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Screen capped from the e-book edition of Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd (apologies for the slightly grainy quality!)

“George doodled with ideas for his record label”

Along with George’s drawing, it reads:




1 Hello Dolly


[Trans] B.A.P "No Mercy" Special Live Event on niconico (1 Apr)

This is not a full translation of the show as I have only selected the parts I found interesting to translate. DO NOT REPOST ON TUMBLR and if you are posting this to somewhere else (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Weibo etc) or translating into other languages, please show some respect by giving full credits.

[Source Video: yaro neco]
[Translation & Screen Cap: hellosaya]

MC: The title of your new single is “No Mercy”, in Japanese it’s 容赦しない or 許さない (means “will not forgive”), so now we’ll move on to a new topic “Things that B.A.P have “No Mercy” recently!!!” In this session, please tell us what is bothering you recently or something you would have no mercy for it. Who is going to tell us? Do you have anything to share?

YJ: (Raised his hand) (In Japanese) Recently, Zelo San’s height…tall…(not so sure how to express himself)…taller…became taller.

MC: Really? You are still growing bigger? Zelo San? (Zelo looked confuse)

YJ: You can’t do this. (Looking at Zelo)

ZL: Uh………(pause)…….はい! (Yes!)

YJ: 許さない (I won’t forgive you). (Patting Zelo’s shoulder)

ZL: Maybe it’s because of the shoes I’m wearing have a thick bottom layer, people may think that I’m tall when they see me. If I take off my shoes, I’ll look a little bit shorter.

MC: Maybe that’s true. But did you grow taller actually?

ZL: I think I have grown taller for 1 or 2cm every year.

MC: So what’s your height right now?

ZL: Right now, around 185cm.

MC: 185cm!!! So cool!!! (Clapping)

DH: (Mumbling) Jealous……

Zelo stood up and made a “giant” pose, then Youngjae stood up next to him quietly (seems like he was standing on a platform or a chair which made him looked 10cm taller than Zelo).

MC: Opps? Youngjae San? Are you around 190cm tall?

JU: (Holding Youngjae’s wrist subtly and mumbled) 進撃の巨人 (Attack on Titan)…

MC: Hahaha, Shingeki no Youngjae (Attack on Youngjae)!!!

(Youngjae acted like he was going to eat Zelo)

MC: You can’t eat him.

(Zelo acted like he was the Titan putting people into his mouth)


When the MC asked them to talk about their feelings for Japan’s fan meeting, Jongup whispered next to Youngjae’s ear and asked him how to say it in Japanese.

JU: (In Japanese) (Waving at the camera) It’s really interesting.

(The others laughed awkwardly)

(Youngjae whispered next to his ear again and taught him how to speak in a more proper grammar)

JU: It has been very interesting. (Saying exactly what YJ has taught him)

MC: It has been very interesting…We found it interesting too!!! (Clapping)

(YJ whispered next to JU again)

JU: (Waving at the camera again) I love you.

YJ (whispered): Let’s date again next time.

JU: Let’s date again next time.

MC: You still want to date them again?

YJ: (whispered): Of course!

JU: Of course! (He looked like a robot repeating after Youngjae lol)

MC: That’s great! (clapping)


MC: Seems that you have had some fun during your Japan schedule this time. Of course you were having fun in the fan meeting, but do you have something else to share?

(They paused for a moment)

YJ: Soccer!!! (Loudly)

MC: Since you have played soccer……we actually have a video showing how it was going.

B.A.P: Really!? (Shocked)

MC: Do you wanna watch it?

Daehyun: はいはい! (Yes yes!)

HC: Quick!

MC: Let’s see how did you play futsal!

At the end of the video, it showed DH shouted loudly “Hey hey!” and asked YJ to pass the ball to him, then he tried to shoot but it was blocked by their opponent and the ball was out.

DH started again and tried to pass to YG, but it was blocked by their opponent again.

YG started again and passed the ball to YJ then he shot and goal. (YJ was so happy that he rolled on the floor)

(Video ended)

MC: This email came at a very good timing. Maki San from Chiba city: “Who is the best at futsal?”

YG: Youngjae is……(In Japanese)

HC: (look puzzled) Ah really?……Youngjae San…(hesitated)

MC: Youngjae San is the best at soccer.

YJ: Reallllll~~~~~~y?

MC: They (the other members) said that.

HC: I don’t really know……

YC: To be honest…I am better than Himchan San. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! (High tension)

Everyone: Hahahahahahahahaha

Himchan tried to poke Youngjae as revenge.

HC: Really?

MC: Himchan San is not very good at soccer?

YJ: Himchan is good too.

MC: So everyone is good at soccer but the best is….

HC: Our members are not that good……

YJ: (Shook his head) I am better than Himchan. Just a little bit better.

MC: Just a little bit better?

YJ: Yeah~~~~~~~!! (Clapping)


I’ll try to make a Part 2 if I have time tomorrow…

anonymous asked:

queerbaiting is doing shit like using screen caps and titles and stuff to make it seem like theyre gonna kiss in videos to get views, not acting affectionate with each other ffs.

dan and phil: *have hugged once on camera*

people who want to be mad: wow uhh could you like not queerbait ??? it’s unethical and frankly i’m offended that you would as much as look at each other

jellylovesfaith  asked:

Hey! Love your blog and keep being awesome!! Seeing all the screen caps of the titles just brought my attention to something: the ASIP title emerges right next to the pill bottle. The pill bottle that has some pills, two of which are placed in order to kind of look like a heart...I mean it could be a reference to the 'love is a much more vicious motivator' line or it could mean something else idk...

(referencing this post)

Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Secondly:


Yeah, that was so deliberate to make it like a heart. Could also be to symbolize Sherlock allowing his own heart to unknowingly open to John’s acceptance as well. DEFINITELY related to the line. 

The pills are deadly, just like love could be. Love is a vicious motivator indeed, so much so that it leads Sherlock to inevitably kill a man in cold blood by HLV.

OR. This is the first episode, and it’s telling us that this series is about love.

A Study in Pink 💜 = Sherlock is a love story.