which you tried to copy as best you could. You just weren’t feeling it today. Veronica must’ve picked up on it because her eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Yeah, I thought we’d have to pretend to like it but, it’s actually really great.” Kevin said causing Archie to smile softly. You smiled a little too, happy that at least one person you knew was doing something good in their lives. “You are alright?” Veronica asked while Kevin and Betty discussed Archie’s future in the music business. You just turned to look at her and with no answer, you got up and left the table. You felt tears gathering behind your eyes as you walked past Cheryl Blossom’s table, you heard someone in their group mutter “freak” and you suddenly were pushed over the edge. You picked up your pace and walked quickly back inside the school. You darted towards the nearest bathroom. You felt eyes on you and saw the Sophomore from your writing class watching you. You just walked faster to the bathroom and when inside, you locked yourself in a stall. The weight of everything that had occurred was finally crashing down on you and it was hitting hard. You felt light headed as your mind replayed the conversation of the future you had with your mom, the pressure for success she put on you because God forbid she had another broken daughter. Veronica’s simple question brought all of it back, the family drama that occurred with Polly and then Jason’s disappearance. You were far from alright, but the thought of telling someone that felt more scary than the pressure itself.

You managed to pull yourself together enough where you stopped crying, and got ready for your next period. When you would see your sister and her friends in the hall, you’d just say you had a stomach cramp or pain and went to the nurse. They’d question you and Veronica would be skeptical, but you’d smile and lie your way through the day.  

You told Betty that you had a group project due in a few days and that your group was meeting up at Pop’s. Of course, being the good sister she is, let you go off on your own. “Just text me when you get there and when you need a ride, okay?” You nodded and gave her a fake smile. “I love you Y/N, be safe!” You walked off towards the diner, happy that now you didn’t have to go home for a little while longer.

The diner was basically empty, minus a few usual patrons. You ordered some fries and sat in a booth in the corner. You looked outside the window and saw the rain drops fall against the glass. It was a soothing distraction, taking your mind off the current situation just for a few precious moments. The silence was interrupted by someone sitting in the empty side of the booth. You turned your head quickly and saw the quiet Sophomore from early today. You just stared at him and his odd hat, and he stared at you just the same. “You’re Y/N Cooper, I saw you earlier today in school. We have Writing class together.” You nodded, suddenly getting nervous. “You’re Jughead Jones.” You said, equally as monotone as he did. “I’m not normally one for caring, but what happened today, right before lunch ended?” You swallowed hard at his question, and he saw your unease. “You looked very, very upset, that’s why I ask.” You felt a tear slide down your cheek at his sudden kindness. You wiped it away as quickly as it had appeared. “Everything going on it’s…taking a toll on me, but I’m-” You stopped talking, not trusting your own voice to continue. Jughead seemed to notice and didn’t say a word. He just waited until you composed yourself and continued. “I’m,” you looked into his eyes for a split moment and saw that there was no fooling him, “not fine.”

You found yourself opening up, just a little, to the mysterious boy before you. You mentioned the pressure your mother put you under, that derived from what occurred with Polly and Jason. From there, he started to talk about the summer, the Blossom twins, and how he remembered your older sister. “Polly was very nice. Said ‘hi’ to me even when I didn’t even look at her.”

“That was the type of girl she was.” You said, trailing off. You missed your eldest sister and you knew that Betty did as well. “Maybe,” Jughead started, slightly hesitant, “you should talk to your sister Betty more.” You stared at him quietly as he continued, “If she was under the same pressure she might be able to help you deal with it. It’s just an idea.” He said, and you felt your lips twitch up into a small smile. “Thank you.” Your phone screen flickered on and you saw the time. You hurriedly got out of the booth and stood. “My sister is going to be here soon.” He nodded, and made his way out of his side of the booth. “I’ll walk you out.”

The two of you waited under the rain-guard outside the diner in a calm silence. For some reason you turned and saw him looking at you. “You don’t have to stay. You’ve done enough for me.” He shook his head and looked towards the ground, a small smile played on his lips. “I’m just going to leave you alone when you feel this down.” You nodded, your heart beating a bit faster than before. “Thank you, again.” You whispered quietly, he turned to face you once more. “If you ever need to talk, to someone that isn’t your sister, you can find me in the library at lunch time.” You gave him a soft smile once more and saw the headlights coming from down the road.

“I’ll see you around, Jughead.” You murmured, but he caught your hand before you walked away. “I hope you smile more.” He said in a hushed tone as he slipped a piece of paper into your hand. You looked a his face, his gaze hidden slightly by his dark hair. He pulled away and with one last glance, walked back inside the diner. You darted to Betty’s car through the rain and shuddered when you got inside.

“Get buckled.” She said, “How’d the group project go?” As you finished buckling your safety belt, you turned back to the diner and saw Jughead typing away at a laptop through the window. From a distance, it looked, almost like, he was smiling. You turned to face forward and sighed. “It went pretty well.”  

Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: Steve and Reader meet the man behind the sunflowers. 
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings. Emily wrote this chapter beautifully so please go tell her you love it. Come let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.
Word count : 1,847

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Chapter 2

You almost forget to speak as you regard the leather clad god that just walked into your little store, you blink gormlessly for a few seconds before the sound of Steve’s footsteps break your trance. 

“Half a dozen sunflowers” you successfully choke out, you turn to look at Steve who looks equally stunned. You feel something nudge you in the pit of your stomach, you ignore it choosing instead to bring your business partner back to the land of the living. 

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to love someone broken [2]

Summary: Everyone finds out how you know the metal-armed assassain. || alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader || multi-chapter

Warnings: Angst (?)

Notes: Thank god for @retroasgardian, I’m sorry this is late!!! 1.3k words


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n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time, which is like standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people’s passwords, each representing one more thing you’ll never get to see before you die—and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out, you are here.

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If your still looking for prompts, Reddie “You’re an idiot”
“I am. I’m your idiot”.

“Y’know Eds, there’s something that happened in the Neibolt house that I didn’t tell ya.” Came Richies whisper to Eddies right. He raised an eyebrow at his choice of place for bringing this up, seeing as that Bill, Stan, Richie and himself were sitting cozy in the red cushioned theater chairs. The screen was still only flickering with trailers but Eddie knew Richie’s consistent chattering during movies drove Stan nuts. 

Eddie rolled his eyes and glanced wearily at Stan to his left before shrugging, giving into curiosity. “What is it,Rich?” He tapped his fingers against the sticky arm of the chair and cringed, pulling away. 

“I told ya about that fuckin’ clown room right?” Richie shook as if the memory was just as disturbing as it had been when he’d actually been in there. Eddie nodded as an explosion went off on screen, Richie remained silent and Eddie realized he wouldn’t have the slightest idea that he’d nodded, since Richie’s eyes were still glued onto the screen.  

“Ugh yeah-yeah You’ve mentioned it.” Eddie sipped on his pop and waited for whatever could possibly come out of Richie’s mouth. Richie threw up a piece of popcorn and caught it easily in his mouth, one of his talents he’d explained to Eddie one day and then proceeded to do it every five minutes afterwards. 

“Well…I didn’t just walk in there for a laugh, y’know?” Richie chuckled and finally turned his head over and tipped it down to look Eddie in the eyes, who’d already been staring at the side of his face. “It made me see you…” He said softly and so unlike his usual tone. Eddie swallowed, nearly choking on a kernel. 

“Me?” He hiccuped and Richie nodded. “You went in there…for me?” 

“You having some hearing problems,Eds?” Richie chuckled and Stan threw the pair a look, Eddie was surprised it’d taken him so long. Eddie shrugged at him before turning back to Richie with a small grin. “Why would I be in there? You knew I was in the other room you dipshit.” 

Richie returned the grin and shook his head. “I couldn’t take my chances. You could be grateful.” 

Eddie screwed up his face and slapped Richie’s arm. This time, Bill gave them a look but with less heat then Stan’s had been. Richie waved teasingly at him and Eddie reached over to slap his hand down for him. “We’ll be quiet.” 

“Speak for yourself.” Richie replied, but in a smaller whisper. 

“You could’ve gotten yourself killed, Richie.” Eddie snarled.

“I mean….I thought it was you….I’d do it again too.” Richie said sincerely and Eddie sighed, knowing he’d do the exact same thing. 

“You’re an idiot, Richie.” Eddie crossed his arms with a reluctant smile as he tried to place his attention on the screen. 

Richie tossed more popcorn into the air and after a satisfying catch, he softly spoke again. “But I’m your idiot, aren’t I?” He chuckled and Eddie bit his lip to keep his smile from taking over his entire face. 

“Shhhh. I’m trying to watch the movie, you ass.” Eddie teased. 

(I hope you like this!)   

Replaceable Part 4!!

