screams into the skies

The Crimson Prince (M)


Genre: Angst/Smut || apocalypse!au & vamp!au

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Length: 19.9k 

Summary: In a society ridden of law and order, a rising epidemic brings forth a mass of intellectually driven bloodsuckers. With havens housing the dead and bloodbaths staining homes, you begin to believe Taehyung is all that you need and you are all that he needs; nothing would hurt more than to be torn from your only loved one, but that’s just the crimson string of fate’s specialty.

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Teammates. Friends. Family.

Man, this took a while for me to get out but I got it done eventually. I hope you enjoy it! This is my 100th post on this blog and I’m fucking psyched guys. Enough of my happiness, here is some pain.

“Lance!” Someone screamed his name desperately behind him. Pidge. The muscles in his neck twitched, the urge to turn towards the voice was overwhelming. His stomach sank but he couldn’t look away from the ship that he was stepping towards, slowly but surely coming closer to it. Hot tears welled up in his eyes as he tried in vain to move any part of his body, but he kept marching to the open bay doors of Lotor’s ship. The prince himself stood smirking as he came closer and closer to him.

“Lance! What are doing?!” A different a voice screamed at him angrily. That was Keith. A quiet sob hitched out of his throat, although it didn’t register on his face. He didn’t even know why he was walking towards the ship. Or why none of the generals were keeping him away from it. Not even why he couldn’t move his body.

“Lance please!” Hunk. He couldn’t stand that he was the one that caused that much pain to be in his friend’s voice. His foot landed on the metal of the ship ramp, unwillingly he walked and stopped at Lotor’s side and turned to look back at the battle.

“Zethrid, we’re done here,” Lotor drawled, he gripped Lance’s face in his hand and drew him closer possessively. She grinned and slammed her hands into the ground, sending up a cloud of dirt and debris. It took less than a minute for the ship to rocket into the atmosphere and away from them.

“Lance!” Allura screamed, her eyes searching the skies for the ship.

“Everyone, get to your lions, we still have a chance of catching them,” Keith commanded running back to Black. He didn’t wait for any affirmations before he was rocketing into the skies in a vain attempt to get his teammate. He flew around the planet looking in all directions for the craft, no matter where he looked he couldn’t even find a clue to where they could have gone.

“What about Red?” Allura asked the coms. If only he was in Red right now, Black was fast but Red was like a missile. He wasn’t the red paladin though. In fact, they had just lost their red paladin. He didn’t know what to do, he was supposed to be their leader. Now, look what it had gotten them.

“Keith?” Hunk asked gently, “Did you get Lance?” He asked so innocently that Keith didn’t know if he could tell him so bluntly.

“Keith?” Pidge asked again after the moment of silence.

“He’s gone, Lotor has him now,”

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Bmc Summer Hc's no one asked for

Before school starts and summer ends, I’ll just dump this collection of my hcs

-chloe drives up in the heere’s driveway and just yells for the twink to get into her car

-brookes in the passenger rocking some sunglasses

-they get michael because you can’t keep the boyf riends apart

-”summers about to end so i want to take one last vacation before satans creation is back,”

-christine, jenna, rich, and jake are in rich’s brothers truck that he left behind for rich to use

- they rent a beach house

- when they’re at the beach so many guys are hitting on brooke

- you bet chloes jealous

- rich wears a jacket to hide his burns

- the boy loves the water but in order to go in he’d have to take his jacket off

which means showing his burns to other people

- jake stays behind to sit with rich

- jenna takes so many pictures and posts all of them on twitter

- they spend the evening having a full on volleyball tournament

- christine won surprisingly

- they all just pass out once they get to the beach house

- they went water skiing

- jeremy was screaming the whole time

- they stopped for a break and just sat at the docks

- michael made the mistake of bringing food and eating it in front of the seagulls

- jake ended up getting chased

- the boy hates birds

- that night there was a bonfire party nearby

- rich has a small panic attack due to the sound of the flames

- jake helps his boyfriend calm down

- they go diving and jenna loved it

- the boyf riends, richjake, jenna and pink berry swam with sharks

- they had to lie to brooke about it


- “im sorry babe-“

- they had to go to pink berry afterwards in order for brooke to forgive them

- when they got back home the were all s o sunburnt

dreamless rose;
talking masterpiece;
silenced siren;
she was all things impossible
flourishing in the lunar garden in the land
of gods and monsters.
she was the last empress stayed
in the castle of oblivion —
even when the obliteration came upon her,
when the ascending horizon
fell on her shoulders,
she angelically smiled and whispered
to the screaming depth of hell:
“skies are nothing;
I stood up my ground
when you refused to see my thorns.
do you think
I will crumble now?”

what it’s like to be a woman? / try to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders and not to say a word. // angelina son

happy birthday, queen of my heart, @asteriea <3

Shooting Stars

F!Reader -x- Prompto (NSFW)
Word Count: 1,694

To all my babes toiling away in Prompto Hell with this release which I won’t be able to play until later tonight. *blows a kiss at the sky

Some part of you realizes that it would be in your best interest to hold your hand over Prompto’s mouth. It’s late and quiet in that way only a desert night can offer and you’re sure his voice is carrying to where your friends lie asleep in the tent mere yards away. 

Gods, if any of them were to catch you fucking in the backseat of Regalia….you find you’d much rather throw yourself into a den of ravenous coeurls than face a single member of your traveling party in such a position. But there’s something about the way your name breaks on his lips that’s got you hooked— you need more of it, echoing through the space between your ears lit ablaze with his taste, his touch. You need more of him, so you don’t cover his mouth. You tighten your legs around his waist, throw your head back as you arch into him and—

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