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Hello! I'd like to make a request, but I'm not sure how you'd write it. Could you do the RFA+ Saeran reacting to if they were getting hot and heavy with MC and another member walked in on them? Thank you so much!

i added V because why not and thank you for the request !1!1

mucho love ೃ༄*

sorry some are longer than others i suck

nsfw >.<

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♥ He begged you to go to a LOLOL convention for weeks and finally you gave in

♥ After hours of walking around you grew bored and horny

♥ Last night he left you on edge as you were about to climax when an important RFA conference call came up

♥ You’ve been edgy ever since

♥ “Please…“ you begged into his ear. For the past thirty minutes you wanted to run off somewhere

♥ Finally he listened

♥ “Couldn’t wait till we got home?”

♥ "No.“              

♥ He’d try so hard to take control of the kisses it’d turn you on more, but this poor baby couldn’t keep up

♥Messy neck kisses

♥His wandering hands finally get into your pants and past your panties

♥Trying to moan his name but can’t even speak making him almost self destruct

♥"I’m so close.”

♥ Just as you were tipping over the edge, the door swings open revealing a red head

♥"There you guys are- AAAH MY BEAUTIFUL EYES” Seven plays LOLOL too. Seven wanted to meet up with you guys when he found out you both were going.

♥Seven runs away red as his hair leaving Yoosung more embarrassed than you

♥Still not satisfied till you get home where he makes up it up to you four times


♥ Zen wanted practice for his romantic lines and wanted it with you so he could make the story come to life, you of course agree

♥ “If you want me then why are you with him?” He says his line leaning closer and closer

♥ Kissing soon leads into make out session in his dressing room

♥ He sits back on the couch and pulls you on top him

♥ Feeling the beast underneath you makes you a mess

♥ Zen grips your waist and helps you grind down on him causing little moans to emanate from you

♥ “I can’t take this…” beast unleashed He groans before flipping you underneath him and grinds hard and fast, hard for you to keep up with

♥ “Ah Hyun~” fuck he gone

♥ This would’ve been a good time to remember Jaehee was stopping by for Zen to sign her new CD

♥ “Hello Zen?” Jaehee’s eyes widen in horror, “SORRY Y/N, Zen!” Before running away flustered

♥ Later, she’d scold you both for being reckless of his image.


♥Knowing Jaehee better than anyone, you know her schedule is so hectic because someone *cough* mista trustfundkid *cough*  who gives her useless projects all the time so you decided to bring her lunch knowing she’d forget to eat

♥ She’d be very surprised and happy and try to explain her current project leaving you confused as ever

♥ She’d try so hard to make you understand

♥  You’re leaning over the papers and get distracted on her lips rather than the cat project she was rattling off about

♥ Swoop, you kiss, taking Jaehee off guard

♥ Kisses so good she forgets where she is

♥ You unbutton her blouse and leave hickeys across her chest

♥ Small Jaehee moans

♥Fogged up glasses

♥ “Jaehee do you have those cat reports I was, Oh,” Jumin stops, “I’ll come back later…”

♥ Jaehee is s u p e r embarrassed

♥ “I’m so unprofessional.”

♥ You apologize with a bubble bath later


♥ Jumin would randomly want to throw dinner parties for friends and colleagues

♥ Tonight was one of those nights

♥ You were trying on dresses for it when you put on a beautiful slim fitting, maroon dress that made you look hotter than hell.

♥ “No.” You hear Jumin and see him shaking his head is disapproval

♥ “What’s wrong?”

♥ “Only I’m allowed to see you in stuff like that.” He stated before walking away thinking that was the end of it

♥ It wasn’t

♥ Who was he to tell you what you could and couldn’t wear? After he had ignored you for the past week, being a little tease seemed fun

♥ When guests started arriving you stepped out of your room and began greeting people

♥ You could feel his glare from across the room

♥ “Y/N, you look stunning.” Zen complimented.

♥ “Thank–” Jumin comes out of nowhere bumping into you, spilling wine on you.

♥ “Whoops, silly me,” Jumin tightly smiled before whisking you away from confused Zen, “Let’s get you changed.”  

