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Sam x Reader One Shot

Title: The Science of Misfortune

Summary: Imagine having gone to Stanford with Sam for undergrad, but when a disaster struck your family you were forced into the hunting life… which leads to your meeting the Winchesters.

Word Count: 4,932 (sorry it’s so long, I wasn’t really planning on that)

You were finishing off your second glass of whiskey when Paul pulled you by the arm and toward the pool table, the action making you rip the glass from your mouth and nearly spill the nectar all over yourself. After bringing the glass down to your waist you were ready to cuss Paul out for the close call, but he was quick to divert your attention to a man standing across the pool table from the two of you.  

Interesting.  He stood with a cocky grin and a handful of cash held up by his face, and immediately after you made eye contact with him he raised his eyebrows and threw the cash down onto the table.

“I want to raise.  Three hundred.”

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