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Mess o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.

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Part 2: Mouth o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

The apartment is dark, lights dimmed so you can set the mood for what you expect to be an emotional performance. Your laptop is plugged into the television and the screen is flickering, splashing colors across your face from a product commercial. Harry is across the world, about to premiere a song from his upcoming album on a popular talk show. Despite how excited you are to hear the music, you’re still nervous for him, as you always are. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’ll smash whatever he performs, but he always seems to get in his own way.

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It’s Hard Enough - Cooper!Reader X Jughead Jones

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Hi love! Could I please request a fluffy Riverdale imagine where the reader is Betty’s little sister by a year who receives the same pressure from their mom, but hides it well from her sister and everyone else, when she is actually completely overwhelmed and stressed out to the point where she’s having an anxiety attack and Jughead or Veronica helps her?

Just because I love him, I chose a Jughead x Reader prompt. But, anon, if you want one with Veronica please message me!!! And maybe…if you want a Part Two (?)

It’s hard enough being a Freshman at Riverdale High, but you had an amazing older sister who put your mother’s standard too high. Betty is an amazing sister and you love her, it’s just that everyone loves her. After Polly went away and Jason went missing, things started to go further down hill for you. Your mother put unneeded pressure on both you and Betty, but Betty handled so much better. She broke free from your mother’s poisonous ways and started doing things for herself. This left you alone with the overbearing woman and no where to go. You managed to hide the damage your mother was inflicting upon you quite well. So well in fact that your sister and her friends thought you were just fine. The first day back to school, that changed.

“That’s really great Archie!” Betty said, shooting the redhead the most adorable heart eyes. You nodded in agreement as you listened to Archie's’ music demo. You were about to speak up when everyone at the lunch table turned their heads. “Can I sit?”

You turned and saw a very pretty Sophomore standing near the table. “Veronica! Yeah, sit!” Betty said, giving her a sweet smile. Kevin moved over, allowing you to make room for the girl to sit next to you. “What song is that? It’s really good but I haven’t heard it before.”

“It’s Archie’s demo.” You said, and the girl looked at you in confusion. Betty laughed, “Sorry, Veronica, this is my little sister Y/N. Y/N this is Veronica, she just moved here from New York.” Veronica gave you a kind smile and a hello which you tried to copy as best you could. You just weren’t feeling it today. Veronica must’ve picked up on it because her eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Yeah, I thought we’d have to pretend to like it but, it’s actually really great.” Kevin said causing Archie to smile softly. You smiled a little too, happy that at least one person you knew was doing something good in their lives. “You are alright?” Veronica asked while Kevin and Betty discussed Archie’s future in the music business. You just turned to look at her and with no answer, you got up and left the table. You felt tears gathering behind your eyes as you walked past Cheryl Blossom’s table, you heard someone in their group mutter “freak” and you suddenly were pushed over the edge. You picked up your pace and walked quickly back inside the school. You darted towards the nearest bathroom. You felt eyes on you and saw the Sophomore from your writing class watching you. You just walked faster to the bathroom and when inside, you locked yourself in a stall. The weight of everything that had occurred was finally crashing down on you and it was hitting hard. You felt light headed as your mind replayed the conversation of the future you had with your mom, the pressure for success she put on you because God forbid she had another broken daughter. Veronica’s simple question brought all of it back, the family drama that occurred with Polly and then Jason’s disappearance. You were far from alright, but the thought of telling someone that felt more scary than the pressure itself.

You managed to pull yourself together enough where you stopped crying, and got ready for your next period. When you would see your sister and her friends in the hall, you’d just say you had a stomach cramp or pain and went to the nurse. They’d question you and Veronica would be skeptical, but you’d smile and lie your way through the day.  

You told Betty that you had a group project due in a few days and that your group was meeting up at Pop’s. Of course, being the good sister she is, let you go off on your own. “Just text me when you get there and when you need a ride, okay?” You nodded and gave her a fake smile. “I love you Y/N, be safe!” You walked off towards the diner, happy that now you didn’t have to go home for a little while longer.

The diner was basically empty, minus a few usual patrons. You ordered some fries and sat in a booth in the corner. You looked outside the window and saw the rain drops fall against the glass. It was a soothing distraction, taking your mind off the current situation just for a few precious moments. The silence was interrupted by someone sitting in the empty side of the booth. You turned your head quickly and saw the quiet Sophomore from early today. You just stared at him and his odd hat, and he stared at you just the same. “You’re Y/N Cooper, I saw you earlier today in school. We have Writing class together.” You nodded, suddenly getting nervous. “You’re Jughead Jones.” You said, equally as monotone as he did. “I’m not normally one for caring, but what happened today, right before lunch ended?” You swallowed hard at his question, and he saw your unease. “You looked very, very upset, that’s why I ask.” You felt a tear slide down your cheek at his sudden kindness. You wiped it away as quickly as it had appeared. “Everything going on it’s…taking a toll on me, but I’m-” You stopped talking, not trusting your own voice to continue. Jughead seemed to notice and didn’t say a word. He just waited until you composed yourself and continued. “I’m,” you looked into his eyes for a split moment and saw that there was no fooling him, “not fine.”

You found yourself opening up, just a little, to the mysterious boy before you. You mentioned the pressure your mother put you under, that derived from what occurred with Polly and Jason. From there, he started to talk about the summer, the Blossom twins, and how he remembered your older sister. “Polly was very nice. Said ‘hi’ to me even when I didn’t even look at her.”

“That was the type of girl she was.” You said, trailing off. You missed your eldest sister and you knew that Betty did as well. “Maybe,” Jughead started, slightly hesitant, “you should talk to your sister Betty more.” You stared at him quietly as he continued, “If she was under the same pressure she might be able to help you deal with it. It’s just an idea.” He said, and you felt your lips twitch up into a small smile. “Thank you.” Your phone screen flickered on and you saw the time. You hurriedly got out of the booth and stood. “My sister is going to be here soon.” He nodded, and made his way out of his side of the booth. “I’ll walk you out.”

The two of you waited under the rain-guard outside the diner in a calm silence. For some reason you turned and saw him looking at you. “You don’t have to stay. You’ve done enough for me.” He shook his head and looked towards the ground, a small smile played on his lips. “I’m just going to leave you alone when you feel this down.” You nodded, your heart beating a bit faster than before. “Thank you, again.” You whispered quietly, he turned to face you once more. “If you ever need to talk, to someone that isn’t your sister, you can find me in the library at lunch time.” You gave him a soft smile once more and saw the headlights coming from down the road.

“I’ll see you around, Jughead.” You murmured, but he caught your hand before you walked away. “I hope you smile more.” He said in a hushed tone as he slipped a piece of paper into your hand. You looked a his face, his gaze hidden slightly by his dark hair. He pulled away and with one last glance, walked back inside the diner. You darted to Betty’s car through the rain and shuddered when you got inside.

“Get buckled.” She said, “How’d the group project go?” As you finished buckling your safety belt, you turned back to the diner and saw Jughead typing away at a laptop through the window. From a distance, it looked, almost like, he was smiling. You turned to face forward and sighed. “It went pretty well.”  

Words from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows for the signs

Aries: Rubatosis
n. the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat, whose tenuous muscular throbbing feels less like a metronome than a nervous ditty your heart is tapping to itself, the kind that people compulsively hum or sing while walking in complete darkness, as if to casually remind the outside world,  I’m here, I’m here, I’m here .

Taurus: Ambedo
n. a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee—briefly soaking in the experience of being alive, an act that is done purely for its own sake.

Gemini: Onism
n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time, which is like standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people’s passwords, each representing one more thing you’ll never get to see before you die—and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out,  you are here .

Cancer: Lachesism
n. the desire to be struck by disaster—to survive a plane crash, to lose everything in a fire, to plunge over a waterfall—which would put a kink in the smooth arc of your life, and forge it into something hardened and flexible and sharp, not just a stiff prefabricated beam that barely covers the gap between one end of your life and the other.

Leo: Mimeomia
n. the frustration of knowing how easily you fit into a stereotype, even if you never intended to, even if it’s unfair, even if everyone else feels the same way—each of us trick-or-treating for money and respect and attention, wearing a safe and predictable costume because we’re tired of answering the question, “What are you supposed to be?”

Virgo: Kairosclerosis
n. the moment you realize that you’re currently happy—consciously trying to savor the feeling—which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it’s little more than an aftertaste.

