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Ok so how about I finish it this time 😆. How would the 2ps react to their s/o is a awesome photographer but doesn't tell him. He finds out she has a lot of photos of them they didn't know about of special moments ( like cute dates and stuff ) for them. The pictures being hella good almost professional! Would they be mad or wa ?

2p France: He doesn’t mind it really.

2p America: He actually blushes, hes not  used to some one actually really loving him that much.(Ah, my poor baby.I love Him So much, Ah.)

2p Canada: He’ll just chuckle looking through all pictures and fall in love with you more.

2p England: He’ll honestly cry because its so cute and sweet. Plus he didn’t think you cared that much.

2p China: He’ll scream and run and probably hug you to death.

2p Russia: He’ll ask if he can take the one he finds best and keep it in his office. But he will be on watch for your picture taking.

2p Italy: He’ll be a little alarmed,mostly because if any of his enemies find these pictures, then they would know your his weak spot. they would hurt you and try to get you and he doesn’t want to risk that. So he’ll tell you no more for your own safety, but he’ll actually steal a good one of you two from your collection and keep it framed on his desk.

2p Germany: He will suddenly be very photogenic.

2p Japan: He’ll make you a scrap book with all the pictures you took and design it cutely with hearts and cute japan stickers.

2p  Prussia: Hm, colored him impressed. You actually managed to capture him on camera. Usually hes like rare wild animal.

2p Romano: He will praise you and your talents. 

2p Spain: Better have your camera then, because he will actually smile. probably hug you too. 

some thoughts on yoo youngjae

First of all youngjae is such a child and its adorable to no end. He can barely work a camera and hes always fighting with himchan or someone and he never stops screaming and funjae is my favorite thing

Second of all hes rly good-looking. Have you even seen the dude cause??? Hes?? Not real??? How can he be real hes so perfect look at his little baby cheeks i wanna hug him to death and i cherish every last photo of him like its my child

Third of all its soothing just to listen to him talk. On v broadcasts he would just talk and give advice and stuff and its always nice to just lay down and listen to when u wanna just be calm and be happy. Listening to him talk is probably one of my favorite things and one day i just hope i will be able to talk to him, even if just for a second. I would cherish that second

Fourth of all his vocals are so sweet. His voice is perfection in your ears. Its so soft and soothing, honestly I just want to listen to him sing all day in that beautiful voice of his, and I want to be serenaded by him as I fall asleep. On restless nights all I need to do is listen to him and instantly I’m comfortable, his voice is just so good kill me

Fifth of all hes so fun to be around. I wish i could be his friend because hes so interesting and hes a really good friend. I just wanna hang out with him all day and go get mango bing with him and sit down somewhere and talk and have a nice time with Yoo Youngjae.

Sixth of all hes just overall so precious. I feel like i wanna be around him to make sure hes safe and hes happy and hes healthy. I wanna be able to hug him all the time and cheer him on in everything he does and be there for him if he ever needs someone. I wanna be there for him like he was there for me all the times he was and he didnt even know it.

Seventh of all i love him for everything that he is. Hes a beautiful talented lovely boy and hes precious and sweet and loving and i wouldnt mind spending the rest of my life admiring him from afar like the masterpiece that he is. Because yoo youngjae is perfection in my eyes, hes everything to me. And he likely doesnt see that in himself but i do and i love him for all of it, every bit of him. He may never know how much i love him but that will never stop me. I love yoo youngjae to the ends of the earth and back. I love him more than a person should be able to love another. Hes the most beautiful creature alive, because he is yoo youngjae, my world.

Well this episode was so good (I’ll rewatch it later because the live stream stopped working a few times so I missed some things, and that’ll be when I’ll post my metas, now is for screaming and first observations), I have to admit I was wrong on two of my biggest theories (the baby dying before the christening and the shot where Sherlock doesn’t look like Sherlock).

I was so scared to be wrong about Mary, because everything said she was redeemed but in the end that “go to hell, Sherlock” says it all. I was telling my best friend “that’s gonna be a fucking mess on Tumblr if we’re wrong about her”. HOLY SHIT that’s quite a ride, and Mary succeeded in doing the very thing she wanted, while doing what seems to be the most selfless act: making John hate Sherlock, breaking Sherlock’s heart, doing Moriarty’s work. She really was the tool to burn Sherlock’s heart.
Though we were still wrong about John’s affection for Mary, he did love her, in a way or another, we can’t say he didn’t felt anything for her, there has to be some level of affection for him to be so hurt by her death. We’ve got to admit that and move on, John is affected by Mary’s death, otherwise he wouldn’t looked so damaged. That’s why he hates Sherlock at this point.
No need to say messing with Sherlock’s mind in ep 2 will be dead easy for Culverton Smith, because he’s weakened so much, we’ll see him devastated.

Now with Mary’s death, there’s two things that makes perfect sense now: the reason why John is standing in front of an hospital bed, and the reason why John hits Sherlock in the morgue. There’s a possibility Mary is faking her death and has been sent in a hospital, I mildly believe that but there is a way Mary can end up in this hospital bed.
As for the other scene, John holds Sherlock for responsible, so he’s angry enough to kick him. I’d say before that the anger John is showing in the scene in the morgue was far worse than anything we saw from ASiP to TAB - that’s it, he’s angry at Sherlock because as far as he knows Sherlock is responsible for Mary’s death, and he won’t receive Sherlock’s explanations about the fact it was her plan in a happy way, he will logically want to keep this image of the soft and redeemed, martyr and sacrificing Mary that he chose to be with.
He will reject that instantly even though he knows Sherlock is right. 

I’ve spotted some stuff like the come back of the number three, the repetition of the twins subject, the mirrors and reflects in general, and the reflect in the mirror where it seems there’s three persons: Sherlock, his reflection and a third in the back that looked like the younger version of himself, etc, but I didn’t took the time to take screenshots. Even if the shot I was talking about earlier doesn’t mean what I thought it meant, there can still be a coherence in the twin theory or double personality theory, I guess we’re for now in the foreshadowing of ep 2 and 3. I think there was plenty elements in TST pointing at this issue, Sherlock and Mycroft’s past. Some of them were strongly obvious, like the flashback Sherlock has while he’s drugged by Mary.  Oh that little pirate, and Redbeard… instantly I’d think we were seeing Sherlock and Mycroft, but maybe there’s a trick in it, what if there’s the third brother in this flashback? What if the little pirate is not Sherlock, as we would assume it is? 
The sign of three was all over this episode, there is things pointing at the third Holmes brother, and so leading to the final problem concerning Sherlock’s dark past. Foreshadowing at its finest or at its obvious-est, I can’t really decide, it was very blatant to me, it was screaming during the whole damn episode.

Just as johnlock was there, though maybe more subtle, Sherlock’s happiness to be back, he’s boredom in front of the happy couple and the baby, the way he says that he knows what he has to do with John, etc… There is many little details that points out to the fact Sherlock moved forward and is square with himself, though he’s tied to the vow he made to do everything so John stays happy. That dedication and sacrifice never left him, that’s in a way what he holds on to. He can’t be with John, but he can at least be there for him. That’s something Mary surely deliberately took off of him. We’re in the “pain of loss” part of the narrative, more than the fall was. Sherlock and John are set apart, that’s something we expected, now they have to find each other again, and they will.

My Girls (2PT #41)

Prompt: Birth of a baby girl.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: Labor, birth. Not super detailed. 

Drabble request from @jpadjackles. Enjoy! :)

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