I COULDN’T RESIST, I JUST HAD TO TRANSLATE THIS AFTER SEEING THE SCANS… ;_; I know Reiji and Ayato were put up first because they’re less popular but shhhhhh let me have my moment (◡ω⊙✿) The scans are from k704, as usual.

In a room cloaked in darkness during a power outage, the heroine who’s afraid of thunder searches for Ayato. When she clings to him and seems so dependent on him, he responds with a kiss.

Heroine: P-please…… Please don’t go anywhere……
Ayato: !
Ayato: ……It’d be great if you could just be this honest all the time.
Heroine: Eh?
Ayato: It’s nothing.
Ayato: Come on, if you really want to stay by Ore-sama’s side, cling to me more strongly.
Heroine: O-okay……

(……I feel relieved when I’m in Ayato-kun’s arms……)
(Even this pitch-black room and the distant sounds of thunder, I’m no longer afraid of them……Maybe.)

Ayato: Geez, for you to have such an unguarded expression……
Ayato: Hey, raise your face……
Heroine: Eh……?
Ayato: ……Nn……ah…
Heroine: Ah……
Ayato: Nn…nn…

(Ayato-kun’s kiss……is gentle today……)

Heroine: Nn……
Ayato: Hehe, aren’t you being awfully docile today?
Ayato: Clinging to me and drowning in my kiss like that…… Soon won’t you be desiring my fangs, too?
Heroine: Eh……? That sort of th……ah…
Ayato: No need to hold yourself back. As a reward for catching Ore-sama, I’ll make you feel good……nn…
Heroine: Ah……nn…!
Ayato: Nn……Hah……nn…

If I had one night alone with you…

Letter to Rivaille

If I could could have one night with you…

Not the man you pretend to be you. The actual you. The one with fears and hopes and dreams, the ones with insecurities and a past and a smile somewhere under that bitter expression.

I would like to heal every wound, listen to every word pour out of your mouth. I’d kiss and bandage each scar, provide you the tenderness a mother or sister never could.

If I could have one night with you I’d shut my mouth and listen to all the stories you have to say, all the emotions you bottle up inside.

If I had that night alone with you, I’d be a very happy person.

Grey eyes traced the words, surprise causing his mouth to fall open from it’s pressed frown. Was his mask really so easy to see through? He’d thought for certain that none but those who he’d known earlier in life could see past the stone-faced Captain’s facade he had long since adopted. 

How? How could Hange see me in this way? She couldn’t possibly know what a dark, scarred thing my mind is…. Could she? 

The prospect both scared and intrigued him. If Hange knew his truths, she would hold something over him that currently only Erwin did, but at the same time, telling her would be letting a weight off his soul that plagued him during both day and night. 

His fingers traced the words and a morose smile pulled up the corners of his lips, “Perhaps, Hange, you will become one who coaxes these stories out of me.”


Eridan’s in the room with you. You know this, and you ignore it in favor of your movie.

Eridan is now on the couch with you. You feel his weight over there, and ignore it in favor of your movie.

                Eridan has now draped himself around your shoulders. His weight is persistent and not particularly warm, and you ignore it in favor of your movie.

                Eridan is now laying soft little pecks down your neck and back. His lips are cooler than the room and feel a little dry and you try very hard to ignore it in favor of your movie.

                Eridan is now playing with the hem of your shirt, his cool, soft, probably-moisturized-six-different-ways hands creeping onto your bare stomach. You can’t really ignore this and decide to finally ask.

                “The fuck do you think you’re doing?”

                His hands slightly drop from where they were and he answers comfortably against your neck.

                “Bein’ romantic. W-why?”

                “You’re failing miserably at it. Did you ever get schoolfed before this huge final exam on how to be a matesprit or were you just horribly neglected by your lusus in that regard? Or did you just fall off your skyhorse and land head-first on the bony fish-asses of some mertrolls somewhere along the line?”

                He holds out the following “Nope” until it sounds like a different word, then continues, “This grade-A romantic lowhin’ all over your tensed back shoulders.”


                “No, I am a perfect matesprit and you are just really fuckin hard to w-woo. I loweh” (his accent mangles the word again; you never know whether to be disappointed or amused) “that about you.”

                “No, you don’t. It’s exponentially obvious that you don’t.”

                “You caught me,” he drawls out, “But it’s such a big part a’ bein’ in your heart quadrant, I’m w-willin’ to learn to loweh it.”

                You don’t know how to respond to that without sounding like the biggest bulgecake, so you instead just say, “Just let me watch my movie.”

                “S’long as I can cuddle you from behind durin’ it.”

                “Only if I can make it a marathon and you are in charge of procuring the snacks when I run out.”

                “Damn fair deal w-we got then.”

                “Damn fair it is.”

                Eridan has you sprawled out in his lap. You like to pretend you ignore it in favor of your movie, but your snack-boy isn’t too shabby either.

(first time actually writing the ship instead of just reading it. Here you go, a gift) 

Ohmygosh!!!! It’s so great! :D Also wow yes please let’s be friends you seem really cool and awesome :)

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(From MissionImmortal; Ethan's my sideblog) "So, I heard you were jealous of me. Don't be. If you're with Benji, then in a lot of ways, you're much better for him than I am."

“Did he tell you that?” Eames asked softly, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling on the loose skin awkwardly. He definitely hadn’t wanted /that/ to spread around. Especially back to Ethan. “Better? Yeah, maybe one day I’ll believe that.”

He gave the man a once-over, not in a malicious way but in a curious way, and then let out a sigh. “Listen, I’m sorry about that. I appreciate you trying to make me feel better.”

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Tommy opens his door to find Eames, beaten and bloody. He immediately pulls him inside, dipping his head outside, quickly scanning around. "The fuck man... the hell happened?" Tommy rushes for the kitchen towel and hands it to him.

“I can’t remember.” Eames blurts out with a pained expression, taking the towel with a nod of appreciation. “Woke up like this.” He dabbed at his face with the towel, trying to clear away most of the blood. “Thank you, by the way.”