Libra: Contact High-five
n. an innocuous touch by someone just doing their job—a barber, yoga instructor or friendly waitress—that you enjoy more than you’d like to admit, a feeling of connection so stupefyingly simple that it cheapens the power of the written word, so that by the year 2025, aspiring novelists would be better off just giving people a hug.

Scorpio: Opia
n. the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable—their pupils glittering, bottomless and opaque—as if you were peering through a hole in the door of a house, able to tell that there’s someone standing there, but unable to tell if you’re looking in or looking out.

Sagittarius: Rückkehrunruhe
n. the feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness—to the extent you have to keep reminding yourself that it happened at all, even though it felt so vivid just days ago—which makes you wish you could smoothly cross-dissolve back into everyday life, or just hold the shutter open indefinitely and let one scene become superimposed on the next, so all your days would run together and you’d never have to call cut.

Capricorn: The Bends
n. frustration that you’re not enjoying an experience as much as you should, even something you’ve worked for years to attain, which prompts you to plug in various thought combinations to try for anything more than static emotional blankness, as if your heart had been accidentally demagnetized by a surge of expectations.

Aquarius: Mauerbauertraurigkeit
n. the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like—as if all your social tastebuds suddenly went numb, leaving you unable to distinguish cheap politeness from the taste of genuine affection, unable to recognize its rich and ambiguous flavors, its long and delicate maturation, or the simple fact that each tasting is double-blind.

Pisces: Daguerreologue
n. an imaginary interview with an old photo of yourself, an enigmatic figure who still lives in the grainy and color-warped house you grew up in, who may well spend a lot of their day wondering where you are and what you’re doing now, like an old grandma whose kids live far away and don’t call much anymore.


Summary: You severely misinterpret Bucky’s intentions during your weekly movie night.

Author’s Note: Written for @oneshot-shit‘s Valentine drabbles, with the given prompt “kisses.” This was too cute to pass up. This was taken from a post I saw on here a while ago, and if anyone has the link and can send it to me so I can give credit, that would be nice of you! Tags below the cut.

Words: 668

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“It’s a holiday invented by greeting card companies to earn money and make single people feel like shit.”

Bucky snorted from his place in the kitchen, digging through cabinets and the refrigerator. You heard the sound of wrappers and bags as he made his way toward the living room, arms laden with snacks as you scrolled through the Netflix queue, trying to find anything that didn’t look like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks book. Bucky sank into the couch next to you, making you jostle as he arranged everything for your weekly movie night. “I used to love Valentine’s day,” he said, taking a long drink from his glass. “I always had a date.”

“Of course you did,” you grumble, not looking at him. Still scowling, you groan aloud as you hit the ‘Romantic Comedies’ section of Netflix. Bucky opens one of his many snack bags, his arm over the back of the couch behind you. “Must be nice to always have somebody who wants to kiss you. I don’t even care about the chocolate and flowers, I just think it’s dumb that there’s one day a year dedicated to showing someone you love them when, really, you should be doing it any other day of the year too-”

You continue to ramble, finally reaching a category that isn’t centered around romance movies, not realizing that you’ve started leaning into Bucky’s side. Not that either of you would point it out or minded; this happened more often than not, the two of you snuggling together while the screen flickered with the choice of the week.

Last week, Bucky had chosen Lilo and Stitch and Pulp Fiction. With it being your turn, Bucky was fully prepared to sit through a romantic film. It was Valentine’s Day and he was certain that you, like every other woman he’d ever known, were going to force him to sit through something so sappy, he’d throw up. But this wasn’t the case, and he really should have seen it coming because women now were not like women in the ‘40s, at least what he could remember.

“I should have eaten lunch,” you were mumbling, frowning as you clicked the Sci-Fi section.

“Do you wanna kiss?”

Your fingers froze, thumb hovering over the select button. Your eyes were wide, staring at the cover photo for Alien v Predator. Heart hammering in your chest, you swallowed, gaping as you slowly turned toward Bucky.

“Kiss? Do I wanna-” His brow quirked and you mentally slapped yourself when you realized that he was holding out a bag in your direction: Hershey’s kisses. “Oh- you m- You mean, like, the- the candy.”

“What did you think I-” Bucky stopped, the plastic crunching in his grip. His cheeks flushed red and he cleared his throat. Embarrassment washed over you as you wiggled in your seat, trying to put just an extra inch between you and Bucky. But he remained still, glancing from the bag of chocolate to your face. “Or, um, yeah. Th- that, too. We c- we could do that.”


The two of you continued staring at each other, the awkward buzz fizzling until it popped, and you were both leaning toward one another. The bag of chocolate was forgotten when his lips grazed yours, so much warmer than you’d expected them to be.

Bucky pulled away first, his nose brushing against yours as he licked his lips. You inhaled deeply, eyes finding his. He smiled, wearily at first, but it spread into a grin when you smiled back. Slowly, you reached forward and dipped your hand into the bag of chocolate, tore off the wrapper, and popped the candy in your mouth without breaking eye contact. This prompted Bucky to laugh, and he reached for the back of your head, pulling you into another deep kiss. The taste of Hershey’s was more prominent now, and the longer his mouth remained against yours, the more you began to think Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad after all.

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[req] Patience. {m} | changkyun

Member: Lim Changkyun (I.M) / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 4,800+
Genre/Warning(s): SMUT, mature, romance, fluff.

Originally posted by jomihye


With fingers pressing to the cool glass of the window, you study the downward glide of rain droplets. Having pulled back the blinds, it had been expected that a gloom scene would await you, bathing Changkyun’s bedroom with a slate-gray shroud. The weather hadn’t been the most accommodating, in spite of the rarity of Changkyun being able to spend time in his own hometown–away from the demand of his career.

Away from prying eyes or the strain of his schedule. Away from it all and now cooped in the comfort of privacy.

Huffing at the trickle of rain that prevents you from heading out, you turn and point a stare at Changkyun as he’s splayed atop his bed on his back. PS4 controller in hand, your boyfriend’s gaze is centered on the flickering screen with a diligence that he only possessed on stage–well, not that much, but still notable enough for one to mention.

“Kyunnie,” you call, still standing at his bedroom’s window.

“Hn?” His hum is distant, keeping his attention on the video game as he lies oddly atop the duvet.

“I wanna show you something.”

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n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time, which is like standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people’s passwords, each representing one more thing you’ll never get to see before you die—and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out, you are here.

I’ll Make You Love Me

The final chapter in the “Everyone Needs Some Love” series. This has been a pleasure writing and I’m so happy so many of you enjoyed it!
Hopefully you all won’t hate me after the ending. I’m sorry

Part 1- Everyone needs some love
Part 2- I need your love
Part 3- I Want your Love
Part 4- You Want To Love Me 

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Two months. 
It has been two agonizingly long months. Your were beyond terrified. Questions were like hornets in your mind, guilt and sorrow twisted in your chest. 
Was Mark ok? Where had Dark gone? What was he doing? Would he ever return? 
So when a thump in the other room shocked you out of your current activity, you practically ran towards the sound. 
You cried out in both relief and misery as Mark’s crippled body lay on the floor of the lounge-room. 
“Mark!” You screamed, running forward and turning him onto his back. 
He was pale, almost deathly, and cold to touch. But his chest rose and fell with labored breaths, his pulse beating under your fingertips as you pressed them against his neck.
“Oh thank God,” You murmured. You touched his cheek, gently shaking his shoulders in an attempt to wake him. “Mark. Mark, wake up!” 
“He won’t wake for some time,” A deep voice told you. 
You looked up to find another figure standing in the room. A man wearing a black suit, the material smooth and almost luxurious to the eye. 
But his face, it was Mark’s face, but sharper along the jaw and with eyes sullen, lined with black. He was different and all too familiar at the same time.
You glared up at Dark. “What did you do?” 
Dark gestured with his hands along his body. Smoothing down his jacket and shifting his shoulders to better fit the clothing. 
“I believed that you’d enjoy a body separate from Mark’s.” Dark replied. A smug grin stretching his lips. “Am I wrong for believing this?” 
“You’re wrong for believing I’d want you,” You snapped. Standing and positioning yourself between him and Mark. “Separate body or not, I stand by what I said. I don’t love you. I can’t love you.” 
Dark chuckled, “You say that, my dear. But you haven’t given me a chance to properly try to win you over.” 
“I’m not some prize, Dark. I’m-”
“Human, yes.” Dark cut you off, impatiently fixing the cuffs of his suit. “You’ve made that quite clear. And that’s why I’m so persistent. Humans have a small amount of willpower. Their affections can only stretch so far before it latches onto another, more appropriate, suitor. The more I push, the more you’ll find me…appropriate.” 

