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Some tododekus from @pitviperofdoom‘s Summer Stars fic! Aka the fic that has been killing me with every update  _(:‘3」z)_

bungledramblingsofalesbianmind  asked:

Supercorp prompt! I've always had this headcanon that if anyone asked Kara to name her favorite physical feature about herself, she would say the tiny scar on her eyebrow b/c it happened to her as a child on Krypton and it's a lasting physical reminder of the life/planet/family she used to have. She gets to look in the mirror every day and see it. I'd love to read (if you're interested in writing it!) you take on that convo with Lena...

Kara is not mysterious.

She’s not, though she makes a valiant attempt at it. She’s secretive and brilliant and more than talented at putting on an act, but she’s not mysterious. While there are dozens of things that don’t make sense about her, she has a refreshing habit of wearing her heart on her sleeve, consequences be damned, and even if Lena doesn’t understand what Kara does, she certainly can follow why.

Which is why the eyebrow thing is so…confusing.

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I was tagged by @sweetsugarap for this (this was really fun lol)

I tag:  (if you guys want to, no pressure if you don’t)  @kyungsushiroll @badlurk @say-guillen @souftboy @la-petite-schu @jinsblankie @taelexx  @min-yoongi-babo  @thelastperformer  @darnzypie @bloodyrings @up10chen  @sasstae @i-am-the-one-keeping-you-alive @strawberryishness @shooga-shooga  @tazzyfluf @carlybeazly @imagineparkchanyeol @annabellapls  @so-baffled @oh-yehet-chanyeol @lovesugaminyoongi   @vicitardis @metal-ramen @ombre-mochi @small-tap @hobi-sunshine @lilly12qq @ikasimm @lemonadeluhan @kawaiiikiwi and anyone else who may want to do this!

John's Always Right?

I know everyone is probably tired by now of all the speculation; I know I’ve crumpled my tin foil hat and thrown it into the recycling bin several times now. However, I came to a realization that made me dive back in and rescue that hat. If it’s too much for you to keep considering, I understand, but I can’t help but offer this small reminder: John is always right.

TAB was the first episode to really clue us in to the fact that we’re dealing with the show on a completely meta physical level now. And if John Watson gave Mycroft 5 years before his demise from consumption, then we can’t really expect any kind of real resolution before Series 5 airs. Sherlock thought it would happen in 4 years, and so did we, but we should have listened to John because he (according to Sherlock himself) is always right.

And when can we expect Series 5 to happen? Who knows, but Sherlock made a deal with Mycroft to change his bet to 3 years flat if Mycroft ate another pudding, a deal Mycroft readily accepted. This would place the first episode of Series 5 on January 1st, 2019, 3 years to the day that TAB aired. It’s gonna be a long hiatus.

(submitted by Julie)

Hey Lovely!

I feel ya on the crumpled tinfoil hat; heaven knows how often mine has been thrown out and then begrudgingly pulled from the garbage and crookedly been replaced on my head, LOL. 

Perhaps this is a positive way to look at it, and could help support their claims that “TAB must come out NOW” that they were so adamant about before S4. The negative part of me, though, is essentially screaming “then what was the point of TAB if S4 is our result???”. I try to stay skeptical just a teeny bit, if only because TPTB were so smug about how great S4 was and how amazing TFP was and… it wasn’t. :p And the fact that they didn’t even submit “their favourite episode” in for an Emmy speaks MOUNTAINS to me.

My thing is though that if John’s always right, then shouldn’t his 5 years be the correct one then? I dunno. I enjoy all these deductions, so I’ll post anyway, but I’m not making any more airdate speculations. The only thing I can see being a plus for 2019 is that it is the year that ALL the copyrights on all the remaining ACD stories expire, so they won’t have to jump through any more hoops to get to tell the story they want (should) to tell.

like one of your french girls

Clexa Week Day 6 - Friends to Lovers

Summary: Ever the queen of procrastination, Clarke has left the assignment for her life drawing class to the last minute and found herself without a model. Enter Lexa, because apparently posing naked for each other is something that best friends do…

Read on AO3.


Glancing up from the screen of her laptop and tugging one of the earbuds out from her ear, Lexa finds Clarke leaning on her doorframe, looking into the bedroom where Lexa lounges lazily on her bed.


“You know that I love you?”

