screams we got pictures


G U Y S  The thing Warren is wearing is called a ‘Bum Flap’!!

It reduces abrasive wear to pants and provides protection, but they’re often worn as a punk fashion statement :D


Before the concert my Uncle ( the manger and song producer ) suprised me with a signed EXO album.

I first headed off to the concert and entered the arena. I sat in L1 which is the middle area.


At  6:30 I got a call to go backstage and get toured by 2AM’s manager in an hour. When it was time, we went to the building behind the stage. We met 2AM’ manager and he gave us the passes to be able to be backstage. (this concert was a concert that anyone other then staff or artist can not enter) 

The manager told us to wait in front of the room and he went in to get 2AM ready. While we were waiting we heard a group of boys doing vocal warmups at the staircase next to us, we started to freak out. After hearing alot of footsteps B1A4 was walking past us. Surprisingly I was calm and actually said “annyeonghaseyo” and they replied, smiling, and even pat my little brother’s head. Every member made eye contact with me. I have this on video too (but Im not going to release it because i promised that I wouldnt) I was trying really hard to be the fan that doesnt disturb them with screaming. I was successful. hehe.

So when 2AM got out we took a picture with them.


After taking the picture we couldnt get a signature because they had to go do hair&makeup.

Due to the concert starting and the backstage being hectic we were told by 2AM’s manager that we couldnt visit anyone else. I was pretty bummed out but I was grateful to even be able to be backstage.

So we went back to the arena and watched the performance. My sister texted my uncle and told him about what we did. And after hearing that we only took a picture with 2AM ( not even all the members ) he got mad and told us he would call back. In less than 4 minutes he called saying that Dalshabet’s manager will take us around this time. So during intermission we went back. The first stage after intermission ended was EXO’s. I started hearing “WOLF” play outside and we were walking to go into the backstage building. I was sad because this was finally my chance to see EXO perform in front of my eyes and not on a TV. Dalshabet’s manager saw my face expression and asked if I liked EXO. I said yes and he was like do you want to atleast watch their performance? I said yes so we went into the room with the door to go on stage and watch from the big tv. While we were watching, a few celebrities walked past us including Insooni & Ali.  

Insooni also asked if we were Korean and said that we were pretty. ( LIKE TF )

After EXO’s performance was done Dalshabet’s manager told us to come with him. He was leading us to an elevator and we were waiting for it to open. When it opened we heard some staff telling us to wait and asked if they can use it first. guess who it was.

it was EXO.

I was internally freaking out. They were less then an arms reach from me. AND THEY WERE BEYOND ATTRACTIVE. They were ALL attractive. Like pictures dont do any of them justice.

They were sweating alot ( Xiumin was sweating the most… like alot ) and they barely made it into the elevator because they were trying to catch their breaths.This was when I was starting to get more worried rather than excited. When they went past me we made eye contact and they made an effort to smile at me despite their breathing condition. Xiumin & Chen went in first and Luhan & Kris quickly followed after. Xiumin and Chen were on the right side of the elevator so I couldnt see them again but Kris and Luhan was right in front of me. Kris was bent over with his hands on his knees and luhan infront of him squatting on the floor both trying to catch their breathes. They looked extremely tired. They realized that I was still standing there and tried to smile at me, I smiled back. They kept trying to breathe and Luhan kept looking at me trying to smile, at a point I couldnt take it anymore so I started shaking my head motioning him to stop and properly catch his breathe. He gave me a small smile and nodded. But keep in mind that this was kinda short. The staff in the elevator kept telling the outside people to hurry up. I turned to look at who they were talking to and it was Tao. He couldnt even walk and had to be helped by the other staff. Im thinking that he hurt his waist/back. He passed by me and we made eye contact and they went down the elevator. I was on the verge of crying. If they werent still in front of me I wouldve bawled. Seeing half of the boys I care for and love in front of me hurt because they try to show us a good stage… it really made me realize how hard they work. Even at the moment, since I was a fan I wasnt supposed to see this side of them, they still tried to act as if nothing was wrong when in fact something was clearly wrong. Luhan tried his best to smile I couldnt stand that. I have a video of this but like I said I promised I wouldnt release any videos. 