The team were frantic, especially Keith. “Why the absolute fuck, would he just give himself up??” They were all back at the castle, trying to find Lance’s coordinates. “Coran, are you finding anything? No princess! It appears the Blue paladin has deactivated their signal!” Shiro paced around the room, eyes wild. “Do we have any information where he could be or why the quiznak he sacrificed himself at the drop of a hat?!” Pidge rushed forward, stumbling slightly. “I don’t know if this will help anything, but remember when I installed new cameras in the castle? Maybe they caught something that will help us!” Keith picked her up and twirled her around. “Pidge, you’re a genius!! Let’s go find those tapes!” The team rushed to their newly installed camera room. Pidge jumped into the rolly chair, spinning and sliding herself right in front of the control panel, tapping away madly. “Okay, let’s start at the beginning of the week. If you see Lance doing anything unusual, tell me!” The team watched the screen as images flickered by, re-telling the memories of the week before. Allura pursed her lips. “Nothing seems out of the ordinary. You’ve got Pidge in the living quarters with her laptop, Shiro is with me, Hunk is in the kitchen, Keith is in the training room, and Coran appears to be working on our map-” “There!” The team sees Lance enter the room with Coran. “Coran, did you and Lance talk about anything?” Coran flushed and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, Lance was talking, but I was so focused on fixing the map, I didn’t really hear what he was saying. I apologized and asked him to tell me again, but he said it wasn’t important.” “Pidge, let’s just watch and see what he was saying. It may help us solve this mess.”
“Am I…replaceable?” They watched Lance pause. “…Coran?” “Oh, I’m sorry my boy! I guess a got a little too distracted with the map. What were you saying? I’m afraid I missed it.” “It’s okay, Coran. It was nothing important anyways.” The team gawked in horror as they watched Lance walk to his room, tears streaming down his face. Coran wasn’t in much better shape. His face was pale with guilt, running his fingers through his hair. “H-he trusted me with his inner most thoughts and emotions..and I just cast him aside like it was nothing.” Allura rest a hand on his shoulder. “It’s alright Coran. You didn’t mean for-” “Shit.” The team turned to Keith. “Keith..?” Keith’s head was lowered and he was slightly shaking. “Shit. Shit. SHIT!” “Keith!!” Keith snapped his head up, tears spilling from his eyes, drilling to the floor. “Pidge, turn the cameras to yesterday back where I yelled at Lance during that meeting!” Pidge gave Keith and nod and did as such. The team watched as Keith repeated the harsh words he spoke to Lance, this time flinching with every insult that was thrown. The tears from Keith’s eyes spilled faster as he clenched his hands. “All those things I said to him. It just confirmed what he was thinking about himself. I made him think that I didn’t care about him, that I hated him, but that couldn’t be farther away from the truth.” “Pidge?” Allura spoke softly. “Can you show us where Lance went after that?” Pidge gave her a grim nod and took them to the camera in Lance’s room. Hunk and Pidge began to lightly cry as they watched the camera. They miserably watched as Lance began to sob, chocking on gasps, and watching him fight for consciousness. As Lance began to crawl to his bed, Keith let a broken, “Cut it off, please. I-I can’t watch anymore.” The team stared at the now black screen. Hunk was now fully sobbing as Keith let silent tears fall from his cheeks. Shiro turned and started to walk out of the room. “Come on team. We created this mess, and now it’s time for us to fix it.” Shiro turned to face them, jaw clenched. “Let’s bring back our teammate.”


Summary: You severely misinterpret Bucky’s intentions during your weekly movie night.

Author’s Note: Written for @oneshot-shit‘s Valentine drabbles, with the given prompt “kisses.” This was too cute to pass up. This was taken from a post I saw on here a while ago, and if anyone has the link and can send it to me so I can give credit, that would be nice of you! Tags below the cut.

Words: 668

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“It’s a holiday invented by greeting card companies to earn money and make single people feel like shit.”

Bucky snorted from his place in the kitchen, digging through cabinets and the refrigerator. You heard the sound of wrappers and bags as he made his way toward the living room, arms laden with snacks as you scrolled through the Netflix queue, trying to find anything that didn’t look like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks book. Bucky sank into the couch next to you, making you jostle as he arranged everything for your weekly movie night. “I used to love Valentine’s day,” he said, taking a long drink from his glass. “I always had a date.”

“Of course you did,” you grumble, not looking at him. Still scowling, you groan aloud as you hit the ‘Romantic Comedies’ section of Netflix. Bucky opens one of his many snack bags, his arm over the back of the couch behind you. “Must be nice to always have somebody who wants to kiss you. I don’t even care about the chocolate and flowers, I just think it’s dumb that there’s one day a year dedicated to showing someone you love them when, really, you should be doing it any other day of the year too-”

You continue to ramble, finally reaching a category that isn’t centered around romance movies, not realizing that you’ve started leaning into Bucky’s side. Not that either of you would point it out or minded; this happened more often than not, the two of you snuggling together while the screen flickered with the choice of the week.

Last week, Bucky had chosen Lilo and Stitch and Pulp Fiction. With it being your turn, Bucky was fully prepared to sit through a romantic film. It was Valentine’s Day and he was certain that you, like every other woman he’d ever known, were going to force him to sit through something so sappy, he’d throw up. But this wasn’t the case, and he really should have seen it coming because women now were not like women in the ‘40s, at least what he could remember.

“I should have eaten lunch,” you were mumbling, frowning as you clicked the Sci-Fi section.

“Do you wanna kiss?”

Your fingers froze, thumb hovering over the select button. Your eyes were wide, staring at the cover photo for Alien v Predator. Heart hammering in your chest, you swallowed, gaping as you slowly turned toward Bucky.

