screams unintelligibly

davekat au: dave has a youtube channel where he reviews things. just… things. his most popular video is 17 minutes of him eating an apple in slow-mo, occasionally pausing to describe the precise details of the apple experience. he’s so deadpan that no one can tell if it’s a joke or not. karkat binge-watches his videos in an exhausted, insomniac haze at 3 in the morning, and then sends him an exhaustive 10-page mostly incoherent rant about how his channel is confusing and pointless in all caps. karkat promptly passes out and, the next morning, assumes it was all a strange and elaborate dream, until dave’s next video is a totally deadpan “review” of karkat’s “concerns.” the video gets over 100,000 views and its own meme. it launches dave into internet fame. karkat has never been more infuriated in his life. he rage-messages terezi, who owns a popular shitpost blog, who says OH Y34H 1M MUTU4LS W1TH H1M and then copypastes dave’s url. fast-forward 5 months and they’re dating

So guys. Drunk Adrien:

  • Cries over Marinette’s freckles
  • “Well, hello little lady-” *vomits all over himself*
  • *Marinette tries to help change his shirt* “Um excUSE YOU. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.”
  • *sees picture of himself* “Ugh, he looks like such a douche”
  • “You know. Ladybug is my babe” *Marinette smiles in amusement* “Oh yeah?” “Yeah. You know, you kinda look like her.”
  • “Plagg, clawsh out!” *Marinette grabs a snickering Plagg before he can go into the ring* “Absolutely not.”
  • *unintelligible screaming at the sight of Tikki*
  • “Mari, why are you in my house.” “We have lived together for three years.”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Dean x Reader (it’ll make sense, I swear)

Summary: After seeing Jensen dressed as 1940′s Dean, you suddenly have an idea to bring this version of your husband into the bedroom.

Word Count: 1,441

Warnings: roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), smut, cursing

Submitted by: @sgarrett49

Jensen decided to let you visit set that day. They were filming a time jump episode and he wanted you to be there to see the way they changed the set. You were an aspiring artist in the film industry, wanting to be the one to create and switch out the sets when scenes changed. What you weren’t expecting was for them to throw Dean back into the 1940′s, part his hair and slick it to the side, and make him wear that fucking delicious outfit.

When he walked onto set from the wardrobe trailer, your jaw dropped. The shirt hugged his biceps so damn well. The vest showed off his broad shoulders but pulled in around his trim waist. And the hair. For fuck’s sake, that hair. You shook yourself from your daze as you sank back into your chair, thighs clenching together. 

You sat back and watched Jensen slide perfectly into his character, ending the scene when Bob called cut, wrapping for the night. Sliding down out of the tall seat, you practically ran to meet Jensen.

“Baby, you were so good!” You stood on your toes and kissed him. “And you look even better.” 

He smiled against your lips and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you to him.

“That’s not just a prop gun in my pocket, ya know.” He winked as you giggled.

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do you ever think about how vriska always wanted to be a hero? it’s 3 a.m. and i’m tired and this might not make sense in the morning, but… well…

she grows up killing other kids so that her mother could survive. at first it seems to be merely the trope of “abused kid is a bully who just wants to be loved,” but there’s another layer of complexity there.

she starts killing other kids because she absolutely has to, before she’s old enough to understand right and wrong and the implications of killing another being. and then when she does become old enough, it means that she doesn’t see her childhood circumstances as something horrible that happened to her, she sees it as a collection of horrible things that she did.

and she can’t stop then, can she? that night finally happens, when she looks into the face of a troll she’s about to kill and realizes “this is a person just like me.” but it’s not like she can do anything about it. her lusus still needs to be fed. it’s what she’s done all her life.

she can’t stop now.

it’s awful, and she knows that. she might not know that in the sense that she sits down one day and thinks “what i’m doing is awful,” but she knows it in the uneasiness in her gut, in the tiny hesitation before the final blow.

she knows that. she also knows it’s necessary.

one day, she meets terezi.

all terezi wants to do is find criminals and execute them, and when terezi and vriska work together, terezi will stand over the body that vriska is about to feed to her lusus and announce proudly that their actions were all in the name of JUST1C3!

vriska believes her.

she wants to be a hero.

terezi is the first one to ever tell vriska that she is doing something just, something right. terezi tells vriska that her actions are heroic. that’s what terezi means to her, after a while: she is the first person to make vriska think she is good.