Lexa shuts the lid of her laptop and sets it aside on the nightstand beside her bed to give Clarke her full attention. Knowing Clarke as well as she does, she tilts her head to the side, raises a single eyebrow questioningly, and asks, “What do you want?”

Clarke’s face drops and she rolls her eyes at how well Lexa knows her.

“Okay, so hear me out,” she begins, “but you know my life drawing class?”

Shuddering at the memory of the one time that Lexa came home from her own classes to find a large painting of an incredibly naked man leaning against the couch in their shared apartment, Lexa replies with a grimace.

“How can I forget?”

“Well,” Clarke explains, “we were supposed to work on a project outside of class but you know what I’m like – procrastination is my middle name.”

“You haven’t done it,” Lexa concludes.

“And I need to do it by Monday,” Clarke says with a nod. She bites at her lower lip nervously, then continues, “The thing is, I haven’t been able to find a model at such short notice. And well … you’re right here and you said that you were just going to be watching Netflix all afternoon so…?”

Clarke trails off, the tone of her voice rising at the end as she looks at Lexa with a question on her face.

Lexa is embarrassingly slow to pick up on what Clarke is asking her. In fact, it is only after a good five seconds of racking her brains to see if she knows anybody who might be willing to pose for Clarke, five seconds in which Clarke’s face gradually moves through pink and to a deeply flushed red, that she realises that Clarke is asking if that person can be her.

“You want me to…? Oh, right. Um, wow.”

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sweetapple01  asked:

I love Doctor bf but consider this: Dark manipulates Host into a "relationship" with him and Doc is just like "... this is not okay YOU'RE NOT OKAy"

(Hoo boy!!)

Dark’s arm around his shoulder is always possessive, each kiss carefully placed, on his cheeks, in his hair, over his bandage where his eyes would be. He whispers sweet things into the Host’s ears, tangling him in his web.

And normally, the Host with his power of Knowing, would be aware that Dark is manipulating him into something he won’t be able to escape, but Dark’s mental walls are powerful and the Host can’t read him. He doesn’t want to though because even if some tiny screaming part of himself says it’s a lie, the rest of him wants to believe that Dark really does care.

And why would he doubt Dark’s embraces and gentle touches when he saved him?

Dr. Iplier, one of the few who see through Dark’s act, is infuriated buy it. Because there are still bruises and there’s still flinching and for all the Host’s incredible power he can’t seem to escape his fate as Dark’s puppet.

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Here's a prompt for you my bean: Arin makes an unexpected visit to Danny while he's showering and starts touching him

(Sorry this took so long)

“This is bullshit,"  Dan mutters as he gets out of the bathroom, hair soaking wet. "You only get like two seconds of hot water.  Dude, it was so cold I thought Excalibur was gonna shrivel up and die.”

Arin couldn’t help but laugh at Dan, who was cupping his junk protectively at the very thought.  They had deffently stayed in nicer hotels while touring but this one was a little last minute.  It was bad enough they were only able to book two rooms.  Ross and Brent voted on sharing a room, leaving Arin amd Dan alone in their own.  Before they seperated, Ross had to be a butt and give a knowing wink to Arin.

It was no secrete that Arin had the hots for Dan.  Well, everyone but Dan seemed to know.  The whole night, Arin couldn’t sleep, but stare at Dan as he dozed off.


Another show, another late night.  They didn’t get back to their room till around midnight.  Both of them were so sweaty and tired but knew they needed showers first.  Dan grabbed hia pajama pants and raced to the bathroom before Arin could even sit down.

The water felt great against Dan’s skin, the warmth just relaxing every muscule. Thar was until the shower got thrown open wide and scared the shit out of him.

“Arin whatthelivingfuck?!?!” Dan sgouted while trying to cover up and not fall at the same time.

“You said it your self, the water heater here sucks.  So why not share?”

“You just wanna look at my dick.”

“That is one of many reasons.”

There was no give with Arin.  When he’s set on an idea, theres no talking him out of it.  Dsn let out a long sigh and made room Arin in the already tiny shower. 

“No staring at my dick though.”

“You’re no fun."Arin pouted, which was a little too sexy at the moment.

The tension in the cramped space could be cut with a knife.  Dan was directly under the shower head, trying his hardest to wash his hair as fast as he could just to get out.  It was as if Arin wasn’t there.  Well, until a cold wet hand placed itself in the middle of Dan’s back making him yelp.

"Relax, I’m just cleaning ya.”

“Because if that I can’t relax.  Gez, can’t keep your hands off me.”