“Kiss? Do I wanna-” His brow quirked and you mentally slapped yourself when you realized that he was holding out a bag in your direction: Hershey’s kisses. “Oh- you m- You mean, like, the- the candy.”

“What did you think I-” Bucky stopped, the plastic crunching in his grip. His cheeks flushed red and he cleared his throat. Embarrassment washed over you as you wiggled in your seat, trying to put just an extra inch between you and Bucky. But he remained still, glancing from the bag of chocolate to your face. “Or, um, yeah. Th- that, too. We c- we could do that.”


The two of you continued staring at each other, the awkward buzz fizzling until it popped, and you were both leaning toward one another. The bag of chocolate was forgotten when his lips grazed yours, so much warmer than you’d expected them to be.

Bucky pulled away first, his nose brushing against yours as he licked his lips. You inhaled deeply, eyes finding his. He smiled, wearily at first, but it spread into a grin when you smiled back. Slowly, you reached forward and dipped your hand into the bag of chocolate, tore off the wrapper, and popped the candy in your mouth without breaking eye contact. This prompted Bucky to laugh, and he reached for the back of your head, pulling you into another deep kiss. The taste of Hershey’s was more prominent now, and the longer his mouth remained against yours, the more you began to think Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad after all.

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“And our final tribute for district 8 is…” a deafening pause filled the air as every young woman in district 8 held their breath.

“Jellybean Jones!”

The courtyard went deadly silent for what felt like hours before the piercing scream of Jughead Jones broke through the air


He was being pulled away by guards, tugging him out of the courtyard as his baby sister was placed on stage next to a shivering little boy and a woman dressed extravagantly in colors that district 8 had never seen.

“Oh” the woman in the light purple wig tsked “how very valiant, unfortunately we already have our male tribute.” Her eyes were blank as she went back to congratulating the two terrified children on stage.

“No, please.” The dark haired boy sobbed, his eyes meeting his sisters, she was crying now as well, thick tear drops dripping from her eyes.

It was all over before it began, people went home to their families somberly, mothers held their children and cried, fathers released anxious breaths as Jughead lay desperately on the floor of his home, slamming his fist into the dusty hardwood.

“We have to say goodbye.” His mothers cold, distant voice spoke from above him, her purse on her shoulder as she kept her distance from his father and left the house . F.Ps eyes were red rimmed as he clutched Jugheads shoulder

“We have to be strong for her, we need to show her we believe in her.” He choked out.

Jughead whipped to face him

“She’ll die in the arena! You know that! She won’t make it a full day!” He yelled shakily.

F.P sobbed,

“I know boy, I know.”

They arrived at the station and were instantly shuffled into a plain white room, jelly bean was sitting in the center looking smaller than ever. Jesus Christ she was only 9.

Her eyes met Jughead instantly and she leaped towards him, clinging to his body.

“I’m going to die.” She weeped.

Jughead caught his fathers eyes over jellybeans head and pulled away

“No you won’t, you’re going to live, you’re going to fight and you’re going to do everything you have to do to make it out of their alive. You are not leaving me alone with these looney tunes.” He made a silly face and Jellybean giggled through a sniffle.

“Okay Juggie.” The tiny brown haired girl looked up at him with watery blue eyes so desperate he had to look away.

After hugging her father as he whispered in her ear, Jugheads mother turned to her daughter.

“Don’t embarrass us, you’ll be on national television.” She turned quickly and left the room.

Jughead growled as F.P shook his head sadly.

“That’s all for visiting, out now.” A capitol guard grunted, shoving the two men out of the room as Jellybean waved sadly.

“We won’t ever see her again.” F.P whispered, watching as the train pulled away.

Jughead stared at his fathers profile
“You don’t know, she’s been known to surprise us.” He dropped a hand to his fathers arm and they both made their way home

“You never know.” The older man mumbled.

A week later everyone gathered in the popular food trading port, it was called Pops and it had the largest screen to watch the games.

“It’s just interviews today, she just has to be herself, she’s adorable. She can atleast win a few sponsors.” Veronica lodge, the mayors daughter gently pat Jugheads back as they took a seat.

Joaquin slid beside them
“I believe in her.” He grumbled.

Jughead took a deep breath and suddenly the screen was playing as his fingers dug into his seat

Let the games begin.

The tributes were interviewed, dressed exceptionally and dramatic representing their district. Second to last was his sister, she walked on screen beside the shivering little boy tribute and her smile was dazzling. Jughead bit back tears and allowed pride to fill his body, she was so strong. The dark black dress she wore was covered in hand painted flames. Coal.
His little sister, the girl on fire.

Caesar Flickerman proceeded to ask questions, multiple times speaking about how beautiful she was and how she was definitely the cutest little tribute they had ever seen.

“She’s working that angle, the woman sponsors will love her.” Veronica whispered beside him.

“Speaking of beautiful it appears you’ve made a friend in the training arena.” Caesar wiggled his eyebrows and Jellybean giggled.
“Let’s recap shall we.” The purple haired man gestured to the ginormous screen above his head.