But anywasy instead of taking the elevator we went the stair route ( which wasnt bad it was like 10 steps. lol ) ( where B1A4 was going down doing their vocal warmups ) and when we were down EXO was walking out of the elevator. We let them go first and they went inside their rooms. We walked to the end of the hallway and Dalshabet’s manager told us to wait and he went into the room. B1A4 walked out and we got a picture.

They were all really nice and ATTRACTIVE VERY ATTRACTIVE. After the picture we greeted them and was lead to Dalshabet’s room and we went in and also took pictures with them.

They were freakin gorgeous and actually really nice. ( they werent fake ) We talked to them for awhile. When I tried to tell them that they were really pretty they said that we were first ( pfft ) We said bye and went to the main room again. The manager asked me if I really wanted to see EXO but I said no. It broke my heart but I still said no. They look like they were dying in the elevator, and I couldnt bring myself to disturb them. So we went back into the hallway and the manager was stopped by another manger and they were talking while we waited on the side. ( I cant say what they were talking about but it was intresting. ) While were waiting/listening EXO’s manager passed by and I immediately took a picture. (lol) 

 and the MC of the concert ( Jay Park ) knocked on one of the doors and Chnagmin & Jinoon opened and they were talking.

 We then exited backstage and went back to watching the concert. 

The sky turned darker and thats when everyone turned on their lights. It was beautiful. ( besides EXO’s performance, because I missed it ) B1A4”s performance was probably the best. Especially with the colorful ocean. Thats when I actually scream/sang along. They put on a good stage. They were never really my favorite but it was probably the best stage. 

Personally, this was a good and bad experience. I got to see what happens backstage and its not as pretty as it seems. I just cant say everything that I saw or heard.What I said was either the nicest I can say it or I never said what happened. EXO was in a worse situation then I stated. To the point that I couldnt bring myself to disturb them for a picture or a sign. I realized that just because we see them smiling in shows doesnt mean theyre fine anywhere else. They try to put on a better show for us each time. All idols do, we need to give them more credit and respect.

After the concert ended I was waiting in the car because Hollywood Bowl’s parking sucks I saw that there were pictures of them already in LAX. 


It kills me to see pictures of them. Just imagining them going through worse, then what I saw. Dont get me wrong Im sure not all the smiles are fake but there are alot made from effort. It hurts even more to see Luhan now. When he kept trying to make an effort to smile at me, you can see the look in his eyes that he was sorry that he couldnt stand up and say hi or do anything for me. What makes me even more pissed is that after shows like these fans have the nerve to stalk them and hurt them. They work hard, give them their privacy. They shouldnt even need to ask for it.

I came back home to a signed MRMR album.

Today I had dinner with my Uncle ( thats the manager, song producer ) and Inkigayos PD. We went to karaoke after because we’re asian  and he said that he’ll do everything for me if I go to Korea. ( Im korean and Ive never been to Korea like tf ) SO YEA, IM EXCITED.

And tomorrow Im getting my hair done from one of my close family friends. ( shes like my aunt ) and she’s a popular hair & makeup person for Idols. ( she was there at the concert doing hair & makeup too ) 

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I met Cyr at warped Tour this year at Blossom. I’ve been watching his videos ever since he started and anytime I had a shitty day I’d always watch one of his videos and instantly forget whatever bad thing happened that day. When the Youtubers got announced and I found out that Cyr was going I was so happy I almost cried. On July 17th, I went to Warped with my friend Gilda and met up with my friends Juliana and Harley. Half way through the day I saw Cyr and I got a hug from him and then found out that none of my friends knew who he was. It sucked because I’m so awkward and shy that I was to scared to ask for a picture and I wanted one of them to go with me. Yeah I’m that person that doesn’t like doing things alone. But we went and saw a bunch of bands and started to walk back to the pavilion. Juliana and I saw Veeoneeye and she screamed. He gave a what the fuck look and we both got pictures with him. When Juliana got a picture with him Harley just kept pressing the button for two minutes and ended up taking 223 pictures of them. The same picture 223 times…  I saw Cyr again and finally Harley made me go talk to him. I asked for another hug and he gave me two and then we took a picture. I was going to tell him how his video’s always make me happy and helped me get out of depression but no. Harley decided to go up to him and ruin the moment by saying, “I don’t know who you are, but you’re attractive and I like your face.” …Thanks Harley… So if for some reason he happens to see this then you helped me out of depression and I wanted to say thank you for making videos.