Your mouth opened to argue, but a hand on your leg turned your attention down to Mark.
“Get…away from…him,” He coughed. His voice was weak, just above a whisper.
Dark sighed, shaking his head as you knelt beside Mark. “I honestly thought you’d die after our separation, pest. But you’re strong, I’ll give you that.” 
Mark gripped you, holding you as he dragged himself into a sitting position. You kept him steady, half cradling him against your side as Mark glowered up at the entity. 
“Why didn’t you do this sooner?” Mark demanded. “All that pain, that misery you put me through, and you could have had your own body all this time?” 
Dark rolled his eyes, “Strong but not very smart. You see, Mark, I didn’t know I could do this. But when I had a reason to have my own body, I had to try.” Dark winked at you. “And all that suffering you went through, I couldn’t care less. Now, let (Y/N) go and we’ll be on our way.” 
Mark’s hand held you tighter, pushing you behind him as he stood. Mark was unsteady on his legs, but he kept his eyes fixed on Dark. Staring him down and shielding you from Dark’s gaze. 
“She’s not going anywhere,” Mark said. “And I’ll kill you if you touch her.” 
Dark laughed. A rumbling chuckle that bounced off the walls and echoed through your mind. Goosebumps rose on your arms and you clung to Mark as Dark took a step forward. 
“Kill me? Little Mark, you could barely lift a feather in your state. And don’t worry. (Y/N) and I have already become acquainted. Very closely acquainted.”
Mark glanced at you and your gaze dropped to the ground. The guilt and shame rose in your chest like bile and you went to speak, but Mark whirled on Dark, a fist crashing into the entity’s cheek. 
“You vile, manipulating freak! What did you do?” Mark bellowed. Without thinking, you positioned yourself between them. Facing Dark, but keeping hands on Mark, pushing him back as the entity slowly came out of his stupor.
Dark’s head had snapped to the side under the impact. He chuckled, a humorless sound and turned to Mark. Ignoring you completely as he took the remaining step that separated them. 
“I’m going to make you suffer for that, little Mark.” Dark growled. The blackness of his eyes completely taking over. “And what (Y/N) and I did was wondrous. She’s so soft, so warm. I understand your attraction.”
Dark caught Mark’s fist in his palm. His fingers crushing Mark’s knuckles, smiling as Mark fell to his knees with a cry. 
You slammed into Dark, shoving him back. He seemed to find your attempt amusing. His arms wrapped around you, holding you against his chest as he grinned down at you. 
“Oh? Here for more” He purred in your ear. 
Mark launched himself off the ground. His other fist catching Dark in the chin, barely missing your head. 
Dark released you, stumbling back and whirling on Mark with a feral snarl. 
“I’ve had enough of you!” He roared. Something opened up beside Dark. A gaping black hole where the light bent into it, twisting the world around it. The wind seemed to be sucked into it and you could feel a slight pull on your body as it opened wider.
It hurt your eyes to look at it, but you watched with horror as Dark’s knuckles cracked against Mark’s face. The man cried out, his head snapping back and Dark latched onto the front of his shirt. 
“The Void will be a good place for you.” Dark hissed, yanking Mark close. “You won’t be able to interfere anymore. And soon, it’s emptiness will consume you and you will be forgotten.” 
Mark groaned, his daze ending as Dark twisted his body, readying to throw Mark into the black-hole. 
Your body rushed forward. Your shoulder colliding into Dark and your hands hooked under Mark’s arms. 
You yanked the man out of the entity’s grip as he became unbalanced and tilted into the hole. 
Dark yelled your name as the blackness swallowed him, and the gaping girth closed shut. 

Mark moaned, his hand rising up to feel his jaw. “That hurt.” 
You chuckled, “I think you can get pass a hit to the head. Your skull is thick enough for that.” 
Mark smiled, shaking his head. But then he looked at you, eyes worried. “Are you ok?” 
You nodded, taking a quick shaky breath to calm your racing heart. “Yeah,  I’m ok. You?” 
Mark looked to where the hole had closed. It looked as if nothing had happened. 
“Yeah, I’m better now.” 
You smiled and poked his side. “By the way. I totally just saved your ass. You owe me big time!” 
Mark grinned, chuckling sheepishly. “Yeah you did. How about a date?” 
Your eyes widened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” 
Mark rolled his eyes. His hand gripped yours and he pulled you into a kiss. It was quick, too quick you for your liking. But left you breathless none-the-less. 
“I just asked you out on a date,” Mark said. “So, is that a yes or no to dinner?” 
You pretended to think about it. “You have yourself a deal, Mark.” 
His smile broadened and he pecked your lips. “Excellent. Tonight, 8 o’clock.” 

A little Epilogue ;) 

The light was almost blinding. His eyes weren’t use to it, but they adapted quick enough.
Dark gazed out through the scar in the dimension. A fracture his black-hole had left when he tried to pull Mark into the Void. From his side, he could make out a room. Your living room.
He glimpsed a flickering screen, two forms on a couch in a dark room. You and Mark were having a movie night. 
But their wasn’t much attention on the screen. Dark spied Mark’s hand crawl up your thigh, your bodies tangled together, lips locked in a hungry battle of lust. 
His mouth curled down in confusion. 
Wait….no….he was here. 
Mark…he was…he was Mark. 
Confusion raked through him. The coldness of the Void suddenly filling his chest, seeping through his bones and consuming his body. His suit turned into a shirt, the tie disappearing and his trousers becoming regular pants.
No..No. He was meant to be out there! Dark was..Mark?…But how was Mark here? 
Dark, no, Mark peered through the fracture again. Your phone had started to ring, and you grabbed for it, trying to tear yourself away from the man that had you under him. 
“Dark! It’s Mum, I need to take this!” You giggled as a pair of lips latched onto your neck. 
“I’m sure she can leave a message.” A familiar voice replied. 
“But then she’ll get angry at me.” You pouted and the man sighed. Pulling away. 
“Alright, but tell her she interrupted a very important conversation!” 
You rolled your eyes, answering the phone and hurrying out of the room to talk. 
How doesn’t she see what’s happened? 
(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N), you have to hear me! 
“She won’t hear you,” Dark said form his place on the couch. “The Void is already doing it’s work. You’re being consumed. She’s already forgetting you. Already accepting me in your place.” 
Dark stood, crossing the room to stand before the fracture. “You’re fading, Mark. And soon even I won’t remember you. You’ll be but a whisper in an abyss of emptiness.” 
Mark cried out. But no sound came. Not even the sensation of a breath leaving his lungs could be felt. 
“Goodbye, Mark.” Dark said, his eyes flashing. “And don’t fret. I’ll look after, (Y/N). In the last remnants of your existence, I hope you find comfort in knowing she’ll be happy with me.” 
The scar closed, darkness taking Mark as he reached for you as you entered the room. 

You looked up from your phone, crossing to Dark as he stood in the center of the room. 
“Babe? What’s up?” You asked, your arms circling his waist. 
Dark hummed, his eyebrows furrowing. “Nothing. Got lost in my own thoughts.” He turned to face you. His hands taking your face in his palms and a wide smile stretching his lips. 
“Now, what were we discussing?” 

@demisexualhale sorry you had a rough time today. have this au that i saw you talking about after i creeped on your blog. it’s… uh. probably not what anyone involved thought it would be. but i hope you like it? 


sterek. 2k. spy au. warnings: i know nothing about spies, secret criminal organizations, or technology in general. just roll with it.

“I’ll pay you twenty bucks to hum the Mission Impossible theme while I do this,” Stiles muttered, fishing an exacto knife out of his tool belt. He fit it under the very edge of the ID scanner and, with a flick of his wrist, popped it off like a dream.

“You could pay me twenty thousand and I still wouldn’t do it.”

“Spoilsport.” Gently pulling all the wires out into the open was the easy part; it was identifying the right one to snip that was going to be the tricky part. Would it kill all organized crime syndicates to stick to one universal standard?

“Try the yellow wire. Third from the left.”

Try?” Stiles repeated under his breath. “We’ve been planning this job for weeks and you want me to go in with ‘try’?”

He could practically hear the eye roll on the other end of the earbud. “Cut the wire, agent.”

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My Dirty Girl - Negan Smut Fic

dedicated to @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff , surprise (you thought of this a while ago but i never told you i was writing it muhahhaha)

description : you find Negan’s secret porn collection, and he finds you finding his secret porn collection. I wonder what happened next.

