screen capped by me

So another thing about Shiro’s galra arm being the reason why Zarkon keeps finding them:

His arm has his prisoner number information somewhere in there is a tracker.

Can’t let the Champion get away that easy. Can you.

There it is.

I really haven’t seen anyone mentioned this maybe I haven’t looked hard enough.


“If you ask me, freedom’s always worth fighting for.”

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you


fourth of july // fall out boy {lockscreen size}

let’s talk about this for a sec

So we haven’t fully unlocked Yurio’s tragic backstory yet, but from what we’ve gotten, his grandpa is the only person from his family who is actively involved in his life. 

So that’s why this screen cap is so important to me. Because these three aren’t a family, and things must be really weird between Yakov and Lilia, because they’re divorced. But they’re willing to put that aside to make Yurio feel happy and loved. Becasue even though he’s a world-class athlete, he’s still a kid.

We also know that Yakov really cares for his skaters, even though he’s really crass. Ep. 10 has implied that Yakov didn’t support Victor leaving skating, because it seemed like Victor was leaving to pursue his Japanese crush. But as soon as Yakov saw Yuuri send Victor away in episode 9, he realized that Yuuri returned Victor’s feelings, and took care of Yuuri when Victor was gone.

It’s just so important that Yakov and Lilia are indulging Yurio’s interests, because it’s so important for him to feel like he’s loved. Even though Grandpa is Yurio’s inspiration for agape, he’s certainly gotten some unconditional love from his coaches. 

(also look at how cute the proud little bean is. I mean, how can you not love his happy little face!?)


I did my first ever re-draw screen cap! ^^ Original cap on the top, my drawing on the bottom. I chose a cute scene from sailor moon crystal, I think it turned out rather well! :-)

I am doing anime screen cap re-draws for practicing now, so please feel free to suggest screen caps for me to draw! I need all the training I can get :-)