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Intertwined-Chapter 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Depression, Violence, Smut, Mutant Reader (ALWAYS) powers include immortality, healing and telekinesis. Currently can’t think of anything else.

Summary: 5 years after the events of CACW, you are the live-in therapist for the newly reconciled Avengers, Steve’s Fiancé. The first words your soulmate speaks appears on your body, but only after your first conversation has taken place, making it impossible to know who your soulmate is, what will happen when Steve brings Bucky too live at the compound?  


Moy um diya tebya temnyy- My mind is too dark for you

YA Reshu, Yesli eto tak ili net- I will decide if it is or isn’t

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I’m Late you think, rushing down the hallway to your office, first session with the winter soldier and I’m LATE, clutching the enormous stack of papers to your chest you pick up the pace, rounding the corner you run straight into Steve, bouncing off his muscular chest like a squash ball off a wall, landing solidly on your butt you peer up at him “Dammit Stevie, can you at least make some kind of noise when you walk” his eyes rake up your flustered form “Late again doll?” he asks you trying to suppress his laugh “I’m always late Steve, It’s part of my charm, now help me up off of this floor before I do you bodily harm” you reply “ I mighn’ be opposed to that baby doll” he purrs as he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, You had been dating Steve for the better part of 5 years and recently accepted his marriage proposal, you had never been happier, you knew you weren’t Steve’s first choice, Peggy Carter had been his soulmate, His love, The woman for who he would take on the world and come out bloody and bruised on the other side, you, however had not met your soulmate and had given up hope of ever meeting them, besides, In what kind of deranged world would you choose anyone over Steve Frikkin Rogers? “you are such a perv Cap” you say as he hauls you too your feet “Yeah, but I’m your perv baby” he whispers as he plants a kiss on your forehead.

Entering your office, you get your first look at the infamous Winter Soldier, your breath catches in your throat holy hell in a hand basket this man is gorgeous you think, Long chocolate locks frame his sharp jaw, pink plump lips are drawn into a hard line as he scans the room, he’s all broad shoulders and muscular chest and thick thighs and… focus (y/n) you think he’s here for your help, so help him. “Good morning Sergeant Barnes” you greet him, your voice is pitched low, stance as nonthreatening as you can make it, His piercing blue eyes snap to yours and you swear your entire world narrows to only him. Nothing but him. “My name is Dr.(L/n). My specialty is people with PTSD. I’m going to help integrate you into the 21st century” your voice is shaky, get a grip (y/n) “you’re Stevie’s girl” he grunts, fidgeting nervously with his black T-shirt “Yes, I am Steve’s Fiancé” his face hardens “ I ain jus gonna sprout off to ya, what makes ya think you can’ help me anyways?” he spits, you sigh “I was originally brought in to help the Captain adjust, I spent 5 years waking him from nightmares and talking him down when things threaten to overwhelm him. Let me help you Sergeant” He studies you for a minute “Moy um diya tebya temnyy” he replies, you suck in a breath, a strange tingling has started in your chest, you answer in what feels like slow motion “YA Reshu, Yesli eto tak ili net” the words are barely out of your mouth when the pain starts, you let out a startled cry as your hand flies to your collarbone, Bucky is doubled over on the floor hand holding his hip as his gaze snaps to yours.

“shit” you breath, eyes wide searching his face “No no noo no no no” you’re panicking “this cannot be happening” Bucky lifts up his shirt and you pull down the edge of your top.

“you’re my soulmate” Bucky says voice dead.

“Fuck” you whisper as you see the words inked on his skin. “Steve’s going to lose his mind”

“No” He barks at you, striding forward he levels you with a deadly look:“Steve ain never gonna find out”You gape at him“What the fuck do you mean Steve isn’t going to find out?” you screech “Its literally inked onto my skin!” 

He’s floundering, desperately looking for a solution to the problem, finally his shoulders slump and with a defeated sigh he says: 


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UT Fankids Week
(kinda maybe? I mean the thing is that it had Sanscest in the tags…error ink is kinda sanscest so…. eh? I might be pulling a few strings here but even if these are not valid I hope to still do them!)

Day 1: First Words

Welp wanted to do something for this fun week! Even have a small story that goes along with it under the read more! ( well more of a ramble of a draft of how it could work but still! )

But man, this was fun to figure out what beginning PJ looked like. Heh man he looks like a MESS. Though no scarf or bag so yeah… he did just form o-o

I have no clue if PJ fits into the Fankids week thing but I like the prompts and hope to give more incite to how he’s like while growing up. 
(note the Ink and Error represented here are not canon however I tried to have them have more canon personalities and actions so *shrugs*. Just a warning cause yeah… technically there is no PJ but this is just how they are canon to his story o-o)

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Slowly dying

Ink bendy:*coughs up ink*
Alice:what are we ganna do about him if he dies bendy will kill us
Sammy:honey he wouldn’t kill me
Ink bendy:y-your a idiot
Ink creature:*screeches*
Alice:ahh the blasted deformed thing
Ink bendy:n-no need t-to worry B
Sammy:it’s the name he gave the ink creature seance its suppose to be a ink Boris
Alice:awww so bendy and Boris’s friend ship can be seen through these two
Ink bendy:still dying over h-hear
Alice:oh yea *gives him a glass of ink*
Ink bendy:*drinks it and gets up*thanks
Ink bendy:what
Sammy:honey we’re made of ink so it acts of a source that can heal us why do you think bendy is always eating ink cream
Alice:so he’s in pain
Sammy:no darling he eats it to when he gets hurt the ink that he’s storing gets used
Ink bendy:but this won’t last long we need to find bendy and Boris
Alice:yea we’re are they
Ink bendy:their in a parallel dimension
Alice:so we just need to get them back
Sammy:that’s the plane
Ink creature:m-m-mast……
Ink bendy:yea master Boris
Alice:that thing is learning
Ink bendy:dugh how do you think I learned to walk talk and form myself