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Sneaking through the halls, you came across a pair of double doors that looked nicer than the rest. Negan’s room. Your curiosity peaked, you decide to proceed into the room, punishments aside. The darkness within the room swallowed you up, your nerves at an all time high. But it was too late to go back now. Commit, you pussy. If he wanted you dead, you would be dead by now. On the opposite wall of the bed sat a TV on top of a dresser. You knew there was no way the channels were still running, so why the hell did he have it? Invading his privacy further, you opened one of the drawers. 

“Holy shit.

DVDs. Tons of them. ‘April 22 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME’, ‘JULY 15 : ALL ASS’. Porn, sex tapes, you couldn’t believe it. But maybe you just could. Your fingers sliding over the cases, ridge by ridge, you came across one labeled, ‘APRIL 29 : LUCILLE’. You glanced behind, making sure the coast was clear. Taking a deep breath, you cracked open the case and fed it to the DVD player above. Within seconds the screen flickered on, exposing a shirtless Negan who appeared front and center after turning on the camera. 

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl, Lucille.” Stepping aside, he revealed a woman laying on the bed, completely naked and obviously pleased to be there. Watching on, you saw him flip her onto all fours and aggressively tease her. Although the quality of the video was sub par, you could almost feel him licking her clit with a vicious ferocity. Your eyes sucked to the screen, you adjusted your sitting position and slid a hand beneath your underwear. The way he hovered over her, his muscles twinging with every move, continued to make you wet. As the woman’s moans became faster in the movie, so did your hand motions, your body pleading to trade your hand with Negan’s tongue. Seconds away from climax, you tilted your head back as you spread your juices all over your lips. 

“Well holy hell.”

You suddenly froze mid stroke, the deep voice from behind you sending you into a state of shock. Negan. The video continued, the sound of the woman on the screen echoing throughout the room until Negan approached the TV. Stretching out his arm, he turned off the box, silencing the room and boxing her between the dresser and his body. 

“Can I help you up? Or are your hands a little full?” 

Scrambling to adjust yourself, you adjusted your panties and stood before him, hiding your hands behind your back.

“You dirty girl. You fucking like what you saw?”

“Look, I know I shouldn’t have been in here, I’ve crossed so many lines and broken so many rules. I’ll just leave it’s not a big de-” Before you could escape, he clasped onto your arm, the firm way he held you making you even wetter than you were before. 

“Is that what you want? You want me to make you my ‘Lucille’?”

You looked up into his eyes, your everything burning with desire. 

“I can’t fucking say yes for you,” he said, waiting for her consent. 

“Hit me with your best shot.”

Jerking you back, he tears open your shirt and begins kissing down your figure. Starting with the crook of your neck, down your stomach and stopping right above your slit. Throwing you onto the bed, he paused before continuing his magic. 

“Why don’t I give you a souvenir, huh? Some shit to take on the road?” Approaching the corner of the room he pulled out a tripod with a camcorder duct taped to the top, a red button visible on the front. Before you could say anything, he pounced on you once again, kissing you with a force you had never felt before. His tongue weaving in, out and around yours, speaking a language only your mouths understood. He bit your lip, releasing an uncontrollable moan that pressed your body even closer to his. You reached up to remove his shirt, but he had other plans. 

“And what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He pinned your arms above your head before slithering down to your prized possessions down below. You remained on your back, your hips squirming with anticipation. 

“Look at you, fucking squirming around like that. Can I help you with something?” He looked up, his lips inches from your pussy. “Oh shit,” he slowly approached you, performing a single lick up your slit before looking back up at you. “Is this what you want?” Unable to gather your words, you nodded your head and entangled your fingers within his hair trying to push him back down. “Well I mean,” he went down again, this time circling twice around your clit with the tip of his tongue. “if this is what you want…” holding out no further, he dove into the feast ahead of him. Spelling out the alphabet, every flick creating a heavier sensation throughout her body. To help the cause, he inserted three fingers, wasting no time during the build up. Alternating between licks and pulses, he continued to use his hand and mouth in unison as you began to drip all over his fingers. Your moans quickening along with his pulse, you could feel yourself ready to blow. 

“Come on, baby,” he urged between licks, “cum for me. You owe me, so fucking cum for me.”

Your back arching, your moans grew than halted as his few final strokes broke your chords, squirting his face with your mark, your muscles pulsing and clenching around his fingers which remained inside of you until you completely finished. 

Finally removing his hand, he wiggled his fingers, examining the cum before licking a finger. 

“I fucking take pride in my work.”

Still trying to recover, you remained on the bed, your eyes closed. He stood and walked to the camera in the corner, wiping what remained on the back of his jeans. 

“Now this,” he said removing a disk from the camera, “this shit is for you.” Removing a marker from his pocket, he jotted something down, tossed it on the bed next to you and headed for the door. 

“Now you can start your own collection. To be continued.” With a chuckle, he left the room closing the door behind you. 

With your breath finally back, you reached for the DVD. Laughing to yourself, you read his caption. 

‘March 16 : MY DIRTY GIRL’.

merry christmas let me know if you like it <3

Dangerous Woman- Part 12

A/N: I actually enjoyed this part….

Warnings: Swearing/Fluff

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader 

Part 11/ Masterlist

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Between the Pages - A Tree Bros WIP

Evan just needed a book to finish his essay. 

Hey, guys!! So I made a little post earlier about the fic I’m in the process of writing. I realize it’s going to be a bit longer before I’m ready to release it on AO3 so I decided to post the first little bit. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope that I don’t leave you guys waiting too long after this!!

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I’m procrastinating and impatient, so here’s a preview of the new B99 + Photographer/Model AU I’ve been developing!!
→ All the props to @peraltiagoisland​, @proofthatihaveaheart​, @three-drink-amy​, @elsaclack​, @tiadorable​, @stardustsantiago​, @littlegreenwomen​, @scullysthumbtacks​, @jokeperatla​, and @dogworldchampion​ for listening to me gush about this AU for daysssssss. 

Amy’s in the middle of typing out a text to Rosa (they’re ironing out the details for an upcoming shoot) when a notification pops up at the top of her screen. Her eyes flicker to it, and her heart skips a beat. 

thatjakeperalta liked your post

She bites her bottom lip and shakes her head, mentally chastising herself for reacting to such a tiny thing. So he liked one of her Instagram photos, big deal.

She finishes off her text, confirming the stylists have been notified on the time and venue of their shoot, then switches over to her Instagram app. She just wants to check how well her last post is doing, she couldn’t care less about some model double-tapping on her picture. 

Even if he is ridiculously attractive and funny and by far the nicest model she’s worked with in the seven years of her professional career. 

She brings up her activity feed, which is filled with likes and comments from her industry friends and other followers. It’s the message at the top that again throws her off for a second. 

She was expecting to find that he had liked her most recent photo, but the thumbnail beside the notification isn’t this morning’s sunrise. Instead, it’s her smiling at the camera excitedly. Rosa had snapped the photo when they had reached the destination of their hike nearly a year ago

Before she can fully process this, she gets a slew of new notifications – all about thatjakeperalta liking her photos. 

Her cheeks redden a smidge, and a grin spreads on her face as she realizes what’s going on. He’d been stalking her Instagram, and this is him trying to cover his tracks. 

She’s definitely been there, and she knows how embarrassing it feels. But also, she just can’t resist gloating in his misery. 

She quickly takes a screencap of the page and sends it to him. For good measure, she texts: 

Working hard, I see. 

On Jake’s end, he’s absolutely mortified. 

He’s past contemplating cutting off his thumb for getting him in this mess, and he’s right about ready to change his name and go off the grid. He’s pretty darn sure his mom wouldn’t mind, so long as he sends her a postcard every now and then. 

He reads Amy’s text and groans loudly, burying his burning face in his pillow. If he could just go back in time and stop himself from liking a photo posted 48 freaking weeks ago. 

Eventually, he lifts his head up and reaches for his phone on the nightstand. He pulls up the message again and sighs, wondering how he’s going to charm his way out of this. 

It takes awhile, but he finally replies: 

just doing research on this photog i’m working with next week. she’s ayt i guess?? :P

Amy snickers and takes a second to attach an old photo of him she had found when doing “research” of her own. It’s him in a cough syrup ad from at least five years ago, and he’s looking like he’s at death’s door. 

I’m not sure about this model I was assigned for a shoot. Do you think I should just call off the gig? 