“You’re not running away.”

Even though every part of his brian was screaming to jump out of there, Dan’s body leaned into the touch.  Maybe it was because he hadn’t been with someone in a while, or good it felt to be touched.  Arin’s hands were soft and how they mapped out his back made Dan’s flutter shut.  Before he knew it, his bsck was pressed up against Arin.

“Fuck, dude.” Arin breathed out.

At this point, Dan was gone.  His head rested back on Arin’s shoulder, his hands tangling themselves in his long hair. 

“Can I touch it?"Arin whispered as his hands traveled down Dan’s stomach.

Dan turned and whispered, "Just this once.”


Request: (13) Don’t worry, I’ve got you.  (40) I’ll keep you safe. Colour: Grey

Requester: Anon

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x Platonic!Companion!Reader

Warning: None

Words: 1329


You speed around the corner and rested your back against the cool metal wall as you tried to catch your breath. Closing your eyes, a tear escaped down your cheek. You and he had planned on a relaxing day in modern Paris when a hoard of Cybermen decided to attack the city. With only a glimpse and scan of the surroundings, they had remembered who The Doctor was and chased both of you through the streets. The Doctor disappeared when you had run into the warehouse.

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Hi ! Just wanna say that Yona looks so beautiful in the latest chapter, and damn the punch line "I think I understand now why uncle Yu-Hon did not become king." made me laugh so hard :')

When I say I screamed at that part, I am not joking. That was such a BURN.

Though I actually freaked out the most when Lili dropped the “you fucktards chased her out of the palace and now you want to murder her?” bomb. Like, I lost all control and sent a voice recording to my friend squealing and losing my shit.

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 7:  The Time The Tutor Got Mail

Recommended Song: Q by GOT7

|All Chapters|


Jungkook had gone and done exactly what you had told him not to do as well as making your melt a little.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1121

Length: 7/?

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[[Summary: After an intense battle leaves Ryder injured, Jaal provides comfort, leading to a surprising question. Intended to be chapter 4 of Fernweh, but can easily be read as a standalone. On AO3!


Jaal x Ryder]]

“Did I die again?” Given all of Wren Ryder’s experiences in the Andromeda galaxy thus far, it was a valid question to ask.

“Not even close this time, though you may feel weak for some time. Jaal has asked to spend some time alone with you. Tell him not to stress you out too much. No elevated blood pressure.” Checking Ryder’s vitals a final time, Lexi’s form resolved from a vague blue blur into herself just as she bustled out of the room.

“Thanks, mom,” Ryder shot to her retreating back, voice rough. Her eyes traced Jaal’s figure as he walked into the room, sitting next to her bed, face solemn. Slowly, carefully, he picked up her hand, and though every part of her screamed to go back to sleep, she squeezed his hand gently, rubbing her thumb over his gloved palm.

“Ryder. How do you feel?” He was so worried; a crease had developed between his eyes, disrupting the planes of a face that was otherwise so smooth.

With a groan, Ryder attempted to sit up, managing to prop herself on her elbows and getting no further. Somone (Lexi, presumably) had undressed her down to her underclothes, but it was nothing Jaal hadn’t seen before. There was a large bandage on her shoulder, a source of radiating heat and pain when she probed at it. “I feel like I’ve been shot. Can you help me up?” Honesty was the best policy, and nothing was comparable to the feeling of an actual dent in her skin, a small hole where the bullet had pierced through her armor and settled in her skin, destroying everything that lay in its path. It could have been worse, so much worse, but at that moment it didn’t feel like that was even a possibility.

His arm came around her waist gently, the other lifting beneath her armpits. Together, they managed to get Ryder at least upright, though the effort brought tears to her eyes. “Can you help me back to my room? I’ve got to get out of here.” It smelled like disinfectant, and despite all of Lexi’s efforts to keep the room clean, there was the faint smell of blood in the air. Ryder’s blood.

“Lexi informed me you should rest.” Though his arms had moved from supporting her, Jaal still had a firm grip on her hand.

Shaking her head, Ryder carefully extricated herself from his grasp and wrapped the thin blanket around herself as a modified dress. Or not a dress so much as it was any kind of covering to keep the rest of the crew from seeing her half-naked. “Then I’ll take myself, if I have to. This is definitely better than dying.” Arguable, really. Dying had been a body-wide hurt, rather than a localized pain, and that was almost easier to deal with.