Video filled the screen

Jellybean was sitting in the corner of the practice arena shivering as everyone chose their weapons, beating on each other and screaming. Suddenly a girl with long blonde hair and noticeably bright green eyes was leaning beside her

“It is a little scary isn’t it?” She asked the little girl. Jellybean nodded, pushing her long brown hair out of her face, eyes terrified. The blonde looked concerned

“My names Betty, what about you?” Her voice was sweet as honey and while he knew his sister should always be on her guard he felt as though she could trust this new friend.

“Jellybean” she shivered.

Betty sat beside her
“Well jellybean, as pretty as your hair is, it might get in the way. Do you mind?” She held up an elastic band and jellybean nodded curiously.

In under a minute Betty had twisted the long brown hair into an intricate braid that pulled the lose strands away from her face.

“Much better, now we can see your pretty face.” She tweaked her nose and smiled.

“You stay strong Jellybean.” And with that she was off to her own training.

The screen disappeared and Jellybean was back on screen, smiling fondly.

“That was very nice of her” Caesar cooed.

Jellybean nodded
“She’s the greatest, she gives me all of her extra food, she says I have to keep up strength.”

Cesar’s eyes widened surprised, as the audience awwwwed

“Well I think that’s all for you Jellybean and Dilton, good luck to you both.”

They were shooed off stage and jughead could finally breathe.

“That’s a good thing” Joaquin spoke “she’s forming an alliance.

"I don’t know” Jughead mumbled skeptically, his eyes drawn to the screen as the same beautiful blonde appeared on the screen, her arm linked with the most good looking boy he had ever seen he heard Veronica physically gasp.

“Elizabeth Cooper and Finnick Odair District 4!”
He gestured to the two teenagers dressed in matching seashells and aqua. The ocean, beautiful.

“So we’ll start with you ms.cooper, you volunteered for your sister Polly? It was very noble.”

Betty nodded
“My sister is pregnant, she would not have made it, I’ve been trained for this, we’ve been trained for this.” She glanced over at her partner and Jughead felt his stomach clench, was that jealousy? This was not the time to be jealous, those two were walking into their death.

“Yes of course, you two are careers?” Caesar asked

The boy named Finnick shook his head
“We were raised to be in the games, but we are not cruel or vicious, not like some others.” He was talking about Jason and Cheryl Blossom form district 2, they were wild and almost feral.

“Let’s take a look shall we.”

The screen flickered back to the practice arena, it showed Finnick expertly swinging a trident, it was terrifying. It turned to Betty who smiling widely at Finnick as she showed her own talent.

Six knives were tucked into her belt, quickly she had thrown them, hitting every single target in less than six seconds. The whole of Pops gasped, oh, so she was most definitely a career.

When the screen flicked back Finnick and Betty were smiling proudly.

“But that’s not all.” Ceasar waved frantically a the screen came back down.

Betty was Helping Jellybean into the tight training suit and the little girl was giggling as Betty made silly faces and Finnick ran in and began throwing handful of sugar cubes at the girls.

Jughead felt his heart ache, that was his little sister and she was laughing, this beautiful district 4 tribute had given Jellybean the chance to be a child for just a little longer.

Ceasar filled the screen again as he wiped fake tears from his eyes

“It’s beautiful how you’ve taken the little jellybean under the wing.”

Betty turned to the screen, a look of pure defiance in her eyes

“She’s just a little girl, with a family out there. She has an older brother my age and I want to tell him, she will be safe for as long as I can help it. I promise you.” The screen flicked back quickly, it wasn’t safe to divulge plans especially when they disagreed with the capital.

“That’s all for today folks! We’ll see you in the games. May the odds be ever in your favor!”

The screen went black and Jughead pulled his hands from the seat, his fingernails were bloody from digging so hard but his heart felt lighter.

Betty Cooper was going to save his Little Sister.

I’ll Make You Love Me

The final chapter in the “Everyone Needs Some Love” series. This has been a pleasure writing and I’m so happy so many of you enjoyed it!
Hopefully you all won’t hate me after the ending. I’m sorry

Part 1- Everyone needs some love
Part 2- I need your love
Part 3- I Want your Love
Part 4- You Want To Love Me 