The pit of dread in his stomach eases up, and he chuckles.

i’ll have you know, i got free cough meds for months after that. it was p sweet when flu season came around.

and ngl, there was like a span of 4 years where i just said yes to everything.

the modeling world is crayyyyyy.

The next thing he receives is a photo of him holding a snake. There’s more of a grimace on his face than a smile. 

Did you get to keep the snake after this or did the pet store give you other freebies? 

He laughs and gets up to grab one of the folders on his shelf. He hasn’t really been compiling his latest tear sheets, but his mom used to catalog his earliest work. He finds the oldest folder and flips to one of the first pages – a photo of him as a toddler, donning only a Baby Looney Tunes-themed diaper and beaming. He snaps a picture of the ad and sends it over. 

i hit my prime early and everything’s just been downhill after

you think i’m ever going to get back to this level???

She lets out an aww and makes a mental note to dig up the rest of his childhood work later. (Over the weekend, when she does find the time to hunt through various online archives, she finds herself having to squash down the image of a tiny Jake Jr. running around her apartment. She chalks it up to her hormones and natural maternal instincts.) 

She goes back to her Instagram app and scrolls through the photos he’s been tagged in. Her eyebrows shoot up at some of the earliest pictures, where he’s styled to look like genderbent Disney princesses. She vaguely recalls this going viral back in her college days, and she isn’t sure how she didn’t put two and two together. She double-taps on all of them and sends over a screencap of her favorite one. 

I didn’t realize this was you! This photo series was so cool!!! How did I miss that looksbylinetti was your make up artist?

lol yeah isn’t gina amazing?! fun fact: this was the project that got me an agent. shout out to charles and his love for disney!

So amazing. I have to bug Gina about this at our next shoot. You think she’d be open to doing a redux on these? We need to do one of you as Elsa!

He’s typing out his reply when he’s interrupted by a call from Gina Linetti herself. “Hello?”


He laughs. “Yeah, I know.” 

“Uh- wait, ARE YOU WITH HER RIGHT NOW? Explain yourself, Jacob.”

“We’ve just been texting. It’s nothing. I accidentally liked one of her photos from a year ish ago, so we’ve been talking.” 

“Okay normally I’d disown you for that, but obviously your faux pas worked out somehow so.” 

“I mean nothing’s happened really, but -” 

“Nothing’s happened yet, boo! Okay, go back to flirting with Santiago or whatever. I’ll see ya at the shoot next week!”

Jake grins goofily in spite of himself, thankful he’s not in front of a camera for once. 

The Birds and the Bees- Meihem One-Shot (NSFW)

The question had come from nowhere.

Mei hadn’t been expecting it at all, not while she was laying in bed still panting and sweating, her body only just starting to cool from their third round of the night.

Junkrat had returned from a mission in Egypt, arriving on a ship that had landed earlier that evening after almost four weeks away. The junker had shoved his way past his colleagues, waved Roadhog off as his bodyguard headed for the cafeteria, made a beeline for Mei’s dorms, and had set upon her like a man possessed as soon as she’d barely opened the door. That had been hours ago, and the junker’s libido was finally starting to slow down, allowing Mei to at least catch her breath. She was an absolute mess, her hair damp and sticking out in all directions, her body flushed pink and glistening with perspiration, and the insides of her thighs were still wet and sticky. He had just rolled off her in a similar state of disarray, though disarray was hardly an unusual state for him in the first place. He was grinning as always, laying sprawled on his back next to the dazed woman atop her rumpled snowflake sheets.

There was finally room for something else in his brain, able to think of something other than sex. Well, the thoughts were still sex-related, but he wasn’t really sure where they had come from. He’d taken Mei to bed countless times since their first night together and he’d never really thought of it before. He’d been focused on…other things at the time. Still, the thought he had was intriguing. Really, it was a good question, he decided, so he turned to her and he asked it.

“Oi, Mei.”

“Mm?” She gave a little moan next to him, eyes closed and barely listening.

“Did ya ever want a baby?”

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From the Library of Congress, The Card Catalog takes readers on a treasure hunt through the history of our most beloved books. Teeming with over 200 images of original catalog cards, first edition book covers, and photos from magnificent archives of the Library of Congress, this collection is a visual celebration of one of the world’s most famous libraries and the brilliant catalog system that has kept it organized for hundreds of years.

Here is the introduction of the book written by Peter Devereaux, Writer-Editor at The Library of Congress.

Wandering the stacks at the Library of Congress can be as overwhelming as it is inspiring. Drifting through the maze of bookshelves evokes images of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges’s fictional Library of Babel—a seemingly infinite labyrinth of books.

Being surrounded by the collected memory of the human race is a reminder of the intrinsic desire for both knowledge and organization. Ever since the emergence of the written word, humans have scribbled down myths, stories, histories, and natural observations and worked tirelessly to gather and protect these fragments of a shared past.

Evolving alongside, in the shadows of the written word, was one of the most versatile and durable technologies in history: the library catalog—a road map for navigating this wilderness of books. The humble yet powerful card catalog progressed slowly and, like countless other important inventions, owes its existence to a number of brilliant thinkers, as well as to the twists and turns of history.

From the peculiar and idiosyncratic methods of ancient libraries to far more intricate, comprehensive modern attempts, library catalogs are a tangible example of humanity’s effort to establish and preserve the possibility of order.

Assembled in handsome oak cabinets, the card catalog once framed the palatial Main Reading Room at the Library of Congress. It has now fallen to the exigencies of modern life, replaced by the flickering screens of the online computer catalog. One would need to venture farther into the stacks to find the Main Card Catalog.

Opening a drawer and flipping through the well-worn cards, many handwritten and filled with marginalia containing valuable information not to be found in an Internet search, leaves one with a sense of awe at how catalogers distilled so much information onto simple 3-by-5-inch index cards—cards that still sit neatly filed, waiting to reveal the treasures hidden in the hundreds of miles of Library stacks on Capitol Hill.”

—Peter Devereaux
Writer-Editor at The Library of Congress

See inside the book over on our blog.

Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: Thank you all AGAIN for the lovely response on my last part, it honestly is so sweet and i’ve run out of words to describe how thankful I am on your guys support and reassurance of this series. I do truly love writing this series and being able to put my own character into the 100 series. So thank you all for allowing me to continue it! This episode (episode 8) is honestly (again) one of my favourite episodes. I feel like we finally get to see Bellamy for who he is, and that honestly makes me so happy. 

Y/N or the reader will be taking place of Clarke to further her relationship with Bellamy in this episode.

Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. As usual, I hope you all enjoyed!

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Based off of: The 100 01x08

Warnings: hallucination nuts, getting “high”.

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You blinked, your body weak and swaying as you tried to regain yourself. It felt as if you’d tip over any second but you held fast on staying steady and not making a complete fool of yourself. Had you just heard Clarke’s words right? You prayed you didn’t, but the feeling in your stomach told you otherwise and you feared…

You feared you’d have to talk to him… the him who threw you in solitary and the him who also happened to be your father. “Y/N!” Shaking your head, the world became clear again and you found Clarke, standing before you waving her hand in front of you. You cleared your throat, unsure of your own next words. “Kane? Kane would like to speak to me?” 

She nodded, seemingly just as confused as you. “Yes, Y/N.” She concluded. You felt your breath leave you and your heart rate pick up, taking cautious steps back you shook your head with denial. “I can’t.” You shook your head, breath frantically picking up; “please, Clarke. I can’t.”

“I-I’m sorry Y/N. But Kane specifically requested you.” Clarke explained, wiping her hand against her forehead in frustration. Sudden guilt filled within you, despite the unredeemable acts she’d just committed, she also had a lot on her plate and she didn’t need your pathetic panic attacks. “We just got in contact with them, I don’t want to upset them just yet.”

“Uh- okay. Sorry.” You replied quickly, ignoring the look she gave you as you snuck past her into the room. You stared at the screen that displayed someone you thought you’d never see again. He was almost your worst fear, and seeing him head on made your heart beat rapidly against your chest. You tried to ignore the spike of fear that stabbed through you as you stood just out of view to Kane.

You needed to do this. You knew. Even if you did some how manage to avoid this (which you wouldn’t be able to) the Ark was coming down, you’d have to confront your father eventually. It was best just to get it over with.

Taking a deep breath, you tried to ignore the way your hand shook and took a step towards the screen. Taking a seat, you let your eyes wander over Kane. He looked the same. Though it’s been four years since you’ve even seen him, your father did not change much. He still held that air of arrogance along with him. 