♥ When your alone Jumin attacks  daddy jumin mode

♥ “That.” Kiss “Dress.” Kiss “Was.” Kiss “Expensive.”

♥ “I’ll buy you thousands more.”

♥ Your wine-stained, dress was soon pooled around your waist

♥ Jumin threw your panties across the room

♥ No time for foreplay he is inside you

♥ He starts ruthlessly pounding away

♥ “Hey Y/N I want to ask- AHHH NEVERMIND!” Zen screams and slams the door in record time.

♥ “Jumin, are you smiling?”


♥ You knew Seven was busy on an important case and wanted to do something special

♥ Trying to think of food you could make was hard

♥ You can’t exactly cook well

♥Deciding on pancakes seemed easy enough

♥ They weren’t

♥ Seven stepped out of his office looking for some Dr.Pepper and saw the kitchen covered in Bisquick and broken eggs

♥ “What happened?“ He’d make fun of you, but he wasn’t that much better at cooking either

♥ "I wanted to make you food, you’re so busy.” You sigh and we’re genuinely disappointed

♥ Seeing this Agent 707 Defender of Justice immediately goes with plan cheer up your girlfriend

♥ "Y/N” He grabs your chin making you look up at him, “All I want eat is you.”

♥ Right before kissing you he’d throw flour in your face

♥ “Really Seven?”

♥ He quickly kiss you to prevent the inevitable war

♥ One swift motion, you were on the messy counter and Seven was in between your legs

♥ Feeling his hardness against you made you even more turned on

♥ “S-Saeyoung.” Hearing his real name come from you… he’d die

♥ Your pants disappeared and he began leaving kisses in between your thighs

♥ He kiss everywhere except where need him

♥ “Don’t tease me~~” You’d pout, making him give in

♥ “I got groceri- Oh dear lord in the kitchen!” Saeran screamed before abandoning the groceries still screaming “The kitchen!” over and over.


♥V had an opening for his first photo gallery and was nervous as to if it would succeed

♥You knew it would but it seemed like he needed a confidence boost

♥You knew just the way to do it

♥You took him to the private office in the gallery and got busy

♥He was reluctant at first

♥"Y/N Are you sure? Anyone could walk in…“

♥"I locked the door.” At least you thought you did.

♥Finally he pulled you onto the desk and boy he worked fast

♥Too many kisses to keep up

♥That led into a make up session that got heated very quickly

♥Where’d his pants go ? Where’d your bra go?

♥He was already rock hard and you slide in front him, wanting to please him

♥Right as he groaned when you put him in your mouth the door swings open

♥You hit your head on the desk

♥Girlish scream and retreating footsteps equal Yoosung

♥"My office doesn’t have lock.“ Sudden realization.

♥At least the gallery went well1!1!


♥ After months of getting help and gaining trust of the RFA members Saeran was officially invited into the RFA

♥ He helped you so much and the day of the party was finally here

♥When you entered the banquet hall Saeran immediately latch himself on you

♥"Can we leave?“ Ten minutes in.

♥"Please? I’ll make you feel good when we get home.”

♥He was horny and anti social

♥After more of his complaints you strike a bargain

♥"How about we go upstairs for little then come back down.“

♥Didn’t need to tell him twice

♥Once you reach an empty room he is all over you

♥Aggressive kisses, not that you mind

♥He began kissing down your neck until he reached your sweet spot making you moan

♥”Be quiet, don’t want anyone to hear.” he said before picking you up and throwing you onto the bed.

♥Saeran pinned you under him and grinded down leaving you a mess

♥Both your clothes came off at one point

♥Mid make out the door swings open

♥ “Well, this is not the correct room.” Jumin swings right back around and leaves.

♥ “I thought you locked the door!”

♥ “I thought you did!”

♥ Saeran got up locked the door, and continued where you left off.


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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uhm so this is gonna be a series and u can find the intro thing - HERE - and then anything else will be in - HERE - okay so im pretty much a mark stan but this man…. holy shit m8…. he is too much - anyway, here goes 

  • so taeyong 
  • obvs is An alpha but also The Alpha 
  • has a lot of stresses and responsibilities and sometimes he worries his lil head to much 
  • but the pack are also also very capable in their own right so he really only stresses over like 
  • “chenle won’t stop screaming!”
  • “donGhyuK woNT DELETE THE PHOTO!”

