screams once more


The screaming had stopped once more.“Are you doing that?” Harry asked, in regards to the … screaming. He didn’t know how the other could possibly be doing it, but … The Monster opened its mouth properly for the first time, under Harry’s scrutiny. Its lips stretched wide and cavernous, revealing teeth sharper than any he’d ever seen. Even those of the wolves that hunted in the forest. They were startlingly white, and between them rested a black, snake-like tongue. The screaming hit him a moment later – the voices spewing out of the Monster’s mouth, as if they were trapped in his throat. Harry blanched. He stared, wide-eyed, unable to look away from the sight. After a moment, the Monster’s teeth clicked shut once more. Back to a pleasant smile, and silence with it. Oh god. Harry swallowed. It looked like the Riddle. Almost. Same handsomeness, same form – it was as if the painting had sprung to life. Except … not quite right. Instead of the gorgeous, albeit cold, blue eyes that Harry had seen in the painting, these were like obsidian ink. Then, in sharp contrast to the bloodlessly pale skin that had been creamy and healthy in the painting, the Monster’s veins dipped to the same darkness as his gaze. Coupled with his dark clothing, he looked like an old black and white photograph. Something sucked dry. Only his lips, vibrant and bloody, had colour. It smiled. “There are six of us,” it answered, leaning against the door but not stepping in. “You’ve met the Beast, the Riddle, and You-Know-Who here.” Unlike Voldemort’s voice – high and cold – the man before him had Riddle’s voice, pleasing in its baritone.“And you’re the Monster,” Harry clarified. “Quite,” it murmured. - Kisses Cursed

its Steal Dreamy’s Style day

meanwhile dreamy is literally dead

[2/26/16, 11:02:30 PM] Dreamy: Dreamy DIES AGAIN

Darkness: cold, lonely darkness. Flashes, of your family. Screaming.
Darkness once more. Darkness and red.

For the sister left behind, the one for whom they returned, and the one who will help free her home. (listen here)


1692 (Glencoe Massacre) - Nazareth / Bloody Shirt (Bastille remix) - To Kill a King / Run Boy Run - Woodkid / And The World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts / It Seemed the Better Way - Leonard Cohen / No One’s Here To Sleep - Naughty Boy ft. Dan Smith / Libera Me - Interview With The Vampire Soundtrack / Starlight - Muse / This Is Why We Fight - The Decemberists

[image description: a flock of birds in flight, possibly crows. Text: I blinked and the world was gone: a Cassandra de Rolo mix]

I feel like every time now I see a post that is a positive or negative statement, the opposite side rebloggs and responds to shut it down, then it becomes like and endless chain of dismissing the other side with accusations they are lying about being able to do or not do x.

I don’t want to be “stay in your lane” but unless the post is taking a shot at your side, how about everyone just fucking blocks the post and moves on instead of making literally all of the posts the same awful nasty back and forth bullshit???

                                   Accept the Keyblade Emma Swan

GOD DAMN THIS TOOK FOREVER! It took me SO long to try and replicate Tetsuya Nomura’s art style (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ and I was suppose to finish this before the show came back.

I saw Cocohook’s Zelda x OUAT crossover and thought the one thing I would want to see is a Kingdom Hearts x OUAT crossover.

Security || Prompt: Warmth

He was panting, bleeding, crying, gasping. He couldn’t breath. His lungs ached, his legs ached and mostly, his heart ached.

He felt like he might puke as fear continued to course through his veins, blinding him, forcing him into panic until he was sure he could and would collapse on his knees.

It threatened to paralyse him.

Where was she? Why isn’t she answering him?

He tried to scream out for her once more but suddenly he had no voice.

No matter how hard he tried to make a sound, his throat was muted.

‘Sakura!’ His mind screamed what his vocal chords failed to.

Fear gripped at him with fingers of steel, threatening to break him and suddenly there was no air. He couldn’t breath -every gulp felt like nothingness.

Kakashi’s mind started reeling as panic danced at the edges of his bleary conscious, teasing him, laughing at him until he was sure he was going mad.