He seemed monotone on your return but you felt your stomach bubble with anticipation. “Hello… sir.” You replied, using the name he liked you to call him by.

“Hello, Y/N.” He replied shortly, and despite the way things had left off you couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt that he still couldn’t seem to give you the time of the day. “Clarke tells me she is busy today, so she sent you.” Blinked, you shook your head confused, Clarke had said he’d requested you specifically..? So why? “All of you will freeze to death by winter, so we have found an emergency aid depot. It’s not far from the landing site. Here are the coordinates.” You were quick to begin writing down the coordinates.

Jaha came to view and he was very quick to begin explaining; “along with supplies, the bunker made provide shelter for the hundred and for the citizens of the Ark.”

Despite how quickly everything had been thrown at you, you turned to Jaha and asked; “and what makes you think it’s intact?” You chose to ignore the fact that your father was in clear sight of you and the absolute chills and obedience that you felt around him.

“It was designed to withstand nuclear warfare.” Kane explained, the screen flickering back to him. Nodding your head, you opened your mouth to speak, though you were interrupted quickly by Jaha. “Send in Clarke please, Y/N. Find someone to check the bunker out and report back to us.” You were sent off but in panic you tried; “wait. Can I please speak to Kane please?” Though the fear you felt about seeing your father again, you still wanted to speak to him. He was your father… you missed him. 

“Not the time Y/N. Go now.” Kane spoke for Jaha, waving you off. With hurt eyes you turned to your father but he only shook your head. Despite the four years, you’d grown up with those eyes and you knew when to stop. With a sigh, you stood up and tried to suck in your tears. Four years. Four years it’s been since you’ve spoke to your father and he couldn’t even bother to say one word to you. Actually to you. It stung. More than anything.

You stormed out of the room only to be stopped by Clarke herself. Her hand fell on your shoulder and you hid your clearly distressed state by your hand. “Hey, Y/N. Are you okay?” She asked, clearly concerned.

Sniffling, you shook your head and sent a smile her way. “Yeah fine.” You convinced her, and with a sudden furrow of your brow, you turned to her suspicious; “hey you said that Kane requested me specifically, but they said you requested me? Why would you need me to go to the depot instead of going yourself?”

Clarke’s eyes fell and her hand slipped off your shoulder, with honest but hidden eyes she turned on you; “Y/N I know Kane’s your father.” You opened your mouth in shock, taking a step back. “How di-”

“Doesn’t matter,” she interrupted, “I just thought you’d like to speak to him and I need to figure somethings out of my own. I knew I could trust you.” Sudden anger filled you, and though you weren’t sure why, you narrowed your eyes at her. “What right do you have? When you won’t even speak to your own mother?” You suddenly spat at her, you watched her face twist into concern but you only shook your head and stormed past her before she could say anything.

She had no right. And the only she’d been doing for the past day had been aggravating you. So quick to torture another when all he was trying to do was protect himself. So quick to put all the pressure on another when one thing became too much. Your anger was unjust in some ways, but a fire burned within you and you just felt so angry.

Your body led you, and soon your found yourself climbing up the ladder that led to where the grounder was. You found Octavia on your way and sent a small sympathetic smile her way. Climbing up the ladder, you found just who were looking for. And surprised to see you there, Bellamy turned towards you, quick to head towards you. “Y/N-” You held up your hand interrupting him.

“The Ark found some old records that show a supply depot not too far from here.” You explained. 

“What kind of supplies?”

“The kind of supplies that might give us a chance to live through winter.” You explained, shaking your head. Drawling, you looked up at him; “I’m gonna go check it out.” You sent him a look, already knowing he’d want to join you, as that was part of the reason why you’d come to him, even if your feet led you here. Though you weren’t sure why. You two had been getting the least bit along lately, but it didn’t matter. No matter how much you hated his ways, you needed someone that wouldn’t be afraid to defend themselves and you, if you went on your own, you hated to say it but you were in danger.

“Can I-”

“Yes, you can come.” You interrupted, waving your hand. “I’ll get my stuff, meet you in ten by the gates.”

Ten minutes later, both you and Bellamy were out of the gates and already in the landing site that this pod was suppose to be in. Popping another nut in your mouth, you turned to Bellamy who was only a few steps behind you. “So…how long you gonna avoid Jaha for?” You asked, seemingly breaking the silence between the two of you. “The drop-ships are gonna be arriving soon, pretty sure it’s gonna be a bit difficult to avoid Jaha then.”

“I can try.” Bellamy replied. You looked back at him, a hidden tenseness between the two of you and you shook your head. Figures he’d still try even when the odds were clearly going to be against him. 

Stepping up the hill, you both looked around at the barren looking area. Holding the map, you let your eyes wander around; “the depot suppose to be around here… somewhere.” You mumbled, holding the map. It definitely did not look like there was anything here. With the dead trees, destroyed half of a building and the abandoned look of it. 

“There’s got to be a door somewhere here.” Bellamy uttered. 

“Maybe he’ll be lenient.” You mentioned, breaking the conversation and going back to Jaha. He shook his head, turning to you and you had to strain your head up to look him in the eye. “Look, I shot the man Y/N. He’s just not gonna forgive and forget.” 

Sighing you looked away, at the ground and played with your thumbs. “Yeah I know. Maybe I just hoped you would be willing to compensate for your crimes.” You mumbled, you decided not to look back at Bellamy knowing already what his expression would be. You shook your head.

“Look let’s just split up, cover more ground.” Bellamy was quick to walk away, you only shook your head, disappointed in him. Heading down the hill, you headed left while he headed right and you began digging around. Moving stuff you tried to search for the door and let out a small smile when you saw the door. Straightening out, you looked over at Bellamy and frowned. Just a day ago you’d trusted him completely, he was a prick and cocky but you’d trusted him.

You’d let someone in even after everything that had happened to you. You’d trusted him. And now… now you only saw betrayal when you looked at him. Shaking your head, you cleared your mind of those thoughts. This wasn’t the time, you needed to find out if that depot would help your people or not and debating whether Bellamy was trust worthy or not wasn’t the way.

“Bellamy!” You called, catching the attention of him. You squinted to see what he was doing but couldn’t tell and soon enough he stopped, turning to you. “Over here. I found a door.” He was quick to gather his stuff, jogging over to you.

Pulling on the handles, you grunted when it didn’t budge and sighed. “I think it’s rusted shut.” You sighed. 

“Here.” Bellamy commented, raising his axe to the side of the door; “watch your foot.” He warned, and you quickly tucked your foot underneath you. You watched as he raised his hand and smacked the axe down against the door. Soon enough the handle broke and jumping into action you moved over to help him pull the door open. The door creaked open and sharing a look with Bellamy, you both stood up and began heading down the steps.

You switched on a flash light, handing it to him before grabbing yourself one. Looking around, you felt hope within you as you prayed that this place would be suitable enough to live in. You and Bellamy remained silent, searching through the depot yourself. 

You followed through the depot, walking down more steps. You felt yourself freeze and your breath get caught in your throat when an old decayed body came into view. Pausing, you closed your eyes to remain calm and continued walking further. You barely paid attention to the fact that Bellamy witnessed it all and still walking, he asked; “you really don’t like death, do you?” 

Not looking back at him, you spat; “nope.”

Walking further, there was another body and you had to focus on your breathing as Bellamy commented; “hell of a place to die.”

Your hope withered as you made it to the bottom of the steps and viewed the shape the depot was in. It was decaying and old, everything was rotted and wasted. And reluctantly you had to admit that this was no place to live. Closing your eyes in frustration you mumbled, “so much for living here. This place is disgusting. Damnit!” You raised your voice, frustrated. 

“Anything left down here is ruined.” 

“They must have distributed most of the supplies before the last bombs went off.” You analyzed. Turning to Bellamy when he opened a compartment, you walked over to him watching as he twisted a glow stick on. You set down your bag next to Bellamy’s and walked over to another container. Opening it, you felt a slimmer of hope fill within you when you saw blankets. Clearly excited, you called over to Bellamy; “hey. I found blankets.”

“Excited about a couple of blankets.” Bellamy drawled.

Turning to him, you glared; “well it’s something.”

“How about a canteen or a med kit… or-or a decent fricken tent?” He yelled, frustrated. You kept calm, shaking your head. You were just as frustrated as him, knowing that you all could die if you didn’t find a reliable solution soon made everything seem more tedious and annoying.

