screams this is so cute im choking

oh m an this is taking a lot of courag e from me,, but happy birthday!! i drew a little yoongo with a hat i really love your art and your blog and i hope you have a good day !! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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Okay but wtf that fic that you just wrote was so cutely amazing and it just reminded me of Jenna Marbles' Ju jutsu(idk how to spell) videos where her boyfriend teaches her martial arts. Its so hilarious and I totally picture Kook as Julien and Jimin as Jenna. I've always been waiting for a kookmin bangtan bomb similar to that video so your fic just gave me life!!! Thank you!! AndOMG WATCH THAT VIDEO AND TRY NOT TO PICTURE JIKOOK I DARE YOU

omg im dying i just watched the vid it’s so cute and full of one-liners…… my fav part was when jenna told him “i dont want to choke u i lov u :-(” thats so jimin ur right djsdjsj 

uhm finally
my stoopid ass
uhm finally

SCREAM this is like the 5th time im trying to upload this file lol i wanna choke uuuhhhh i hope it works

thank you @thicksehun @se7un and @xbaek for tagging me!!!! it was lovely to hear ur voices u guys are so cute 

im gonna tag @royalyeol @kittyhunnie @xingslove @xingsdeer @suavesehun @soyousgf @soyus @sehunsraani @goth-osh @gazpcy @trickortao @sechens @minsoakedme @shiningsehun and anyone who wants to do this!!!!