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Whatcha looking at there dyl?

“Shit those look complicated knots man…but y/n would look so fucking good trussed up like that!” Dylan mumbled softly to himself while clicking through photo after photo of bondage. You and he had been dating for around about a year and had been fucking for the past 5 months and while sex with you was AMAZING, Dylan’s dark desires screamed in his head.

He ran his hand over his swelling bulge. The photos of these women. So helpless, so willing, so…trusting. He had longed to dominate y/n. But she could be quite timid even with normal sex, the last thing he ever wanted was to hurt his love.

“Maybe I could lead up to this somehow? Maybe spank her or pull her hair…” he thought aloud. The sound of his door knob turning sent ice into his veins. He hurriedly tried to close the windows on his computer screen just as you entered his room.

“Hey babe!” You exclaimed happily but paused when you saw him red faced and furiously clicking windows closed on his computer. You raised an eyebrow at your boyfriend and ambled over to him.

“Whatcha looking at there dyl?” You asked slowly

“Nothing! Erm nothing darling, I thought you said you’d be her by 2pm?”

“Yea I knocked off early coz I wanted to see you”

Dylan smiled at you when you said that, he opened his arms and beckoned you over. His hug engulfed your small frame. You peaked over his shoulder and noticed that he hadn’t managed to close all the windows on his screen. And being a nosey little shit you wanted to see what he’d been up to. Even though you had a fair idea.

“Hey baby could you get me a drink? I’m thirsty as”

“Sure baby” he smiled and pecked you on the lips. As he departed his room and you swooped onto his computer. The images that you now looked at WERE NOT what you’d expected at all. Women tied up like slutty presents, being degraded and used by the men in the photos as they saw fit. You weren’t exactly sure how you felt about this. Sure you weren’t exactly a prude in regards to sex but this was going from like level 3 to level 400 in the blink of an eye.


You hadn’t even heard Dylan return, he looked guilty at you as you turned in his chair.

“I…er..I can explain baby!” He stammered settling your glass of water down. You looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes, swallowing hard as he quickly close the window and shut his computer down.

“You like that stuff dyl?” You asked, your voice shaking. You recalled the look of desire and wanting on the faces of those women.

“Erm…sorta but don’t worry y/n! I’d never do that stuff to you”

“Unless I wanted it?”


You looked shyly away, something was building inside of you, something crossed between lust and fear. You swallowed hard and nodded at Dylan.

“Um we could try it dyl, um… sorry I shouldn’t of looked.”

Dylan’s heart pounded in his chest, y/n. His love, she was giving him permission for him to reveal his true self to her. He shuddered as he stared hard at her.

“No, you shouldn’t of y/n. And for that you need to be taught a lesson” he growled, stomping over you her. He crouched down in front of you, his eyes dancing with malice and hunger.

“Safe word”
“We need a safe word”
“Its grapevine, understood?”

You nodded as he reached for your legs.

“You will address me as sir got that?”

Dylan quickly grabbed a fist full of your hair and wrenched you down to him"

“Yes sir y/n! You need to be taught a few lessons in manners it seems”

Dylan grinned as he stood, pulling you with him by your hair, he thrust you forwards causing you to stumble and fall to all fours. A metallic sound hummed as your felt his belt loop around your wrists, he pushed you roughly to the ground so your ass was up high and your upper torso bent awkwardly on the ground. His hands groped at your ass displayed to him.

“I think one hit for every year you’ve lived y/n, count them or I’ll just start again! Understand?!”



His hit left you gasping and pulling at you restraints.

“Yes what?!”


“Yes sir!!”
“Good girl, now count out loud!”

Each smack sent fire across your skin, tears flowed from your eyes as you counted and re-counted to 16 which ended up being probably more like 25. When he’d finished your whole body shook, but the fire was giving way to a mind altering sensation of pleasure unlike that you’d ever felt before. Dylan carefully peeled down your jeans and underwear, sucking air in through his teeth as he saw your reddened butt.