You turned shocked when you heard Bellamy grunt and a loud thunk of a sound when the barrel he’d kicked hit the ground. You furrowed your brows, confused as you made your way over to him. He suddenly seemed intrigued by something that came out of the barrel, and following slightly behind him you squinted to see what had made him so excited. 

“Oh, my god.” He whispered. Baffled, you leaned closer to him to see what he was so excited about. He picked up an object which you quickly deciphered as a gun. Sudden panicked filled you and straightening up, you shook your head slowly. No. No, you were not bringing guns back to camp. You almost wanted to yell at him with that bright smile he held on his face.

You backed up from him; “no.” You shook your head repeatedly. “No we are not bringing guns back camp.”

Bellamy’s smile disappeared and he stood up himself; “Y/N- we need them.”

“No,” was all you said. Bellamy began walking over to you and grabbed you by the shoulders, this seemed to be a popular move to him. Shaking your head, you tried to shove him off but you were only backed against the wall with no real place to escape to you. You stared fearful up at him, but not of him rather at the fact that you’d found guns. You couldn’t-

“This changes everything,” Bellamy exclaimed. “No more running from spears. You ready to be a badass, Y/N?” He seemed to have missed the part of your clear discomfort. Shaking your head, you tried to shove off his arms but he didn’t budge.

“No!” You suddenly yelled; “I don’t want to be a badass. Guns are dangerous Bellamy. They can hurt somebody.”

“Hell yeah they’re dangerous. That’s the point. We don’t need to be afraid of the grounders anymore.” He tried to explained to you. You fumbled for words, eyes wide as you tried to get him to understand. “No, Bellamy. Please. You don’t understand. That can kill somebody!” You yelled, pointing at the pile of guns.

Bellamy let go, moving from you and grabbing a gun. Quickly setting up a clothe of red with an ‘x’ on it, he gestured the gun over to you. You stared warily at it and made no move to grab it or anything. He shoved it more forward. “Y/N let me show you that if you handle a gun right, it can’t hurt anybody.”

“Yes it will! It kills people, Bellamy.”

“Not if you don’t want it to. You just have to aim. Here.” He gestured the gun and despite yourself you grabbed it. You watched as the gun raddled from your shaky hands and you held it a good distance away form yourself. You stared in fear at the weapon and soon felt heat from a body behind you. You completely tensed when Bellamy’s arm came around you and grabbed the gun, placing it correctly in your hands. His face was so close to your neck and you still couldn’t get over the fact that you were holding a gun in your hands.


“Shh. I’ll show you, it’s not all that bad when in the right hands.” He moved your hand slowly to the trigger and moving the gun, he aimed it so it was directly in front of the clothe. His hand hovered over yours and slowly pressed down.

You killed me.

You blinked, your breath stopping as the loud shot of the bullet echoed. You closed your eyes in fear, images flashing rapidly through your mind. Your heart sped up and you felt yourself go clammy. Panic rose within you and you shoved Bellamy away from you, the gun fell to the ground with a clatter and suddenly you were on the other side of Bellamy, facing him.

Your hands at your side, you felt your whole body shaking. Bellamy looked at you, clearly concerned as he tried to take a step towards you but you flinched violently. 

You killed me.

Silence fell over the both of you. You were at a lost on what to say. You were too scared to say anything. You were too scared to even be near him. As you looked around in panic, a sudden realization dawned on you. Your eyes fell on his bag and you distinctly remember him stuffing it with rations. The inability to speak to Jaha. His trust in Miller. And just the way he’s been acting the entire day.

Panting, you made direct eye contact with Bellamy. “You’re leaving.” You whispered, tears brimming. “You’re gonna leave.” Bellamy seemed genuinely baffled by your statement but you knew he knew what you were talking about. “That’s why you wanted to come.” Even so you’ve been angry at him for so long, something about the statement hurt.

“I don’t have a choice. The Ark will be down here soon.”

“Oh and you think we all don’t have that same fear? Or at least… i don’t? What are you going to do, leave Octavia?” You spat, confused.

“Octavia hates me, she’ll be fine.” Looking at you, he mumbled; “you hate me.”


“I shot the chancellor, Y/N.” He interrupted, voice leaving no room for argument. “They’re gonna kill me. Best case scenario they lock me up with the grounder for the rest of my life, and there’s no way in hell i’m giving Jaha the satisfaction. J-Just… i need some air.” Before you could say anything else, Bellamy stormed past you and up the stairs he went.

Sighing, you wiped your hand against your forehead, suddenly you felt very dizzy. Resting your hand against your forehead, you held the wall for support.

You killed me.

You closed your eyes for a second and when you walked open them suddenly a woman stood in front of you. “You’re the reason i’m dead.”

“Mom…” You whispered, holding your stomach. You shook your head in bewilderment confused as to why she was here. Her forehead was slick with sweat and her white shirt was covered in blood… it was just like that night…the image haunted you. “What are you… why?” Tears finally fell and terrified of that fact that your dead mother was standing before you, you tried to not collapse.

Your heart rate quickened and you felt it suddenly hard to breathe. “I’m here because you killed me.”

You shook your head, desperate for her to understand. “N-No… I shot the guard-”

“Then I died.” She interrupted, taking steps towards you. You flinched when she reached you and your hands shook against your side as you tried to get away. Your back hit the wall and you were frozen with fear, all you could do was listen to your mother spit cruel words at you. “You murdered the guard and then you murdered me. You deserve to die just like the rest of us.” She spat.

You opened your mouth to say something but fell silent… she was right. You were a murderer. 


“And all this time you’ve been blaming him, putting everything on him when you helped him kill those three hundred innocent people.” You remembered the loving eyes your mother once gave you. Now all you saw were dark and cold and hurt eyes that blamed you. You let a sob break free and you tried to reach for her but she smacked your hand away, then you grunted when a sudden pain came about in your stomach.

Mouth open, you looked up at your mother who only glared at you. Suddenly her arm raised and she punched you across the head, you grunted, falling over. Sobbing as you fell, your head smacked against the ground but you barely felt the pain as you closed your eyes. When you opened them, your mother was gone and replaced by another. Squinting, you tried to stay awake; “Dax…?”

“Dax, put the gun down.” Your hand was clearly shaking but you didn’t hesitate to keep your hands up and the gun pointed at Dax. You were clearly in distress. Your hair disheveled and your eyes red from crying, your clothes covered in dirt and ripped. But still your head held high as you glared at Dax.

Dax turned towards you, his gun now pointed at you. “Should’ve stayed down there, Y/N. I tried not to kill you, but here you are, and Shumway said no witnesses.” Your eye’s narrowed in uncertainty at the mention of a guard.

“What is he talking about?” You asked, turning to Bellamy.

“Shumway set it up. He gave me the gun to shoot Chancellor Jaha.” Bellamy explained.

“Walk away now and I won’t kill you.” Dax offered. Shaking your head, you held the gun higher, aiming it at him. “Put it down.” You repeated, slowly enough for him to understand. He only shook his head, keeping the gun up and pointed directly at you. You ignored the spike of panic and the way the gun felt heavy against your hands. You ignored the way your mind raged at you to to shoot but you knew this was the only way.

“Your choice.” Dax mumbled. Holding your breath you pressed the trigger but nothing happened confused you pressed the trigger again, the sheer force of it shocking you so your aim went off slightly. It grazed his arm and he grunted in pain, staring shocked that you were actually able to hit him. Panicked, you moved to run away but Dax was too quick and you were knocked to the ground. 

Turning from your stomach, Dax was quick as he straddled your waist. You panicked, grunting pain when he punched you. You heard a grunt and sudden cry of: “no!” You whimpered at the sheer force of the man on top of you but felt yourself relax slightly when you saw Bellamy heading your way. “Get off of her!” He shouted, moving to grab Dax by the shoulders. Dax raised his elbow, knocking Bellamy back by sheer force. 

You tried to shove him off you but he grabbed your wrists, pinning them. You panicked, closing your eyes, afraid of what he’d do. Before his grip tightened and you felt his weight being shoved off you. Despite knowing he was off, you felt yourself shake violently and sudden sobs break through. You opened your eyes only to see Bellamy above you, panting. “Y/N. Y/N! Are you okay?” He said, kneeling next to you.

You shook your head no. “I killed her.”

His brows furrowed, “killed who?”

“I killed my mother. I’m nothing but a murderer” You sobbed. Holding your hands against your eyes you didn’t notice Bellamy manoeuvre around you until his hands fell on your waist and he pulled you up. You did nothing to stop him as he leaned you against the trunk of the tree. You only focused on him when he grabbed your wrists and pulled your hands from your face, “Y/N look at me.”