and then there’s doc scratch, and make her pay, and the game, and everything happens all at once and while not all of it is vriska’s fault, so much of it is. and terezi isn’t supporting her anymore, she doesn’t think vriska’s a good person. she goes off to fight noir because, for once, she wants to be the hero.

terezi kills her. she doesn’t get a chance.

terezi spends three years on the meteor alone. everything goes to shit, it’s game over, everyone’s dying, and terezi witnesses the destruction of everything she’s tried to protect, and she thinks, you know who would have fixed this? vriska.

since when is vriska the one who solves problems, who keeps people from killing each other? i mean, vriska? really? i mean, come on. think about it. literally, there is no other character who wouldn’t break out into laughter at the mere idea that vriska could possibly be a viable solution to anything.

but terezi tells john to rewrite the past three years and the entire universe in the process in order to keep vriska alive. because she thinks — no, she knows — that vriska can be a hero.

how does act 7 end? it ends with vriska not making it through the door, with vriska being left behind, because she decides that if she has to die, she’s gonna die fighting and she’s gonna die heroic.

and, of course, terezi goes to find her, because she will always, always always always always, believe that vriska is a hero.

Reacting to you being an amazing idol rapper

Requested by anon

Context: You’re chilling on the couch with your boyfriend, listening to music. After listening to a preview of their new song, he asks if you could show him your groups upcoming single coming out. You’re embarrassed cause its the first time you don’t sing in the song (you don’t tell him that), but you put it on for him anyway. Hes jamming out, waiting to see if he can recognize your voice but halfway through the song he is confused. You tell him your part is up next, and that its the break in the song. He sits up and it starts. You, rapping at top speed, throwing out LITERAL FIRE for 30 seconds straight.

How does he react??


Your rap starts and he does a double-take. He’s staring off into the distance, one eyebrow raised and puzzled beyond belief. After Youngbin finally realized what was happening, he yells out and grabs you by the shoulders. His eyes are shining with excitement and he waits for the stanza to be over to speak. Makes sure to tell everybody about it.
“Y/N! (×4) I didn’t know you could do that!!”

Originally posted by sf9


He stares blankly into the distance. Your part ends and eventually the song does as well. You’re both in complete silence as Inseong’s gaze slowly makes its way towards yours. You asked him what he thought but he just kept looking at you blankly.
“Wait… Did that just happen?? That wasn’t a prank right?”

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Jumps as soon as he recognizes your voice. Groves around, WOO-ing from time to time. Turns to you as soon as its over. Hes super excited.
“Ya! That was my Y/N! I can’t believe it!”

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Your part starts and he very dramatically yells out in confusion. After a moment of him being completely shocked, it clicks in his mind. Dawon yells again, this time looking at you. He stands up in excitement. He’s all over the place, not able to control himself. As soon as its over he wants you to put it again. Its all you guys listen to for hours, eventually he creates a fanchant for your part.
“EH?! Wait… WHAT?!? – Ya! That was so– put it again! *unintelligible screaming*”

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(Bless this dork)


Does a real life :o face, with a sound to match. A bashful smile spreads on his face, and he looks at you with pure excitement. After its done, Rowoon laughs out and grabs your face, praising you.
“Woow my y/n is so talented. I’m so proud of you!”

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Your rap starts. Zuhos eyebrows both jump up, and a second later he can’t control his giggles. He’s jamming out, yelling out whenever the rap peaks. After that, its all he can talk about. He encourages you to do a collab with him, almost screaming it to your manager next time he sees him.
“You never told me you could rap! Hey, you have to do a song with me. I’ll start writing it right now!”

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(What a precious noodle)


Sunshine™ will tilt his head in confusion, and then almost instantly start jamming. After its done he’ll hug you tightly, looking down at you.
“How did you hide something like this from me? Everyday I find new things to like about you haha.”

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Poor little thing never saw it coming. Shoots up like a rocket. Spends the next 30 seconds standing completely still like a mannequin, staring at the floor, listening. When your verse ends, Hwiyoung laughs out in excitement. He kneels in front of you and the couch, grabbing your arms.
“Y/n that was so good! Can you do it right now? I wanna see you doing it :D”

Originally posted by sf9stolemyheart


“Woaaa-” his face lights up. Chani listens, giving the song his full attention, moving his finger up and down as if counting the syllables. As soon as your part ends he pauses the song altogether.
“That was awesome! Can you teach it to me, y/n?”