“Mmmm like a red tomato y/n, red is a good colour for you don’t you think?”

He mumbled his question to you as he kneaded your cheeks, jiggling them and pulling them apart, exposing you to him.

“Ye-yes sir” you whined as his fingers rubbed gently against your folds.

“I think someone is enjoying themselves, your dripping wet for me baby” he dipped his finger roughly inside of you, making you gasp from the sudden intrusion. He removed his finger and yanked your face up by your hair.

“Taste yourself y/n”

You shook your head so Dylan slapped you harder across your brutalised ass cheeks. As you cried out he jabbed his finger into your mouth, your grimaced and spat at your taste making him chuckle. He released your hair and you fell hard back to the floor.

“Do. Not. Move.” He growled as he got up and wandered to his closet. Returning with another belt which he looped around your ankles this time. He stood and admired you splayed on his floor, you vulnerable. So delicious. He groaned low in his throat as he lowered his jeans and boxers kicking them off into the corner. You couldn’t see him but you heard him as he walked back around to your head. Sitting down on the edge of his bed he leaned down and pulled you roughly to your knees to him.

“Open wide now y/n” he rasped forcing you down onto his cock. His hands gripping your head and neck tightly as he pushed your head down over and over again onto him. You coughed and spluttered trying to take as much as your throats would allow. He wrenched your head up and slapped your face.

“Relax your throat y/n”

He forced your head down onto him again. Making you gag and cough once again.

“I said relax your throat you fucking cock slut!”

He thundered before slamming you back down onto him. You struggled but managed to relax enough for him to fully deep throat you. As he did so you thought you’d pass out from lack of air. After what felt like forever of him forcing down your neck he pushed you backwards. You fell hard onto your tied ankles, he pushed you down by your throat onto your back, whipping your legs from under you. He looped you ankles around his neck and stared down at you, stroking himself up and down your slit.

“You have any idea of how much of a whore you look like right now y/n, so fucking dirty? And all for me…” He smirked at you.

“No I don’t”


“What did I tell you? You fucking cum slut?!”

“No sir no sir!!”

Dylan chuckled as he slowly slid into you, your eyes rolled back as he filled you completely.

“You look like a fucking slut, beg for me to fuck you y/n, beg like the cock sucker you are!”

He rolled his hips into yours making you gasp and moan.

“Look at you, a lil bit of dick and you become a mess”

“Please sir!” You cried out

“Please what y/n?” Dylan chuckled rolling his hips slowly against yours again.

“I-I can’t say it”

“Say it y/n!” Dylan thrusted quick and hard into you, jack knifing before stopping

“F-fuck me! Please sir!” You whispered


“Fuck me sir!”



Dylan growled as thrust his hips hard against yours. He bit down on you neck and collar bone making you scream against his grunts. He left bite marks all over you. Never stopping his brutal assault on your pussy.

You cried and screamed as the sensations Took hold of you. Dylan smoothed his hand over your face before clamping it over your mouth. His hips still thrusting deep against you.

“You want to cum baby?” He asked smiling evily at you.

“Yes! Yes sir! Please!”

He clamped harder over your mouth with one hand and rubbed your raw clit with his other. Over and over again he brought you to the brink before stopping. Tears of frustration spilling from your eyes.

“Little sluts don’t get to cum without their sirs permission y/n, and you ain’t getting shit!” He laughed as he in hooked your legs from his next and flipped you onto your stomach. He laid on top you and thrust back into you, he gripped you hair, wrenching your head up to his as he bucked his hips over and over again. His other closed around your neck, leaving you gasping. His pace quickened as he neared his release.

“Such a good little cum dumpster you are y/n, I’m very pleased with you, ugh! So fucking wet for my big dick. You such a dirty fucking slut. I’m gonna cum so fucking deep inside of you!”

With that last growl he shuddered and bit down onto you shoulder hard. Riding the waves of his orgasm as he thrusted.

Breathing deeply he raised off you and kissed his bite mark gently.

