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I’ve been visiting @textsfromthehiddenleaf blog, and saw Keeping Up With the Uchiha’s and had to draw it. A fitting first post for my art side blog!

Drawing based on this, please reblog, but don’t repost. I like this a lot :)

I’ve been wanting to paint a Disney princess screen cap. ; w ;// So I want to try painting a screen cap with my style.
I really love Aurora’s beauty, for me she is the most beautiful Disney Classic Princess. <3

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I’ll upload some artworks in the future that I won’t be uploading here like sketches, WIPs, etc

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A billboard advertising George Harrison’s album Living In The Material World, Sunset Strip, 1973

Photo: W Roy Hudson

“The album emerged from a highly emotional period for Harrison in which he’d left the Beatles, been hailed as a superstar in his own right for All Things Must Pass, and produced the monumental Concert for Bangla Desh. It was also a period of personal crisis, as his marriage was ending, and the pressure resulted in a highly uncharacteristic temper tantrum in the studio. The record was a work of massive inner conflict. If it was preachy, Harrison was preaching to himself, desperate to reconcile his spiritual aspirations with the temptations and traumas of his own making - ‘How I’ll pray, yes I’ll pray, that I won’t get lost or go astray.’” - Simon Leng, While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison


30 Day Avatar the Last Airbender Challenge

Day 24: Least favorite pairing; Toko

“I once had a long conversation with the guy and he would only talk about you. It was kind of annoying but it was also very sweet. All your uncle wanted was for you to find your own path.”


George Harrison and Keith Williams (photo 1); George and Olivia Harrison (photo 2), Australia, 1982 - screen captures from The Australian Women’s Weekly, 28 April 1982

Excerpts from the article:

“I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to become un-famous. And I think that, just maybe, I have succeeded. Only two people have recognized me during my stay in Australia.” - George Harrison

* * *

“This time round he said with a smile, he is here as a ‘real person’. […]

”'Everywhere I go I find myself thinking how happily I could live here. There’s no tension. A lot of Australians don’t know how lucky they are. It’s a happy country. In Britain one almost feels guilty for feeling happy. Winter is so depressing. Strikes and more strikes. Everyone’s miserable. It’s a constant struggle not to let the attitude of others rub off on you.’“

* * *

“After the split up of The Beatles, he spent years ‘finding himself’. Doing yoga helped him in the rough spots.

His philosophy is simple. 'It’s about finding out who I am, where I’m coming from, and where am I going.

'I see life as a huge university. You are here to get knowledge to free the soul. The trick is to find out who you are before you kick the bucket.’

[Illegible] he sees 'kicking the bucket’ not as the end. George believes in reincarnation. 'I wouldn’t mind coming back as a grain of sand,’ he grinned. 'At least I’d never have to worry about the press hounding me again.’”

* * *

“Dhani (pronounced something like Danny) is a delight. His name is made up from two notes of the Indian musical scale, dha and ni, and doesn’t mean 'wealth’, as was reported soon after his birth.

He is a bright, creative child, currently hooked on space toys. He speaks with a quaint upper-class English accent. Mum and Dad aren’t quite sure how he picked it up.

Perhaps it is the influence of his nanny, Rachael. Not that she is the plum-in-mouth, sensible-shoes type of nanny so often depicted in British films. She looks more like a flower child with her cheesecloth dress, flowing hair and scrubbed, glowing skin.

There is none of the relegate-the-child-to-the-nursery-where-mama-and-papa-will-visit routine in the Harrison household.

Olivia spends hours each day playing with Dhani, and George talks to him like an adult, and patiently answers his never-ending stream of questions.

Consequently, at three and a half, the boy prattles away in a manner that would put to shame children twice his age.

George feels they spoil Dhani, but admits he is drawing comparisons with his own childhood: 'We were lucky to get one present at Christmas time.’

Most of Dhani’s toys are educational. When he outgrows them they are passed on to charities.”

The article - titled “George Harrison Exploring Australia Incognito” - includes an exclusive interview. I’ve typed up the artice from a digital copy. The copy unfortunately cuts off slightly toward the crease, but hopefully, what is discernible nonetheless gives an interesting insight! For those interested, please read on after the “read more” cut.

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