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They’d all be so proud of you 😭😭😭 my precious boys.

This one was really fun❤

My request box is still open! I do sf9 reactions and scenarios!

Next up is a scenario! :D

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Zeta Gundam is pretty good.


Words: 1.8k

Summary: You are married to Misha and someone breaks into your home.

Warnings: Serious angst;blood, violence, fear, and death. (Do not read if this is triggering to you.)

A/N: I had a nightmare and needed to share my pain; I’m sorry. Constructive feedback is always appreciated and send me an ask or DM id you’d like to be added to my tag list. Also, obviously no hate for Vicki. ❤


Blood; everywhere. “Why is there so much blood?” you thought frantically to yourself.

“Sweetie, just stay with me.” you said shakily. “They’re on their way; just hold on.”

Misha looked up at you with pained eyes and blood between his gritted teeth. “I’m sorry, honey. I lo…”

His jaw relaxed, shoulders slumped, and the hand holding his bloodied stomach dropped slightly. You cupped his face, slapping his cheek lightly trying to rouse him. “Misha? Come on Babe, stay with me.”

When he didn’t respond you began shaking him slightly and yelling his name louder until they became unintelligible screams and sobs as you held his lifeless body close to you. You heard the sirens in the distance getting closer, but figured it didn’t matter; he was gone already anyways.

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waterpark adventures.

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» minhyuk x reader
» LIFEGUARDS!AU; fluff; cursing
» 2.991 words
» summary: public pools were tragic, even more so during summer periods, much more for someone that worked in there.

soundtrack: losing myself by state champs

Public pools were tragic, to say the least, even more so during summer period. It was insane, like staying under the scorching sun for hours and getting a sunburn at the end of the day were not enough. Kids were either crying their lungs out or running around the pools so close to the edges they could slip and crack their heads any moment. Mothers were complaining about every single, from the deckchairs, to the supposedly bad ice cream of the bar. Middle aged men with floral swim trunks directly taken from the 80s always trying to flirt with teenagers.

And you had always thought that being a lifeguard was not supposed to be that hard, especially in a pool. You could not have been more wrong. People rarely listened to lifeguards and if the lifeguard happened to be a girl, they were even more inclined to ignoring. And you, well, you were a lifeguard in a public pool and a girl. Just the perfect combination.

It was a rather hot day of the middle of July, and you were toying with your whistle’s string while sitting on the lifeguard chair. You would occasionally shout to running kids to slow it down when they got too close to the pool edge. They would always run away screaming something unintelligible and you would just flop back on your chair, trying not to curse out loud. Why was so difficult to parents to control those screaming creatures?

You were dwelling on it, about how much tiring it would’ve been for you to run around all day like that when kid slipped right in front of your eyes. He fell near the pool edge and almost hit his head on the tiled ground. You quickly got up and blew in your whistle.

“Come on, you can’t run around like that, it’s dangerous” you said, in the most sweet and motherly tone you could muster in yourself.

The kids silently exchanged looks and you thought you had convinced them for once, but then they started laughing, like you had just said the funniest joke ever and you were so close to lose it.

“Hello, I see you are having fun” Minhyuk cheerily steeped in sporting his thousand watts smile, he crouched down to the kids level “But it would be really bad if one of you got hurt while having fun, right?” the kids all nodded solemnly at his words, entranced by whatever strange kind of magic Minhyuk was performing on them “Then it is better not to run around, right? You can hurt yourself really bad if you fall” Minhyuk smiled when the kids nodded and then patted their head one by one. Your frown only deepened when the kids walked away and settled down to play in the kids pool, without screaming or running around whatsoever.

Minhyuk turned to look at you with so much smugness you wanted to slap him. He was always like that you, showing off just how good he was at doing his job and how easy it was while you struggled around every single day. You snarled at him and Minhyuk chuckled.

“You should at least thank me, you were clearly going to curse at them in front of their parents” the boy stated, impertinence heavy in his tone. You rolled your eyes, not wanting to start bickering with him one bit, and sat back on your chair under the lifeguard umbrella.