Defeated, you let your eyes fall on him, “I don’t know what happened between you and your mom, but one thing I know for sure is, you’re not a murderer.” You found solace in his gaze, that willed you strongly against him. Just his words helped relax you as the one thing you’ve wanted to hear, wanted to be told, he finally said to you. Something you’ve wanted to hear for years, you felt yourself able to breathe again. There was that certainty of safety again when you looked into his eyes. “I trust you, Y/N.” 

Calming down, you straightened out your breathing. “I trust you.” You nodded, “and okay. We bring the guns.”

He smiled gratefully at that, “i’ll talk to Jaha.”

“Can we just sit here for a minute?” You asked, panting against the tree. He let go of your wrists, moving to sit next to you. 

“As long as you need.”

“I’d like to say something.” You interrupted Jaha, “when you sent us down here, you sent us to die. But miraculously, most of us are still alive. And a huge part of that, is thanks to Bellamy.” You looked over at him, holding his gaze and sending a small smile his way. “He’s one of us, and he deserves to be pardoned of his crimes just like the rest of us.”

“Y/N I appreciate your point of view, but it’s not that simple.” Jaha explained.

“It is.” Bellamy was quick to defend himself, you smiled at him reassuringly. “If you want to know who in the Ark wants you dead.”

You watched with anticipation as Jaha leaned forward, you grabbed onto Bellamy’s hand, squeezing it. You missed the way his gaze held yours for a long time before turning back to the screen. Your stomach filled with butterflies as you waited for Jaha to say the words.

“Bellamy Blake, you’re pardoned for your crimes.”

Fulfilling A Fantasy by SBK

Michonne breathes in deeply welcoming the fresh air caressing her skin and moving through her hair as she and Rick cruise down the highway with the windows down.  The night air is not too cool nor too warm but a pleasant mixture that is more than comfortable.  

She looks over to him, wondering at the smile he has worn ever since he came home from work. He refused to tell her where they were going.  He’d planned their date night weeks ago but didn’t give her any details as he wanted it to be a surprise.  The only clue she has is that it is some miles away from King County as they have been on the road for over a half hour.  He also insisted that she wear a dress which was even more puzzling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me where we’re going?  I’d like to have a reason for matching your smile.”

He shakes his head, the air tossing his curls.  “Nope. Now stop asking.”

“Not even a little hint?” She prods.

The smile never leaves his face as he reaches up and presses a button to power on the radio.  A melodic country tune fills the car and he proceeds to sing along….loudly.

Michonne sighs realizing that she is not going to get anything out of him.  She sits contently, excited about their night out and anticipating his plans.

He continues to sing, allowing his eyes to drift down as he takes in the clingy dress she wore.  He clears his throat as a distraction, commanding his body to quell down its response to her.

Several minutes later, he is making a turn off the main highway and pulling onto a dirt path, driving up to a small booth with a young teen seated inside.

“Evening folks.  Y’all are just in time.  Two?”

Rick nods as he grabs his wallet and hands him a couple of bills.  Michonne frowns as she canvasses their surroundings.  The trees are shrouding whatever is ahead but she can’t help wondering if this is an outdoor concert or something as she can hear some sort of music playing nearby.

Rick accepts his change and drives forward.  Michonne breaks into a smile as she realizes they are at a drive in theater.  She thought these were obsolete everywhere.

“How did you find this place?  I’ve never been to a drive in movie before.”

He smiles with her. “Leon Basset told me about it. They just opened up a few weeks ago.” He sighs as he looks around, trying to find a place to park.  “I remember going to a drive in as a little kid but they were all gone by the time I was old enough to really enjoy them.”

He parks the car and kills the engine.  He leans over and gives her a kiss to the cheek.  “Be right back.”

She looks up at the screen informing them that tonight’s double feature is a romantic comedy and a horror film.  She cringes at the latter, hoping Rick will be ready to call it a night after the first movie.

He returns promptly, carrying a tray loaded with soda, popcorn, and candy.  She watches as he attaches the tray to the window just like in the old movies she has seen.  The fact that she is experiencing this for the first time with Rick just makes it all the more special.

He looks down at the console between them as he hands her the popcorn and soda and wishes he’d driven his old pickup truck.  They’d be cuddled side by side with nothing to divide them.  He shrugs and decides to just make the best of it.

“This was a really nice idea Rick.”  She looks around at all the other cars and notices that the parking lot is full. “Thanks for surprising me.”

“You are more than welcome.”

They turn their attention to the movie which has begun, munching on their snacks as they watch with interest.

Several minutes into the film, Rick finds himself glancing at his wife more than at the giant projection screen.  The flickering lights from the screen plus the post lights in the parking area are giving off enough illumination to make her smooth skin glow and showcase her perfect cleavage as they both beckon him.

He leans over, resting an elbow on the console as he looks at her and then at the screen.  He stretches an arm towards her, resting it across her shoulders as he pulls her closer to him.

“Mr. Grimes, what are you doing?”

“I want to kiss you so badly right now.  I remember hearing the older kids talk about how they used to make out at the drive in and I remember how I couldn’t wait to get older so I could do the same thang but I never got the chance.”

She gives him her full attention, noting the mischievous sparkle in his eyes.  “So you brought me to the drive in just so you could make out with me in the car?”

“Of course not.  You said yourself that this was a nice idea. A great date, right?”  With her nod, he leans in a little closer.  “So let’s make it even greater.”

She can never resist when her husband is in an amorous mood.  She’d seen this particular romantic comedy before anyway.  She looks around cautiously before leaning in and pressing her lips to his.  She can feel him smile before he opens his mouth over hers and delves inside with his tongue.  She latches on, pulling slightly before she offers up her own tongue, pushing inside slowly.

He moans as he tilts his head, bringing his hand up from her waist to cup one of her breasts softly. He honestly feels like a randy teenager, trying to hit a home run.  He trails kisses along her cheek and down to her neck, the sweet fragrance of her perfume going straight to his head.

She runs her fingers through his hair, tossing her head back as he tongues her neck expertly.  Her breath comes in short pants as her excitement continues to elevate.  “Is this some sort of fantasy for you?”

He stops momentarily to look into her eyes, his breathing just as erratic as hers.  “More than that because I’m with you.”

She smiles, wondering yet again how she got so lucky.  Rick is the sweetest man she has ever known.  “I don’t know how I’m going to top this date since I have to plan our next outing.”

“You’ll think of something. If not, we can always come back.” He gives her a quick kiss before lifting himself from the driver’s side and smoothly making his way to the back seat. He sits there gazing at his gorgeous wife with passion filled eyes, his long legs spread wide, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Are you serious? What if someone catches us?”  She asks cautiously.

“We don’t have to go all the way but you could at least let me get to first base.”

She covers her mouth as she giggles, shaking her head at her incorrigible husband.  She allows her eyes to rake him slowly before she bites her bottom lip and climbs into the back with him.

He gives her a huge smile, his hands splaying her waist as he situates her onto his lap.  He rests one hand at her hip and the other across her back, relishing in the softness of her hands as she palms his face.  He starts to kiss her once again before allowing her butt to hit the seat and moving his hand underneath her dress, skimming his fingers up her thighs.  Her body shudders as he cups her sex, rubbing against her nub through silken panties. “Did I tell you this has already surpassed anythang I’ve ever fantasized about?”

She answers with a push against his hand before wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a more intense lip lock.  She rocks slowly, gently, finding a nice rhythm as they continue to taste each other. A gasp is inevitable as he pushes her panties aside and touches her slick, naked flesh.  “This is more than first base.”

He doesn’t answer just continues to caress her as he travels down her body with kiss after kiss and bites her breasts lightly through her clothes.  His eyes pop when she grabs the bodice of her dress and reveals a plump breast with an erect nipple straining for his mouth.  He obliges, suckling with purpose and intent as he continues to finger her gently.

She slides a hand down his chest and unzips his jeans, pushing inside and wrapping a hand around his rigid shaft.  She can give as good as she gets.  She rocks her hips with more aggression, satisfied when he does the same, pushing into her hand over and over again.  The tension builds up, his touch taking her higher and higher until her body stiffens with release.  She continues to work him despite her rapid breathing, shaking, and jerking.  

“Ah…..ah……” he pants loudly, giving in to her ministrations, exploding inside of his pants with a strangled cry.

She nuzzles his neck as they both start to come down from the ultimate high.  “Was that good?”

All he can manage is a slight nod and a really goofy grin.