But…is that…warmth?

His panicky mind snapped to the source of inexplainable comfort and latched onto it like it was his saving from death.


Warm. It was definitely warm, like…like a warm cup of tea in winter.

It spread through his body like a little bolt of electricity… flickering like a small candle, promising him safety and content.


Light. There was light in the suffocating darkness that surrounded him. A warm ray of sunshine reaching through a little hole in the middle of nowhere.

Kakashi focused on it; welled his breathing to calm down, welled his heart rate to slow down.


The silver-head gasped for air, his charcoal eyes snapping wide open.

Pink hair tickled his face.

“…Sakura?” He murmured looking at his wife, surprised to see tears down her cheeks.

He reached, through a haze, to wipe at them with trembling hands.

It was just a stupid dream, he thought to himself, directing his focus onto his clearly distressed wife. “Hey…what’s wrong?”

She bent down to kiss him. He kissed her back. “Nothing. You were screaming my name in your sleep and you wouldn’t wake up.”

Kakashi let out a little groan of embarrassment and hugged her to his bare chest. “I’m so sorry that’s just…I have no control over these.”

She nodded rapidly against his chest and sniffed quietly, hugging him closer to her and he enjoyed the warmth of her body radiating into his and igniting every cell.


His neck craned up to see the little figure of his three year old silver-haired daughter clutching onto her teddybear and rubbing at her eyes.

Sakura sat up immediately and wiped at her tears. Kakashi did the same, welcoming the little girl into his arms.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked gently, allowing her to sit between his legs and rest her head against her chest.

She mumbled quietly and barely coherently about wanting to sleep next to her daddy.

Kakashi smiled at the little blush that highlighted her cheeks and scooted to make some space next to him. “Of course you can, Misaki.”

And as he let her cuddle into him, another form of safety raced through him and he let out a contented sigh, the tiny warmth next to him felt like the sun itself.

“G'night;” mumbled the green-eyed girl, nuzzling into him and he bent down to kiss her hair.

“'Night.” He said and stretched his other arm so that Sakura could lay on it.

The Pinkette rested her head on his chest and stroked Misaki’s hair until the girl fell asleep.

That moment was very precious to Kakashi and he identified the frizzling feeling in his chest as warmth and security.


“Damn it, Stiles!” You shouted, throwing your hands out to the side as your boyfriend’s glare dug into the side of your skull. “You can’t just go fucking do that! You should know this!”

The chair that Stiles had been sitting on screeched and slammed into the floor as he abruptly stood. You could see the frustration and anger written clearly on his face as he stared you down, silence falling between you two.

“That’s it,” he breathed, the quiet rage in his voice making tears burn the back of your eyes. “That’s it. I’m done. I can’t do this with you anymore, Y/N.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “We’re over.”

It felt like someone had driven a knife into your chest when you heard those two simple words. You could barely swallow around the lump that was stuck in your throat, and the hot tears that fell down your cheeks made you want to scream.

Trying to swallow once more, you squared your shoulders and looked Stiles in the eye, where regret was in full bloom. “Fine.”

“Wait, Y/N.”

“If that’s what you want, then fine.” You were not fine with it, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything else.

“Y/N, wait. No. I didn’t mean it.” You watched as the tears sprung to his eyes, the furious regret and grief held in his eyes and on his face reaching out to you and touching you. “I didn’t mean that. You have to understand. I love you, Y/N. I would never. Please, no.”

You stood there, feeling hurt and a twinge of pity for the crying man in front of you. Not knowing what else to do, you stepped forward and pulled Stiles towards you in a warm embrace.

“It’s okay,” You whispered. “I’m not going anywhere.”

We are in the age of high school musical revival. For so long we were trapped in the dark ages, when even a mention of the wildcats would warrant ridicule and mockery. BUT NOW our time has come once again to worship at the altar of zefron and we can finally scream our sacred chants once more. Together, brothers and sisters! WHAT TEAM?!

How did this happen????! !!

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