screams into hands so gross but i can't look at it anymore

Arthur! Run!

Arthur hates hearing those words, usually together. He really, really does. True, he hasn’t heard them a lot—most people are very much concerned about their own skin alone when things go sour. In all honesty, he would rather deal with that over those that actually care about him.

Worse, everything’s on fire.

It’s not the time to play, ‘Whose fault is this?’ But, the answer is that it’s Alfred’s. It’s always Alfred's—Alfred, with his stupid armor and his stupid sword and his stupid, sunbeam smile. Alfred whom, currently, only has a shield between himself and the dragon that’s stepping on him. Logically, the dragon’s far superior in strength, so Arthur supposes Alfred would be dead already if the overgrown serpent weren’t having a lot of fun spitting fire everywhere.

Their supplies are burning, their newly met party members are burning, and Arthur’s books are burning. Everything’s burning and it’s a sheer miracle that Arthur isn’t, that Arthur’s not engulfed in flames, and that Arthur’s mage robes haven’t succumbed to singe as imbued with magic as they are.

The worst part is that he’s absolutely useless here. What can he do? His job is to sit in the back with salt and chalks. His job is to recite incantations from books that very much require you to hone the power of the book itself in order to cast magic. He has a few books like that and right now they’re all burning, the magic screaming, and there’s nothing he can do.

He’s not from a powerful race, he’s not particularly talented, and he has no trump card or magic 'get out of danger free’ item.

The dungeon party has failed; they will all die here.

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anonymous asked:

I know there are plenty of jealous fic/prompt/drabble... But I can't stop myself to love it... So please can you write a Supercat fic with jealous!Kara or Cat ???

Yes indeed, I love it when they get jealous :) Also sorry this took me forever.   

Rating: T+

Kara leans against one of the desks as a shiver runs down her spine.  With all she’s faced so far, Myriad is by far the most serious threat, and having to once again become allies with Maxwell Lord is just the cherry on top of this shit cake. She’s so tired of preaching to him, and even more terrified at the fact that for a moment, she’d been considering his plan.  Now, as they’re huddled in Cat’s old broadcasting station, he’s becoming even more annoying, and Kara hadn’t thought that was possible.

“Max,” she growls, as he’s stepping towards Cat and handing her a bottle of water.  He leans close, whispers something, and Kara clenches her fists.  Now is so not the time–

“I’m hungry,” she continues, gentling her tone. “Could you go get us some food, please? I don’t care from where.“ 

Max turns to her, his speculative gaze meeting her stubborn one.  She’s not too concerned if she hurts his feelings anymore, she just wants him gone, if only for a little while.  It’s not because Kara is uncomfortable at having to be subjected to the sight of him shamelessly flirting with her boss.  It’s because she really is hungry, and fighting a supervillain who is practically impossible to stop is taking up a lot of her energy. Her stomach gives a soft growl, emphasizing her point.
Max nods slightly, then turns to Cat. 

“She’s partial to Chinese,” Cat says, surprising the two others in the room. “I remember from our interview,” she adds, shrugging. “I’ll have the same.”  She gives Max a smile that makes Kara’s insides twist. 

“I’m not sure if any restaurants are open,” Max says slowly. Cat keeps her smile firmly in place.  "But…I’ll try. Don’t expect too much.“ 

And then he’s gone, finally, and Kara feels like she can breathe.  

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