When she stood, the blood seemed to rush to her head, and she wavered a moment. Just as Ryder thought her legs weren’t going to work and that she’d have to sit back down again, Jaal was at her side, supporting her again. “Ryder, I can carry you, if you wish.” The idea definitely appealed, but…

“I need to walk, Jaal. But I also need to be somewhere more… comfortable. Please?” In response, Jaal only sighed, moving once again to help half-support Ryder for every step she took.

“At least wear this, please, dearest one.” Before they could exit the medbay, he unfastened his Rofjinn, placing it gently around Ryder’s neck so that it covered her, providing more warmth and coverage than a blanket ever could.

“It’s only a few steps, Jaal.” But Ryder was smiling that goofy half-smile Jaal inspired in her, and though the furrow between his brows did not lessen, he smiled back at her.

Step by step. How could moving her legs hurt her upper chest so much? It would have been impossible without Jaal; as it was, Ryder was supremely grateful that none of the crew was there to view her long walk. Maybe they knew better, though Cora had a tendency to hover. Either way, it was a relief when her doors shut behind them and she felt truly safe and alone. Even Lexi couldn’t invade the sanctity of her room.

“Jaal, can you help me to bed? I swear, I’ll stop asking after this.”

“I can always help you to bed.” His tone didn’t much the joke, but Ryder laughed anyway, wincing as the movement strained her shredded chest.

“Jaal, ouch. No laughing.” An interconnected unit, they made the way to her bed, where Jaal reluctantly released Ryder to sink onto the soft surface, swinging her legs over with difficulty and attempting to prop herself up as best as possible. It was quiet here, the stars visible through her window, the smell nondescript but none the less comforting. “Do you want your Rofjinn back?” Her fingers went to unfasten it, but his hand caught hers, doing it himself, fingers gentle despite their apparent lack of dexterity. They moved lightly, skimming over the bullethole light enough that she could barely feel it, though she could tell how closely he was examining it.

“Well, how does it look Dr. Jaal?” Even now, Ryder could still tease, her eyes half-lidded and heavy. She should have kept the Rofjinn; it smelled like him.

“Lexi has done an adequate job. Do you have any other wounds?” Then his hands were straying, and though Ryder laughed even as a thrill shot through her, she batted his hands away.

“Jaal, not now. I think Lexi might truly kick you off the ship if we did… that now. And I might start bleeding all over the place.” The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. “Will you just lie down next to me for a while?”

This, at least, Jaal could easily do. The bed dipped beneath his weight, and then he was there. It felt so natural to slip beneath the crook of his arm, to rest against that particular spot between chest and arm, an area that should have been uncomfortable but instead felt like home. Part of her was already drifting off, but the word ‘home’ echoed in her mind again and again. One thing to ask, before she fell back asleep.

“Hey, Jaal? Do you want to move in with me?” Maybe pain medications had lowered her inhibitions, but she was still Ryder. “I meant, in my room. If you want to stay in the science lab that’s fine too, but Suvi was complaining and there’s so much space here and I like having you next to me. In bed. Not just in bed.” Her tongue tripped over itself, and she pointed her head upward to look at him.

There was only a moment of silence, less than a minute. “Yes, I would like that,” Jaal responded simply, and then for the first time his brow unknotted and Ryder laughed again, no matter how much it hurt. Though movement was difficult, she twisted herself upright and leaned down to kiss him, enjoying looking down on him.

“I thought you said Lexi would kick me off the ship?”

“Jaal, shut up.” That he was also willing to do.

Home. Maybe there was one after all.

GDxYou - Brother’s best friend


Hey! It’s admin B. As Admin A wrote last time we have both been sick. We are feeling much better now, and we are both working on requests and other imagines as well. 

This one is just something I have written for fun, and I hope you like it!!!

«Stop checking out my sister Jiyong” You hear your brother, YoungBae says to Jiyong as you walk through the living room where they are sitting, heading to the kitchen. You open the fridge to get some juice.

“I am not checking her out” Jiyong replies, laughing it off, pretending he did not look. You smile to yourself, knowing that you have caught him looking at you from time to time. And you have to admit, you have been checking him out for a while yourself. Not noticeably, but whenever YoungBae did not notice you would. How could you not? His mixture of bad and sweet made him irresistible Also you had known him for a long time, so he wasn’t a stranger to you. However, YoungBae would never accept you thinking so about his best friend. He has always been super protective, especially when it came to you and his friends.