Minhyuk shrugged and clicked his tongue, giving up on trying to get a reaction out of you. He walked away, probably to go nag Kihyun in his side of the park.

You threw him a frowning look just when you knew he was not looking. You really did not understand how someone could manage to do what he had just done. Both adults and kids respected him and listened to his admonishment. It was unbelievable how people just seethed down when he was talking and you hated it. Minhyuk was always so cheerful, every single day, every single week, during his shift and his breaks, it was like nothing could stop him from smiling and playing around and joking with everyone. Mothers loved him, kids adored him. Flocks of girls swarmed around him the whole summer, giggling and squealing when he took off the staff shirt because it was hot or to go dive in because some idiot had breathed underwater.

But what irked you to no end was he had the rights to show you where you did wrong eve if you did not like it, he was good at being a lifeguard, he liked his job and knew how to deal with people, he was smart and diligent. If that was not enough, like he was not already perfect just like that, he had been blessed with such good looks the first time you saw him you had stuttered so hard you had to introduce yourself twice.

You were so deep in your thoughts, trying to convince yourself that you did not have a huge crush on Minhyuk, that Changkyun had to shook your shoulder to get your attention.

“When are you going to stop pretend that you hate Minhyuk?” he asked, grinning ear to ear. Changkyun was your best friend and probably knew you better than yourself. He had noticed since the first day your crush on Minhyuk and did not waste a single chance to make admit it. You, on the other hand, were trying not to commit to reality for as long as you could.

“Don’t you have towels to fold or something?”

“You are so funny. I’m on break” Changkyun leaned over your chair and then raised his eyebrows “You should really stop trying to seem mad at him. The sexual tension is kinda embarrassing actually, even Hyunwoo knows you are crushing so hard-“

“Shut up, Changkyun”

“Keep on denying but the longer you wait, the fewer chances you have to get him” Changkyun nodded to the other part of the pool and you quickly looked over, silently cursing yourself for looking so damn desperate. Minhyuk was leaning over a waterslide, one of his most dazzling smiles painted on his plush lips, shamelessly flirting with a cute girl in a pink bikini. You frowned and your thoughts wandered to your white staff shirt and your black single piece swimsuit. You found yourself wishing you were half as cute as that girl.

“As if he would ever look at me like that. Because he hates me”

“Sure he does” Changkyun rolled his eyes dramatically and with a last pat on your shoulder, leaving you to drown back in your thoughts.

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joyedtobeforlorn  asked:

how do you feel about dirkjake?

man i never thought i’d get into the dirkscourse in december of 2016 but here i am

i think their relationship throughout act 6 was unhealthy and fraught with problems, but i don’t think it was abusive. i think the interpretation of dirk as jake’s abuser is somewhat valid and has a small amount of evidence behind it, but most of the textual evidence contradicts that, and it’s not the interpretation i subscribe to.

much of my opinion on this was formed by reading this four-part essay, which is long but well-written, and definitely worth reading: part one, part two, part three, part four.

you can read the parts in whatever order you want, if you’re not up to tackling it all at once. the essay is backed up by a huge amount of evidence and i really appreciate how sympathetic and understanding the writer is when discussing the opposing point of view.

i think one of the reasons dirkjake was so discourse-y was because while act 6 was happening, it was really hard to take in the full picture. i read a lot of act 6 as an archival reader, and even then it was hard to figure out who was responsible for what. one of the core problems in dirk and jake’s relationship was the muddle between dirk and his proxies — the fandom would read a recent update, go “oh my god!!! i can’t believe dirk would do something so awful!” only to realize later that “dirk” was really AR. that initial impression would linger, and many people would argue, “well, the AR is just his personality in a different form, right? and even if they’re separate beings, isn’t the AR still dirk’s fault?”

both of those beliefs are fundamentally unfounded, and i would explain why, but i’m worried i’ll fuck it up… so instead PLEASE go read those essays, they’re so good.

another core reason dirkjake became so fraught with discourse was because of the habit of taking homestuck characters at face value. to quote that essay i love so goddamn much:

“Dirk is assigned a lot more competency than he really deserves. But in reality, most of Dirk’s narrative is focused on all the ways Dirk finds himself losing control… As far as manipulative masterminds go, Dirk is a failure. He fails at executing his plans continually, spectacularly, and with catastrophic consequences. He’s not good at multitasking and he’s not particularly great at orchestrating the kids’ entry to the session (the AR does most of that). And yet, for many Homestuck fans, he takes the lion’s share of the credit (and the blame) for the ridiculous time-loop he participates in during [S] Unite and [S] Synchronize.”

tl;dr — people interpret dirk a puppetmaster because he presents himself that way — he tells everyone he knows what he’s doing because he wishes he were.

i’m hard-pressed to think of a single character in the comic whose outward facade matches their true self. no one, not even john, is completely honest about themselves.

one thing that essay doesn’t tackle is: many people view dirk as an abuser because at one point, he thinks he is one.

dirk obviously has depression. at one point he attempts to destroy the AR, and by proxy himself, in a crippling bout of suicidal ideation. that sequence of events is where a lot of fans get to say “but even he admits he was abusive to jake!”

but i’m not sure why everyone just takes that statement at face value.

when i see a character saying “i hate myself, i ruin the lives of everyone i care about” while the story shows that they were not at fault (PLEASE read those essays), i don’t think “wow, they’re such an awful person,” i think “wow, they have depression.”

finally, i’d like to note one more thing.

i believe that fiction should be evaluated separately from the creator’s intent, so i don’t think hussie’s intention should determine whether or not you interpret dirkjake as abusive (as opposed to unhealthy for other reasons). but i seriously doubt hussie intended to portray dirk as an abuser.

homestuck is a comic where female characters are just as nuanced as male characters, where the longest-lasting and healthiest romantic relationship is between two girls, where the villains embody heteromasculine ideals and the heroes have beautifully written, thoughtful coming-out narratives. why on earth would andrew hussie upturn that by writing in dirk strider as the gay predator archetype? how the hell does homestuck, of all pieces of media, accommodate a storyline about a gay teen as a cruel, manipulative predator who abuses other teenagers into fulfilling his sexual desires? it makes no sense.

i want to be clear, since this is easy to take the wrong way in wonderful discourse-filled tumblr land — i’m not saying that believing that dirkjake was abusive makes you homophobic, or that it makes you the kind of person who buys into those narratives. it’s not your fault for reading the text differently. you might think that canon includes all that nasty stuff even if you would’ve done differently if you were in hussie’s shoes.

and if dirk and jake’s dynamic reminds you of abuse you’ve experienced yourself, then i’m not asking you to somehow undo your triggers or your perception of their relationship for the sake of understanding my argument. they’re just fictional characters, after all.

and if you want to argue with me about my opinion, or present evidence to the contrary, please do! i love talking about this stuff, and if i’ve forgotten something crucial or am just plain wrong, i’ll try to acknowledge it.

at the moment though, i personally, fervently believe that dirk and jake’s arc is not about abuse. it’s about another core theme of homestuck: the dangers of forcing too many expectations onto yourself, the dangers of trying to become an idealized version of yourself instead of accepting your own imperfections. you see it in terezi, in vriska, in rose, in karkat, in dave, in virtually every single character, including jake english and dirk strider.

beyond all the problems of dirk’s splinter selves, what tore dirk and jake’s relationship apart was emotional distrust and an inability to communicate. dirk couldn’t show jake emotion or vulnerability once they were together in person because he was terrified that by letting go of his image as ultra-competent and infallible, he would be failing jake — and jake couldn’t communicate his anxiety about their relationship because he was terrified of being any less than the superhuman movie hero he wanted to be.

i’ll end by reiterating that you really really really should read those essays, and also this reconciliation fic by the same author; they’re both fantastic and nuanced and wonderfully written.

aaaaaaand that’s it, that’s my dirkscourse, folks!

the signs as shit my classmates have said this school year
  • Aries: *unintelligible screaming during Kahoot*
  • Taurus: "oh so you think you're so cool cuz you have a face"
  • Gemini: "you don't know who i am. you know what bus i ride, but not who i am"
  • Cancer: "i'm gonna tickle the shit outta you"
  • Leo: "shut the fuck up, there's a reason why you're fucking bass clarinet 2 and there's only ONE of you"
  • Virgo: "i work at mcdonalds AND computer technician"
  • Libra: "repeat after me: pussy"
  • Scorpio: "i've lasted as long as i have on this planet by not trusting anybody"
  • Sagittarius: *holds up gatorade bottle* "this is called alcohol"
  • Aquarius: *drinks out of the eye wash station in chemistry*
  • Pisces: "making bonds, losing bonds, james bonds"

Okay, this is a mini rant about YouTube because something is ticking me off hardcore. (Please reblog to spread the word!)