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Two months. 
It has been two agonizingly long months. Your were beyond terrified. Questions were like hornets in your mind, guilt and sorrow twisted in your chest. 
Was Mark ok? Where had Dark gone? What was he doing? Would he ever return? 
So when a thump in the other room shocked you out of your current activity, you practically ran towards the sound. 
You cried out in both relief and misery as Mark’s crippled body lay on the floor of the lounge-room. 
“Mark!” You screamed, running forward and turning him onto his back. 
He was pale, almost deathly, and cold to touch. But his chest rose and fell with labored breaths, his pulse beating under your fingertips as you pressed them against his neck.
“Oh thank God,” You murmured. You touched his cheek, gently shaking his shoulders in an attempt to wake him. “Mark. Mark, wake up!” 
“He won’t wake for some time,” A deep voice told you. 
You looked up to find another figure standing in the room. A man wearing a black suit, the material smooth and almost luxurious to the eye. 
But his face, it was Mark’s face, but sharper along the jaw and with eyes sullen, lined with black. He was different and all too familiar at the same time.
You glared up at Dark. “What did you do?” 
Dark gestured with his hands along his body. Smoothing down his jacket and shifting his shoulders to better fit the clothing. 
“I believed that you’d enjoy a body separate from Mark’s.” Dark replied. A smug grin stretching his lips. “Am I wrong for believing this?” 
“You’re wrong for believing I’d want you,” You snapped. Standing and positioning yourself between him and Mark. “Separate body or not, I stand by what I said. I don’t love you. I can’t love you.” 
Dark chuckled, “You say that, my dear. But you haven’t given me a chance to properly try to win you over.” 
“I’m not some prize, Dark. I’m-”
“Human, yes.” Dark cut you off, impatiently fixing the cuffs of his suit. “You’ve made that quite clear. And that’s why I’m so persistent. Humans have a small amount of willpower. Their affections can only stretch so far before it latches onto another, more appropriate, suitor. The more I push, the more you’ll find me…appropriate.” 

Your mouth opened to argue, but a hand on your leg turned your attention down to Mark.
“Get…away from…him,” He coughed. His voice was weak, just above a whisper.
Dark sighed, shaking his head as you knelt beside Mark. “I honestly thought you’d die after our separation, pest. But you’re strong, I’ll give you that.” 
Mark gripped you, holding you as he dragged himself into a sitting position. You kept him steady, half cradling him against your side as Mark glowered up at the entity. 
“Why didn’t you do this sooner?” Mark demanded. “All that pain, that misery you put me through, and you could have had your own body all this time?” 
Dark rolled his eyes, “Strong but not very smart. You see, Mark, I didn’t know I could do this. But when I had a reason to have my own body, I had to try.” Dark winked at you. “And all that suffering you went through, I couldn’t care less. Now, let (Y/N) go and we’ll be on our way.” 
Mark’s hand held you tighter, pushing you behind him as he stood. Mark was unsteady on his legs, but he kept his eyes fixed on Dark. Staring him down and shielding you from Dark’s gaze. 
“She’s not going anywhere,” Mark said. “And I’ll kill you if you touch her.” 
Dark laughed. A rumbling chuckle that bounced off the walls and echoed through your mind. Goosebumps rose on your arms and you clung to Mark as Dark took a step forward. 
“Kill me? Little Mark, you could barely lift a feather in your state. And don’t worry. (Y/N) and I have already become acquainted. Very closely acquainted.”
Mark glanced at you and your gaze dropped to the ground. The guilt and shame rose in your chest like bile and you went to speak, but Mark whirled on Dark, a fist crashing into the entity’s cheek. 
“You vile, manipulating freak! What did you do?” Mark bellowed. Without thinking, you positioned yourself between them. Facing Dark, but keeping hands on Mark, pushing him back as the entity slowly came out of his stupor.
Dark’s head had snapped to the side under the impact. He chuckled, a humorless sound and turned to Mark. Ignoring you completely as he took the remaining step that separated them. 
“I’m going to make you suffer for that, little Mark.” Dark growled. The blackness of his eyes completely taking over. “And what (Y/N) and I did was wondrous. She’s so soft, so warm. I understand your attraction.”
Dark caught Mark’s fist in his palm. His fingers crushing Mark’s knuckles, smiling as Mark fell to his knees with a cry. 
You slammed into Dark, shoving him back. He seemed to find your attempt amusing. His arms wrapped around you, holding you against his chest as he grinned down at you. 
“Oh? Here for more” He purred in your ear. 
Mark launched himself off the ground. His other fist catching Dark in the chin, barely missing your head. 
Dark released you, stumbling back and whirling on Mark with a feral snarl. 
“I’ve had enough of you!” He roared. Something opened up beside Dark. A gaping black hole where the light bent into it, twisting the world around it. The wind seemed to be sucked into it and you could feel a slight pull on your body as it opened wider.
It hurt your eyes to look at it, but you watched with horror as Dark’s knuckles cracked against Mark’s face. The man cried out, his head snapping back and Dark latched onto the front of his shirt. 
“The Void will be a good place for you.” Dark hissed, yanking Mark close. “You won’t be able to interfere anymore. And soon, it’s emptiness will consume you and you will be forgotten.” 
Mark groaned, his daze ending as Dark twisted his body, readying to throw Mark into the black-hole. 
Your body rushed forward. Your shoulder colliding into Dark and your hands hooked under Mark’s arms. 
You yanked the man out of the entity’s grip as he became unbalanced and tilted into the hole. 
Dark yelled your name as the blackness swallowed him, and the gaping girth closed shut. 

