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Dear Caitlin Fans

If you could stay out of the Iris West and Westallen tag that would be great!
I totally agree that CS is the most sidelined character in the show right now, but that’s not Iris’ fault!
1. It seems like Caitlin’s only purpose on the show was being the team Flash doctor, and Dr. Allen and Jesse have proved how easily a doctor can be replaced. Not Iris’ fault!
2. Iris has always been the love of Barry’s life, as well as his best friend.
3. Iris has always believed in him, even when no one else did. She’s not stealing Caitlin’s thunder, she’s not stealing Caitln’s lines. No one is more supportive of Barry than Iris, no one!
4. You CS fans should be upset about the fact that we know nothing about Cait’s life outside of star labs. Why was mother unloving? What are her hobbies? What motivated her to become a doctor?
5. In like five episodes we learned more about Jessie, Zoom, and Wally, then we have learned about CS in two seasons. Just let that sink in for a moment. That is the problem, not Iris. Not Iris’ story, or the screen time given to CP.
6. I’m not saying that the female characters on The Flash are treated 100% the way they should be treated, but Caitlin is clearly the most mistreated character of ALL! And that has nothing to do with Iris.
7. Lastly, let me make this clear, I don’t dislike Caitlin, but I’m not a fan of her because I find her character to be so boring and lifeless. We know virtually nothing about her, and that makes it hard to root for her character. Maybe the writers do plan to have her become evil, because right now, it just seems like she’s a victim of bad writing. Which I repeat, is not Iris West’s fault! I’m not trying to be mean or rude, but Iris is one of my favorite characters on the show, and she’s receiving unwarranted hate.

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DCP so far today

We had an orientation thing we had to go to at TDA (Team Disney Auditorium) and we went to this other little seminar thingy they had about events

We’re having a Frozen CP screening which is totally cool and I wanna sign up for it. And there’s this thing called Minnie’s Moonlit Scavenger Hunt (which sounds sooooo amazing but they said it fills up almost instantly) 

But there’s so many fun things to do, you guys!

I just


Also, there’s tryouts for this musical tonight…it’s a musical Disney puts on for charity it’s called Flashback

I’ve never tried out for something like this before (as I never attended a public school) but I’m almost too nervous but I kinda wish I could do it???


which means I will get my name tag finally