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6 A.M. (Yoongi/Reader)

Prompt: Originally this started as a drabble on my personal (jookyunhoe), but I decided it needed a little more, so please keep that in consideration before sending messages about plagiarism. The work is mine.

Genre: Smut/PWP

Words: 1.5k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary: The only thing he loved more was the way you screamed his name with no shame. As if you didn’t care who heard, or if the entire neighborhood knew that Min Yoongi was the one making you cum at 6 a.m.

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Got7 Reacting

 To s/o asking to kill a house centipede.

Thank you for requesting😳
I hope this fits your liking❤

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He’ll be worried at first. Running towards you as he heard you screaming. As he saw your shook figure near the window, whimpering about a centipede and how he should kill it. He’ll calm you down and immediately go and terminate this pest.

“It’s okay now…Its okay….”

He wouldn’t tease you like the rest so….. All is good with this one.

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This tough cookie would not be fazed by your begging about a centipede that needs killing so he would tease you about being afraid at first. He’ll still end up killing it for you because he wants to show you how dependent and manly he could be. After his teasing though, he’ll just chuckle at your flustered state and mumble a….

“Look, its out of your hair now…”

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This fluff ball would be quiet at first, thinking to himself whether to show you how manly he is or to just wimp out. While in deep concentration, his facial features would grow solemn and he’d stammer,

“Should i….that centipede is pretty big though…”

But after seeing those infamous puppy eyes of yours he’d sigh and suck it up.


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This boy would judge you so hard. He’d sigh, thinking that you were overreacting when it came to a small pest. He’ll sass you when you yelled at him to go an kill it or else so he would end up sighing tiredly and go and kill it. coming back in the room you two were previously in too sarcastically mumble,

“Wow….that was really big (y/n). Now i understand why you’re so afraid..”

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My sunshine will be lost at words because you’re normally the one going around killing all the pests, and if you ask him for help…..this problem must be really major. He’ll stumble over his words as your beyond terrified eyes glanced over his figure. Youngjae would end up calling after Mark or Jaebum to kill this centipede because this would be too much for his heart.

“uh…um…Maybe i should call hyung..”

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This dab machine will totally freak the flip out! He’d scream when you came in screaming about a centipede and how he should go and kill it. Bambam would just stare at you with widen eyes as tho you were growing a third eye.

“Me! Kill what!?! I think not!”You two would end up looked up in your bedroom until one of the members call, only with your boyfriend telling them a very over-exaggerated, untrue story about some centipede that’s out to kill you two.

“uh. yeah hyung! i’m telling the truth… it held unto to my wrist and slammed me into the kitchen counter! come right away!!”

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Giant maknae would not hesitate to do whatever you told him to but before he goes to find this creature, he’ll comfort you and ensure you that you shouldn’t worry about anything because he had it under control. When he found the centipede, he’d catch it and throw it outside or something because he doesnt want to hurt a harmless creature. He’ll shyly come back and envelope you in a hug, placing a short peck on your head.

“hey….I’m back and i’m safe babe. Everything’s okay now.”

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VLD Wishlist for Season 3

1. Galra girl, let’s concretize, unmasked Galra girl. Because BoM has some, but please please please give me a sexy Galra woman in action, not over-sexualized one though. 

2. Throk. and Freddie’s real name. 

3. Seriously, Throk, again. As I know exactly I’ll get it, as he appears all time throughout episodes 12-13 S2 and is very in focus during the last seconds of Blackout too. (And especially because of AF trailer. omg I was screaming from joy when I heard them two voiced..oh, you say the clip was actually about Lotor? Nah don’t remember didn’t happen) 

4. Bonus points if Freddie or Throk in close combat with anyone. Loved all those rare close combat episodes with Galra and the choreography of them fighting is amazing, I want more. Not sure they’ll do it for Throk but seems Freddie will get one, as his claws obviously suit for that. Just don’t let Pidge anywhere near them pls. 

4. Something about Lance’s family? honestly, I’m interested

5. Keith’s mom (see p.1)

6. I still hope for any tiny insight on Thace’s background, although I realize I have to abandon this thought.  

7.Ok, I admit it, I’m very excited for Lotor too. Didn’t watch original Voltron back in my childhood because it was already considered too retro and uncool, but I remember Lotor from a couple of random episodes shuffled between the shows I did want to watch. I’m very curious how much better and cooler compared to original they’ll make him. 

Do not want-list

Sorry not sorry, but Matt. Seriously. No matter if dat screenshot was real or prank, I don’t want Matt on board. He’ll just drive too much focus off Pidge, or any other more important character. I really hope Matt Holt will stay lost in space until Ep 13 S06, you may start hating me for that now idc >:-)


Chinese student starts #ChineseLivesMatter petition after United drags Asian man off plane

  • On Sunday night, viral video footage of a 69-year-old Chinese doctor being violently removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight after refusing to give up his seat ignited worldwide outrage.
  • The footage is gut-wrenching: Several officers forcefully pull him out of his seat. 
  • His head hits a neighboring passenger’s armrest, and he is dragged down the aisle as blood pours from his face. The man’s screams can be heard in the smartphone footage. Zhang Zishi knew he had to do something when he came across the video. 

  • So Zishi, an 18-year-old Chinese student in the United Kingdom, created a We The People petition demanding the federal government launch an investigation into the United Airlines incident that took place on Sunday night. Read more. (4/11/2017 3:10 PM)


*Shepard and Garrus both return from a mission*

Shepard: That was a rough one, I don’t think I’ve ever been so filthy in my life. Can’t wait to wash off.

Garrus: Yeah definitely.

Shepard: You know…..I have a really nice personal shower. Nice and private. And it’s big too. Very accommodating if more than one person wanted to use it at the same time for….whatever reason.

Garrus: I’ll bet.

Shepard: Especially since sometimes I have a hard time reaching certain places….and I’m really dirty. Sure would be nice if someone could come up to my room and help me out. In the Shower. Right now.

Garrus: Yeah…..Alright, well I’ll leave you to it then. See you later!

Shepard: …..

*two hours later*


“Barcelona” by Ed Sheeran is about Viktor and Yuuri, without doubt

Well get up up on the dancefloor tonight

You and I we’re flying on an aeroplane tonight

Spin you around me again and again

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His Control (M)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3,942

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Description: After showing off to his friends what he could do more push-ups than them, you felt like he was going overboard with his competitive side. Ignoring him for a couple weeks, made a new side of him come out.

Warning: Dom!Kook, Thigh Riding, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Daddy Kink and Orgasm Denial

A/N: I made a bet in a group chat that I wouldn’t say anything sexual about Jungkook for a month. I won but during that month, I would type out how a felt about this “unnamed guy” aka Jungkook. So, after the month was up, I decided to change all the ‘He’s to Jungkook. The beginning is kind of based on Episode 12 of Run BTS. I can’t believe I wrote all of this filth. Well, looks like I’m going to hell after this. Also, I didn’t edit it. So, if there’s any mistakes. I’m sorry

Whenever he walked over to you, there would be a huge smile on his face. It would have seemed as if he won the lottery or if he found out something interesting that he was ready to tell you about. Jungkook’s smile made you feel like you were stuck in a trance and everything around you was moving slowly. Whenever you looked into his considerably large eyes, it would feel as if it was only you and him in the world. He had that effect on you and you never knew it. He had his days where he would annoy you to the point where you would ignore him for days on end. Especially on this particular day, he was showing off way too much and you were not having it.

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i cant believe gilmore girls made a hamilton reference fifteen years before hamilton even came out