Mark moaned, his hand rising up to feel his jaw. “That hurt.” 
You chuckled, “I think you can get pass a hit to the head. Your skull is thick enough for that.” 
Mark smiled, shaking his head. But then he looked at you, eyes worried. “Are you ok?” 
You nodded, taking a quick shaky breath to calm your racing heart. “Yeah,  I’m ok. You?” 
Mark looked to where the hole had closed. It looked as if nothing had happened. 
“Yeah, I’m better now.” 
You smiled and poked his side. “By the way. I totally just saved your ass. You owe me big time!” 
Mark grinned, chuckling sheepishly. “Yeah you did. How about a date?” 
Your eyes widened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” 
Mark rolled his eyes. His hand gripped yours and he pulled you into a kiss. It was quick, too quick you for your liking. But left you breathless none-the-less. 
“I just asked you out on a date,” Mark said. “So, is that a yes or no to dinner?” 
You pretended to think about it. “You have yourself a deal, Mark.” 
His smile broadened and he pecked your lips. “Excellent. Tonight, 8 o’clock.” 

A little Epilogue ;) 

The light was almost blinding. His eyes weren’t use to it, but they adapted quick enough.
Dark gazed out through the scar in the dimension. A fracture his black-hole had left when he tried to pull Mark into the Void. From his side, he could make out a room. Your living room.
He glimpsed a flickering screen, two forms on a couch in a dark room. You and Mark were having a movie night. 
But their wasn’t much attention on the screen. Dark spied Mark’s hand crawl up your thigh, your bodies tangled together, lips locked in a hungry battle of lust. 
His mouth curled down in confusion. 
Wait….no….he was here. 
Mark…he was…he was Mark. 
Confusion raked through him. The coldness of the Void suddenly filling his chest, seeping through his bones and consuming his body. His suit turned into a shirt, the tie disappearing and his trousers becoming regular pants.
No..No. He was meant to be out there! Dark was..Mark?…But how was Mark here? 
Dark, no, Mark peered through the fracture again. Your phone had started to ring, and you grabbed for it, trying to tear yourself away from the man that had you under him. 
“Dark! It’s Mum, I need to take this!” You giggled as a pair of lips latched onto your neck. 
“I’m sure she can leave a message.” A familiar voice replied. 
“But then she’ll get angry at me.” You pouted and the man sighed. Pulling away. 
“Alright, but tell her she interrupted a very important conversation!” 
You rolled your eyes, answering the phone and hurrying out of the room to talk. 
How doesn’t she see what’s happened? 
(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N), you have to hear me! 
“She won’t hear you,” Dark said form his place on the couch. “The Void is already doing it’s work. You’re being consumed. She’s already forgetting you. Already accepting me in your place.” 
Dark stood, crossing the room to stand before the fracture. “You’re fading, Mark. And soon even I won’t remember you. You’ll be but a whisper in an abyss of emptiness.” 
Mark cried out. But no sound came. Not even the sensation of a breath leaving his lungs could be felt. 
“Goodbye, Mark.” Dark said, his eyes flashing. “And don’t fret. I’ll look after, (Y/N). In the last remnants of your existence, I hope you find comfort in knowing she’ll be happy with me.” 
The scar closed, darkness taking Mark as he reached for you as you entered the room. 

You looked up from your phone, crossing to Dark as he stood in the center of the room. 
“Babe? What’s up?” You asked, your arms circling his waist. 
Dark hummed, his eyebrows furrowing. “Nothing. Got lost in my own thoughts.” He turned to face you. His hands taking your face in his palms and a wide smile stretching his lips. 
“Now, what were we discussing?” 

ignitesthestars  asked:

han disapproving of the OTP

He doesn’t get it.

Jyn’s- well, okay. He doesn’t think anyone this side of the Inner Rim would ever call Jyn fun, but she’s likable enough. Good to be around in the field.

Not a total…whatever Andor is.

“Am I boring you, General?”

Han looks up from the console. Cassian Andor stares back. He doesn’t know if he imagined a slight sass on his new military rank. Andor was like that. Always a mild feeling of being attacked but never the documented evidence of it.

(Leia had called him out on it once.
”You’re upset because you think he hurt your feelings,” she had observed.
“It’s not that. The guy doesn’t like me!”
A long, pointed stare.)

He rolls his shoulders. Flashes a grin that’s won him a lot of friends in cantinas. “A little.”

Cassian returns the expression. A mirror image, and Han has never felt so disarmed. “Then let’s make it quick.” A warm inflection that Han could swear is directly taken from his own voice filters into Andor’s next statement. “Get you to your pazaak games on time.”

Force, he’s creepy.

“S…ure,” he says after a moment. Because what’s he gonna do, argue on leaving a debriefing early?