“You did so amazing y/n” he purred into you ear before rolling off you.

“Um…can you untie me now please dyl?”

Dylan lent down a kissed you quickly and grinned.

“Oh no baby….that was just round one! I ain’t finished with you yet. No where fucking near finished”

He laughed as he pulled you still bound off the floor as tossed you onto his bed.

“We’ve got all night y/n, all fucking night for you to scream my name. Don’t forget baby, grapevine is the safe word"😈

Til the Sun Dies

Prompt: (½) “imagine with Sebastian based on the song ‘Little Do You Know’ by Alex & Sierra (@blackwidow-romanoff); (2/2) “Can you do reader saying “i’ll let you down. I will always let you down. I’m not enough for you to be satisfied,” to Sebastian (anon)

Slowly, Sebastian allowed his chest to heave in an attempt to clear his head, but the heavy breath did nothing to suppress the hole within him. He knew what he had done was a mistake and that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of being torn between the pain that he figured would be inevitable and the false sense of hope he fought against giving himself.

*Little do you know I’m still haunted by the memory*

It was just a kiss and he knew that, but it was a kiss with a girl he had been in love with for ages. She was the first friend he made when he moved to New York and the pair had only grown closer in the month they’d been away at college despite not being at the same university. Despite being a year shy of twenty, the pair had come to know one another and rely on the other person in a way that most adults would never be able to experience. 

Sebastian had wanted that kiss to happen for a long time, but he’d never known how she felt about him. For years they had only been friends and there was nothing that he felt was strong enough evidence to go off that indicated she wanted them to be anything more. It was because of that uncertainty that he had waited so long to act on any emotions he had toward her, but once he did, he wanted nothing more than to develop that relationship.

Sebastian sat in his bed adjacent from his roommate who was going over notes for an exam. Occasionally, Sebastian’s eyes would dart from the book he was reading to the telephone that rested on a hook on the wall. He had spoken to her only once after the kiss and their conversation went along the lines of him apologizing for getting carried away, her explaining that he had no reason to apologize, and each of them questioning the other about what they want from a relationship. Their conversation ended with a promise that by the end of the week, they would be completely honest with one another regarding what kind of future they could have together. One excuse after another keep him from contacting her. On the one hand, he didn’t want to push her into something she wasn’t ready for, and on the other, he was genuinely afraid of hearing any sort of answer from her. 

*Little do you know I need a little more time*

As the clock hanging between Sebastian and his roommate’s bed ticked past 8:52 AM, Ken closed his notebook, tossed it into his backpack, and prepared for the fifteen minute walk to class he was about to make in eight minutes. Hoping to keep his mind off of (Y/N), Sebastian locked the door behind his roommate, stripped himself from his boxers and flannel pants, and stepped into a warm, relaxing shower. He knew not to bother her this early anyways–(Y/N) was starting her second week at an incredibly competitive internship she applied for during their senior year in high school. He didn’t want to get her in trouble given how hard she had worked to get this job.

Panic spread through the office as smoke billowed from the floors below. Screams of pain and terror echoed through the building as hundreds of people rushed the stairwell. Some people ignored the pleading cries for help, others tripped over debris or the dead as they dashed toward their own limited hope of freedom. Cellphones and pagers were clamoring as family members hurried to check on their loved ones. With her heart pounding, a young woman rushed to find an office phone still in service. Three or five machines later, she found what she was searching for. Phoning her mother and father was harder than she thought it would be, but what was worse was only reaching the answering machine. She tried to sound strong. She suppressed the cracking of her voice and pushed away the tears as she finished her message and quickly hung up.

*I promise you don’t have to be afraid; the love you see right here stays*

Slowly, more smoke began to float into the room and, like a dark cloud of death, if hovered over her head. Shaking, she pulled the telephone’s base to the floor. Another gasp of air escaped an older woman trapped beneath her desk while the cries of terror echoed from the stairwell. Hurriedly, the younger woman rushed to the older and worked her fingers under the desk just enough to get a good enough grip on the object to lift it off the woman’s legs. With compassion and terror overwhelming her, she slipped her arms beneath the woman and helped her hobble to the stairs where two male co-workers took her under the arm.

