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True story while watching Gotham
  • *Jerome Cult comes on screen*
  • *Starts Showing Jerome Clip*
  • Me: *Quotes clip word for word without even realizing they were doing it too*
  • Sister: We found your people
  • Me: They're insane
  • Sister: You have the graffiti on your laptop, you were quoting it like them, he's your background screen, and you laugh at the same time he does
  • Me: ...

Could the scene we saw at Colbert last night be set before this scene from the TAB cinema screening 4 minutes clip?

gif by @anything-sherlock

John is kind of limping and wearing a blueish shirt - could be the tartan shirt we saw in the Colbert clip. Sherlock in dark suit and white shirt as in Colbert clip. I even think Greg is carrying a briefcase when walking down the stairs.

Because how it was placed in the TAB 4 minutes clip I’d say this was filmed at Coedarhydyglyn (we see exterior shots of that house before this scene inside a big house). This is how it looks inside:

Wooden floor, yellowish walls - I’d say the above scene was shot at  Coedarhydyglyn, which would place this scene as well as the scene from Colbert in TST. Which leads to the question why Sherlock looks so orange/bit sick in the Colbert clip. Does whatever he  suffers from in TLD start in TST?

I’d say they are leaving Baker Street in the Colbert clip to go to this grand house to invetsigate the case of the smashed Thatcher figurines.

@monikakrasnorada @soulmistin we speculated about this.

attention plz

Please don’t upload & share Minho’s movie “Two men/ derailed” link or it’s unofficial screen-caps or video clip.  please  go through proper platform or app. 

Minho’s movie still in theaters. As this movie now available on app so many of them can see through paid cable service , there is high chances so many ppl will upload pics or some clips, avoid it & dnt share publicly, if someone is doing, try to stop them giving the message

Minho works so hard for his 1st leading role, so we have to do this …plz support. 

Finally got through iconing my second set of screenshots. Just shy of 500 now. What sucks is that I know there are shots from the movie that I haven’t been able to icon which means I have to go back, watch the movie, and take screens to find the shots I want. Shakes fist at the PSN share feature. If only there was an option to upload them in higher quality. Hopefully they won’t turn out too bad because its a bluray. 

Things I definitely want more screens of —

Nyx warping, fighting, smiling, angry. Pretty much anything I haven’t gotten screens of.

I swear I’ll have every frame of this movie capped and iconed at some point lmfaoooooo.


@oohsehun “Never Be Like You” screen clip 01062017 Credit: @butterfly4ever12 #오세훈 #세훈 #엑소세훈 #OhSehun #Sehun #EXOSehun #EXOK #EXOL #EXOM #EXO #엑소

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lol I made more art (I don’t have my phone right now and my monitor is weird so sorry if the colors are weird, might reupload a better version later) also ik the jacket is lazy my main focus was to like,, learn how to paint faces lmao (I should’ve used a ref but I’m lazy

FP Campaign & Fan Meeting Voice Clips

From 1/6 to 1/11, there will be an FP Campaign!
Play the Special Lives to get more FP than normal so you can buy the limited time goods in the My Room Shop! The limited time goods will be available starting on 1/9.

Additionally, due to the 2nd Dream Festival Fan Meeting, all 7 idols will have special home screen voice clips on the 7th and 8th of January! (Similarly to Christmas and New Year’s so far)

When you try to do something but the powers that be keep adding things to your to-do list effectively keeping you farther and farther from the task you originally set out to do
  • When you try to do something but the powers that be keep adding things to your to-do list effectively keeping you farther and farther from the task you originally set out to do
  • Dr Rabbit

Now that’s not what’s actually grieving me, I only titled the audio file that because I figured it was a more relatable matter than what I’m about to lay on you. I originally made this post because I’m trying to mask these hordes of strutting Berenstain Bears that all make the exact same poses as each other for each frame as they pace along the screen, but either the clip that I’m masking these from happens to be warped slightly in different parts of the screen, or each bear is seriously just drawn over and over again from scratch so they’re all drawn slightly different from each other so since I can’t just cheat and recycle the same 8 masking jobs for each bear gender over and over to win, I gotta either take the long way around or move the selection from a previous frame around just to get the edges right.

I’m barely even halfway done, look at this mess!