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Taehyung - Heist AU (Las Vegas Job)

Part 1 of ??

The Great Hand Discourse: All Angles

So okay, part of why this is getting so hard is because we’re seeing only two pics of this scene. Here on tumblr I see the angle that seems more like Bellamy’s hand and on twitter, the angle that seems more like Abby’s hand.

Either way I decided to screen cap that thing and post all angles here. Have fun;

So, basically, on pics 1-2 it seems like Bellamy’s hand but from 3 foward it seems like Abby’s hand

after a lot of goofing around i finally got the screen cap i wanted

some bonus screen caps 

he really oes make the best faces haha

i hope no one pats you on the back  ever when you are making faces like that marineete

that is some MASTERFULLY flippy hair ok?? so flippy. 

anyway probs the most USEFUL screencap of Chat Noir ever….

you can see the details for EVERYTHING. what a useful drawing reference. so useful. 

@minouchatonandhislady: I know it was for me that entire episode -_-  I might do a few more, but I’m not sure what more I can do for Adrien’s Game.  Unless I do it from Chat to Ladybug, but I would break the internet with the amount of screen caps.

@balloondragons:  Thank you!  It was a lot of fun to put together and a true labor of love.  Not unlike Adrien’s efforts to woo Marinette ;)

@starr-ondalus: Thank you for reading it :)  I wanted to put it out there they she may not be all bad.  

@sunny-bab: Exactly.  I mean, maybe he’s the Snape to the Agrestes’ James and Lily Potter and he was in love with Mama Agreste.  But that’s a bit of a stretch…

I’m having so much fun spamming you all with rob benedict screen caps and I’m meeting the nicest people because of it.
Thank you for all the messages i love and appreciate them and you!

Fair warning tuesday gets gruesome with lots of pics from call back where its all basically shirtless rob getting tortured. But its bookended with wholesome rob goodness on either side so don’t dismay.

Also maybe don’t ever watch call back if you are squeemish. I regret having seen it. Unless you love gory horror at which point definitely watch it!