So, as many YouTube viewers, such as myself, have seen within the past couple of months, is that a lot of content creators (more specifically in the gaming and vlogs-ish sections) have started to upload much longer videos/live streams that they’ve done straight to their channel.

And there’s been a lot of hate about it.

But it’s not logical hate, it’s just “you’re inconveniencing me” hate. It’s “Re-upload this now because it’s too long for me” and “why are you re-uploading this if you live streamed it you twat” hate. It’s stupid hate, and it needs to be addressed.

An example of this “longer video” is Markiplier’s video of “Oxygen Not Included”, which is 3-4 hours long. I know that can seem like a long video, but you can do what you want with it.

Personally, I love these sorts of videos because I’m of the group that likes to put on a video while I’m doing other stuff, and not have to mess with it. It’s like background noise, yet I can still enjoy stuff I want to.

But then there’s the “too long” viewers.

They come onto the channel, see the video, see that it’s longer than an hour, and instead of just clicking back out of it, they decide to attack the creator and “make them re-upload it for my convenience”.

If you are one of those people; please leave until you can figure yourself out.

The creator you are watching
A.) Doesn’t have to do what they do. They willingly put videos up on their channel for us to enjoy. Yes, feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM are wanted, but MEANINGLESS CRITICISM is the opposite. If you want the creator to know that you don’t like the longer videos, then say “hey, I love you and your channel and your content, but I’m not sure how I can deal with longer episodes. Maybe ____?” Instead of shouting useless nonsense at them, hoping that they’ll fix it to your liking.

B.) They do this stuff for you, the viewer. The creator loves what they do, and they do it for you, the viewer. Reason? Because they love you. They love that you love what they love to do (if that makes any sense). If they decide “hey, I’m going to try something new” DO NOT lash out at them angrily. Try to be somewhat considerate (I know that’s hard for a lot of you, but please, do try). A creator will respond to that much quicker than unintelligible screaming.

And if you’re one of those people that are “but I don’t know what to do?”, then hear me out.

1.) Cut the video up into smaller sections. Longer videos can seem like a lot to take in at once, quickly deterring you. But hear me out; all you have to do is say “okay, this is a two hour long video, so I’ll watch 20 minutes of it every day.”, and you’ll be through it a lot quicker than you’d think.

2.) Test it out; that’s what the creator wants. The reason they’re doing this is because they’re experimenting with their channel. Why not join the experimentation? If you like the longer video, great! Give it a like, showing the creator how you feel, and move on with your day. If you don’t? DO NOT go to the comments just to babble on about how a long video “inconvenienced you”. If you’re going to comment about that, make it actually worthwhile to read, and say why you didn’t like it.

3.) Just don’t watch it. I’ve had my fair share of videos that I’ve seen on some of my favorite YouTuber’s channel, like Markiplier, JackSepticEye, or even DanIsNotOnFire and Game Grumps that I just didn’t watch because I wasn’t feeling it. And that’s OK. That’s 1000x better to do than go and scream in the comments about how “bad” it was. Be a decent human being.

If you’re still with me here, thanks for taking your time to read this, I really needed to get it off my chest, and hope you feel the same way about this.

Please, just be a decent human. We’re all in the same boat here, there’s no need to try go out of your way to make something worse.


in what distant deeps or skies, chapter 16/?

vrisrezi, background davekat, background rosemary

alternia au, longfic

rating: mature

Terezi has a problem. It’s not the fact that she’s been assigned to a job that she isn’t trained for and absolutely despises, or the endless daymares that rehash how she and her friends died in the Game, or even the way the Game suddenly ended without explanation, leaving Alternia as if it had never happened and erasing the memories of everyone… except her.

No, her problem is one Vriska Serket: ten sweeps, freshly graduated, newly appointed Admiral of Her Imperious Condescension’s Fleet, and (probably) the root of (the majority of) Terezi’s troubles. And the nonsensical, confused palecrush is only making things worse.

ch. 16: ere my vision grows too weak

(start at chapter 1 here)