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Honestly my dudes, this fandom has been creating no-homo memes about Dean and Cas for so long, like fanart where they’re literally having dinner by candlelight and holding hands or some shit but then it ends in “but no homo” or screen caps with captions/clever puns about the countless romantic tropes used between those two that will sarcastically end in “but they’re not gay”, and here we are, where the actual show has become a meme of itself like…

Cue Dean, mister still-so-far-in-the-closet-that-even-Narnia-is-a-mere-afterthought standing beneath a brightly lit cross while romantic music plays in the background as he says /I DO/ then walks up to Cas and holds him and then looks at him like a dude who’s found the love of his life again, and the only thing that supposedly keeps it from being ‘gay’ is that one “pal” thrown in there.

Except it doesn’t, it’s a useless effort in any case because even that doesn’t make it less romantic? Like it reminds me of when Victor and Yuuri were exchanging wedding rings beside a church while a choir was singing in the background and you still had nay-sayers who went “but these rings could’ve been just good luck charms!!! they didn’t kiss in that precise moment so they’re just platonic guy friends!!!”

NO Barbara, it’s gay. They’re gay. Some scenes are just not platonic even if there’s not a spoken “I love you” or a kiss. I’m just


Forgive me if someone pointed this out already but I feel like that scene recontextualized a thing or two

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“I’m not much of a pack animal.” 

Theo and Cody fans have anticipated this moment ever since they got a glimpse of Theo Raeken in the opening scene of episode 6x12: Theo is back. And it was even more than that. More than just a simple return. 

Theo felt like a main character. He was present in various scenes throughout the episode and Cody Christian certainly was at his very best. It felt like he had only been slumbering, waiting in the dark just to make his grand return. 

The chimera was held captive with two other werewolves, tortured by constant electroshocks. Despite the agonizing pain, Theo kept his wittiness, remaining sassy and certainly was not holding back in terms of his smug comments. That’s exactly the Theo we love. It was through his own cleverness that he managed to free himself as well as the other two.

Theo said he wasn’t so much of a pack animal. That we know. What he didn’t say however, was how lonely he actually was. When Theo joined forces once again with Scott’s pack, one could see some kind of transformation. He fought with them, in spite of his apparent reluctance. We remember: Yeah, Theo just wants to stay alive. He is free to leave Beacon Hills, but chooses not to.

Theo Raeken has a heart. We can be certain of it. Cody Christian manages to give us an insight into what is going on in Theo’s mind.

“Cody Christian shows us what’s underneath. He shows us that Theo just wants to be loved.” - Jeff Davis about Cody

 He may have done cruel things in the past, killed people. Willing to do anything to gain power. Yet, there’s another side of him we yet need to figure out. This side is slowly coming to the surface. 

Theo: “Your dead friends are dead. And they’re gonna stay dead no matter what you d–”

[Liam punches Theo in the face; Theo drops to the floor.]

Liam: “By the way, I’m still working on my anger.”

Theo: “…Good to know.”

Moreover, I’m amazed at how much chemistry Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian have when they are together on screen. Liam Dunbar and Theo Raeken get along one moment, but lose temper and fight in another. They still didn’t give each other that fist bump, though. If they work together, they’ll be lethal. 

Let’s hope that Theo will remain bulletproof for the remainder of season 6. There are only 5 episodes left now, time’s obviously running faster than we want it to. Soon, we will have to say goodbye to Theo Raeken and all the other characters we’ve learnt to adore. Will Theo actually have something close to a happy ending? We will find out soon…

(Screen caps taken by me)

Keeping up with BTS

here we have baby jimin cutely asking namjoon to hold his mic so he could wear his jacket

but daddy namjoon was like: 

then came mama jin to rescue his baby jiminnie. and of course taehyung was also there who just had to tease jimin and his short fingers lol

jimin wasn’t amused and was ready to fight taehyung haha. and mama jin was still insisting that jimin is the baby of the family

and while jimin was about to fight taehyung, the real baby jungkook made himself known

but mama jin was like:

namjoon: why not? explain!

taehyung (at jungkook): just look at his built!

and while daddy namjoon and mama jin were arguing, sweet yoongi hyung was actually helping jiminnie dressed up

succesfully ending the argument XD

screen caps from bts memories of 2015

tri. Chapter 5 - Recap, Analysis, Review [part one]

This is me trying to make sense of of a dense, multilayered chapter that for once brough us more answers than questions. My notes got very long and I ended up taking dozens of screen-caps, so I decided to split this post into four segments (one for each part of the movie). You can expect the others soon, over the next few days.

I hope you survive this!

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Can you give your true feelings on what's happening? What are you thinking?

Ehhh I’m going to wait until I’m not so emotional. I don’t want to say something in the heat of the moment and end up being screen capped by an anti. Shippers aren’t allowed to have negative opinions/express negative emotions without really paying for it :)