Still, the thought of JiYong ever looking at you more than his best friends’ sister never really crossed your mind. Then again, who could really know what he was thinking. All you could be certain about was how you felt and how he made you feel.

You peek out the kitchen door seeing them both on the couch. You wish for your brother to leave the room. However, it seems as if he is glued to the couch playing some stupid video game along with Jiyong. You sigh and walk to your bedroom.

After watching some episodes of your favourite series, you feel hungry and decide to head to the kitchen for some food. You open the door to your room and step outside. At the same time, you crash with someone. You look up to see Jiyong, apparently coming from the bathroom. You look down at your arms, noticing he is holding onto you, keeping you from falling. Both of you were caught off-guard. He looks at you as well, smiling before he bites his bottom lip. You cannot help but look at his lips as the lust to kiss them rises. There is only inches between you.

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One of my favorite Kai headcanons

One of my favorite Kai headcanons that I like to imagine is that he doesn’t get sick too much since his body’s hot, so he tends to kill anything that tries to get him sick before he feels anything.

However, it’s when he gets sick, that’s when its horrible.

His body temperature raises higher than usual to try and burn it out, but that often requires it to be so high that he’s so out of it, has to be in bed, is sweating, getting dehydrated, and tends to have the hallucinations you get when the tempt is too high. He isn’t really right in the head during the times whan he’s sick; he does a lot of mumbling and can’t really form sentences well.

Sometimes his body will even flare up in bursts of flames since his body may be really hot, but he just FEELS so cold so he tends to flare up since he mentally believes that he’s actually cold so he tries to warm up. The whole flaring thing doesn’t happen too often, a lot of times when he’s unconscious. They have to get fireproof blankets and clothes for him during that time.

Kai doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, it’s pretty bad but doesn’t last for too long. (He doesn’t really remember what goes on when he’s sick, but the others do since it’s pretty freaky to see how messed up he gets.)

His mother, like a priestess,
began to slaughter him. Pentheus ripped
his false hair away, to show his mother
who he was, to stop her from killing him.
He touched her crazed face: “STOP! Mother,
I am Pentheus, your son! Born to Echion!
Let me live!
I’ve failed you - but don’t kill me for that!”
Saliva poured from her mouth,
her eyes were empty, she was senseless,
totally possessed by Bakkhos.
And she denied her son.
—  Pentheus’ slaughter from The Bakkhai, translated by Robert Bagg.
Thirsty Thursday - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,519

Summary: The reader wants Dean to go out for Thirsty Thursday, even though he needs to study for an important test.

Part 1

“You’re sooo pretty.” You mumble as you run your hand through Dean’s dirty blonde hair.

“Do you think you’re pretty, Dean?” You say draping yourself on him.

“Not as pretty as you, sweetheart.” He chuckles.

“Awww…” You grab his face and start pinching it.

“I’m trying to drive, Y/N!”

“I’m not even touching you!” You fib as you hold on to him even tighter than before.

“Liar.” He says turning to look at you.

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How to (Kind of) Train Your Dragon: Pt 1

Part 1 | Part 2

Most people would get a cat or a dog or, if they were feeling particularly adventurous, a well-behaved snake.

But Kent Parson was not most people.

No, instead Kent had to get a dragon.

To be fair, Kent didn’t plan on getting a dragon. He’d bought the egg from a dusty, secondhand store when he’d first moved to Vegas. The shop owner had told him it was an unopened geode but he’d just enjoyed that it was an ugly-looking rock. Kent never bothered to crack open the rock, and the egg sat on his shelf for a long time before it actually showed any signs of life.

It was a mystery that Kent would never really know for sure, but it was like the little dragon had known that when he had needed her more than ever.

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casualdailybuizel  asked:

so you two are friends or somethin' ?

Lucca+Wilfre: Nah, we’re siblings!


Thanks @casualdailybuizel for the ask!

Also, here’s the first answer drawn with my new Intuos tablet!

*Grabs a mic*

bOys aND GIrls oF Every aGE 

*puts on witch hat*

WON’t yOu liKe tO SEe SometHinG StranGE

*climbs on table*

ComE WITh uS ANd yOU wiLL see THIS Our toWn Of HallOWEEn

*rips open t-shirt*


*burns down a patch of pumpkins*


*viciously burns down house while pouring blood on myself*


*runs down street screaming dressed as a monster*