Andor’s smile lingers on his face long enough to be convincingly genuine. Kriffing spies. “Pathfinders will be deployed in these quadrants.” The screen flickers, red dots appearing on landing zones. “We need these parameters secured-”

Han waves his hand dismissively. “I’ll read that in the pamphlet later.”

A long silence. Andor quietly clicks off the holodisplay. His face is…so neutral. Far too quiet fingers shuffle a stack of datapads. 

“Then I suppose we’re done here.”

Han feels like he’s messed up. He shouldn’t, because this guy’s only a Major. General beats Major. That was in the pamphlets, too.

The smart-ass invitation is out before he can stop himself. “Guessing you don’t want to go play cards?”

The corners of Andor’s eyes creased. The impression of smiling. “Another time, General Solo.”

“You can just call me Han, y’know. Jyn does.”

For some reason, the silence feels tenser. Like Han isn’t supposed to acknowledge the guy’s got a personal life or something. Or maybe Han’s not supposed to be in it. But Jyn’s under his command in the Pathfinders, they’ve talked before. 

Andor gives a slight dip of his chin. “If you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting with Princess Organa.”

So neutral. And a crock of grade-A bantha shit.

Major,” Han dismisses with definite, documentable sass on the rank.

“I don’t get it,” Han tells Jyn straight-up at the card game that he is, in fact, early for. 

She lays down a +2. “Get what?”

“You and Andor.” He flips over a +4. Shit.

“What is there to get.” She adds a +1. Shit!

“He doesn’t like me,” Han states.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

He scowls. Folds.

Jyn doesn’t quite smirk. But it’s real kriffing close.

“I’m sorry he hurt your feelings,” she says kindly as she mercilessly takes his money.

Han glares.
Maybe he does get it.

The Birds and the Bees- Meihem One-Shot (NSFW)

The question had come from nowhere.

Mei hadn’t been expecting it at all, not while she was laying in bed still panting and sweating, her body only just starting to cool from their third round of the night.

Junkrat had returned from a mission in Egypt, arriving on a ship that had landed earlier that evening after almost four weeks away. The junker had shoved his way past his colleagues, waved Roadhog off as his bodyguard headed for the cafeteria, made a beeline for Mei’s dorms, and had set upon her like a man possessed as soon as she’d barely opened the door. That had been hours ago, and the junker’s libido was finally starting to slow down, allowing Mei to at least catch her breath. She was an absolute mess, her hair damp and sticking out in all directions, her body flushed pink and glistening with perspiration, and the insides of her thighs were still wet and sticky. He had just rolled off her in a similar state of disarray, though disarray was hardly an unusual state for him in the first place. He was grinning as always, laying sprawled on his back next to the dazed woman atop her rumpled snowflake sheets.

There was finally room for something else in his brain, able to think of something other than sex. Well, the thoughts were still sex-related, but he wasn’t really sure where they had come from. He’d taken Mei to bed countless times since their first night together and he’d never really thought of it before. He’d been focused on…other things at the time. Still, the thought he had was intriguing. Really, it was a good question, he decided, so he turned to her and he asked it.

“Oi, Mei.”

“Mm?” She gave a little moan next to him, eyes closed and barely listening.

“Did ya ever want a baby?”

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Similarly, there’s The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson, that great goddess of cult TV and modern nerdery, cast in the role of Media, goddess of screens. In her flickering debut, the salacious siren calls to Siren by manifesting on televisions at a warehouse supermarket, taking the form of Lucille Ball, but max naughty. She beckons to Shadow like a commercial, or maybe a Starz show, bidding for his attention with a wicked wink and a promise to flash him some T&A (actually, just the T), to worship her with his eyeballs, with his viewership, for our worship. It’s a brilliantly impish moment.
—  Entertainment Weekly review American Gods and rate it an A- (x)

Creepy smile is creepy. Anyway, I wasn’t able to stick to the request fully but I did my best. Also, in my defence, I like the plot that I gave to Loki as a result. I feel it helps to stick to his character. If anything this is more like a Steve x Reader with Loki being heavily invested also. Plus, STEPHEN STRANGE CAMEO. Hope you all enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Could you write something where the reader is quiet and smart and quite nerdy and Loki slowly starts falling for her. And he has to like work hard to get her because reader isn’t just a push over who instantly has a crush on him when she meets him.


Iron Man soared through the sky.
“Where are we on those scans?” He asked, awaiting your response.

The headset Tony’d given you was thin and uncomfortable. You adjusted the way it sat on your head and pulled the microphone closer to your mouth. The screen in his lab flickered irritatingly.
“Sorry Mr Stark, but if you want things to move faster, I need better stuff.”
You wanted to bring in your own equipment,” Stark sniffed.

Steve slipped into the base of the building, quiet and unseen, checking the area before speaking.
“Because you wouldn’t let her put that – what do you call it? Software? – Yeah, her software on one of your machines.” Tony sniffed.
“I’m not about to let her install things on my machine until I find out what they can do.”

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