“Let’s go!” they called as the young woman rushed back toward the offices she had just come from.

“There are more people,” she stated and hurried to a woman clutching a photo of her daughters who sat paralyzed from the waist down beneath a support beam. One of the men who had seen the young woman run back into the office rushed to her side and assisted in lifting the beam off the woman. Her face was covered in dust–some dry, some stained from the tears that soaked the paralyzed mother’s face. As soon as that woman was freed from her inability to escape, more voices echoed through the young woman’s head, each gasping for air, screaming for help, and crying over their loved ones’ photos. She knew there would be no hope for them. No one was coming and no one was staying to help…save for herself. Despite the fear she had coursing through her body, the adrenaline pumping in her veins wasn’t allowing her to enter flight mode. Instead, she turned into the smoke and crumbling building and followed the screams.

Sebastian wrapped a towel around his waist as he exited the shower. His feet fell on the soft, absorbent rug sitting outside the tub, and he made his way to the sink to brush his teeth. Toothpaste in hand, he quickly squeezed it onto the brush and stuck it in his mouth before wandering back into the dorm room to grab clothes for the day. He didn’t take but half a step out of the bathroom before an uneasy sensation punched him in the gut.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked as he noticed his roommate, Ken, standing in the center of their dorm room, gawking at the television sitting on top of the dresser. “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“Shut up,” he stated in aggravation as Sebastian spoke over the newscaster. As he took in the images on the screen, he couldn’t help but stare in disbelief. Before he could get the courage to open his mouth and speak, there was a crowd of people hurrying from one end of the building to the other so large the pounding of their heels along the floor sent vibrations along the floor so strong Sebastian could feel it on his cold, bare feet. Rushing to see what was happening, Ken threw open their door and looked out at the gathering of people staring out the windows on the east side of the building.

“Holy shit,” Sebastian heard a voice call from the hall. Frantic, all he could do was stare at the screen before him. At first, his mind was running rampant with the reports speculating this event was a terrorist attack, but then he remembered (Y/N). 

“Shit,” he muttered as he rushed toward the phone hanging on the wall.

“What’s going on?” Ken frantically asked as he came back to their room to see Sebastian frantically punching buttons.

*Little do you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece*

One ring. Two… Three

“Pick up,” he begged as he pressed the phone against his face so forcefully he was sure an indention would form across his cheek. Frustrated in the lack of instant gratification that comes when a phone goes straight to the answering machine, Sebastian slammed the phone back on the receiver and hurried to redial the number.

“What the hell is going on?” Ken asked as Sebastian’s hands turned white as he gripped the phone.

“My friend works at the World Trade Center.”

*Little do you know I need a little more time*

(Y/N), along with one other man working on her floor, rushed toward the stairs with the last person they knew to be alive from the surrounding offices. They couldn’t help the sluggishness that stemmed from smoke inhalation, but they pushed through it as the three people hurried from floor to floor, rushing down dozens of flights of stairs. 

“(Y/N),” a weakened voice called out, immediately drawing the young woman’s attention. Spinning on her heels, she noticed a classmate who had also received an internship for the fall semester. One of the girl’s legs had been broken badly. Blood soaked her tan pants and (Y/N) tried not to look at the bone protruding from the girl’s skin. Without thinking, she hurried toward the girl, grabbed the jacket wrapped around her waist, and tied it over the visible wound. The girl swayed until her arm wrapped around the back of (Y/N)’s neck. The pair scurried toward the stairs again, only to have a swarm of people rush around them, sending the already faint girl with a broken leg tumbling down the stairs.

“No!” (Y/N) screamed as she rushed to the injured girl now lying motionless on the platform between flights of stairs.

“What do you mean?” someone shouted from below.

“We-we’re trapped up here?” another voice screamed in shock upon receiving news regarding any possibility of escape.

*Little do you know I [want] a little more time*

(Y/N) could hardly hear what the others were discussing; she was too preoccupied with the girl fading from life in her arms.

