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Keeping up with BTS

here we have baby jimin cutely asking namjoon to hold his mic so he could wear his jacket

but daddy namjoon was like: 

then came mama jin to rescue his baby jiminnie. and of course taehyung was also there who just had to tease jimin and his short fingers lol

jimin wasn’t amused and was ready to fight taehyung haha. and mama jin was still insisting that jimin is the baby of the family

and while jimin was about to fight taehyung, the real baby jungkook made himself known

but mama jin was like:

namjoon: why not? explain!

taehyung (at jungkook): just look at his built!

and while daddy namjoon and mama jin were arguing, sweet yoongi hyung was actually helping jiminnie dressed up

succesfully ending the argument XD

screen caps from bts memories of 2015

506: Natsu’s claws

Is it just me, or is it weird that in one panel Natsu will have two demon clawed hands, then in the next it’s just one, only to go back to two again? I get that he’s transforming, but it seemed weird to go back and forth…

Unless it was a drawing error like with his sandals a few chapters back. Below the cut is what I mean by the sandals thing.  

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