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mrsbertinjewelrybox asked:

I've been doing some research on Captain Sheridan's Earth Force uniform for my Halloween costume, and your blog has been an invaluable resource. But I can't figure out how the leather elements are done (there seems to be a red line going along the edge. Is it the lining showing? Is it some trimming?) Do you have some ideas on how it's done? Thanks so much!

Aww, thanks! I didn’t get a chance to see the Earthforce uniforms up close like I did the others, unfortunately, but from what I can tell it looks like a red piping trim on bias tape. Something along these lines

I got these pictures from an eBay auction of a screen-used enlisted Earthforce uniform from the series:

The piping’s black instead of red, but it seems to be the same type otherwise. From the second photo, It looks like the bias tape was sewn in between the leather and the fabric of the collar, leaving only the cord exposed around the edge. Purely from a logistical standpoint, I suspect the trim had to be added to the leather first (you can see where the edges were folded over to stitch to the trim), and then the combination was then attached to the rest of the uniform, I suspect in the seam between the leather and the piping. 

Hope that helps! If not, I can poll a few friends with more sewing/tailoring experience. 


A look at some of the costumes we made for the upcoming Deadline Gallipoli.

Deadline Gallipoli is an Australian television drama mini-series set to screen on Foxtel in April 2015. The four-part series explores the Gallipoli Campaign legend from the point of view of war correspondents Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Phillip Schuler and Keith Murdoch.

tbh lana is the biggest mary sue i have ever seen

'Under the Dome' and 'Reckless' Costume Dept. Sale this Thursday

‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Reckless’ Costume Dept. Sale this Thursday

In addition to  the Sec Dec and Prop Sale for Under the Dome, there will be a wardrobe sale as well. This sale is ONE DAY only and it is from both CBS shows, Under the Dome and Reckless.

The sale will be open to the public on Thursday, August 27th from 10am-5pm at EUE/Screen Gems Studios, 1223 N 23rd St., at the Costume Department Warehouse 17 & 18.

All parking will be outside the gates.

Note: CA…

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lov how the new set pics from dds2 got me worried like “how much money will i have to save to do a relatively screen accurate netflix punisher costume”

and i’m not even close to finishing my doctor strange costume for nycc (cries)

but i’m sitting here like “hmm… mayb i should start on a checchetto frank costume tho” lord……………… help me.

Signs at a Midnight Showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Aries:Shows up wearing nothing but lingerie
  • Taurus:Brought enough newspapers for everyone, and then some
  • Gemini:Can't decide where to sit
  • Cancer:Immediately agrees to play the pre-show games, without asking any questions
  • Leo:Proposed the idea in the first place
  • Virgo:Memorized 90% of the callbacks and is yelling them at the screen
  • Libra:Shows up with a screen accurate costume
  • Scorpio:Sells out their Virgin friends
  • Sagittarius:Wins not one, but two of the raffle prizes
  • Capricorn:Kicks ass in the pre-show games
  • Aquarius:Watched the movie four times in preparation
  • Pisces:Won’t stop shooting everyone with the water gun

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