Sebastian had abandoned the television and his roommate, grabbed his keys, and was now speeding toward (Y/N)’s parents’ home on Staten Island. Surely they would be there–the entire country must be glued to their television sets right now. It felt as if the entire world were standing still, waiting for an update on anything that would happen.

He hated that a mere seven minutes ago he was keeping himself from having hope (Y/N) loved him when now he was keeping himself from thinking she was gone. Life wasn’t supposed to be taken this way–especially not hers.

Grappling for any way to contact someone in the outside world, someone she cared about, someone who she could spend her last moments speaking with, (Y/N) struggled back to a working office phone. She had already tried her parents and left them with a message she felt needed no alternate ending. Just when she felt there was no one left for her to speak with, she remembered a kiss she had shared with her best friend only a few days ago. The corner of her lips curled down in tight, immovable points as she grieved her impending doom, not because of the end of her life, but because of how it would affect her parents and the man she loved most.

Upon finding a phone, she quickly dialed the phone in his dorm room.

One ring…two…three rings. “Hey, it’s Ken and Sebastian; leave a message.” As soon as the machine allowed her to, she began to speak.

“Shit, it’s good to hear your voice,” she sighed into the phone, “even if it is just the answering machine. I told you I’d get back to you right?” She tried to joke but her heart only sank further into her stomach. The longer she sat in silence on the floor beneath the smoke, the closer she felt to death. Hurriedly, she allowed her voice to flow from her mouth in a timid and empty tone. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted you to kiss me?” she asked as though speaking to him. 

*Underneath it all, I’m held captive by the hole inside. I’ve been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind*

“Probably since high school,” she sighed. “I’ve always loved you, Sebastian, but I don’t think you could love me. I wouldn’t want you to. I’ll let you down. I will always let you down–even now. You have so much talent and prospects; I would never be enough for you…I’d never be enough to satisfy you. 

“Maybe one day you’ll find someone who will make you as happy as you make me, who makes you feel as valued as your friendship has given me. I wish you could forgive me but I know forgetting will be hard this time.”

*Little do you know I [wish we had] more time*

“But I’ll love you til the sun dies.”

anonymous asked:

also another thing, its so blatantly fake like why would D himself tag this fancy ass fucking hotel or whatever--- its so not him to brag like 'ohh look at me and what i coud afford'. Secondly, this is his time. HE has a brand spaking new show coming out. Enough with the "WE" bullshit. its not all about her.

Anon.  I’m so tired of her getting credit and accolades for his hard work while she sits at home and parties with her friends and follows him around like a puppy dog.  Just exhausting.  

And Darren is the opposite of a braggert.  I’m sure he’s been to plenty of fancy restaurants and posh hotels.  But he rarely brags about it. Everything about this screams promotion. 

But it’s effective.  I checked. Over 90,000 people have liked that photo. So his team got some easy cash.  And she got a ton of exposure.  Mission accomplished. Sadly at the expense of Darren’s Saturday and his emotional well-being.  

And does anyone else wonder what they could possibly talk about with no one else present as a buffer? It must be beyond painful for him. 


inside their phone edit 
↳Brooke Maddox

Self-Shipper from Hell

This is a really long story and seems awfully dramatic but this is something that actually happened.

Me: cosplaying Blanche from pokemon go

T: my bf!, cosplaying as Spark

W: horrible self-shipper

T and I were having a photoshoot for the PokeGo team leaders with another friend who was cosplaying Candela. It was a beautiful day, clear skies, brilliant lighting, location wasn’t crowded. It was supposed to be a happy day.

Cue lunch time, our group headed to grab a bite when suddenly this girl, W, ran over screaming “Oh my god Spark! So kakkoi! Can I take a photo with you?” We weren’t really in a rush and being the nice guy he was, T obliged and took a selfie with her. She thanked him and walked away and our group went to a nearby family restaurant for lunch.

Just minutes after we sat down and ordered food, W came in with her own group of friends and W immediately came over to our table (or more so right at T) and said “Oh my god we meet again! Hi! Do you remember me?”. She suddenly started introducing herself and all of her friends to T and ignored the rest of us, before she finally went to her own table which wasn’t far from ours. She kept looking back at T and waving to him.

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