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STRONGARM: Sweet Solus Prime, that’s adorable! ^_^

…Does she call it, or does she call it?

This ep…I sought mainly to screen cap Jetstorm and Slipstream, of course, but this ep was everyone. Drift-as-Sideswipe in the worst mood of his life. Giddy Grimlock-as-Drift. Sunshiney Strongarm-as-Bumblebee (gold is a good color for her actually). Sideswipe putting a lot more ‘tude in Strongarm. Fixit, lover of conversation tangents and cornball jokes. Jetstorm and Slipstream rolling with the punches and never failing to be cute. Just…everyone!

This week I’m working on something for my dad’s birthday, then hopefully I can get back to a couple of Minicon drawings in progress. But along came “Disordered Personalities.” Quite the weekend refreshment.


“If you ask me, freedom’s always worth fighting for.”

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you


heres a quick body ref. hope it helps you guys in a sorry if its unclear im bad at this stuff.

like usually i never use reference its a bad habit and i usually draw everything the way i picture it in my head. but ref is really handy especially for awkward angles (not so much as these but you get the idea)or even getting use to the character,                                                                                                                  like for cu and krupp are and egg shape but the angles that i drew them here are more pear like mainly because the body is curved as you can see with the blue lines the purple is more of the construction of his body.

i make my own screen cap ref to practice a times and its really fun by doing it in your own style as well. i might post some more of more difficult angles or if you guys want to see anything specific 


Happy Birthday, @littlebulletsucker! I’m so happy we are friends and very appreciative of all of the fantastic translations you have given me! (Plus I really enjoy talking to you.) I wish you the best in your career and hope you have an incredible birthday and year that follows! 🎂😃❤️🍾🐶🎈


So, some time ago, Back In The Day, there were other blogs set up to field asks about Chris and Darren and related paraphernalia.  They came and went; posted a while, claimed to have a source, or be a source, and then would bail.

Since we seem to be blasting from the past anyway, thought I’d post some old screen caps from one of those blogs, majored-in-fun-and-awesome. They’ve long since deleted, so it seemed okay to post these without worrying about sending people screaming at them.

Make of them what you will.

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Dear Nintendo, I would personally like to thank you for

Max Brass’s pec jiggles

anonymous asked:

The hate thrown and MM wasn't just on her IG, it was all over tumblr, surely you know that. Have a look at the comments on the posts where you did try and stop people harassing her. They just can't help themselves and will have a dig at her at every opportunity. I know you didn't troll her, but that's not the point. Those who did this on tumblr and IG (yes, they were shippers) tainted the whole fandom. The response? It's their blog. That's why you have the reputation you do.

So what about all the posts that antis write calling shippers names? Or how about the ones where they screen cap us and make fun of us? Or when they bring our personal lives into it and question who we really are? Or how about that time I was accused of being a white supremacist because I posted an unrelated meme in response to my friends tweet and was tattled on to a charity that I was helping to raise money for? Or that time I was forced to post IG posts about my Mom to prove that yes I am in fact a carer and she does actually have a terminal illness. I could give you lots more examples if you’d like. Is that not harassment? Bullying? Abuse? Please explain the difference. 


There was a world of regret in that name, but it was a promise, too. Neil pulled himself back together piece by broken piece and followed Kevin off the Foxhole Court. (The Raven King)

For @aftgexchange!!

So it looks like @starshipsandsuperheroes loves a good Kevin/Neil brotp so here’s one of my fav heartbreaking scenes between them.

The insert song playing is Heirloom by Sleeping at Last which is so Neil it hurts. And you betcha every episode would end with Runaway Train


Before I went on vacation to Japan, I was on tumblr and saw a post on a Hetalia Cafe. I looked further into that post and on the internet and found out there was something called the Animate Cafe which hosted different anime each month. I visited the Animate Cafe website (after translating it) and asked the help counter at the hotel I was staying at, and found out that Animate had a cafe for the new season (World Twinkle) and that it was running through July 2015 (when I was in Japan). To say I was thrilled is an understatement. 

I woke up at around 8 in the morning on a weekday (because the Japanese people were in school/work) and went to Animate Sunshine which is not too far from Ikebukuro station. The building was hard to miss because it had Animate written on the side. Since the cafe opened at 11, I (with my family) waited for a while, going to Starbucks (conveniently across the street along with Family Mart) then coming back to wait for two more hours. After a while the first floor opened and workers started rolling capsule machines outside (I spent a ton of money on the ones for AoT, Mekakucity Actors, Sailor Moon, Kuroko no Basuke, Haiku, even Inuyasha), so I spent time doing that.

Finally 11 am rolled around, and a Japanese man called everyone who was waiting for the cafe (about 20) into a line (we were first of course) and then took us upstairs. (up 7 floors) where we waited outside. After about 5 minutes, we were seated. The menus were in Japanese, but one of the waitresses spoke english and brought us an english menu. The tables were for two people each, so I sat with my little sister (I’m on America’s side). After looking at the menu, I ended up getting the <<”I am the Hero” America’s Hamburger Set>> (Because Japanese style burgers are really good), and the <<”Moi Moi! If you drink this you’ll feel heaven.” Nordic Countries’ Soda with 3 coloured jelly>>.

A while after ordering, one of the waitresses was making an announcement in japanese (which the other translated) which told everyone they could (in 10 minutes) purchase things from the store and special capsule machine. In ten minutes the people in the cafe (which were all girls) rushed to make the line to buy things since they were limited. I, being the big fan I am was the one who rushed the fastest, and made it to the front of the line while my little sister went straight for the capsule machines which sold special “buttons”

After buying lots of things, I went to my seat to find my food there. The food was really well made, but if I had to nitpick I’d say the buns were a bit crunchy. My sister loved the Italy meal (Cold pasta), while my mom enjoyed the Nordic meal (Salmon Gratin), and my dad loved Russia’s meal (Shashlik). For dessert I ordered <<D-Don’t get the wrong idea, its for ME! UK’s afternoon tea>>. What arrived was a really delicious and cute set with a scone, pudding, sides (for scone), and tea, though I don’t remember what kind of tea. We had to leave after about 2 hours, but it was more than enough time. The background played music from the new CD, and there were lots of screen caps and posters around the cafe. It was overall really fun. Before we left I stopped on the cosplay floors and the 1st floors again before going to Akihabara **See next post**

What do Jules and Richard Like?

Who is Jules you ask?

Jules likes Dior Rob, especially a funny and suave one. Like all of us.

Jules likes Rob and Kristen’s BTS breaking dawn pictures.

Just like us.

Jules also likes a photo of Kristen with possibly a stretchmark on her belly.

We wonder why too.

Jules has been liking RK’s photos for a while, we are just catching up, and we don’t catch all of those likes… sadly.

This is a recent like by both Jules and Richard. (No, not Rob’s dad, because we don’t know his IG id, we would love to know what he likes too). So which Richard?

Richard Gianorio, editor-in-chief at Madame Figaro, Paris. Who has been happily sharing his private photos of Rob and Kristen (and Karl Lagerfeld) since 2015. Here to see them.

See what I mean about Richard liking all RK and Karl pics?

Richard absolutely loves Kristen. As shown from his posts 2 weeks ago, consecutively.

And Richard loves Rob too, 3 days prior to that.

Richard even like fan manip pictures of Rob and Kristen. A real fan.

Like all of us.

So be like Jules and Richard.

Like Jules and Richard.

Like Rob and Kristen.

Thanks to all those you posted their screen caps on Twitter, you know who you are!